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					Power electronics
    serving the Power
                         Safety & Reliability
    electronics Market   foR electRical PoweR
Your partner should be a global leader

Global expertise                                            and commutation losses have to be dissipated.
                                                            High switching frequency will lead to an increase
the Mersen Group is a global expert in materials            of commutation losses if parasitic inductance isn’t
and equipment for extreme environments as well as           minimized. Mersen bus bar is a key component for
in demanding electrical applications in safety and          reducing stray inductance. Mersen cooling devices will
reliability. around the globe, thousands of local sales     keep the power semiconductor junction under control.
representatives and distributors provide experienced        together, Mersen’s Protistor fast-acting fuses, bus bar,
and attentive customer service. Our new specification       and cooling devices are key and interdependent power
team of engineers will support you in selecting the right   components in developing and manufacturing power
product at the right cost for your power electronics        interters.

                                                            Eldre acquisition fits into this offering
Mersen bundling offer addresses
                                                            with the acquisition of eldre, one of the world’s leading
power electronic applications                               suppliers of laminated bus bar for power electronic
our product range – from fast acting fuses for the          applications, Mersen added a new product line to its
protection of semiconductor devices, surge protection       portfolio, addressing power electronic applications
devices, power electronics thermal management               and protection. our bundling offer in power electronic
devices, and laminated bus bar – will serve new             components will lead to shorter time to market, lower
development in power electronic applications.               cost for development, and lower cost for the final
as an example, strong demand for renewable energy           product. in addition, the Mersen power electronic
leads to strong demand in power converters.                 specification team is dedicated to support demanding
Power semiconductor devices are critical in achieving       power applications and will focus on offering the right
these new requirements. The benefits of these               product at the right cost. Mersen is focused on the
components are high switching frequency and voltage         customer’s demand for quality of execution as well as
as well as large current ratings that serve these           product quality, and the Eldre acquisition fits well into
applications well but come with constraints. on-state       our mission and vision.

Growing along with you
Mersen is focused on innovation. by surveying
power semiconductor trends, we ensure that
our range of products meets the power
semiconductor voltage and current ratings
range. we also survey applications,
such as PV, wind mill, storage energy…
all have characteristics that challenge product
performance. Mersen’s R&D and operations
teams work hand in hand to develop, invest,
and manufacture large bus bars and heat sinks.
larger cooling plates and bus bars are needed
to support the trend for high power converters.
the tradeoff appears to be between assembly
(making the inverter easier to assemble, reducing
the production cycle time), manufacturability (ease
of manufacture by reducing the number of parts),
and serviceability (fewer parts to service,
less maintenance in the field). Field exploitation            we use the same approach with cooling plates:
will be improved, fewer parts are better.                     fewer parts are better, one single large cooling plate
Superior performance of the final converter                   will accommodate six large iGbts leading to fewer
will be achieved by limiting the amount of electrical         hydraulic connections, less risk of leaks. at Mersen
contact as well as water tubing connections.                  we are in position to fulfill these demands of large
large bus bar will limit the number of electrical             cooling plates as well as large bus bars.
contacts. Six large iGbts will have only one bus bar.
the capacitor bank will have its own. this will lead
again to fewer contacts therefore and less inductance.        Foreseeing the future
                                                              we attend standardizing committees to defend
                                                              customers’ interests. we participate in power
                                                              electronics research conferences to survey power
                                                              semiconductors as well as applications trends.
Getting ahead of market trends                                we partner with outside consultants to challenge
Bringing a development project to successful operation        our view on power electronics applications. in addition
is as much a question of attitude as of high technology.      to these internal practices, Voice of the customer
Mersen has both, plus some decisive extras:                   methodology is the basis for our own product
                                                              development, giving Mersen a wider view of both
• OPTIMIZATION: From the design stage, with a well-
                                                              today’s and tomorrow’s markets.
  designed stage gate process, we focus on footprint,
  weight, time to market, ease to install and service,
  energy efficiency, total cost… We make sure that you 
  get what you are looking for.
                                                              Managing innovation
                                                              Mersen’s commitment to innovation extends further,
• CONTROL: We focus on product and process 
                                                              with partnerships at leading european, North american,
  development. Our quality and manufacturing engineers
                                                              and chinese universities. thanks to that commitment,
  are key members of our product development teams.
                                                              we have been able to innovate in product and process
  Pointing out the attributes to control final product 
                                                              development by qualifying cutting-edge technologies
  performance as well as process performance is our main
                                                              in terms of optimization and reliability. our stage gates
                                                              approach has allowed us to reduce the development
• ANTICIPATION: We strive to anticipate market trends,        cycle time and boost quality of execution without losing
  such as a drop in nuclear power plant demand, the race to   sight of market demand (the right product at the right
  renewable energies, development, and an energy storage      price). Ultimately you will get the full benefit of our
  plan to support Smart Grids.                                research and product developments.

                                                                          Mersen • Power Electronics • Serving the Power electronics Market 3
Mersen and power electronics

Power converters
Power converters are currently experiencing strong
development due to the ever-increasing demand
for energy. lowering their cost, reducing their               Power Converter
overall size, and developing increased efficiency             Schematic
are key requirements for new power converter
                                                                                              Ultra-fast acting power fuse
development. Power semiconductor components
are critical in achieving these new requirements.
The benefits provided by these components
are subject to certain constraints. for example,
they operate at extremely high frequency,
the heat they generate has to be dissipated,
and they need to be protected against catastrophic
failure when misapplied. Mersen helps to overcome
these constraints with a range of adapted products.
                                                      Laminated Bus Bar
                                                                                                  Cooling device

Dedicated solutions
Mersen is the go-to player for power electronics
applications and has developed solutions to serve
that market. Power converters provide more flexible
use of energy and improve its management,
transmission, and distribution. Some examples
of the uses of power converters are:
• in photovoltaic and wind energy systems,
  where power converters transform the source
  current and voltage waveforms before the energy
  is transferred to the grid,
• in rail transportation, where power converters
  manage and supply energy to train motors
                                                         Mersen’s key role in power converters
  and collect energy generated at braking,
                                                         Mersen is already well known as an expert
• in variable speed drives for controlling electric
                                                         in electrical protection, with industry-leading
  motors in industrial or commercial facilities.
                                                         products that can improve efficiency and reliability:
                                                         • fast acting fuses and other electrical protection
                                                           devices (switches and fail-safe surge protection
                                                           devices) protect against catastrophic failure,
                                                         • cooling devices provide thermal protection
                                                           for semiconductor components while enabling
                                                           heat to dissipate,
                                                         • laminated bus bar plays a key role in power
                                                           converters, and laminated and insulated bus bar
                                                           provides connection between various components,
                                                           limits parasitic inductance, and eases assembly
                                                           and integration, leading to an improvement of the
                                                           overall power converter reliability, performance,
                                                           and efficiency while minimizing assembly costs.

focUS oN
teSt labS
our two high power test labs are essential
resources and major assets for Mersen.
No product is released without testing.
these internal testing facilities serve as auditing
tools and have shortened our product development
and help us maintain product performance.
the labs are located in Saint-bonnet-de-Mure,
france and Newburyport, Ma, USa.
the two labs are highly complementary, running
ac/Dc testing in accordance with the two main
Ul/cSa and iec international standards.
Mersen’s lab and in-house experts are also
available to customers looking for lab time.

Green solutions                                       integrated Business Planning
Mersen is committed to environmentally                to bring consistency in the management of the
friendly solutions. eco-design is part of our         business, Mersen has made a business commitment
development projects from the very start.             to drive the growth of our business units through
environmental standards like RoHS and ReacH           monthly integrated business Planning. this monthly
are taken into account. Did you know that Mersen      planning and execution process brings together
was the first French group to have an ISO 16000       sales demand, the operational supply chain,
certified plant?                                      and new product development and pulls them all
                                                      into a well communicated and understood financial
                                                      plan that drives our business decisions to better
                                                      serve our customers.

                                                              Mersen • Power Electronics • Serving the Power electronics Market 5
Mersen solutions
Ferraz shawMut and eldre are now Mersen

laMiNateD bUS baRS                                   cooliNG SySteMS

technology                                           Mersen currently offers one of the world’s
• in-house metal machining (cNc, photo-              widest ranges of aluminum or copper cooling
  chemical). in-house metal joining processes,       systems and devices, spanning every
  (ultrasonic welding, induction brazing, torch      technology available today from water
  brazing, soldering). in-house plating capability   and phase change to air.
  (tin, tin-lead, copper, nickel, silver, gold).
• wide variety of dielectric materials
  (Nomex®, tedlar®, Mylar®, Kapton®,                 • Mersen is a master of vacuum brazing
  epoxy-Glass, GPo, Gatex, Phenolics).                 technology on co-laminated aluminum plates
                                                       in a high-capacity industrial-scale furnace.
Advantages                                           • our copper heat sink design as well as copper
• low inductance path to reduce semiconductor          brazing process guaranties parts free of leaks.
  commutation losses.                                • our patented swaging process has enabled
• Higher capacitance: lower impedance for              us to produce thinner and higher fins than
  better efficiency and overvoltage reduction.         conventional extrusion process, resulting
                                                       in a smaller foot print air-cooled heat sink
• foolproof mounting and connection to address
                                                       with better thermal performance.
  assembly and manufacturability design
• More compact system with a sophisticated
                                                     • Every need from 40°C/kW to 1°C/kW met.
  design and improved thermal management.
                                                     • Reduced footprint of power conversion
support                                                systems.
• a partner who’s a global reference in the power    • Maximum thermal conductivity.
  electronics industry.                              • Homogeneity of temperature
• technical Support.                                   under components.
• Dedicated power electronic specification           • corrosion-free.
  experts in the field around the world.             • leakage-free.

                                                     • R-tools simulation software.
                                                     • Global industrial coverage.

fUSeS foR tHe
PRotectioN of PoweR
• Mersen’s expertise for more than 60 years        DeSiGN aSSiStaNce
  – the safest and the most reliable fault
  current protection – for your equipment
                                                   system Performance
  in case of overload or short circuit.
                                                   • Safety of people and equipment
• Mersen’s Protistor® fuses are designed
  for maximum ease of use: wide range              • Higher switching frequency while maintaining
  of electrical and mechanical characteristics.      commutation losses under control
  we comply with most of the international         • less inductance, higher capacitance
  standards (iec, Ul, ccc, cSa…).
                                                   • limiting electrical contact
• Mersen’s two high power test labs will support
                                                   • limiting hydraulic connections
  any customer specific fuse application.

Advantages                                         sytem compactness
• Highly current limiting.                         • connection optimized via bus bar
• Very low let-thru i2t.                           • Higher thermal performance in small footprint
• Superior cycling capability.
                                                   system cost
• the most extended voltage/current rating.
                                                   • Minimizing assembly costs
• Can be customized to fit our application.
                                                   • engineering time optimized
support                                            • fewer parts
• Select-a-fuse/Power electronics.
                                                   system safety & reliability
• technical Support.
                                                   • fewer parts reduce risk
• Experts in the field around the world.
                                                   • Protection against catastrophic failure
                                                   • No leaks
                                                   • foolproof mounting
                                                   • optimized footprint
                                                   • cutting-edge technologies
                                                   • corrosion-free components

                                                   time to market
                                                   • fewer parts are better (easier to assemble,
                                                     reducing the production cycle time)
                                                   • consistency via integrated business Planning
  other solutions by Mersen                        • in-house test labs for shortened product
                                                     development time
  • General Purpose fuse & fusegear
  • Surge Protective Devices                       • Simulation softwares ease the selection step
  • Power Switches and contactors

                                                           Mersen • Power Electronics • Serving the Power electronics Market 7
                                                      Main production sites

                                                      Industrial or commercial branch

                                                      A WORLD LEADER
                                                      in safety & reliability
                                                      for electrical power

                                  A GloBAl PlAYer
  Global expert in materials and equipment           Mersen designs innovative solutions to address
for extreme environments and in the safety           its clients’ specific needs to enable them to optimize
      and reliability of electrical equipment.       their manufacturing process in sectors such as
                                                     Energy, Transportation, Electronics, Chemical,
                                                     Pharmaceutical and Process Industries.

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