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									European XFEL
 Nick Walker (DESY)
    EU GDE Meeting
    Oxford 25.10.2005

21.09.2005               2
        ILC Projected Time Line
2005      2006       2007   2008        2010       2012… 2015…

                                       GDE process
               Baseline Config. Document (BCD)
                       Ref. Design Report (RDR) + $€¥
                                              EU FP7 ??     commissioning

EURO XFEL                                                   operation

  21.09.2005                                                            3
                 20 GeV SCRF linac
       Primary focus: consolidate basic TTF
            successful tech. transfer to industry
            cost reduction through industrialisation
            need extensive effort to achieve high
             reliability !!!
       High-Gradient programme continues to
       be a priority for TESLA Tech.
            Both as part of the ILC and XFEL projects
21.09.2005                                               4
                 TESLA 9-Cell Cavity R&D

    Leak check
    Frequency Tuning
    Damage Layer Removal
                                         Established after 10 years
    Furnace treatments
    Final Frequency Tuning
    Final Surface Preparation
    Final Cleaning                      Emphasis on QA/QC
    Bake-out 120-130° C
    Low-Power Acceptance Test           Reliable transfer to industry
    Tank Welding
    Assembly for High-Power Operation
    High-Power Testing

    21.09.2005                                                        5
              Electropolishing @ DESY
                                                         Results from DESY & KEK


                                                             Eacc MV/m

New cavity production (30 cavities) will be put through EP
Significant increase in statistics
Specification / fine tuning of EP parameters (→ XFEL)
→ Module 6 (35 MV/m cryomodule)
                                                      High gradient programme
                                                         also part of XFEL R&D
 21.09.2005                                                                 6
             Cavity R&D
                                     Fabrication from
                 JLAB (P. Kneisel)
                                     large grain or
                                     single-crystal Nb
                                     May remove the
                                     need for
                                     ( cost!)
DESY          DESY

                                     R&D within
                                     Europe funded
                                     by XFEL

21.09.2005                                        7
         Cavity Package Auxiliaries
                                    INFN blade tuner

                                                TTF TYPE-III
                                                HP Coupler

SACLAY tuner (type III)
                          industrialisation – cost – reliability
21.09.2005                                                  8
   Fabrication of TTF-3 Couplers

number of         machining & ceramic TiN   copper     final
couplers          welding     coating       plating    e-beam
10 prototypes     Desy        FNAL          Industry   Industry
12 first series   Industry    Desy          Industry   Industry
40 second series Industry     Desy          Industry   Industry

62 TTF-3 couplers have been fabricated to date
52 in industry

21.09.2005                                                        9
(XFEL) Coupler Industrialisation
                                               Ongoing study at Orsay,
                          TTF-3 (baseline)     France

                                        XFEL coupler

             4 diagnostics removed
             Motorized tuning

21.09.2005                                                         10
(XFEL) Coupler Industrialisation
                                 Ongoing study at Orsay,

                          XFEL coupler

  Reduced part count
  Design simplification
  Tolerance studies
  Assembly processes
  Mounting sequences

21.09.2005                                           11

21.09.2005          12
             Lorentz Force Detuning

21.09.2005                            13

21.09.2005          14
         Cryomodule (CM) Variants

TTF CM already 3rd   Main European emphasis is on
generation           - industrialisation
                     - reliability       X FEL
                                        X -Ra y Fr e e -Ele ct r on La se r

                     - cost optimisation
21.09.2005                                                          15
                                       The FNAL Modulator
• 3 modulators have been
  developed, built and delivered to
  TTF by FNAL since 1994
• They are continuosly in
  operation under different
  operation conditions
• 7 modulators have now been
  constructed by European

 X FEL Baseline
       ILC recommended baseline
 X -Ra y Fr e e -Ele ct r on La se r
                                                  FNAL Modulator at TTF
 21.09.2005                                                           16
                                      Baseline Klystrons
                                                           10MW MBK
                                                           1.5ms pulse
                                                           65% efficiency

             Thales                       CPI    Toshiba

X FEL Baseline
      ILC recommended baseline
X -Ra y Fr e e -Ele ct r on La se r

21.09.2005                                                               17
    XFEL preparation pushing SCRF R&D
    linac tech. R&D in Europe
        Industrialisation
        Cost reduction
        Reliability
    Much overlap with ILC
        XFEL specs. and ILC baseline very similar
        High-gradient programme remains part of
         XFEL programme

21.09.2005                                           18

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