Internet Search Tips - PowerPoint by niusheng11


									Internet Search Tips

 Rachel Shankles, LMS
 Lakeside High School
    Hot Spgs, AR
        1st Line of Defense
• Learn how to navigate the Internet well
  so you can be the guide for students
• Be aware of school rules on acceptable
  use of Internet for research
• Stay up-to-date on good sites to use by
  reading curriculum journals
      Internet Rules for LHS

Only two Internet citations per research
     project allowed
Those sites must be .gov or .edu
The articles must have authors listed
The articles must have date for revision
     or when it was established
   Navigation Tricks and Tips
• Establish uniformity in   • Hit STOP if it is taking
  building of browser and     forever to load
  rules                     • Guess addresses of
• Steer kids away from        organizations and
  the search button           businesses and type
• Find a favorite search      straight in location bar
  engine and bookmark       • Bookmark EBSCO/Gale
  the address or memorize     at home and at school
  it ( is         • Bookmark your favorite
  number one)                 sites and those used
 The Internet is not the be all
and end all of research. Unless
  it can be used quickly and
 easily to find primary source
documents, it is of no use at all
   except for entertainment.
“I shutter when I hear
parents say they now have
Internet at home so their
kids no longer have to go to
the library.”
Beware of G(r)eeks
  bearing gifts!
        Good Search Engines
• (a natural language search)
• for commercial and entertainment
    purposes (a directory search)
  How Search Engines Work
• Spiders or gobots are sent out
• Nightly if good search engine or weekly if
  poor one
• Dead or broken links are in your hit list if
  the search engine is a poor one
• Directory or topic searches are and
• Boolean searches using and, or, not for
  most search engines use keyword
             Search Engines
Type the address of the search engine into
             the location bar
 • Find the rectangular box to type your
   query or keywords into
 • Combine search words with the +sign
   hooked onto the second word
 • Use quotes around words to be found
   together like “Martin Luther King”
 • Make your search string long with 3 or
   more words
      Good Local/State Sites
          Tip of the Day
Put links to Ebsco and Gale and Worldbook on
your school library web site.
Use the link page as the page your library
computers default open on.
This makes it easier and quicker for students to
use the free online databases provided by the
state library.
It can also be reached from home without
teaching a separate method for home login.
       Questions? Contact me
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•   School phone
•   501-262-1530

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