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					                                           HEALTH LITERACY is…
                                           “The ability to read, understand
                                           and apply health information.”
    NJ CONFERENCE                          Almost 50% of the U.S. population is, at
          ON                               best, marginally literate. This makes it
                                           difficult for them to understand medical
    HEALTH LITERACY                        instructions, prescription labels and other
                                           health information. This in turn leads to
                                           more health problems and hospitalizations,
                  ***                      making it costly to both the individual and
                                           the health care system.

   “Communicating for the                  As health professionals, it is our job to
       public good”                        communicate in ways that make it easier
                                           for people to understand and apply health
                                           information to protect their own health,
                                           their families’ health and the health of
                                           their environment.

                                           Learning Objectives
                                           TO UNDERSTAND…
     Tuesday, Oct 7, 2003                     the magnitude of the problem of poor
          8:30am – 4:15pm                      health literacy and who is most
                                              the costs of poor health literacy to
                ***                            the individual, the community and the
                                               health care system.
    Livingston Student Center
                                           TO LEARN…
        Rutgers University                    strategies and techniques for
                                               addressing health literacy problems.
                                              policies and procedures that facilitate
                                               better communication about health.

Check the NJPHA website for summaries of
                                           Who should attend?
   workshops, bios, directions and other      Health educators
       information:             Physicians / Nurses / Pharmacists
                                              Allied health professionals
                                              Health care/ behavior researchers
                                              Health policy makers/Health Officers
                                              Health agencies/organizations
  New Jersey Public Health Association        Environmental organizations
  NJ Society for Public Health Education      Pharmaceutical companies
     UMDNJ-School of Public Health            Healthcare purchasers
   Literacy Volunteers of America-NJ          Insurance / Medicaid providers
AGENDA (preliminary)
Tuesday, October 7
                                              Registration Form
8:30    Registration / Coffee
9:00    Welcome (DHSS representative)         Last name:__________________________
9:30    Opening (Linda Potter, Moderator)
                                              First name: ___________________MI:___
        “You Can’t Tell by Looking”
10:00   Keynote (Janet Ohene-Frempong)        Organization:________________________
        “Health Literacy Essentials”
10:45   Break                                 Address1: __________________________
11:00   Policy (Stephen Liss)
                                              Address 2:__________________________
         “Literacy, Health and the Law”
11:20   A Model Program (Lisa Bernstein)      City:_____________ State:___ Zip:______
        “Baby Basics” (Newark NJ)
11:40   Panel: The “Public’s” Perspective     Phone: ____________ Fax: ____________
        (Adult literacy students)
                                              E-mail: ____________________________
Noon    Lunch
1:30 Workshops I                              By September 17, 2003 $45           ___
     1. Preparing Written Materials           After September 17    $60           ___
     2. Communicating “Beyond the Brochure”   Students              $25           ___
     3. Communicating across Cultures
     4. Counseling in Plain Language: Just
        What the Doctor Ordered?              Workshops
     5. Public Health Practice Standards      (Choose from the numbers in the agenda)
2:45    Break
                                                                   st      nd      rd
3:00 Workshops II                                                 1       2       3
     1. Preparing Written Materials              I.     1:30pm    ___    ___     ___
     2. Communicating “Beyond the Brochure”     II. 3:00pm        ___    ___     ___
     3. Communicating across Cultures
     4. Counseling in Plain Language
     5. Research: Examining the Evidence              Make your check payable to:
See Workshop descriptions and Presenters at            NJ-PHA Health Literacy Conference
                                c/o UMDNJ-SPH
                                                       Office of Public Health Practice
                                                       683 Hoes Lane W. (NEW ADDRESS)
                                                      Piscataway, NJ 08854
                                                       Fax: 732-235-9467
   CEU, LEU and CHES credits have been
        applied for and are pending.
                                                 If questions, email:

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