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					E-mail IT

Discover how easy it is to send emails
to your friends and family
Email – What is it?

•   Electronic mail
•   Instant letter to anywhere in the world
•   Everyone who uses email has a unique
•   Many workplaces will provide employees
    with email accounts for work
•   Lots of companies offer free email accounts
    for personal use
      – Google
      – Yahoo
      – Hotmail
Setting up a G-mail account


                              Click on
            Setting up a gmail account

1.   Choose a unique

 The username
                                         is available
 already been taken
               Setting up a gmail account

2.   Choose a unique
     –   Use a mix of numbers, letters
         and symbols
     –   Must be 8 characters
     –   Asked to type it twice

3.   Write both down                        Your password is hidden
     somewhere safe                         as you type to keep it
     –   The keys to your email
              Setting up a gmail account

•   You are required to enter your gender
    and birthday
•   You DO NOT need to enter your
    phone number if you are
    uncomfortable giving such
•   You are asked to prove you are human
    by typing two pieces of text into the
•   Click on Next to create your account
•   If you have omitted any information
    or typed anything incorrectly it will be
    highlighted in red and you cannot go
    forward until you have corrected it
             Setting up a Gmail account

•   Can add photographs to your
    account profile. We won’t bother
    right now
•   Click on Next step to continue
•   A welcome screen is displayed
•   Click on Continue to Gmail
       Your email account

• Every e-mail account has (no
  matter who the provider):
• Inbox
     – Contains all the emails you have received

•   Sent Items folder
     – Contains all the emails you have sent

•   Deleted Items/Trash folder
     – Contains emails you have deleted
     – Your emails stay in the Trashcan for 30 days before they are
       permanently deleted
 Your email account

  •   You select and switch between folders on
      the left hand side of the Gmail page

The emails you have
The emails you have sent
                                     The number of
                                     emails you
The emails you have created
                                     haven’t yet read
but not sent
            Your email account

•   When you select a folder its contents are
•   Here the Inbox has been selected
•   There are four emails in total
•   Those in bold have not been read yet
•   Click on an email here to open it
                Reading an email

                                   The subject/what its
Who it’s from                      about

The contents of the
                Sending an email

•   Click the Compose button

•   Type the address you want to
    send the email to

•   Type the subject
      – what the email is about
      – be as clear as possible
            Sending an email

•   Type your email into this section

•   Then click on the Send button at the top
Replying to an email

                       Click on the Reply

                        The person’s name
                        is automatically
                        filled in in the To

                        The original email
                        is included. Type
                        your reply above it
             Deleting emails

                               2. Select
                               the delete

1. Select
the box
next to it
          Sending Attachments

• As well as plain text, you can send files by
• Can include documents you have typed,
  photos etc.
• Click where it says

‘Attach a file’
         Sending a picture

    Locate the folder with your photos – in
    our case Documents/MyDocuments

Double-click on the photo
to attach it to your email
              Sending Attachments

 File is attaching

File is attached and ready to be sent

You can attach lots of files to an email
Receiving emails with attachments

                         If you just want to
                         read or see the file
                         click View

                         If you want to make
                         any changes to the file,
                         print it or save it for
                         later, click Download.
                         Save it to your own
                         folder in Document or
          Signing out

•   This is VERY important when you share
•   Click on your username in the top right
    hand corner
•   The following menu of options will be

•   Click on Sign out
        The make up of my email address?

Every e-mail address is made up of a user name
and a domain name, or host, seperated by the at
symbol ‘@’
 •   Username?
         • joebloggs
 •   Domain Name?
         • The Website is
         • Hosts name is G-mail

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