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									        Applying for Health Insurance: International Undergraduate Students
    SFU requires that all students have health insurance for the entire duration of your studies. Health services in Canada can be very
    expensive if you don’t have complete health insurance coverage. There are two types of health insurance in Canada; Basic health
    insurance and Extended health insurance. It is important to be covered by both types of plans in order to have complete health
    insurance coverage in Canada.

            Step 1a: Apply for Basic (Primary) Health Insurance as soon as you arrive in BC
                                Complete MSP form +                         Mail your                      CareCard                   Cost: Paid to
  Apply for MSP
                               photocopy of your Study                     documents                                                     MSP

                                                                                                        You will receive your         $64/month for
                          You can pick up the form in              To:
MSP covers:                                                                                             Care Card in the              one person
                          person at International                  Health Insurance BC
• Doctors’ Visits                                                                                       mail. Please note             $116/month for a
                          Services for Students (MBC               Medical Services Plan
• Hospital Visits                                                                                       the expiration date.          family of two
                          1200) or you can access it at:           PO Box 9678 Stn Prov Govt
• Investigations                                                                                                                      $128/month for a
                          Victoria, BC V8W 9P7
• Tests                                                                                                                               family of three of
                          forms/msp.html                           Canada

       Step 1b: Apply for Temporary Basic Health Insurance before or as soon as you arrive
                                                                                                             Cost: Paid directly to the Insurance
       Obtain Coverage for the waiting period for MSP                              Apply
                                                                                                           Company (monthly costs are approximate)

                                                                              You may apply                       (1) SFU Basic Plan: $1.40/day
Coverage Includes:                                                            online, by fax,                     $42/month for one person
• Unexpected illness or injury,                                               mail, or in person.                 $84/month for a family of two
  and unexpected emergency                                                    See page 2 for                      $105/month for a family of 3 or more
  relating to a pre-existing                                                  contact                                                Or
  medical condition.                                                          information                         (2) Premier Plan: $2.15/day
• Hospital visits                                                                                                 $64.50/month for one person
• Ambulance                                                                                                       $129/month for a family of two
• Doctor visits                                                                                                   $162/month for a family of 3 or more
• Investigations                                                                                                  (Premier prices effective Aug 1, 2012)
• Tests                                                                       You may apply
• Prescription medication                                                     online. See page 2                  $1.45/day
• Maternity (Global Campus                                                    for contact                         $43.50/month for one person
  Health Plan)                                                                information                         Each applicant has to fill out an
                                                                                                                  application form

                                   Step 2: Read about your Extended Health Insurance
     Coverage                  Once registered for 3 or more credits in Fall &                Cost: Added to                Opt In (Summer term) & Opt
                                  Spring you are automatically enrolled.                      your tuition fees                      Out Periods

   • Vision benefits
   • Dental benefits                                                                   Spring 2012 term: $132
                                                                                                                           Fall: Aug. 31– Sept. 30, 2011
   • Health benefits                                                                   for 8 months of coverage
                                                                                                                           Spring: Jan. 3 – 20, 2012
   • Travel benefits                                                                   Summer 2012 term: $66
                                                                                                                           Summer: May 3 – 18, 2012
                                                                                       for 4 months of coverage

    This is not a legal document and information may change without notice. Always refer to the applicable websites for the most updated information.
    This document was last updated on July 16, 2012

                                                         Additional Information

Basic Health Insurance (MSP)
Each student is responsible for applying for MSP, and renewing it when it expires. Typically your CareCard will expire the same day as
your Study Permit. Coverage starts after a 3-month waiting period (2 full months, plus the reminder of the month in which you arrive in
BC), if you apply immediately. You will receive a “CareCard” in the mail that contains your “Personal Health Number”. If you visit SFU
Health and Counseling Services or any other doctor or hospital in BC, you must bring your CareCard as proof of health coverage.

Temporary Basic Health Insurance
Please note that the two temporary health insurance companies presented in the handout are not endorsed nor they are sponsored by
SFU. They are simply placed here as a resource to students. Temporary health insurance is meant to provide healthcare coverage for
a short time. You need temporary basic health insurance coverage for the first 3 months while your MSP application is being

                                                    Frequently Asked Questions
My CareCard is going to expire. What should I do?
If you have recently extended your study permit, you must fax or mail a copy of your renewed study permit, along with your care card
number, to the MSP office to ensure that your medical insurance does not expire. You must continue to pay your monthly premiums and
keep your address up to date.

My CareCard expired a long time ago. What should I do?
You must renew your CareCard right away. Apply with a new application form and a copy of your study permit. Phone BC Medical
Services Plan at 604-683-7151 to find out how long it will take to process your application. In some cases, it may be possible to back-
date your account. If it is not possible, you may have to apply for private insurance while you are waiting for your new CareCard to be
issued. Speak to an International Student Advisor if you have any questions or concerns.

How can I access health services on and off campus?
Health and Counseling Services (HCS) runs a number of clinics across all 3 SFU campuses. The SFU Burnaby and SFU Vancouver
clinics offer students confidential access to nurses, physicians, counselors and psychologists. At SFU Surrey, HCS offers
counseling services only. If students are feeling ill, stressed-out, want to discuss birth control, need vaccinations, feel overwhelmed,
generally concerned about anything to do with their health and wellness they are encouraged to make an appointment at HCS. There
is a complete list of contact information at to make an appointment. HCS also offers
a number of online resources including: audio and videocasts to relax, The Dish: SFU’s Nutrition Blog, and Candid Conversations:
SFU’s Sexual Health Blog. See for details.

HCS also operates a physiotherapy clinic at SFU Burnaby. Many students complain of back pain and/or other injuries as impacting their
academic performance. The staff physiotherapist often helps students reduce pain and prevent further injury. See

Students are encouraged to make an appointment at HCS, but can also be seen on a walk-in basis. Students with no BC MSP health
insurance will have to pay for the services received at the time of the visit. For more information about HCS services please visit or call the Burnaby campus clinic at 778-782-4615.

                                                           Contact Information
         Basic Health Insurance:                       Temporary Health Insurance:                       Temporary Health Insurance:
         BC Medical Services Plan (MSP)                Global Campus Health Plan                            
         604-683-7151                                   Phone: 604-228-8816
                                                        Fax: 604-228-9807
         Extended Health Insurance:
         SFSS Health and Dental Plan


This is not a legal document and information may change without notice. Always refer to the applicable websites for the most updated information.
This document was last updated on July 16, 2012


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