Music Therapy Marketing How to Successfully Sing for Survival by jennyyingdi


									Music Therapy & Marketing:
        How to Successfully
           Sing for Survival

 Evelyn Potter, HPMT, MS, MT-BC

                   New England Region
     American Music Therapy Association
                      Spring Conference
 Describe the purpose and benefits of marketing
  within the music therapy field.
 List at least 4 marketing tips valuable to music
  therapists and describe the music therapy
  techniques that would be used to demonstrate the
  effectiveness of music therapy to your audience.
 Discuss qualitative and quantitative research to
  date and relate emerging evidence to what matters
  for your audience.
 Utilize case review to demonstrate anticipated
  benefits of Music Therapy.
Downtown                                     Don't hang around
When you're alone
                                             And let your problems surround you
And life is making you lonely,
                                             There are movie shows downtown
You can always go downtown
                                             Maybe you know
When you've got worries,
                                             Some little places to go to
All the noise and the hurry
                                             Where they never close downtown
Seems to help, I know, downtown
                                             Just listen to the rhythm of a gentle
Just listen to the music of the traffic in
The city
                                             You'll be dancing with 'em too before
Linger on the sidewalk where the neon
                                             the night is over
signs are pretty
                                             Happy again
How can you lose?
                                             The lights are much brighter there
The lights are much brighter there
                                             You can forget all your troubles,
You can forget all your troubles, forget
                                             forget all your cares and go
All your cares and go
                                             Downtown where all the lights are
Downtown, things'll be great when
you're Downtown, no finer place for
                                             Downtown, waiting for you tonight,
sure, Downtown, everything's waiting
                                             Downtown, you're gonna be alright
for you
Why Marketing Matters To You
Job Security


Keeping Things Fresh

Getting The Word Out

More Understanding = More music therapy services
available to more people…everyone should have the
opportunity to receive MT!

Promoting Your Place and Your Skills  Moving Up In
Your Career
Why Marketing Matters To Employers
 Companies are constantly marketing themselves
  for profit and growth
 They rely on programs that give them a cutting
  edge in the community…what makes their
  company stand out from the rest?
 What’s in it for them?
  How can music therapy serve your employer?
  Save money? Cost-benefit analysis
  Can they use you and your skills for their success?
Marketing Tips for Music Therapists
Know Your Audience
Tell Them Something They Don’t Know
 (In their language)
Use Your Counseling Skills! Listen 
 Validate  Provide a Creative Solution
Utilize Open and Inviting Body Language
Make Them Think – Make Them Feel – Make
 A Connection!
      Let the Song Sing Itself
 Don’t forget your musicianship
   Music is one thing you can offer that many others
   Speak to your credentials
   Use your appearance – dress for success!
   Exude confidence
   Get what you want!
 Peace Like A River
Peace like a river in my soul…
Love all around you here today…
Song in my heart just for you..
       Science Meets Art
 Describe evidence based techniques
   PALS
   Iso-Principle
 And Needs That Are Addressed
     Pain
     Dyspnea
     Confusion, disorientation
     Anxiety/Depression
     Isolation
     Quality of life
     Terminal restless/agitation
   Caregiver stress
   Family conflict
   Anticipatory grief
Music Transcends & Miracles Happen
Betty’s Story
  Music Therapy in Bereavement
Sai’s Story
  Pain Pain Go Away
Barbara's Story
  You Are My Sunshine

  Make them laugh & make them cry!
Music’s Lasting Effects
Legacy Building
Recreating Environments
Quality of Life
  MT Study: (Hilliard, 2003)
Closing Statements
Be Yourself!
  You are offering a therapeutic strategy that is
   known to be effective, marketable, and desired.
   You are able to sell a product that you can
   strongly believe in, and that will result purely in
   giving your service to others. Find where your
   passion lies and get the word out!
Somewhere Over The Rainbow
    Somewhere over the rainbow
    Way up high
    And the dreams that you dreamed of
    Once in a lullaby
    Somewhere over the rainbow
    Blue birds fly
    And the dreams that you dreamed of
    Dreams really do come true
    Someday I'll wish upon a star
    Wake up where the clouds are far behind me
    Where trouble melts like lemon drops
    High above the chimney tops that's where you'll find me
    Somewhere over the rainbow bluebirds fly
    And the dream that you dare to, why, oh why can't I?
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