CSUN POW WOW by leader6


									CSUN POW WOW                            Send Mail to:                                  Craft vendors may not sell any
CRAFT VENDOR APPLICATION                 AISA POWWOW                                    type of food or beverage,
Please read all Rules &                  16253 Schoenborn St.                           prepackaged or otherwise (i.e.
Regulations before sending in            North Hills, CA 91343                          candy, sodas, etc).
your form
                                        You will be notified upon receipt of        Tampering with State property
Important Dates                         your completed application. The                 and vandalism are prohibited.
Registration Fees:                      Pow Wow vendors will be selected                Any cases will be reported to
 5:00pm, March 10 , 2010                by the following Monday and notified            University police for investigation
Pow Wow Date:                           thereafter. On the days of the Pow              and possible prosecution. Your
March 20 , 2010                         Wow, vendors must have a copy of                vending privileges will be void
Vendor Check In:                        their Seller's Permit for verification,         and you will be excluded from
 Before 8:30am, March 20 , 2010         as per State Franchise Board.                   vending at future events.
Pow Wow Ends:                                                                       All employees of CSUN are
                    th                  Assignments: Vendors must provide               excluded from all vending
10:00pm, March 20 , 2010
                                        their own tables, chairs, lighting and          opportunities.
Vending Costs                           power. Spaces are 10 feet by 10             No refunds, rain or shine.
Registration: Vendor spaces are         feet with 2 feet between each space.       Restrictions On Allowable Sale Items:
$150.00 for one day space. In           Double space is double the price.          You must be in compliance with the
addition, we ask for a donation of an   Spaces are assigned by lottery;            Indian Arts and Crafts Act of 1990
item for raffle valued at $10 dollars   choice spots are not guaranteed.           (P.L. 101-644). All vendors must
or more. A refundable deposit of                                                   submit a complete inventory list
                                        Set Up: Vendor set up will begin on
$50 has been included in the vendor                                                describing all types of items they
                                        the Saturday of the Pow Wow on the
fee and will be refunded on the                                                    intend to sell at the Pow Wow with
                                        UNIVERSITY CLUB LAWN unless
condition that all rules and                                                       their vendor application. The selling
                                        otherwise contacted for an earlier
regulations are complied with.                                                     of pipes, sacred herbs and
                                        setup by the vendor coordinator.
Vendor registration fees must be        Vendor Registration ends at 8:30 am.       substances, endangered animals or
received in full by the Friday ONE      Parking for this event will be in          parts, or anything that may be
WEEK before the event, 5 p.m.           Parking Lot G-1.                           viewed as sacrilegious in nature to
regardless of postmark date!                                                       any Native American tribe is
                                        All vehicles must leave the Pow            completely prohibited.
Late & Walk-On Fees: A late fee of      Wow area by 9:00 a.m. However,
$50 will be applicable after the        you may continue to setup after 9:00       The Executive Pow Wow Committee
Registration Date. The total cost for   a.m. by walking your items from your       reserves the right to prohibit vendors
late applications is $200 for 1 day     vehicle in the parking lot to your         from selling or displaying any items,
and an item of $10 or more value for    booth. The Executive Pow Wow               which are disturbing to the attending
raffle. A refundable deposit of $50     Committee cannot "fix" any tickets         community at the Pow Wow. By
has been included in the vendor fee     received on campus. Please pay             signing this vendor application, you
and will be refunded on the condition   attention to all posted parking            are agreeing to comply with
that all rules and regulations are      regulations. All tickets or fines are      regulations set forth by the Executive
complied with.                          your sole responsibility.                  Pow Wow Committee.

Parking: All vehicles must purchase     Security: Minimum security overnight.      Each individual vendor and their
a $6.00 day parking pass in Parking     CSUN and the Pow Wow Executive             family or assistants are responsible
Lot G-1 or find street parking.         Committee cannot be held                   for being familiar with these
                                        responsible for any thefts, vandalism      regulations for which no exceptions
Please be aware of street signs!                                                   will be made regardless of the
                                        or injuries.
Pow Wow Setup                                                                      person's knowledge of said rules.
                                        Rules And Regulations                      Non-compliance with any regulations
How to Apply: Fill out and return the   The rules and regulations are set to       will result in immediate suspension
Vendor Application along with your      insure the safety and enjoyment of         of vending privileges without refund
money order, including a photocopy      all participating members of the Pow       of fees.
of the following:                       Wow. Vendors who fail to comply
                                        with any of the following rules will not   The Executive Pow Wow Committee
 CIB/Tribal I.D.                       be refunded their deposit(s).              reserves the right to change any of
 State I.D. Card                        Do not drive on the grass!               the rules.
 Seller's Permit                        Generators must be placed on
 Photos                                     PLYWOOD, no exceptions.
Please make Money Orders out to:         Your vending privileges are
Jazmin Navarro                               canceled and your deposit not
AISA Club President                          refunded if you use CSUN Pow
                                             Wow electricity/power supply.
                                         There is no overnight camping.
                              CSUN ANNUAL POW WOW: MARCH 20TH, 2010
I have read and agree to comply with all the rules and regulations of the Executive Pow Wow Committee.
I will not plan to vend at the CSUN Pow Wow unless I receive a letter or a call of confirmation.
Signature of Vendor: _______________________________________________________________________
Print Name of Vendor:______________________________________________________________________
Tribe enrolled in and Tribal Identification #: _____________________________________________________
List of items to be sold: _____________________________________________________________________
You may also attach your own list.
Mailing Address: __________________________________________________________________________
Telephone number: ________________________________________________________________________
One day: ________________       Number of Spaces: ___________
Money Order/Amount Enclosed: __________________________
Please make out money orders to Jazmin Navarro, AISA Club President. A photocopy of the following
must be included with your application: (1) CIB/Tribal I.D., (2) State I.D. Card, (3) Seller's Permit, and (4)
a photograph of items to be sold.

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