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                                                                                                       How to use The ABCs book:
                                             Welcome to the private page for
                                                                                                        Read the ABCs of Making Money
                                                 Primerica Associates.                                 and highlight both the 15 power
                                                                                                       points of an ideal business and the
                                                                                                       “third-party” endorsement of
                                                                                                       Primerica as a business
                                   Since first publishing The ABCs of Making Money in North            opportunity (page 199
                                   America we have had an overwhelmingly positive response
                                   from Primerica Associates. This webpage is dedicated to             1. Set a recruitment goal of a
                                   giving you tips that will help grow your referrals, your recruits        minimum of one new recruit
                                   and, ultimately, your PFS Legacy. If you have some ideas you             per week.
                                   would like to share with your PFS colleagues, please email us.
                                   If you have pictures of the authors at any of the Hierarchy         2. Be a recruiting machine
                                   meetings in Atlanta, please send them as well. If we use a               everyone about this fantastic
                                                                                                            business opportunity.
                                   photo of yours we will send you an autographed copy of the
                                   book for free. The address is:
                                                                                                       3. The ABCs of Making Money
                                                                                                            a great “door-opener.
                                                                                                            future leaders with a
                                                                                                            complementary copy. Use it
                                                                                                            as a method of rewarding
                                                                                                            people for providing referrals.

                                                                                                       4. Consider every recruit as a
                                                                                                            future RVP! Get a
                                                                                                            commitment from them to
                                                                                                            attend an opportunity

                                                                                                       5. Make sure your contact
                                                                                                            information is on the inside of
                                      PFS Success Stories                                                   the book. A loose business
                                                                                                            card can be misplaced or lost.

                                                                                                       6. Encourage everyone in your
                                                                                                            downline to use the book as a
                                    Wendy DeFazio is a former hairdresser, with no                          powerful recruitment &
                                    background in marketing. She has used The ABCs book                     business development tool.
                                    to grow her business. In the last two months she has
                                    bought 35 copies and makes sure that every copy results            7. Always keep a good supply of
                                    in one new recruit. Recently, Wendy became the top                      books with you, so you don't
                                                                                                            miss an opportunity to expand
                                    recruiter in New York State. She is a recruiting machine                your business.
                                    and definitely a future RVP and SNSD. That will come;
                                    she’s only been with Primerica for 3 months!!!                     Click Pictures For Larger Image!

  Wendy DeFazio and children in
   front of their brand new car.

 Wendy's Story:
 As Hector LaMarque says, always have a sense of urgency. I didn’t use to, but now I do.
 For the first while I was always ‘Kumbaya-ing’ my new recruits but now I don’t. I’m there
 anytime they need me for anything; I’m extremely supportive but I’m not wiping their
 noses anymore. If they want to be successful they have to have that same sense of
 urgency or get left behind.
                                                                                                           The Authors with Chris and
 I take the ABCs book with me wherever I go because you never know when you’re going                    Elizabeth Koob at Bob & Rhonda
                                                                                                            Graham’s recently event in
 to meet someone and start a conversation. As soon as I have an opening about what I do                         Calgary, Canada.
 for a living I show them the book. I flip right to page 200 and show them the Primerica                                                                   7/20/2008
ABCs of Making Money - Welcome to the ABCs of Making Money                                            Page 2 of 3

 endorsement. It’s an extremely valuable tool to showcase our business. It’s so
 impressive, that in this International Best Seller, our company is spotlighted as the best
 business opportunity the authors could find. When I get further into it, and they can feel
 my enthusiasm for it, I show them how the book is based around exactly the same
 principles as our business. I show them page 104 about Whole life insurance and how
 you should switch to Term insurance and invest the difference.
 I still have my hair salon and the book has been a very powerful tool there. When the
 women are in the chair drying their hair I give them a copy of the book and let them read
 the first chapter. When they’ve finished, they all want to keep the book. I say “You can
 keep it, but you HAVE to come to a meeting Tuesday night.”
 The great thing about the book is that it makes people think outside the box. If you want         The authors meet a group of fans
                                                                                                  at the Ritz-Carlton in Atlanta during
 success you have to be willing to make changes and the book shows you how and                               the convention.
 supports you while you’re making those changes.

 With my Directs I give them the book and tell them to read it thoroughly because to be
 successful they have to understand all of the concepts and be able to relay them to other
 people that they meet. Then, once a month, we get together for coffee and go over the
 Attitude section because it’s so important, not only to growing your business but to who
 you are as a person. If you’re holding on to your old Attitudes and habits you won’t be a
 winner. You have to change your old habits for new winning ones and the book shows
 you how to do that.
 We go through the whole book and look at things like the Money Magnet’s section and I
 tell them “Once you start making some money you can’t just take a vacation or treat
 yourself to some new clothes. If you want to be successful you have to invest your money
 either in your business or in quality investments.” I love that section.                            Denis having fun at a recent
                                                                                                   FastStart signing. Alan doing the
                                                                                                     real work in the background!

 Right after a client has signed the FNA I say “You can see that we’ve been very thorough
 and professional in taking care of you, you must have at least 6 friends that need the
 same commitment and care. Please write their names out for me. Some people get a
 little defensive at this point so I ask them “Was this process embarrassing? Was it
 uncomfortable? Was it informative and helpful? Then why wouldn’t you want your friends
 and family to benefit from it? Then they start writing and I just let them right until they’re
 finished. I don’t look at them until they’re finished and even then I ask them for a couple
 The whole thing is that I’m not at all afraid of being, as Hector says, uncomfortable
 because it’s whatever it takes to get the job done.

 Shawn's Story:

 The ABCs of Making Money has been a huge benefit to my business. I tell all the guys in
 my shop to give a copy to anyone who’s in any way interested in our company. I say: “Go
 through the 15 Points for the Ideal Business on page 199 of the book and point out how
 each point relates to the Primerica business. We score a goal on each and every point.
 Then point out the third party endorsement from the authors. It’s huge. , I use it to expand
 my referral base. Most people get 8-10 referrals after closing a deal. I show my
 customers the retail cost of the book then I say “If you give me 15 to 20 referrals, I’ll give
 you a free copy of the book. And, if you know anyone who would be good at doing what I
 do, that’s worth 2 referrals.” So, you get a load of good referrals for US $9.95.”

 From other users:
 As a Recruitment tool - "I gave a copy of The ABCs to a first timer at an opportunity
 meeting last night, showed him page 200 and he signed an IBA on the spot!
   - B.A., Philadelphia"

 As a Referral tool - "I give a free copy of the ABCs to anyone who gives me 10 or more
 quality referrals.
   - G.R., Chicago"                                                              7/20/2008
ABCs of Making Money - Welcome to the ABCs of Making Money                                                      Page 3 of 3

 As a Reinforcement tool - "A guy came to my office and said he was going to switch from
 the Term policy he had with me to a Universal Life policy, so I gave him a copy of The
 ABCs and said ‘Read pages 104-105.’ He kept the book and the Term Life. It saved me
 my customer. Thanks!
   - E.A. New Jersey"

 As a Relationship tool – “I received the book and just love it! So much of the content
 really hits home. My spouse was trying to get comfortable with the new business and
 after reading The ABCs book she feels so much more assured and committed to the
 Primerica opportunity.
   – G.N. Sacramento”

 “Your book is fantastic! Everything is there: goals, planning, inspiration. It is very, very
 good. I have read numerous books on these topics and I haven’t gotten nearly as much
 out of them as I have from yours”
   - Doug Neracher

 “The book has outstanding money making advice and has helped our business grow
 significantly over the last two weeks by using your 3rd party confirmation of our amazing
 business opportunity.”
   - Marc Amon

 “Thank you for researching all those other companies and letting the entire world know
 that Primerica is the perfect business!”
   - Zoi Hollis

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