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  1. A Discourse Analysis on Hedging and Flouting Maxims Found in The
     Script of “RushHour 2”” Movie
  2. Oppression Toward Women in George Eliot’s Novel The Mill on the
  3. The translation of Gerund In Carolin Plaisted Novel ELOVE And Its
     Translation By Sutanti Lesmana
  4. A Semantic Analysis on the English Translation of Surah Al-Furqon by
     T. B. Irving
  5. Comparative Study on Suprasegmental Phonemes in English Speech
     between Native And Non Native Speaker Teachers in BSNP
  6. “A Deixis in the Writing Form of Advertisement in “Time” Magazine”
  7. Flouting and Hedging Maxims in “Ratatouille” Film
  8. Social Class and Political Satire in Mark Twain s The Prince and the
  9. Women’s Woman Struggle Againts Gender Inequality in The Tenant of
     Wildfell Hall by Anne Bronte
  10.The Main Character’s Need in Elizabeth Dunkle’s Every Woman Loves
     Russian Poet (Based on Abraham Maslow’s Theory)
  11.Morphological Error Found in the English Essays of the Fifth Semester
     Students of English Letters and Language Department of UIN Malang in
  12.A Psycholinguistic Analysis on Comprehension Disorder of the
     Schizophrenic Character in “A Beautiful Mind” Movie.
  13.Beauty Concept of Geisha in Arthur Golden’s Memoirs of a Geisha.
  14.Man’s Search for Meaning Based on Logotherapy Theory in Ernest
     Hemingway’s The Sun Also Rises
  15.The Sexist Swear Words Used by the Characters in Shottas Movie
  16.A Micro Structure as a Discursive Strategy on Racism in “Hotel Rwanda”
  17.A Grammatical Error Analysis of Students’ Movie Review of Bilingual
     Magazine Competition
  18.Racism in Harper Lee’s To Kill a Mockingbird
  19.A Discourse Analysis on Negative Politeness Strategy Used in There is
     something about Mary Film
20.Apology Strategies Used by the Characters of Joe Wright’s Pride and
   Prejudice Movie
21.The Violation of Maxims in the Conversation of “Step Up 2”
22.Key Words Used by the Football Manager José Mourinho in Provoking
   the Rivals
23.Analysis on the Use of Slang on Eminem’s Lyrics.
24.A Study on the Associative Meanings of The Jakarta Post Weekender
25.The Events in Setting Influencing Nancy’s Personality in Mary Higgins
   Clark’s Where Are The Children
26.Women’s Speech Features Used by the Characters of Sex and the City
27.” Transformational Processes of Deletion Found in the Debate Transcript
   of Barrack Obama and John McCain”.
28.Racial Discrimination Reflected in Edward P. Jones’s The Known World
29.The Monomania of the Main Character Dr. William Chester Minor in
   Simon Winchester’s The Professor and the Madman
30.Speech Style Used in The Oprah Winfrey Show
31.Apology Used In Bridget Jones: The Edge Of Reason Movie
32.Hedonism and Homosexual Tendency in Oscar Wilde’s The Picture of
   Dorian Gray
33.Discourse Markers Used By James Bond As The Main Character Of
   “Casino Royale”
34.Gratitude Expressions and Gratitude Responses of Male and Female
   Characters in Rachel Getting Married Movie
35.“A Discourse Analysis on the Persuasive Technique Used in DRTV
36.“Persuasive Strategy Used By David Cameron In His Political Campaign
   Speeches During 2009-2010 United Kingdom Prime Ministerial
37.Rhetorical Appeals of Pastor Stanley and Ahmed Deedat in Great Open
   Debate “Is Jesus God?”
38.Women’s Rebellion against the Patriarchal System in Kate Chopin’s The
39.Flouting and Hedging Maxims inKung Fu Panda Movie
40.“Jane’s Refusal Towards Gender Inequalities In The Victorian Era
   Revealed In Charlotte Brontë’s Jane Eyre (A Liberal Feminist Literary
41.A Study on Flouting and Hedging Maxims Used By the Main Characters
   on “Daddy Day Camp”
42.Claims of Fact in Opinion Editorial-Columnist Sections of The New York
   Times On-line Newspaper
43.A Psycholinguistic Analysis on Sign Language Used by Jonah in And
   Your Name is Jonah Movie
44.A Psycholinguistic Study on Language Disorder of a Dyslexic Character
   in the Movie “Like Stars on Earth”
45.Learning Objectives in J. K.Rowling’s Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s
46.Associative Meaning Found in The Central Media News
47.Syntactic Characteristics of African American Vernacular English on ‘a
   Raisin’ in the Sun’ Film
48.Implicature Found in Epigraph of Chicken Soup for the Soul
49.Language Styles of Advertisements in Time Magazine
50.Slavery in Mark Twain’s The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn
51.Hesitation in Weekly English Program of Pondok Pesantren Mathlabul
   Ulum Jambu Lenteng Sumenep Madura
52.A Syntactic Analysis of Negative and Interrogative Sentences in
   Kangguru Magazine by Using Diane Bornstein s Tree Diagrams Theory
53.Gender Discrimination Experienced by the Main Character Described in
   The Last Empress By Anchee Min
54.Psychological Dilemma of the Major Characters in Jodi Picoult’s My
   Sister’s Keeper
55.Gratitude Strategy Used by the Characters of Charlie Bartlett Movie
56.The Politeness Strategies Used by Anne as The Ambitious Main
   Character in “The Other Boleyn Girl” Movie
57.The Structure of Sentence Used in Headlines of FourFourTwo Magazine
58.A Sociolinguistic Analysis of Intimate Language in Camp Rock
59.Implicatures Used in “the Devil Wears Prada” Film
60.The Influence between Men and Environment in Mark Twain’s “The
   Adventure of Huckleberry Finn” (Based on Albert Bandura’s Reciprocal
61.An Analysis on Women’s Language Used by the Main Character of
   “Thirteen” Movie
62.A Syntactic Analysis on the English Translation of Surah Al-Waqi’ah
   Using Theory of Tree Diagrams
63.Oppression to Women in Shirley Conran’s Crimson (A Feminist Literary
64.A Syntactic Analysis on the Sentences Found in ‘Dora the Explorer’
65.Flouting and Hedging Maxims Found In Opinion Column of the Jakarta
66.Claims of Policy in Editorial Column of “The New York Times”
67.Explicatures in the Headline News of Sunday Post
68.A Psycholinguistic Study on Language Comprehension Disorder of
   Character with Asperger’s Syndrome in the Movie “My Name is Khan”
69.A Study of Language Functions Used by the Caretakers of Autistic
   Children in “Miracle Run”
70.An Analysis of Formal Links Used in the English Translation of Shahih
71.Perlawanan Masyarakat Kaum Bawah Inggris terhadap Diskriminasi pada
    Masa Revolusi Industri dalam Charles Dickens’ Hard Times.
72.Emma Bovary’s Suicide in Gustave Flaubert’s Madame Bovary
73.Implicature Used in Humors of Yes Man Movie.
74.Miss Havisham’s Mental Disorders in Charles Dickens’s “Great
   Expectations” (Islamic Psychological Analysis)
75.Types of Expository Writing on the Headline News of
76.Isabel’s Struggle against Hypocrisy in Shakespeare’s Measure for
77.A Study of Grammatical Cohesion of Barack Obama’s Speech in Al-
   Azhar University
78.An Analysis on Politeness Principles Used in “Spartacus” Movie
79.Paragraf sebab akibat yang digunakan di kolom bisnis di Koran the
   Jakarta Globe.
80.A Discourse Study of Types of Cohesion Used by the Main Character of
   “Freedom Writers”
81.Moll’s Struggles in Being A Gentlewoman in Georgian Era in Daniel
   Defoe’s Moll Flanders
82.Armenian-American Immigrants Reflected in William Saroyan’s The
   Man with the Heart in the Highlands
83.A Critical Discourse Analysis on Valkyrie.
84.The Implicatures Used in the Debate between Barrack Obama and John
85.Strategi Giliran Berbicara yang digunakan oleh Pewawancara di Metro
   TV “Indonesia This Morning”.
86.Parenting Styles in John Hughes’ The Ship of Dreams
87.Languages Style Used in the Namesake Film.
88.A Modality on Crash Movie
89.Implicature Used By the Main Character on the Movie Transcript of
   Memoirs of Geisha
90.A Discourse Analysis on Context Clues in Reading Section Used in 2009
   Final Examination (UAN) of Senior High School
91.The study on Argument in Susilo Bambang Yudhoyono’s speeches at
   International event
92.Linguistics Disorder of Stuttered Character in the Movie “A Fish Called
93.Lexical Meanings Used in Five Speeches of the Most Influential
   Speeches in Twentieth Century
94.A Critical Discourse Analysis of Derogation and Euphemization in
   Ahmadinejad’s International Speeches
95.A Woman’s Roles in William Shakespeare’s Othello
96.Initiations and Responses in Larry King Live
101.       A Comparative Study between Phonetic Consonants
   Pronounciation Variations of Chinese and American Main Characters on
   “Spy Next Door.”
102.       A Rhetoric Analysis Used in Soekarno’s Speech at the Fifteenth
   United Nations General Assembly
103.       A Psycholinguistic Study on Hesitation of Mc Cain’s Speech in the
   Debate with Barack Obama at the University of Mississippi
104.       A Sociolinguistic Study on Swear Words Spoken by the Characters
   in “8 mile”
105.       An Analysis on Genres Used in Barack Obama’s Speech in Cairo
106.       Taboo Expressed in “The Hangover”
107.       Dysphemism Used in “Hostel II” Movie
108.       Flouting Maxims on Grice’s maxims in the drama “The Death of a
109.       Oedipus complex of Paul Morel and Its Relation to the Conflicts in
   D. H. Lawrence’s Sons and Lovers
110.       Language Taboo Expressed in American Comedy Film ‘Deuce
111.       A Psycholinguistic Research on Slips of the Tongue Occurred in
   the Speaking Class of English Letters and Language Department Students
   of UIN Malang.
112.       A Study of Hedging and Flouting of Conversational Maxims in the
   Movie of John Tucker Must Die
113.       GTG Analysis on the Lyrics of M2M song Using Diane
   Bornstein’s Theory of Tree Diagrams
114.       Semantic Analysis on Iwan Fals’ Songs
115.       Analysis on James Bond’s Love and Its Effect on His Attitude
   toward His Career in Casino Royale Film
116.      A Psycholinguistic Study on Perceptive Language Disorder of the
   Main Characters in Mozart and the Whale Film
117.      A Postcolonial Analysis On Novel Robinson Crusoe By Daniel
118.      Dysphemism Used in Green Day’s and Slipknot’s Lyrics
119.      Immoralities Portrayed in Nathaniel Hawthorne’s The Scarlet
120.      A Study on Code Mixings Used by Members of Scouting at UIIS
121.      A study on English special Expression Used by Receptionists and
   Housekeeping Staff in Tugu Hotel of Malang
122.      A Study on the Mistakes in Kompas Newspaper
123.      An Analysis of Social Interaction Reflected in John Staeinbeck’s
   the Pearl
124.      An Analysis on The Traits Figurative Language Used by
   Pranatacara In The Javanese Wedding Ceremony : Sarjana
125.      An Analysis on Structure in O, Amuk, Kapak Poetry by Sutardji
   Calzoum Bachri
126.      Illocutionary Acts in Barac Obama’s Inaugural Speech
127.      Semantic Analysis on the Lyrics of Rihanna’s Songs
128.      An Analysis on the Grammatical Mistakes in Reading Passages Of
   Primagama English Materials
129.      A Micro Structural Level of Analysis of Discourse on an American
   Senator Barack Obama’s Political Speeches
130.      Functional Semantics Analysis on the Language of Advertisement
   of Well-known Electronic Products
131.      The Main Characters’ Self Concept in Fan Wu’s February
132.      The Search of Self Identity on Frederick Douglass’ Narrative of the
   Life of Frederick Douglass, an American Slave
133.      An Exploratory Study on the Impact of Language Styles Used by
   Hillary Clinton’s Political Speeches to the Critical Mass’
134.      The Usage of Imagery in Advertisements Issued in The Jakarta
135.      The Orphan’s Treatments and Its Psychological Effect on Jane
   Eyre Portrayed in Charlotte Bronte’s Jane Eyre: Islamic Perspective
136.      Sociological and Cultural Appropriateness of Indonesian Language
   Description, used by Foreign Experts of Bahasa Indonesia (Case Study on
   the Book Bahasa Indonesia, Book One, Introduction to Indonesian
   Language and Culture)
137.      A Discourse Analysis on Argumentative Statements delivered by
   Democratic Presidential Nominees in the 2008 Presidential Debates of
   USA during Primary Elections Season
138.      An Analysis on The Corrections of Students’ Speech Errors in
   Effective English Course of Jombang
139.      A Discourse Analysis on the Deixis Used in ‘Indonesia This
   Morning’ News Program of Metro TV Website
140.      Analyzing Verb Pattern in Reading Text of English National
   Examination 2008 at Senior High School Based on Hornby’s Theory
141.      Study of Formal Links used in English Reading Texts of National
   Examination of Senior High School (2007 edition)
142.      A Rhetorical Elements Analysis on the Argumentative Essays in
   Islamica Magazine
143.      The Effects of Cultural Colonialism on the Ibo Society in Chinua
   Achebe’s Things Fall Apart
144.      Black Women Oppression in Harriet Jacobs’ Incidents in the Life
   of a Slave Girl
145.      A Rhetorical Analysis on Process Paragraph in NOKIA 3610
146.      A Study of Euphemism Found in Political Articles in the National
   Section of The Jakarta Post
147.      The Study of Symbol in Herman Melville’s Moby Dick
148.      A Discourse Analysis On Coherence Found in “TITANIC” movie
149.      A Critical Discourse Analysis of Gender Bias in Mona Lisa Smile
150.      A Study on the Translation Procedures Used in “Kabara”
151.      A Study on Suprasegmental Features Produced by the English
   Department Students of UIN Malang
152.      Women’s Position in 19th Century Englais Social Life in Jane
   Austen’s Emma
153.      Morphological Analysis on the Word Formation found in the
   Terms of Microsoft Word 2007™ Program
154.      Language Style Analysis on Anton Chekhov’s The Boor Play
155.      Euphemism used in Political Articles in
156.      Analyzing the Deixis Found In Surah Al-Dukhan
157.      A Discourse Analysis on the Reference Found in the
   Advertisements Published in “Jakarta Post”
158.      A Study on Diction Used in Essay of Time Magazien. Thesis,
   English Department, Faculty of Letters. State Islamic University of
159.      A Semantic Analysis on the English Translation of Surah Al Ra’d
   by Marmaduke Pickthall
160.      Syntactical Structure Analysis on Emily Dickinson’s Poems
161.      The Correlation between Discourse Quality and Readability of the
   English Reading Texts Used in the State Islamic Senior High Schools
   (MANs) Jombang
162.      A Morphological Study on English Compound Words Found In
   Kangguru Radio English Magazine
163.      An Analysis of Lexical and Contextual Meaning on the Idiomatic
   Expressions Found in Jalalluddin Rumi’s Poems
164.      A Syntactical Analysis on Sentence Patterns Used in Westlife’s
   Song Lyrics
165.      Arguments Used by Bishop Jose R. Hernandez in The Text of
166.      Politeness Strategies used by the Main Character (Marcus) in Get
   Rich or Die Trying Movie
167.      The Analysis of methods of writing Introductory Paragraphs and
   the thesis statement on English Articles in Opinion Column of Jakarta
168.      Syntactical Structure Analysis on the Translation of Surah ‘Abasa
   in the Holy Qur’an
169.      Connotative and denotative meanings on the lyrics of Tina Arena’s
170.      Patriarchy in Emily Bronte s Wuthering Heights.
171.      The Suffering of the Victims of Vietnam War Reflected in Robert
   Bly’s poems
172.      An Analysis on Transitional Words in Essays Written by the
   Students of English Department of the State Islamic University of Malang
173.      An Analysis Errors in Sentence Production by Students of
   MAHESA Institute Pare Kediri
174.      Symbolism in Robert Frost’s Poems
175.      Punctuations in Maintaining the Coherence of Discourse: The Case
   of J.K. Rowling’s “Harry Potter” Fictions
176.      An Analysis on the Denotative and Connotative Meaning of Lyrics
   of Creed’s Songs
177.      The Critical Discourse Analysis of Gender Stereotyping in It’s a
   Boy Girl Things Movie.
178.      Humor in J.K Rowling’s Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone
179.      Slang Used in Miracle At St. Anna Novel
180.      A Transformational Grammar Analysis on Sentences Used In the
   Text of Indonesian Folklore.
181.      Treatment to Orphan in Charles Dickens’ Oliver Twist and in
   Islamic Teaching
182.      Lexical Meaning in the Protocol Kyoto
183.      Charles Dickens’ Political View on French Revolution As
   Reflected in A Tale of Two Cities
184.      Reference Used in the English Translation Of Surah An Nisa by
   Marmaduke Pitckhall and Abdullah Yusuf Ali
185.      Language Style Used in Titanic Film
186.      A Study of Onomatopoeia in Avatar Comics
187.      An analysis of Jamaican dialect used of Bob Marley songs
188.      Racism against American Black as Portrayed in Toni Morrison’s
   The Bluest Eye
189.      An Analysis of Levels of Questions toward Language Testing
   Using Based on Barrett’s Taxonomy
190.      The Homeless Teenagers on the Streets of Early 21st Century
   England Reflected in Kevin Lewis’ Frankie
191.      A Surface Structure Analysis in Kangguru Magazine by using
   Diane D. Bornstein’s Tree Diagram Theory
193.      Characteristics Produced by Afro- American: A Multicase Study of
   Afro-American Popular Movies
194.      A Study on Compounding Process in the English Translation of
   Surah Luqman by Dr. Muhammad Taqiud-Din Al-Hilali and Dr.
   Muhammad Muhsin Khan
195.      Affixation Used in the Translation of Sahih Bukhari by Muhsin
196.      An Analysis of Euphemsim Used in Political Context in Indonesia
   This Morning News on METRO TV
197.      The Study of Morphemes Used in National Examination’s Reading
   Comprehension Texts
198.      Hesitations Found in the Students Speeches
199.      Sentence Forms as Discursive Tactics in John McCain’s Political
200.      A Sociolinguistic Study on Vocabulary Reflecting Gender Bias on
   “Elizabeth: The Golden Age”.
201.      The Metaphors in William Wordsworth’s Poems Based on
   Riffaterre’s Semiotic Theory
202.      English Idiomatic Phrasal Verbs Applied in L. Du Garde Peach’s
   Crooks’ Christmas
203.      A Discourse Study of Cohesive Devices Used in the Universal
   Declaration of Human Rights Articles
204.      The Analysis of Neurotic Anxiety Of Ivan Vassilyevitch Lomov
   (Lomov) As The Major Character Of Chekhov’s The Proposal
205.      A Comparative Study between Native and Non-native Characters’
   Phonetic Variations in “The King Maker”
206.      A Syntactic Analysis on Abdallah Yousuf Ali ’s English
   Translation of Surah AL- Rahman by Using Diane Bornstain ‘s Theory of
   Tree Diagram
207.      Violence and Oppression toward Women in Ann Veronica by H.G.
208.     Syntactical Analysis on Structural Ambiguity found in IELTS
   Reading Comprehension Text
209.     An Analysis on Conjunction in Newsweek Magazine
210.     An Analysis of Language Style Used in Traveling Gear
   Advertisement Magazine of “Outside” Magazine
211.     The Associative Meaning In The Headlines of The Jakarta Post
212.     Language Styles Used in “Oprah Winfrey Show”
213.     A Study on the Structure of Predication Used in “Everyman’s
   Poetry” by Christina Rossetti
214.     A Morphological Study on Word Formation of ERP Software
   Terms in www. wiley. com
215.     Language style in Newsweek Magazine Advertisement
216.     Technical terms used in scientific writing: Morphological and
   Semantic study.
217.     A Radical Feminist Analysis on the Major Character’s Struggle
   against Christendom Patriarchy in Donna Woolfolk Cross’Pope Joan.
218.     Psycholinguistic Analysis on the Utterances Produced by an
   Autistic Character in “Rain Man” Movie
219.     Techniques of Persuasion Used in Advertisements Presented by
   SCTV Presenters
220.     Politeness Strategies Used by Mia and Her Grandma in “Princess
221.     An Analysis on Conflicts Faced by the Main Character of Pip In
   Charles Dickens’ Great Expectations
222.     Hesitation Pauses in Conversational Interaction of the English
   Letters and Language Department s Students at the State Islamic
   University of Malang
223.     Patterns of Word Formations in Comic Series Issued in the Jakarta
224.     Women’s Exploitation under Capitalism on the Danielle Steel’s
225.     Hesitation in the Interactive Program of Groovy Chat in MAS FM
226.     An analysis of conflicts faced by Oliver Twist as the main
   character of Charles Dickens’ Oliver Twist
227.     An Analysis on Paul Morel’s Personality Development in D.H.
   Lawrence’s Sons and Lovers.
228.     English Sentence Types of Reading Text Book for Junior High
   School Grade VII
229.     A Semantic Analysis on Ali’s and Irving’s Translation of Surah Al
230.     The Chronicle of Narnia (The Lion, The Witch and The
231.     Deixis Used In “This Odd World” of the Jakarta Post.
232.      “Syntactic Errors in Thesis Proposals on Syntax Study Written by
   the Student of English Letters and Language Department of the State
   Islamic University of Malang”.
233.      Women’s Struggle against the Patriarchal Chinese Family in Pearl
   S. Buck’s Pavilion of Women.
234.      A Study of Slang Used in Save the Last Dance Film.
235.      Illocutionary Acts Used by the Main Characters of the Devil and
   Daniel Webster play text by Stephen Vincent Benet.
236.      A study on lexical meaning found on the lyrics of Metallica songs.
237.      “Syntactic Errors in the Argumentative Essays of the Students of
   English Letters and Language Department of UIN Malang”.
238.      A Syntactic Analysis on the English Translation of Surah Yasin
   Using Theory of Tree Diagrams
239.      Portrait of Women’s Struggle Performed by the Main Character in
   Fern Michaels’ Texas Rich
240.      The Teaching of English at Pondok Pesantren Attarbiyyah Al-
   Islamiyyah at Paiton Probolinggo.
241.      The Sexist Language in Tempo’s Column.
242.      Women’s Role in Indian American Family in Jhumpa Lahiri’s
   Interpreter of Maladies
243.      Illocutionary Acts Used by Indonesia This Morning Presenters on
244.      Psychological Problems of Physical Acquired Defect Deaf Blind
   Character in William Gibson’s Miracle Worker.
245.      The Divorce of Lillian Roth in I’ll Cry Tomorrow by Lillian Roth.
246.      Illocutionary Acts Used by President George W. Bush and Prime
   Minister Sharon in Economic Discussion
247.      A Discourse Analysis of Bush s Speeches on Democracy Issue
   through Illocutionary Act Theory.
248.      Language Styles Used in Beauty and the Beast Fairytale.
249.      An Analysis on Cohesion in Short Poetriesof Robert Frost. Thesis.
250.      White’s Racism Faced by Afro-Americans Depicted in Sue Monk
   Kidd’s The Secret Life of Bees
251.      Grammatical Errors on English Students’ Thesis Writing of UIN
252.      The Flouting and Hedging Maxims Found in Surah Yasin
253.      Immoralities Found in Daniel Defoe’s Moll Flanders.
254.      Deixis Used By the Main Characters in Corpse Bride Movie
255.      Deixis on Moses and Al-Khidhr Story in the Translation of Surah
   Al-Kahf by Marmaduke Pickthall, English Letters and Language
   Department, Faculty of Humanities and Culture, The State Islamic
   University of Malang.
256.      Psychological Analysis of The Main Character of It Happened To
   Nancy (Based on The Theory of Motivation).
257.      A Comparative Study Between Legislative and Executive
   Indonesia Official Speeches (Based on their Flouting and Hedging
258.      A Semantic Analysis of the English Translation of surah “Al-
   Mulk” by A. Yusuf Ali.
259.      The Study on Grammatical Errors in the Abstracts of “Ulul Albab”
   Scientific Journal.
260.      A Comparative Study Between Suprasegmental Features of The
   Speech Produced by The Students of English Language and Letters
   Department of UIN Malang and Those Produced by The Speakers in NST
261.      Prostitution in 18th Century London in John Cleland’s Fanny Hill
   or Memoirs of a Woman of Pleasure.
262.      Subtitling Strategies of Translation in Babel Film.
263.      A Psycholinguistic Study on Expressive Language Disorder of the
   Autistic Child in Mercury Rising Film.
264.      The Social Discrimination against Chinese Women in 19th Century
   in Lisa See’s Snow Flower and the Secret Fanz
265.      Illocutionary Acts Used by Characters In “The Man With The
   Heart In The Highlands “William Saroyan’s.
266.      The Concept of Motherhood in Toni Morrison’s BELOVED.
267.      An Analysis of K’tut Tantri’s Personality as the Major Character of
   K’tut Tantri’s Revolt in Paradise.
268.      Speech Errors Made by the Broadcasters and the Callers of
   “Groovy Chat” Program on MAS FM.
269.      A Study of Cohesive Devices in the George Walker Bush’s Second
   Presidential Inaugural Speech. Thesis.
270.      English Misspelling Made by The Seventh Grade Students of
   SMPN 13 of Malang
271.      .Claim of Fact Used in the Opinion Section of Tempo Magazines
272.      Quality of the Discourse Developed by the Participants of ‘Java
   Overland English Debate 2007’.
273.      Readers’ Interpretation about Geisha Portrayed in Arthur Golden’s
   Memoirs of a Geisha
274.      A Semantic Analysis on Ulul Al-Bab English Translation in the
   Holy Qur’an
275.      Allusions to Islam in Salman Rushdie’s The Satanic Verses.
   Thesis. English Letters and Language Department, Faculty of Humanities
   and Culture, The State Islamic University of Malang.
276.      The Use of Persuasive Technique by Barack Obama in His P
   olitical Speeches in the 2008 USA Presidential Primaries.
277.      A Psycholinguistics Analysis on Speech Disorder of a Cerebral
   Palsic Man in “Door to Door” Film
278.      The Existentialism Studies on Daniel Defoe’s Robinson Crusoe’s
   Freedom of Life
279.      Common Types of Diction Errors Made by The Second Year
   Students of SMP Negeri 13 Malang.
280.      A Semantic Analysis of the English translation of surah Al-Fath by
   T. B. Irving.
281.      This Side of Paradise; The Autobiography of Francis Scott Key
   Fitzgerald’s Career Aspiration and Love Disappointment.
282.      The Shift of Algren’s Perceptionson Samurai Portrayed in Edward
   Zwick’s The Last Samurai.
283.      Syntactic and Semantic Characterizations of Infant Utterances: the
   Case of Ben in “Daddy Day Care” Film.
284.      Lexical Errors of English Writing Written by the Students of the
   State Islamic University of Malang at Al-Hikmah Al- Fathimiyyah
285.      Illocutionary Acts Used by Syaikh Ahmed Deedat and Pastor
   Stanley Sjoberg in A Great Open Debate “Is Jesus God?” Thesis.
286.      The Influence of Conflict to Jean Valjean’s Character
   Development in Victor Hugo’s Les Misérables.
287.      Racism in James Mc Bride’s Miracle at St Anna.
288.      Moral Qualities of the Main Character in Madame Bovary.
289.      The Flouting and Hedging Used by the Main Characters in “Bend
   It Like Beckham”.
290.      Margaret’s View towards Stereotypes of Women in the Industrial
   Society in North and South; A Novel by Elizabeth Gaskell.
291.      Euphemism Used in World View Section of Newsweek Magazine
292.      An Analysis on the Social Problems of David Copperfield by
   Charles Dickens.
293.      A Psychological Analysis on the Main Character of Robinson
   Crusoe by Daniel Defoe (viewed from Karen Horney’s Theory),
294.      A Semantics Analysis on The Meanings and Messages in The
   English Translation of Surah Al-Rahman by M. Marmaduke Pickthall.
295.      The Flouting and Hedging maxims Used by the Main Characters in
   William Gibson’s “The Miracle Worker
296.      Native American Racism in James Fenimore Cooper’s The Last of
   The Mohicans.
297.      The Speech Styles Used by Multilingual Speakers in Pesantren
   Mahasiswa IAIN Sunan Ampel Surabaya
298.      A Study on illocutionary Acts Used By The Main Characters
299.      “Illocutionary Acts Used in Kofi Annan’s Interview”.
300.      A Semantic Study on the Lyrics of Eminem’s Songs
301.      Psychological Analysis of the Main Character’s Personality in Go
   Ask Alice
302.      A Study of Taboo Words and Euphemistic Expressionsof Ali G
303.      A Study of the Flouting and Hedging Maxims on Politics Articles
   Found in The Jakarta Post”.
304.      Materialism in George Eliot’s Silas Marner
305.      “Cohesive Devices Expressed by the Main Character of Casino
   Royale Film”.
306.      Deixis in The Devil and Daniel Webster Play Text by Stephen
   Vincent Benet”
307.      Syntactic Analysis of Arabic and English Negation on the Meaning
   of the Glorious Qur’an of Surah Al-Baqarah by Using GTG Method.
308.      “The Flouting and Hedging Maxims Used By The Main Characters
   In “Romeo and Juliet” Movie”
309.      The use of slang in American popular movies, Malang
310.      A Psychological Analysis of The Main Character with Multiple
   Personality in Daniel Keyes’ The Minds of Billy Milligan
311.      A Study of Cohesive Devices Found in the Main Character’s
   Utterances of Drama ‘Macbeth’ by William Shakespeare”
312.      Feminist Perspective of Marriage Reflected in Danielle Steels
313.      An Analysis on the Autobiographical Aspects of Charles Dickens’
   David Copperfield
314.      Child Labour in 19th Century England Reflected on Charles
   Dickens’s Oliver Twist. Thesis. English Letters and Language
   Department. Faculty of Humanities and Culture
315.      The Oppressions Faced by Black Women Characters in Toni
   Morrison’s The Bluest Eye
316.      A Study on Lexical Meaning on the lyrics of System Of a Down’s
317.      Poverty and Social Stratification of Victorian Society in Charles
   Dickens Oliver Twist
318.      A Study on Deixis Used in the National section of The Jakarta Post
319.      Semantic analysis on same lyrics of anggun songs in luminesence
320.      Social Stratification during the French Revolution in Dickens’ A
   Tale of Two Cities
322.      The Analysis of Jane Eyre’s Personality Charlotte Bronte’s Jane
323.      Marxism Analysis on Daniel Defoe’s Robinson Crusoe
324.     An Analysis on The Internal Conflicts Faced By the Main
   Characters of Nathaniel Hawthorne’s The Scarlet Letter
325.     Profeminism and Contrafeminism on the Characterization of The
   Portrait of the Lady by James Henry.
326.     Social Class Differences of 19th Century English Society in
   Charles Dickens’ Hard Times.
327.     Social Problems of New York Slum Society in1890s as portrayed
   in Maggie : A Girl of the Streets by Stephen Crane
328.     An Analysis on Equality of Rights and Positions of Men and
   Women Reflected in Sir Arthur Conan Doyle’s The Hound of The
329.     A Semantic Analysis on the English Translation of Surah Al-Hadid
330.     English Language Styles Used by the Members of Darul Abidin
   Cottage Tulungrejo Pare Kediri
331.     Semantic Analysis on the Lyrics of Muse’s Songs
332.     Satire on English Middle Class Society Reflected in
   WilliamMakepeace Thac keray Vanity Fair.
333.     Politeness Strategies in John Grisham’s novel “The Client”.
334.     A Study of the Presupposition of goods Advertisement in The
   Jakarta Post
335.     Woman Social Mobility portrayed in Jane Austen’s Pride and
336.     The Analysis of Social Values in E.M. Forster’s A Passage to India
337.     Social Values Reflected In Mark Twain’s The Adventures of
   Huckleberry Finn.
338.     The Sexist Language of Jokes Column in Hello Magazine
339.     A Study on the Laws of Plot in Thomas Hardy’s The Mayor of
   Casterbridge Novel
340.     The Practice Of Kafaah In The View Of Partai Keadilan Sejahtera
   (PKS) Cadres (Case Study in DPC PKS Lowokwaru),
341.     A Discourse analysis on the Deixis Used in “Cover Story Section”
   Published by “Global Finance”
342.     An Analysis on the Overstatements in the Headlines of The Jakarta
343.     The Influence of Conflict to Jerilee’s Character Development in
   Harold Robbins’ The Lonely Lady
344.     The Purpose of Marriage for Women as Shown in Emma
345.     An Analysis of Main Characters Personality in Grisham’s The
346.     The Oppressions of Women in Pride and Prejudice by Jane Austen
347.     Political aspects reflected in Julius Caesar
348.     The Analysis on the Roles of Setting on Developing the Main
   Character’s Personalities of Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince
349.      Edge of Seventeen, A Social Criticism on the Cultures of Americ
   an Families
350.      The Application of the Process of Checking and Discussing: A
   Problem Resolving Strategy of the Beginner Translators (in Transbahasa)
351.      Governmental Hegemony of Stalin’s Totalitarian Regime in
   George Orwell’s Nineteen Eighty-Four.
352.      An Analysis on the Elements and Types of setting in Novel
   Gulliver’s Travels by Jonathan Swift.
353.      The Analysis of Main Character’s Love in Shakespeare’s Love’s
   Labour’s Lost
354.      Speech Acts Used by the Main Characters of “Are we there yet?”
355.      Teaching Reading at SLTP Negeri 2 Ngimbang Lamongan
356.      Aggression in Domestic Violence Based on Frustration-Aggression
   Described in Khaled Hosseini’s a Thousand Splendid Suns’s
357.      A Semantic Analysis on Economic Terms Used in Economic
   Columns of the Jakarta Post
358.      Entitled Psychological Problems of the Main Female Character
   Lucy Snowe in Charlotte Bronte’s Villete (An Analysis Using
   Psychological Approach)
359.      Women Emancipation in Charlotte Bronte’ Jane Eyre
360.      A Grammatical Error Analysis of Students’ Movie Review of
   Bilingual Magazine Competition.
361.      The Reflection of Tim O’Brien’s Life in The Things They Carried
362.      A Psycholinguistic Analysis on Slips of the Tongue in the
   Speaking Class At Fantastic English for Better Malang
363.      Macro Structure of the Short Stories for the EFL Classroom
364.      Context Clues in Reading Texts of “Barron’s TOEFL IBT” Book
365.      An Analysis on the Hierarchical Structure of Words in the
   Headlines News of Jakarta Post
366.      Semantic Analysis on Caption of Caricatures in New York Times
367.      Human Fitra Restriction Caused by Celibacy Undergone by Jim
   Casy in John Steinbeck’s The Grapes of Wrath
368.      Psychoanalysis Study of D.H. Lawrence’s Personality
   Development in Sons and Lovers
369.      Verbal Bullying in “Son of Rambow” Movie
370.      The Speech Styles Used By Multilingual Speakers in Pesantren
   Putri Al-Mawaddah Ponorogo
371.      Semantic Analysis of Sentential Meanings Used in “Mates, Dates,
   and Mad Mistakes” Novel by Cathy Hopkins
372.      Functions of Questions in Larry King Live Talk Show
373.     Word-Choice Of headline news On Muslim Issues Used in The
   Jakarta Post
374.     Language Style Used by the Students of Tourism School at
   Merdeka University of Malang
375.     Turn taking strategies used by the main character in The Pursuit of
   Happyness movie.
376.     Psycholinguistic Analysis: Silent Pauses found in “Harry Potter
   and the Order of the Phoenix” movie
377.     A Psycholinguistic Analysis on Kids’ and Adults’ Slips of the
   Tongue Found in EF (English First) Malang
378.     Illocutionary Acts Expressed Through Sign Language in”Silence
379.     The Strategies of Closing Conversation Used by the Main
   Character of The Pursuit of Happyness Movie
380.     Maxims of Politeness Principle Found in “The Prince and Me”
381.     The Analysis of Methods of Writing Introductory and Concluding
   Paragraphs on English Opinion Column of the Jakarta Post
382.     Explicature of Warning Signs in Juanda Airport Surabaya Viewed
   from Carston
383.     The Explicature of Directional and Warning Signs Posted at UIN
384.     Hesitation Utterances Produced by Broadcaster and Callers In
   “RRI Radio Malang” Program of RRI Malang
385.     Genre Analysis Used in Hillary Clinton’s Intreview
386.     Lexical Cohesions Found in the Lyrics of Avenged Sevenfold’s
387.     Criminal Behavior in Sir Arthur Conan Doyle’s, A Study in Scarlet
388.     Constative and Performative Utterances in Obama’s Dialogues
389.     Argumentative characteristics of Indonesian- English Debaters in
   Indonesian Varsities English Debate (IVED) 2009
390.     Magic in British Society reflected in J.K.Rowling’s Harry Potter
   and the Sorcerer’s Stone
391.     An analysis on Style and Tone of Lewis Carroll’s Through the
392.     Figure of Rhetorics in theText of Movie Advertisement Language
393.     Violence against Women in Patriarchal Culture Described in
   Khaled Hosseini’s A Thousand Splendid Suns
394.     A Morphological Analysis on Loanwords from French to English
   Cuisine Term Used In “Ratatouille” Movie
395.     School-Age Psychosocial Condition of the Major Character in
   Salman Rushdie’s Haroun and the Sea of Stories
396.      Characters’ Perception on Time Portrayed in Thornton Wilder’s
   Our Town
397.      Prejudice in Harper Lee’s To Kill a Mockingbird
398.      An Implicature Analysis on “The Funniest Joke in the World”
   Article in the “Reader’s Digest”
399.      The Cohesion and Coherence of Thesis Abstracts Written by
   Students of English Letters and Language Department of UIN Maulana
   Malik Ibrahim Malang
400.      A Portrayal of Social Condition in Rural Community in 19th
   Century England Depicted in Geoge Eliot’s Adam Bede.
401.      Poverty in Q and A by Vikas Swarup: The Portrait of Exploitation
   of Indian Underclass
402.      Racism Against African American portrayed in Angelina Weld
   Grimke’s Rachel.
403.      Hegemony in Taslima Nasrin’s Shame: A portrait of government’s
   hegemony over the society in Bangladesh
404.      A Lexical Meaning on the lyrics of Michael Jackson’s Album
   “This Is It”

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