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					DATE: October 14, 2008

Misia (Tree House), Accra (Tree House), Theresa (1014 S 47th St.), Stevie (1014 S. 47th), Steven
(1047 S. 47th), Ada (Percolator), Hakeem (Shofam), Robert (Ailanthus), Meg (Ailanthus), April
(4722), Julie (Vortex)

Theresa, Board Rep., 1014 S. 47th

Ada Welch, LCA Secretary

Ada Welch, LCA Secretary


I Regular Business

A. Next Meeting = November 11, 2008. 6:45 p.m. at Vortex.
B. House Tour of 1014 S. 47th Street
C. Community Check-ins

II Old Business

A. Budget and Loan
B. Maintenance Policy Reminder

III New Business

A. Grant Requests by 1014 S. 47th Street.
B. Legal Committee Discussion/Update
C. New Member Orientation/Board Member Orientation

IV Miscellaneous Business
A. How to get/put people on the LCA listserv
B. By-laws
C. LCA Accountant
I Regular Business

A. Next Meeting = November 11, 2008. 6:45 p.m. at Vortex.

B. House Tour of 1014 S. 47th Street

   Extensive work and remodeling has been completed on the house in the past two months.
   The floor in the kitchen was leveled; a new “cork” flooring was put in on one section; the
   floors for most of the house were sanded and refinished, and in all no major issues were
   noted. The following issues were noted with plans for addressing them:
   1) Basement – items too close to the furnace.
   2) There is a working CO2 detector but no smoke detector.
   3) Kitchen – smoke detector needs to be re-hung.
   4) 2nd floor hallway smoke detector – seemed to either not be beeping or to have a very
       muffled beep.
   5) 3rd floor bath – water seepage through vent stack causing damage to the interior wall.
   6) Attic smoke detector not working
   7) All fire extinguishers and fire ladders were in evidence.

C. Community Check-ins

      -Vortex has rats and is working on how to deal with the issue.

      -Ailanthus has no major announcements, concerns.

      -Shofam’s roof was fixed, they await the next rain to test the workmanship.

      -4722 had work done on the backyard, April recommends the contractor who completed
      to the work (I think the name was Guillermo?). They are about to have work done on the
      stairwell brickwork. Might also need work done in the basement.

      -1014 reports that the porch is next project. Some roof issues, but the hatch to roof is
      blocked so they have not been able to go up and see extent of problem. Some basement
      issues but nothing major. Had housewarming party a week and a half ago. 2 People from
      1014 are going to the NASCO conference.

      -Treehouse has had a lot of the work requested at the General Meeting completed,
      including brick pointing, masonry, and carpentry. They currently have three contractors
      working on projects in their house, with an estimate that all will be finished in three or
      four days. The attic is almost finished.

II Old Business
A. Budget and Loan

   October is the beginning of LCA’s fiscal year. We did not approve a budget at the General
   Meeting, because it was not completely ready. Rob handed out 2 versions of the budget
   along with the Budget Committee Report. The budgets are the same, except that one shows
   expenditures with a new loan in the amount of 15K, and one breaks down expenses without
   the loan.

   The two alternate budgets were approved with full consensus. Julie will advise Steve Pyne
   that the budget has been approved.

   We speculate that due to the current financial crisis, we will be unable to get an additional
   15K loan this year, and if we do get approved for one, the rate will be extravagant. We will
   probably need to wait until at least next year to borrow additional money. We are able to pay
   for everything that we need without the loan, it will just put us a little behind our desired
   position for maintenance, etc.

   We discussed what our obligations are to paying further commission Jim Jones, who helped
   us get our initial loan, on any future loan for which we are approved. It was generally agreed
   that if we got an additional loan this year, he would be entitled to additional commission, and
   after that we would need to re-visit the issue. Rob will forward correspondence between
   himself and Jim Jones to Ada and Theresa.

   Misia requested that Ada go with her to Commerce bank to fill out the loan application, as
   Rob wants to step away from this particular responsibility. There was a discussion around
   the advantage of having a) the same people go as last time (Rob and Misia), and b) the
   advantage of having a white male go to represent us. I don’t think that we reached a decision.

   B. Maintenance Policy Reminder

   Please alert Russell at Shofam of all maintenance needs and action. Copy all maintenance
   transactions to Russell, and let Russell know prior to making a grant request. The point is to
   have a record of all maintenance history, transactions, and contractors, etc. by the LCA in
   one central place.

III New Business

   A. Grant Requests by 1014 S. 47th Street.

   1014 had two grant requests, fueled in part by Gus’s lead levels being very high.

   The first was to replace the front porch with a new porch done in a material called Envirotech
   – recycled wood fibers that will never need painting, won’t rot, etc. One reason is that the
   current porch is covered in flaking (lead?) paint. The cost estimate is 3,000.
   The second is to replace the remaining old windows in the house, which are warped, don’t
   open, and also have a lot of layers of lead paint. Requested $1,700.

   There was something else that amounted to an additional $600, I believe? I mean to ask
   for clarification but was distracted, if anyone remembers what this was, or if I’m
   wrong, please clarify?

   Julie suggested that 1014 look into a program that replaces old windows for free if your
   child’s lead level is above a certain amount. Theresa agreed to ask Julie’s neighbor, who had
   used the program. If they are able to have the windows replaced for free, they will return the
   materials portion of the grant money to the LCA.

   Both grants were approved. Before approval, we looked into whether anyone was planning
   on seeking any major maintenance grants. The only one that came up was Ailanthus looking
   in to getting a new furnace – around $12,000.

   B. Legal Committee Discussion/Update

   Milena from 1014 will also join the legal committee along with Jennifer, Ada, and Janine.

   We discussed what issues the legal committee needs to look into. The main issues are as
    LCA members acting as legal agents on behalf of the LCA. In other words, LCA
       members making binding legal decisions which affect the entire LCA. We need help with
       policy and procedure for legal decision making.
    Conversely, a clarification of personal risk to which LCA members are vulnerable as a
       part of this organization.
    Revamping the lease.

   Actions: Ada will look for information available to the public on such topics and consult her
   lawyer friend. The legal committee should hold a meeting before 2009 in order to draft
   policy and a new lease, which we will then turn over to Misia’s connection.

   C. New Member Orientation/Board Member Orientation

   We need a way to pass on institutional knowledge and to strengthen ties to the organization.

   Action: Julie and Stevie agreed to work on this in December.

IV Miscellaneous Business

   A. How to get/put people on the LCA listserv
   Send an email from the account which you would like to receive listserv mailings to lca-
    B. By-laws
    Action: Board members must read the by-laws for the November meeting and come prepared
    with any suggestions.

    C. LCA Accountant
    Misia is in contact with a potential accountant.

II Old Business

 A. Tree House Roofing Issues >> critique of process leading to Robert settling w/ Kurtz; new
policies discussion tabled for future mtg.; review of upcoming costs for stopping water/mold at

III New Business

 A. REPORT & DISCUSSION: Annual Property Insurance Review w/ Our Agent, Jim
Domenick >> Buyers market for insurance; not much changing for our policy; find insurers
specializing in small housing coops through NASCO?

B. DISCUSSION: Allocating $100,000 Loan for Maintenance + Reserves.

may not be properly registered with state of PA.

D. DISCUSSION: Plan the September 14th Membership Meeting

IV Tabled & Developing Business

A. PROPOSAL: Change funding system for minor maintenance >> September Membership

 B. Membership/Education/Outreach Cmty. Rpt.
>> LCA is still needing progress from these committees, since they were re-established at the
2007 Membership Meeting.

C. Fundraising for NASCO Membership Cost
>> Tree House announced fundraiser to take place at TH, from 7pm, September 27th.

D. PROPOSAL: Create paid Maintenance Director position. >> General approval at June '08
meeting; tabled for more detail; detail subsequently provided via emailed proposal by
Maintenance Committee; $8K - $10K annual budget floated.

E. PROPOSAL: Process for LCA members acting as legal agents of the LCA (signing papers).

F. DISCUSSION: Sell Vortex House?


I Regular Business

We agreed unanimously to hold the next monthly meeting, as previously announced, as our
annual Membership Meeting, on September 14th, 2008, from 3pm at A-space (4722 Baltimore
Ave.). Teresa had also reserved time in the evening of the next day, in case more business needs
attending after the time allotted for Sunday runs out.

B. Community Check-ins
Robert did not take notes on check-ins.

C. Financial Report (see "Appendix A" attached)
Shofam still owes receipts.

II Old Business

A. REPORT & DISCUSSION: Tree House Roofing Issues

1. What's Happening with TH and Kurtz?
Tree House has been in an ongoing dispute with Kurtz Construction Co. regarding their failure to
respond to requests for execution of a valid contract for work, and their reluctance to provide
solutions for water damage and mold problems that resulted from a major leak they caused while
working on site. Most recently, Robert arranged for each party to release claim against the other,
and LCA to allow Kurtz to remove its scaffold from Tree House property.
Jennifer was point-person for TH and the LCA in dealing with Kurtz and resolving the dispute,
and requested reports on what had happened during her absence at a critical juncture. Jennifer
and several other members from Tree House were unhappy with the process and the results of
Robert's recent actions.
Robert reported as follows:
* He became concerned of LCA risk in the event any legal action were to be taken by either
* Tree House had forbidden Kurtz from entering its property to retrieve the scaffolding
equipment they had left on site based on a prior assumption they would be resuming work after
TH concerns were satisfied. Kurtz had claimed the scaffold to have cost $8,000 to date, so that
holding the scaffold for any time might give Kurtz a substantial claim against the LCA. This
situation seemed to be a clear move toward legal against Kurtz, but the LCA seemed to be
unequipped to follow through -- no decision by the LCA to do this, no lawyer and no indication
the LCA was close to having one.
* Robert proposed that the LCA settle with Kurtz (LCA's original deposit covers all Kurtz work
or any other claims to date, LCA makes no further claims on Kurtz and allows them to take
scaffold) and moved to convene an emergency meeting, to decide whether to continue moving
toward legal action, or to do something like the settlement he proposed. Serena responded by
indicating she felt a meeting would be unproductive, and that Robert should proceed according
to his proposal.
* Robert was concerned that holding the scaffold may have given Kurtz enough of an edge that
they could prevail in court, and offered Kurtz their scaffold back in exchange for a written
agreement between Kurtz and LCA that neither party would make further claim on the other
regarding the roofing work at Tree House.

Several Tree House members reported on the strength of the LCA's claims against Kurtz,

* The absence of an executed contract for any work.

* Doubts as to Kurtz' claim of the value/cost of their work to date far exceeding LCA's ~$13,000
credit (deposit) with Kurtz.

* High costs of mold abatement needed after Kurtz-caused water intrusion.

* New damages to LCA / neighboring property during removal of the scaffold.

2. Further Legal Action on TH / Kurtz?
Several at the meeting wondered whether the document Robert signed with Kurtz in fact
precludes further legal action, and there was general agreement that further remedy should be
sought. Jennifer proposed to general support that she look into whether the document is binding.
3. How Do We Evolve the Process (or lack of) in Future?
Those meeting agreed that some future steps could provide a better process in similar situations,
and prevent many of the initial problems in advance. These were noted for future discussion, and

* Have a lawyer on retainer or readily available for consultation.

* No LCA member can sign on behalf of LCA without an LCA consensus decision process. >>
Specifically scheduled for consideration at September 14 Membership Meeting.

* Improve in-house communication regarding all things (especially maintenance): Tree House
reported its recent success establishing a bindered house journal where all house-related
information is available to all house members.

* Have an LCA 'General Contractor' who has experience and time to pre-emptively monitor
work and to handle difficult maintenance situations. >> Specifically scheduled for consideration
at September 14 Membership Meeting.

4. How Can Tree House Fix the Physical Roof / Mold?
Jennifer reported on ongoing costs for Tree House to stop water leaks and then deal with mold.
These will likely include:

* ~$13,000 original deposit to Kurtz.
* ~$13,000 to D&A Construction to complete the Kurtz job.
* ~$15,000 for mold removal and associated repairs.
* Unknown costs for repairs in and around window frames/casings.

The LCA Board had already recently approved a slightly stream-lined process for funding
completion of the original roofing job, and for dealing with mold. However, Jennifer reported
that newly-identified problems around windows will likely push the cost to stop water intrusion
(and new mold) beyond the original ~$40,000 approved.

The meeting agreed unanimously, to extend a streamlined process for approval of grants for the
original plus new water/mold-related work at Tree House. The process is for the usual three
estimates to be reported via email, and for the Maintenance Committee minus Robert to consult
and approve an estimate for funding by LCA grant.
Russell noted with emphasis that the Shofam roof leaks remain a major problem.

III New Business

 A. REPORT & DISCUSSION: Annual Property Insurance Review w/ Our Insurance Broker,
Jim Domenick
Jim Domenick of Domenick & Associates, 325 CHestnut St., Ste. 916, Philadelphia, PA 19106,
the LCA's insurance broker, came to conduct what he hopes will be an annual consultation on the
LCA's insurance. He reported that there is a buyer's market for insurance, which means our rates
are unlikely to rise.
However, he noted that we are a kind of niche customer for the insurance industry and there is
little competition to serve us, so rates won't likely drop. Jim originally sought quotes from ten or
twelve insurers and received only one. The meeting agreed we would connect Jim with NASCO,
in case they have recommendations for insurers familiar with our type of customer.
Jim indicated the LCA is now covered for miscellaneous building failures, including roofing
problems. Filing a claim or even a few will not necessarily cause the rates to increase. He made
clear that it never hurts to call him (broker) for advice on whether to file an insurance claim.

 B. DISCUSSION: Issues from New $100,000
1. Allocating $100,000 Loan for Maintenance + Reserves.
Robert distributed a recent update of the Maintenance Replacement Schedule, and those meeting
encouraged each house to provide feedback and come to the September 14th Membership
Meeting, with clear ideas about needs and desires for Fiscal Year 2008-2009 maintenance
Robert agreed to seek further advice from NASCO consultant Jim Jones, on how to manage
reserves in light of the new loan obligation.

2. New Requirement to Use Accountant for Tax Filings
Misia agreed to make calls to find the LCA an accountant.

Robert reported that in preparing documentation for the recent loan from Commerce Bank, he
had been unable to identify a definitively authoritative source of the LCA's current by-laws. He
proposed that the LCA review and approve the consolidation of various sources he submitted
with the loan documents. He agreed to email these to the LCA listserve.
 D. DISCUSSION: Plan the September 14th Membership Meeting
Teresa reported she had reserved A-Space (4722 Baltimore Ave.) from 3pm Sunday, but that an
even immediately following our time-slot could mean we cut our business short. She had also
reserved Monday the next evening, in case more business needs attending.
Russell agreed to contact Clarissa to see if she could facilitate the meeting. Robert emphasized
that the facilitator needs to be familiar with all agenda items prior to the meeting.
Jennifer and Misia agreed to tag-team coordinating the agenda and on outreach to membership
leading up to the meeting date.


____________________________ date: ___________
Robert Monk, LCA Secretary

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