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A notice in is the information of the mind of the giver to the addressee in clear and
unambiguous language that the address is called upon to do or not to do certain acts
failing which the giver will take legal redress.

In legal sense may be defined as “information concerning a fact actually
communicated to a party by an authorized person, or actually derived by him from
a proper source.

A “Legal notice “, means a notice provided by the Law, means notice given as and in
the manner prescribed by law.
Means some things more than bare knowledge of the given facts.

Note : the issuing of notice may be a statutory duty or merely optional, but in either
case the purpose of a notice is to inform its recipient precisely and clearly his mind.
There must not only be clear proof of the dispatch of a notice, but in order to fix
liability on the addressee there must also be clear proof of the notice having been
received by the addressee.

Kinds of Notices : -
The different statuary and customary laws provided for different kinds of notices as
per their requirements. The following are some of the different kinds of notices : -

1. Notice under the Arbitration Act.
2. Notice under the Contract Act
3. Notice under the Transfer of property Act.
4. Notice under the Partner ship Act.
5.Notice under the Code of the Civil procedure.
6.Notice under the Labour Laws etc.

An Agreement of engagement or a covenant between two or more person.
Technically a bond is a deed or obligatory instrument, in writing whereby one doth
bind himself to another , to pay a sum of money or to do some other act, but
commonly any instrument in writing that legally binds a party to do a certain thing
may be called a BOND.
A document to be a bond must 1) create an obligation ( A duty or legal binding or
legal necessity which bind together to or more individuals) to pay .
Essential of BOND
   1) Create obligation to pay
   2) Be attested by witnesses who is not scribe
Registration : -
Bonds are not compulsorily register able, but instrument which create interest
immovable property of value of Rs.100 and upwards need registration.
Indemnity Bond : - A bond in which a person bind himself to take responsibility
for the security of losses of a second person.
Promissory note : -A promissory note is a negotiable (flexible, Considerable)
instrument of credit and defined by the negotiable instruments Act 1881.
Receipt defines as whereby any money or any bill of exchange, cheque or
promissory note, is acknowledge to have been received.
A declaration on oath, reduced to writing, affirmed or sworn to by an affint before
some person who has authority to administer oaths.
An affidavit is an oath in writing signed by the party deposing, sworn before and
attested by him who hath authority to administer the same ”. A written declaration
under oath, made without notice to the adverse party.

AFFADAVIT by several : - Several persons may swear to and sign the same
statement of facts in a single affidavit..

AFFADAVIT by insane person : Before the affidavit of an insane person can
be received there must be an inquiry into his mental capacity to take such affidavit.

Deponent : A written statement in the name of a person called the deponent by
whom it is voluntarily signed and sworn to or affirmed.

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