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                                                                          CITY OF DALLAS

DATE   February 26. 2010

TO     Housing Committee Members: Steve Salazar, Chair, Carolyn R. Davis, Vice
       Chair, Tennell Atkins, Dwaine Caraway. Angela Hunt, Ann Margolin, Pauline

       American Recovery & Re-investment Program            -   Homelessness Prevention and
       Rapid Re-Housing Program (HPRP)

       On Monday, March 1, 2010, you will be briefed on American Recovery & Re
       investment Program Homelessness Prevention and Rapid Re-Housing Program

       (HPRP). A copy of the briefing is attached.

       Please let me know if you have any questions.

                   z, Assistant City Manager

              The Elonorable Mayor and Members of the City Council
              Mary K. Suhrn, City Manager
              Deborah Watkins, City Secretary
              Torn P. Perkins, Jr., City Attorney
              Craig Kinton, City Auditor
              C. Victor Lander, Administrative Judge, Municipal Court
              Ryan S. Evans, First Assistant City Manager
              Forest Turner, Assistant City Manager
              Jill A. Jordan, RE., Assistant City Manager
              Jeanne Chipperfield, Chief Financial Officer
              Jerry Ku lingsworth, Housing/Community Services Director
              Helena Stevens-Thompson. Assistant to the City Manager

                    “Dallas, The City That Works: Diverse, Vibrant and Progressive.’
American Recovery & Re-Investment Act

      Homelessness Prevention
  Rapid Re-Housing Program (HPRP)

              A Briefing to the
             Housing Committee

    Housing/Community Services Department
               March 1, 2010

To provide an update on the City of Dallas’
Homelessness Prevention and Rapid Re-Housing
Program (HPRP) funded through the American Re-
Investment and Recovery Act (ARRA).

HPRP Goals
   Homeless Prevention
      Targets individuals and families currently in housing but at risk
       of becoming homeless and need temporary rent or utility
       assistance to prevent homelessness or assistance to move to
       another unit
            Prevent people from becoming homeless
            Outreach to people at high risk of homelessness
            Assess ability to remain in current housing or alternative housing

   Rapid Re-Housing
      Targets individuals and families already experiencing
       homelessness, timing out of emergency or transitional
       shelters, or on the street who need temporary assistance in
       order to obtain housing and keep it
            Help people who become homeless to quickly move into
             permanent housing
            Develop process for assessing people within a few days of
             entering shelter (strengths, resources, and barriers to exiting

    HPRP Eligible Activities
    Financial Assistance
       Short-term rental (3 months)
       Medium-term rental (4 to 18 months)
       Security & utility deposits
       Utility payments (18 months and up to 6 months in arrears)
       Moving cost assistance (truck rental, moving cost, short-term storage up
         to 3 mos)
       Motel and hotel vouchers (up to 30 days)

     Note: Payments can only be made to third parties such as landlords or utility companies.

    Housing Relocation and Stabilization Services
       Case Management
       Outreach and Engagement
       Housing Search and Placement
       Legal Services
       Credit Repair

    Data Collection and Evaluation - collection and reporting of client information
    Administrative - 5% maximum

    Eligibility for HPRP

   Must be at or below 50% of Area Median Income:

          Family Size          Amount              Family Size          Amount
          1 Person             $23,650             5 Person            $36,500
          2 Person             $27,050             6 Person            $39,200
          3 Person             $30,400             7 Person            $41,900
          4 Person             $33,800             8 Person            $44,400

   Must be either homeless or would be homeless but for this assistance and 1)
    has not identified appropriate subsequent housing options and 2) lacks
    financial resources and support networks to identify immediate housing or
    remain in existing housing.

   Must have an initial consultation with a case manager or authorized
    representative who can determine the appropriate level of assistance.

  HPRP Budgets
                                        Federal HPRP Funds          State HPRP Funds
                                      Homeless      Rapid Re-    Homeless     Rapid Re-
       Direct Assistance              Prevention    Housing      Prevention   Housing        Totals
Subrecipient Contractors               $1,864,929   $2,691,196           $0            $0   $4,556,125
City Operated Programs                 $1,158,185                  $459,195     $306,128    $1,923,508
                           Subtotal    $3,023,114   $2,691,196     $459,195     $306,128    $6,479,633
Non-Program Items
Housing/Community Services
(Outreach & Engagement)                               $263,185                               $263,185
Housing/Community Services
Data Collection                                       $100,000                    $5,233     $105,233
Housing/Community Services
Administration                                        $143,367                   $19,758     $163,125
City Auditor's Grant Compliance
Group                                                 $216,000                         $0    $216,000
                           Subtotal                   $722,552                   $24,991     $747,543
Unobligated Funds
Direct Assistance                       $750,495                                             $750,495
                    Grand Totals       $3,773,609   $3,413,748     $459,195     $331,119    $7,977,671

 HPRP Direct Assistance Providers
                                                           Prevention        Rapid Re-Housing
Catholic Charities of Dallas, Inc.                               $528,987                  $0
Central Dallas Ministries/First United Methodist Church
(Collaborative Application)                                      $403,172                  $0
Family Gateway, Inc.                                                    $0            $788,912
Family Place (The)                                                      $0            $409,037
Housing Crisis Center                                            $184,788                  $0
Interfaith Housing Coalition                                     $229,877                  $0
Legal Aid of North West Texas                                    $207,025                  $0
MLK Center                                                    $808,689.50             $153,064
Metrocare Services                                                      $0            $601,841
Nexus Recovery Center                                                   $0            $358,519
Salvation Army (The) Carr P. Collins Social Service
Center                                                           $311,080                  $0
Shared Housing Center, Inc.                                             $0            $532,887
West Dallas Center                                            $808,690.50            $153,064
                                                   Total       $3,482,309           $2,997,324

HPRP Accomplishments
   HPRP information placed on the City of Dallas website
   Publicity: Dallas Morning News and Willis Johnson Radio Show
   Public informational meetings held at the following sites:
            City of Dallas Facilities: 22
            Non-profit Agencies:        14
            Other Sectors:               3
            Total                       29
   Outreach numbers to date:
                                   Households        Individuals
    Homeless Prevention               255               353
    Rapid Re-Housing                   29                40
    Total                             284               393
   Total Expenditures (thru 2/19/10): $442,191
   Persons Served: 297

HPRP Concerns
   The Federal HPRP funds
       Have a 3 year expenditure deadline which ends July 2012
       Have a 60% expenditure requirement which ends July
        2011 (i.e. $4,312,414 or $2,156,207 for the first two years)
       Need to spend an average of $179,684 per month to meet
        the requirements

   The State HPRP funds have a 2 year expenditure deadline
    which ends September 2011
       Need to spend an average of $32,930 per month to meet
        the requirements

HPRP Concerns (continued)
   The Data Collection system is very slow and may require a
    change in systems or hiring of data entry staff

   Volume of clients requires appointments to be set 2-3
    weeks out and may require hiring of caseworkers to
    decrease the wait time

   Three direct assistance providers have terminated their
    contracts due to the reporting requirements for the program
      Staff will evaluate current contractor expenditures at the
       end of March and recommend additional funds be
       provided to agencies that have the most success

    Next Steps

   April 1, 2010 – 2nd Quarterly meeting to be held with HPRP sub

   April 10, 2010 – Quarterly reports due to the federal and state

   April 15, 2010 – Evaluate sub recipients/contractors to ensure
    progress and dialogue about impediments

   May 2010 – Reallocation of funds among contractors, if needed

   July 1, 2010 – 3rd Quarterly meeting to be held with HPRP with sub-

   October 14, 2010 – 4th Quarterly meeting to be held with HPRP sub-


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