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									A Power Food for Heart
The Science

What are the recommendations of the
American Heart Association?

   To lower total cholesterol and LDL, and to
  reduce the risk of heart disease, eat more
  soluble fiber, especially foods rich in beta-

  Oat products are the most common
  dietary source of beta-glucan.
Oats are heart healthy

  over 40 years of research
  over 40 clinical studies
  first U.S. FDA approved health
 claim for a food
  oats help lower cholesterol
Oats lower cholesterol

    total blood cholesterol
    LDL (bad) cholesterol
   no change or  HDL (good) cholesterol
   mostly due to beta-glucan
How does it work?

 beta-glucan forms gel in digestive tract
 absorbs cholesterol-rich bile
 cholesterol removed from body
 liver uses blood cholesterol to make more bile
 blood cholesterol drops
Harvest Crunch Oats

 More than  cholesterol
  helps reduce the risk of Diabetes
  natural Source of Protein, Vitamins,
  Minerals & Antioxidants
  prolonged Energy Release
  no added sugar, salt or additives
Oats and Diabetes

 oats are a whole grain food
 oats reduce both fasting and
 postprandial blood glucose levels
 oats reduce both fasting and
 postprandial insulin levels
Oats and Hunger

Oats for breakfast makes overweight &
 normal weight people feel full longer
          and eat less for lunch
               than those who ate cornflakes or just water

Geleibter et al, NASSO, 1999
How much Harvest
  Crunch Oats?
consume 3/4 cup (uncooked)
Express Foods’ Harvest Crunch
Oats per day to help
reduce blood cholesterol
Equivalent to

2 1/2 cups Express Foods’ Harvest
Crunch ready-to-eat breakfast cereal


2 1/2 cups Express Foods’ Swiss-Style
Muesli ready-to-eat breakfast cereal
Add variety to
Harvest Crunch
     Vary the topping on oats
       dried fruit
       fresh fruit
       ground flax seed
       Yogurt (dahi)
Add Harvest Crunch Oats
to other food
  use ground oat flour in chappatis, kulchas, parathas
  add oats to pattice, cutlets, chivda, ladoos
  add oats to cookies, biscuits, cakes, pies
  add oats to soups
  mix oats in dahi
  use oats as a topping for salads
Smart Heart Challenge
Harvest Crunch Oats
Smart Heart Challenge

 check blood cholesterol level
 for 30 days, eat 3/4 cups (uncooked) Harvest
 Crunch oats daily
 encourage a low fat diet
 check blood cholesterol level
 Science supports the use
of Harvest Crunch Oats for
      a healthy heart
Why Express Foods’
Harvest Crunch Oats ?

  First quality Oats imported from the U.K.
  Certified GM free
  Conforms with all E.U. and USFDA regulations
 including pesticide residues
   it tastes great
   is convenient
   is economical
Quick Cooking Oats
or Jumbo Oats ?

 health benefits are the same
 simply a matter of taste
 difference is flake size
 Jumbo Oats have larger flakes and more bite
 cooking time is a little longer for Jumbo Oats

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