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					A Death Certificate Parading as a Gift Certificate

One of the most notable trends in Christmas shopping is the use of gift cards. Instead of
purchasing a specific gift, which the recipient might or might not enjoy, you can give
them a gift card to a store like Best Buy and they can select a gift that suits their fancy.

Curious thing, however, is that many gift cards go unredeemed. According to the New
York Times, some $3.5 billion in certificates went unclaimed in 2007 alone. Best Buy
alone reported receipts of approximately $19 million dollars from these neglected gifts!

But there is one certificate that I sincerely hope no one redeems. Turns out that Planned
Parenthood has gotten in on the action.

This past Christmas season, they offered gift certificates that could be used to secure,
among other services, abortions. How poignant is that?! While the world joyfully
celebrates that a Baby was born, death certificates parading as gift certificates are
shamelessly hawked. Here’s the sales pitch from the mouth of Kate Shepherd, a Planned
Parenthood of Indiana spokeswoman, “Why don’t you put yourself first?”

Sunday, January 18, is set aside as “Sanctity of Human Life Sunday.” Remind your
people that some 2,000 years ago an unwed mother gave birth to a Baby. And you want
to talk about “planned parenthood”? How about a plan from eternity past? Revelation
13:8 tells us that our Lord was “slain from the creation of the world.” By His life, death,
and resurrection, the greatest of all gifts is offered—eternal life. Make sure that’s one
gift that you claim by putting Him first.


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