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									       Employer                    Type of                        Majors                            Description of Employers

                                   Associate/    None specified                 Insurance Sales and Marketing

                                                                                Auto-Owners Insurance Group is
                                                                                recognized for exceptional financial strength and stability among the
                                                                                nation's largest insurers and writes over $4.3 billion in property and
                                                                                casualty premium. Auto-Owners also writes over $224 million in life
Auto-Owners Insurance Company                                                   insurance premium through its Life Insurance Company. Auto-Owners is a
www.auto-owners.com                Full-Time                                    Fortune 500 company that was established in 1916 and operates in 25
                                                                                states. Its corporate headquarters are in Lansing, Michigan.
                                                                                Auto-Owners provides a wide range of career opportunities and
                                                                                welcomes candidates from all majors. Auto-Owners is an Equal
                                                                                Opportunity Employer and offers a friendly work environment and an
                                                                                excellent compensation/benefit package. To learn more about the
                                                                                career opportunities available, please stop by our booth.

Calhoun County Sheriff's Office                                                 A Law Enforcement and Correctional
www.calhouncountymi.org/Departme   Full-Time     Criminal Justice/Corrections   provider for the community of Calhoun County.

                                                                                The Madison Police Department is
                                                                                nationally recognized for its innovation and leadership in the police
City of Madison Police             Full-Time
                                                                                profession. We are in the forefront of such concepts as employee
Department                         Police        All Majors Welcome
                                                                                involvement in decision making, quality improvement, problem solving,
www.madisonpolice.com              Officer
                                                                                and trust-based community policing.

                                                                                CBP officers safeguard our nation by
Customs and Border Protection      Full-Time
                                                 All                            enforcing immigration and customs laws at the ports on entry.
www.cbp.gov                        CBP Officer

                                                                                24 hour domestic and sexual violence assistance center offering
Diane Peppler Resource Center                    Human Services, Sociology,
                                   Co-Op or                                     emergency safe shelter, medical and legal advocacy, and crisis
www.dprcenter.org                                Psychology etc.
                                   Internship                                   counseling.

Fastenal Company                   Co-Op or      Business                       Distributor of Industrial and
www.fastenal.com                   Internship                                   Construction Supplies
                                                                                         INTERESTED IN A CAREER WITH THE FBI?
                                                                                         The FBI has a critical need to hire new Special Agents and Professional
                                                                                         Support personnel to support and to carry out the honorable mission of
                                                                                         the FBI. These vital roles help the agency continue to meet the challenge
Federal Bureau of Investigation      Full Time      Criminal Justice/Corrections         of global terrorism and homeland security.
                                                                                         In working for the FBI, you will have a daily impact on the nation's
                                                                                         security and the quality of life for all U.S. Citizens. A career with the FBI
                                                                                         will provide you with a challenging, compelling, and rewarding

                                                                                         GLRC is a non-profit CARF accredited agency specializing in substance
                                                                                         abuse and behavioral health treatment for youth, pregnant women and
Great Lakes Recovery Centers, Inc.                  Human Services, Sociology, Social    other adults.
New Hope House for Women                            Worker, Psychology, Criminal         We empower people to improve their lives by offering comprehensive
                                     or Volunteer
www.glrc.biz                                        Justice, Nursing.                    personalized recovery services.
                                                                                         Our vision is to be the industry leader in the provision of behavioral
                                                                                         health and community based services in the Great Lakes Region as
                                                                                         recognized by our consumers and partners.

                                     in Forestry,
Hiawatha National Forest
                                     Recreation,                                         USDA-Forest Service, Hiawatha National Forests manages
http://www.fs.fed.us/r9/forests/hi                  Engineering, Fisheries & Wildlife,
                                     Engineering,                                        over 800,000 acres of National Forest lands in U.P. of Michigan.
awatha/                                             Recreation.
                                     Wildlife and

                                                                                         Investors Group offers financial planning, a unique family of mutual
                                                                                         funds and a comprehensive range of other investment products and
                                                                                         financial services, including Registered Retirement Savings Plans,
Investors Group                                     Business, Accounting, Management
                                                                                         Registered Retirement Income Funds, Deferred Profit Sharing Plans, life
                                                                                         and disability insurance, Guaranteed Investment Certificates and
Marquette General Health System    Full-Time                     Regional Health System

                                                                 What started in 1931 as a small women's fashion shop in Duluth,
Maurices                                                         Minnesota, has grown to over 700 stores in 43 states across the country.
                                   full time and   Any
www.maurices.com                                                 Maurices is the leading small town specialty store and authority for the
                                                                 savvy, fashion conscious customer with a twenty-something attitude.

Michigan National Guard            Full-Time
                                                   All           Army National Guard

                                                                 The Michigan Works! System is open to everyone for information gathering, local and state
                                                                 labor market information, and self-serve career information. The system is designed to help
                                                                 employers find the skilled workers they need, and to help job seekers find good jobs that
                                                                 provide economic self-sufficiency.

                                                                 There are 25 Michigan Works! Agencies located across the state. They have partnered with
                                                                 other organizations in One-Stop Centers to conveniently provide a variety of employment
Michigan Works!                                    All           and training services to job seekers and employers. To phone the office nearest you, call 1-
mailto:www.michworks-upnorth.org                                 800-285-WORKS.

                                                                 The Eastern Upper Peninsula Michigan Works! Agency covers Chippewa, Luce and
                                                                 Mackinac Counties. We offer a resource room with an array of self-help information, and
                                                                 special programs for adults, dislocated workers, economically disadvantaged youth,
                                                                 individuals with disabilities, veterans, and people who are trying to move from welfare to

                                                                 Headquartered in Miamisburg, Ohio,
                                                                 NewPage Corporation is the largest coated paper manufacturer in
                                                                 North America with over $4.0 billion in net sales. NewPage has already
                                                                 set a course for leadership in the printing paper industry as a vibrant,
NewPage Corporation                                              fresh company with an inspiring history.
                                                   ChE, EE, ME
www.NewPageCorp.com                Full-Time                     In 2009, NewPage was named "Top 10 Places to Work" for the deployment of Lean Six
                                                                  Sigma and honored as the “Most Successful Lean Six Sigma Start-
                                                                 Up Program” by iSixSigma Magazine.
                                                                 NewPage owns paper mills in Kentucky, Maine, Maryland, Michigan,
                                                                               Minnesota, Wisconsin and Nova Scotia, Canada. NewPage employs
                                                                               approximately 8,000 skilled professionals in various locations across
                                                                               the United States and Canada.

                                                                               Northern Michigan Regional Health
                                                                               System employs more than 1,700 Colleagues throughout northern
                                                                               lower Michigan and the eastern part of the Upper Peninsula
                                             Nursing, Rehab Services, Social   designated to provide the residents in 22 counties with access to
Northern Michigan Regional
                                Full-Time    Work, Pharmacy, Laboratory        specialized healthcare and the best resources available.
                                                                               The flagship of Northern Michigan Regional Health System is Northern
                                                                               Michigan Regional Hospital, a 243-bed, regional referral center located
                                                                               in Petoskey.

                                                                               Northern Wings Repair is the best kept secret of Michigan's Upper
                                                                               peninsula. Nobody provides better welding, machining and non-
                                                                               destructive testing for your aviation, industrial or commercial needs.
Northern Wings Repair
                                                                               Whether in our facility or at your location we will complete the job with
                                                                               precision and to your satisfaction. We work with nearly every metal on

Petoskey Department of Public   Public                                         Public Safety Department,
Safety                          Safety       Law Enforcement                   police/fire/emt
                                                                 A Quality K-12 Public School System.
Sault Area Public Schools
                                                                 We plan to be hiring 12 or more teachers in the Spring of 2010 for
www.saultschools.org                 Full-Time       Education
                                                                 various grades and subjects.

                                                                 Gaming, hospitality, health care,
Sault Tribe of Chippewa Indians
                                     Full-Time       All         local businesses, law enforcement, legal office, etc.

                                                                 SERVES PUBLIC BY TAKING APPLICATIONS
                                     Full-Time       Any
Social Security Administration                                   FOR RETIREMENT, SURVIVOR AND DISABILITY BENEFITS.

Sovereign Communications, LLC        Informational               Radio Broadcasting
                                      Only           Any

                                                                 University of Detroit Mercy and Canadian law school partner have
University of Detroit Mercy School   Informational               collaborated to create the first joint American/Canadian law degree
of Law                                Only                       program that students can complete in three years.
                                                                 Successful graduates receive both the American and Canadian law
U.S. Army/ Army Reserve

                                   Summer       Biology                           Sea lamprey management program
U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service

                                                                                  The Midwest Region is committed to
                                                Biologists, Fishery Biologists,
                                                                                  expanding partnerships, offering innovative opportunities to enhance
US FWS Pendills Creek & Sullivan                Zoologists, Administrative
                                                                                  the Region, promoting healthy fish and wildlife trust species
Creek National Fish Hatchery       Co-Op or     Officers, Office Automation,
                                                                                  populations and habitats to support them and providing the public with
www.fws.gov/midwest                Internship   Maintenance Workers
                                                                                  quality hunting, fishing, wildlife watching, and other
                                                                                  wildlife-dependent recreational opportunities on Service lands.

                                                                                  The Marine Officer Selection Team is
                                                                                  looking for the most qualified individuals who are up for the challenge
                                                                                  of leading Marines. We are looking for both underclassmen and graduates to atte
                                                                                  nd Officer Candidate School for either; (2) six-week increments or (1) 10
                                                                                  week course. This course is held during the
United States Marine Corps                      All
                                   Full-Time                                      Summer for undergrads so it will not interrupt the academic program,
                                                                                  does provide internship/college college credit and is paid with benefits. Upon gra
                                                                                  duation from OCS and an accredited four year institution,
                                                                                  individuals will be offered a commission as a Second Lieutenant at
                                                                                  which point they can pursue fifteen different ground Military
                                                                                  Occupational Specialties (mos) as well as aviation and law options.
                                                     War Memorial Hospital believes in purpose, worthwhile work and
War Memorial Hospital
                                     Various   All   making a difference in our great community….Come join us on our
                                                     Journey to Excellence!

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