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Examination Practice Questions
These questions are designed to help you practice the types of questions you might face in an examination. You
may be asked to tackle them as a complete ‘mock’ paper. Alternatively you may find it more useful to discuss
the possible approaches to the questions with your friends.

Case Study: Critics

1 Study source 1:
Explain the message of this cartoon. Refer to details in the source to explain your answer.

2 Study source 2 and source 3:
Explain the similarities and differences between these two sources.

3 Study source 4:
Is source 4 a reliable source for assessing the impact of National Insurance benefits on domestic servants?
Explain your answer using the sources and your own knowledge.

4 Study source 4 and source 5:
Is one source more reliable than the other as a source for historians studying the reasons why some people
criticised the Liberal reforms? Explain your answer using the sources and your own knowledge.

5 Study all of the sources and use your own knowledge:
‘The critics of the Liberal reforms were motivated by the fact that they were supporters of the Conservative
Party’. Explain whether or not you agree with this interpretation.


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