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									                                          School District 68

   Volume 6, Issue 4           Welcome to all our new students who are joining us for some or all of their courses.
      May 6, 2012              We are honored you have chosen Learn@Home. Welcome also to new adult stu-
                               dents who are finishing up their high school diploma or upgrading for free. Grade
      Important Dates:
                               9’s, come take Planning 10 with us in the summer so you can take an extra elective in
                               September. Summer & fall registration is ongoing so please contact our office to
       Victoria Day            make an appointment at (250)-740-2038.
Mon. May 21 (no school)        Parents, students, and counselors, please let us know how we can help. I have in-
                               cluded a list of courses and teacher contact information. We encourage you to meet
      Report Cards             or talk with your teachers. We are located on the second & third floors of the
Cut off: June 8 (ext. avail)
                               Learn@Home/CTC Tower, situated behind NDSS on Wakesiah Avenue. If you are
   Distribution: June 26
                               having any difficulties, need tight deadlines or more information, please don’t hesi-
        Rm 254
                               tate to email, call, Facebook or come see me or one of our team.
     Grad Luncheon             Welcome to our new staff! We are excited to have their enthusiasm and ideas. A
     June 19 @ 11:30           warm welcome to all the new members of our Learn@Home team. Please contact
 Location: 10 Strickland       them and introduce yourself.
  (Senior Alternatives)
                               Andrew Lemon – Law, Geography, History, Socials with Tim, Rm 254
     Provincial Exam
       Schedule                Jenn McAdams – Family Studies 12 and Planning 10 for Lara, Rm 311
     June 21 - 1:00 pm
 Socials 11, Math 10 W&A       Holly Olsen-Leaf - Art 8-9 solo, co-teaches Art 10-12 with Kim Pepler, Rm 256
    June 22 - 9:00 am
 English 10, Math 10F/PC       Don Rinald - Math Help Mon + Fri, Rm 311
   June 22nd - 1:00 pm         Sofia La Bounty – Spanish 8-12, Rm 257
   Communications 12
    June 25 - 9:00 am
                               Kirsten Doucette - Senior Science with Kim, Rm 256
         English 12            Patrick Louie – Math Help + Physics, Rm 311
    June 25 - 1:00 pm
        Science 10                                 Sincerely,
     June 26- 1:00 pm                              Kim Hart
   BC First Nations 12                             District Vice Principal, Learning Alternatives
 Need to write a Provincial
                                          Room 257, Tower Entrance behind NDSS
  Exam? Contact our office
 to register. 250-740-2038
                                                                                                  CONTACT US:

                               Classroom Hours: 8:45-3:15 Mon-Thurs, late hours    
                               available see          
                               Office Hours: 8:30-4:00 Mon-Thurs, 8:00-2:00 Fri
                               Evening Tutoring: by appt. or @
       Dry Grad                Registration:                        250-740-2038
June 29 8pm @ Beban Park                                                                         250-740-2032
Jupiter Grades is an online gradebook                               Kim Pepler-Art 10 to 12 (Ceramic Workshop)
shared between parents, students and                                A field trip to the Museum of Anthropology at UBC culminated in
teachers. A link is shared with student and                         the production of a “Bentwood” clay box at a recent workshop led
parent immediately upon registering in a                            by visiting ceramic artist, Mariko McCrae. Students built, carved,
course with us. It is an excellent resource.                        and glazed their own personal version of the box decorated with
                                                                    First Nations motifs. The class was lively and completely engaged in
Feel free to print, set deadlines, post on
                                                                    the activity. The tea and cookies – provided by our full time junior
your fridge and use as a checklist. It is a                         students (Thanks! They were yummy) - definitely helped at the end
terrific tool to track and encourage daily                          to revive the hardworking artists and their teachers.
work completion and submission.
                                                                                                                         The results of
SUMMER & FALL REGISTRATION                                                                                               their efforts
 Learn@Home registers students and adults in courses at any                                                              can be seen in
time, in any month. To take a course,(s) all you need is to com-                                                         the     display
                                                                                                                         cabinet locat-
plete a registration form and finish the activation assignment
                                                                                                                         ed in the hall
for your course. You will then either make an appointment to                                                             just outside
meet your teacher or email them your Registration, ID and Ac-                                                            the      L@H
tivation Assignment.                                                                                                     office.
           Register by phone 250-740-2038 or

Kim Pepler-Marine Biology
                                                                     Carey Sather/Clay Aitken-Physical Education
Marine Biology 12 students have been participating in a wide
variety of hands on scientific endeavours over the past month        This past month our students have been involved in nu-
They have been research assistants for the local chapter of the      merous activities organized and supervised by
BC Shore Spawners Alliance. Here you see them at Piper’s La-         Learn@Home. Our full timers have recently started swim-
goon following scientific protocol in the quest for the elusive      ming lessons, have experienced kick boxing and Hip-Hop
forage fish spawn. The following week they explored the salm-        classes, played floor hockey, and started a 5 week golf pro-
on spawning channel that has been developed in Bowen park            gram led by a CPGA professional. This is all on top of our
with Charles Thurkill – a local expert on this enterprise – and
                                                                     ongoing yoga, Romper Room and fitness tests, which are
got a close look at a few Coho smolts caught (and released )in
                                                                     producing larger than usual turnouts. As the weather con-
their fish traps , as well as a crayfish! The fawn lilies were in
full bloom, the air was scented with skunk cabbage – a perfect       tinues to get nicer, we hope to plan more outdoor activi-
West Coast spring morning!                                           ties. If you have any questions or comments, please con-
                                                                     tact our PE instructors Clay ( and
Two very interesting and inspiring presentations were also at-
tended by the MB12 students. The first, a very interesting and,
                                                                     Carey ( and join our Facebook group
of course, completely adorable look at the sea otter presented
by DFO research scientist, Linda Nichols. And secondly, a Ma-
rine Mammal presentation, focussing mainly on the dolphins
and whales found in our region, given by Lesa Thorpe of Strait-
watch. Did you know that resident orcas are only here in the
summer and transients are here all year round?

Students are looking forward to a Beach Quadrat Study and a
tour of the Nanaimo River Estuary coming up this month 
                                                                                   Advising 250-740-2038

                                                                    It’s not always easy to know what you need to best prepare you for
                                                                    the world of work, for university or for graduation. We can help!
                                                                    Academic: &
                                                                    Registration: or

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Junior L@H Students (Gr. 8 & 9’s)
Here’s a few words from our own...Iringo Duha!
                                                                                      March 11-17, 2012 Medicine & Health
“This year the teachers at Learn@Home have been keeping us                            Danika Binng
students constantly busy with everything from yoga to kickbox-
ing, and from rock climbing to art. It’s been such a blast trying
out all these new activities, whenever the teachers ask us whether
                                                                     My week at Encounters with Canada was one of the best weeks of
we want to try something new, it’s a contest to get the permission
                                                                     my life! Everyday was super busy filled with different workshops
forms first. In the classrooms, we’ve grown caterpillars, and even
                                                                     and activities, such as visiting Parliament and, in my case, visiting
watched a fish heart beat for minutes after dissection… it was
                                                                     the laboratory of the Cancer Centre. This program opened my eyes
AWESOME!!! A few months ago some of the students organized
                                                                     to the diversity of our country and the opportunities that are avail-
a pizza day on the Learn@Home Facebook page where everyone
                                                                     able outside the west coast. I made lifelong friendships with stu-
pitched in with some money, and we’re planning to organize a
                                                                     dents my age all across the country and I will be forever grateful to
sundae day sometime soon too. We’ll be going to camp soon, and
                                                                     EWC for these amazing new friendships. This week long experi-
nobody will stop talking about it. This program has definitely
                                                                     ence changed my outlook on the opportunities that our country
made distance learning something fun for all of us!”
                                                                     has to offer, and is something no student should miss out on.

Encounters with Canada – a life time of memories                     Home Grown Youth Skill Development Project
Every week, Encounters with Canada (EWC) hosts up to 130             Just a reminder and please pass along to those you are in contact
youth ages 14 to 17, who travel to Ottawa and stay at the Terry      with that they need to have both documents before getting an in-
Fox Youth Centre. It is one of Canada’s largest youth forum that     terview time. If you are a youth and filled out an application that i
provides a unique opportunity for students from across Canada to     have on file you still have to get a Return to work action plan and
spend a week in Ottawa, expanding their knowledge of Canada’s        then make an appointment time. Cut off date for applications is
culture and heritage.                                                June 29th and interview schedule is July 16-25. Only applicants
                                                                     with both will get an interview time.... no exceptions! Any ques-
Students have a choice of one of 12 career-themed weeks offered      tions please call Stephen 250-753-9393 or for further information,
to provide a unique perspective of the particular career. Students
                                                                     please see Kim Hart or look us up on Facebook!
connect with each other throughout the EWC program, strength-
ening friendships and creating linkages across the country.                                  Good Luck !

Registration fee includes return flight from Nanaimo to Ottawa,      School Police Academy
lodging, meals, most planned activities and local transportation –   The attached letter describes the School Police Academy Program
for only $675. For more information, visit encounters-               offered through the New Westminster Police Service. I am asking or email                            for your help in getting this information out to all high school ca-
                                                                     reer program coordinators/facilitators throughout the province.
                                                                     For further information, please see Kim Hart or look us up on

                                                                                              Baby Graaten—Lara Graaten

 Just a reminder to let your teacher or our office know when you      On April 6th, weighing 7lbs 11.5oz, Fia decided it was time to
      plan to write your exam or click link below to register:        meet her parents and sister.

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                     Spring/Summer 2012 —Cashier                                                PROM
                     Training & Foodsafe    Level 1                   Attendance agreement now available for download—
                     Presented by: Forefront Training Services for    must have the agreement signed prior to purchasing
                     June & July/12..                                 tickets
                     All participants must pre-register @ 729-1510
                                                                              NDSS: Visit
                     or email Charlayne at
            For further information,              Contact:
                     please see Kim Hart or look us up on Face-                 Next meeting: May 14th @ 6:30pm
                     book!                                                             Small cafeteria, NDSS
                                                                                     PROM TICKETS ON SALE:

                                                                                May 8, May 11, May 15 (11:15-12:30pm)
   Invitation for our Learn@Home Graduates!                                     May 18 (11:30-2:00pm)—FINAL DAY

 May we cordially invite you to the year end Grad Luncheon to help
       celebrate the fine achievement amongst our students

When: Tuesday, June 19th
Time: 11:30 am
Where: 10 Strickland St
Senior Learning Alternatives School
Attire: semi-formal (wearing your
cap and gown can get hot)                                                      Parents, DRY GRAD 2012, needs YOU!

                                                                      Dry Grad will be held on June 29, 2012. Our parent volun-
RSVP to Connie at                                                     teers make this evening a success for the graduate and our or 250-740-2038 with number attend-               community. There are many volunteer positions available for
ing. Families are more than welcome!                                  this evening. We have our leadership in place; we are looking
                                                                      for you to be part of a team.
                                                                      The various tasks can be found on our website:

                                                                      Pick an area you may enjoy, we have many to choose from.
                                                                      Email: Sign up with a friend;
                                                                      invite your partner, co worker, neighbour, or grandparent.
                                                                      You must be a minimum of 23yrs old.

                                                                        Let’s make this A NIGHT TO REMEMBER!

            Learn@Home Students in the park

TnT—Teens Networking Together

TnT (Teens networking Together) is our new, community safe social
networking site for SD 68 teens: follow us on
Twitter @TnTnanaimo We will be launching in May, PHASE 2 of
TnT school/community branding that includes expanding the web
site w. TnT apps for summertime use (iTunes, Android, etc.), youth
polls, activities, and more contests… Youth input and ideas are
needed/welcome and can be sent on the web site (contact form.)
For further information, contact Kim at or look us
up on Facebook!

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              Learn@Home 8-12 Courses
Electives                                                    Required For Graduation
   Horsemanship 10                                               Planning 10
   Marine Biology 12                                             Physical Education 10
   Fine Arts 10-12                                               GTS 12
   Music 10-12
   Photography 10-12                                         Math
   Physical Education 11-12                                      Math Essential Skills
   Information Technology 10-12*                                 Math 10 Workplace and Apprenticeship
   Business Computer Applications*                               Math 10 Foundations and Pre-Calculus
   Business Information Management*                              Math 11 Workplace and Apprenticeship
   Data Management 12*                                           Math 11 Foundations
   Family Studies 10-12                                          Math 11 Pre-Calculus
   SSA (Secondary School Apprenticeship)                         Math 12 Principles (ends June 2012)
   Foods 10-12 (Portfolio)                                       Calculus 12
   Textiles 10-12 (Portfolio)
   Planning 12 (Adult Grad Plan Only)
   Marketing 12*                                                 Science 10
   Accounting 11                                                 Earth Science 11
   Human Services 12                                             Biology 11
   Work Experience 12                                            Chemistry 11
   Career Explorations 12                                        Physics 11
   Writing 12 *                                                  Sustainable Resources 11
   IDS: E-Reader English Literature 12*                          Biology 12
English                                                          Chemistry 12
                                                                 Physics 12
   English 10                                                    Marine Biology 12 (elective)*
   English 11
   English 12
                                                             Social Studies
   Communications 11                                             Social Studies 10
   Communications 12                                             Social Studies 11
   IDS: E-Reader Literature 12 (elective) *                      Comparative Civilizations 12
   Writing 12 (elective) *                                       BC First Nations 12
Languages                                                        Geography 12
                                                                 History 12
   Spanish 10-12                                                 Law 12
   Spanish Introduction 11
   French 10*

Junior Studies
   Students enrolling in grade 8-9 will be provided with a complete program consisting of core curricular subjects
   and electives. Please contact the school for more information about the Junior Program.

   * Courses marked are only available at certain times. Please contact the school for availability
                              Learn@Home Teaching Staff Contacts 2012-13
              COURSE                           TEACHER                   EMAIL                 PHONE          EXT        ROOM
Accounting 11                            Bruce Podetz            250-740-2038      2047        311
Art 8-12                                 Kim Pepler              250-740-2038      2039        256
Biology 11 - 12                          Kim Pepler              250-740-2039      2039        256
Calculus 12                              Kendra Beck               250-740-2038      2332        311
Career Explorations 12                   Kim Hart                  250-740-2032      2275        257
Chemistry 11-12                          Kim Pepler              250-740-2039      2039        256
Communications 11-12                     Katia Dixon              250-740-2032      2326        309
Comparative Civ 12                       Tim Loewen              250-740-2038      2293        256
Data Management 12                       Harvey Hall               250-740-2038      2035
Drama 9                                  Louise Massey           250-740-2038      2042        254
Earth Science 11                         Tim Loewen              250-740-2038      2293        256
English 10                               Katia Dixon              250-740-2038      2326        309
English 11 - 12                          Deborah Graham          250-740-2038      2327        309
Family Studies 11 -12                    Tim Loewen              250-740-2038      2327        309
First Nations 12                         Tim Loewen              250-740-2038      2293        256
Foods 10 - 12 (portfolio)                Kim Hart                  250-740-2038      2275        257
French 10 - 11                           Carey Sather            250-740-2038      2297        254
Geography 12                             Tim Loewen              250-740-2038      2293        256
GTS 12                                   Rick McDonough       250-740-2032      2326        309
Juniors (Grades 8-9)                     Louise Massey           250-740-2038      2042        254
History 12                               Tim Loewen              250-740-2038      2293        256
Horsemanship 10                          Gayle Brase              250-245-3043      n/a         311
Human Services 12 (Peer Leadership)      Kim Hart                  250-740-2039      2047
IDS 11 Essential Skills in Math          Bruce Podetz            250-740-2038      2326        311
IDS: E-Reader Lit KOBO Reader            Deborah Graham          250-740-2038      2327        309
Info Tech 10 - 12                        Harvey Hall               250-740-2038      2035
Law 12                                   Tim Loewen              250-740-2038      2293        256
Librarian                                Harvey Hall               250-740-2038      2035
Marine Biology 12                        Kim Pepler              250-740-2039      2039        256
Marketing 12 IDS On-line                 Kim Hart                   250-740-2038     2326        309
Math 10 aw                               Bruce Podetz             250-740-2038     2047        311
Math 10 fpc                              Kendra Beck                250-740-2038     2332        311
Math 11 a                                Bruce Podetz             250-740-2038     2047        311
Math 11 f                                Kendra Beck                250-740-2038     2332        311
Math 11 pre-cal                          Bruce Podetz & Kendra           250-740-2038   2326/2047     311
Math 12 p                                Kendra Beck                250-740-2038     2332        311
Music 10 - 12                            Kim Hart                   250-740-2038     2275        257
PE 10 -12                                Tim Loewen               250-740-2038     2293        256
Photography 12                           Please call for info             250-740-2038     2275        257
Physics 11 - 12                          Kim Pepler               250-740-2039     2039        256
Planning 10 - Cedar, Barsby, L@H, Dov    Kim Pepler               250-740-2038     2039        256
Planning 10 - LSS, NDSS                  Deborah Graham           250-740-2038     2327        309
Planning 10 - Wellington, Woodlands      Tim Loewen               250-740-2039     2039        256
Science 10                               Bruce Podetz             250-740-2038     2326        311
Social Studies 10-11                     Tim Loewen               250-740-2038     2293        256
Spanish 8 - 12                           Sofia LaBounty    250-740-2038     2032        257
SSA (Secondary School Apprenticeship)    Rick McDonough        250-740-2032     2033
Sustainable Resources 11                 Kendra Beck                250-740-2038     2332        311
Textiles 12 (portfolio)                  Kim Hart                   250-740-2032     2275        257
Work Experience 12                       Rick McDonough        250-740-2032     2013        260
Writing 12                               Louise Massey            250-740-2038     2042        254

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