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Minutes th April Cheshire East Parents and Carers Voice


									                                                        CEPC Voice Steering Group

                      Tuesday 17th April 2012 10.00am-12.00pm

                New Life Church, West Street, Congleton CW12 4EW

 subject                        notes                                         action
               Jane Woodsford (Chair) JW
               Jeanette Jenkins (Treasurer) JJ
               Nicola Bartzis (Secretary) NB
               Jo Dutton, Parent JD
               Liz Fickling, Parent LF
               Lisa Foster,Parent LFo
               Anne Sadler,Parent AS
  Present      Claire Skinner,Parent CS
               Sukita Taylor,Parent ST
               Nasar Riaz, CE Leisure Development
               Services NR
               Lisa Tydd, Disabled Childrens Database LT
               Liz Warham,Parent Partnership LW
               Jane Wyatt,ChAPS JWy

               Vicki Booth, Parent
               Derek Amson, Parent
 Apologies     Monica McCabe, Parent Partnership
               Rose Heesom, Cheshire Dyslexia Assn
               Lorraine Standring, Parent

                 Agreed and accepted by those present.
Last minutes       Proposed by LW, seconded by CS
                          No matters arising

               The offer from Chris Williams to meet with    JJ and JW to look into setting up a meeting
               parents about school transport still stands           And survey of current use
                                                                       ? ask Lorraine Butcher to sign up to EDCM
                       All schools should publish a Public Service                       Charter
                                Equality Duty Document                   ? find out how to get pieces into the LA
                                                                                     Schools Bulletin

                         To be held 28 May at Chimney House
                        Hotel Sandbach. Speakers Joe Whittaker
                          from Alliance for Inclusive Education,
                        Richard Copson from Pannone solicitors
Inclusion conference                                                  To be discussed at next working party meeting
                       and Kathryn Runswick-Cole from MMU and
                          Geraldine Hills from Inclusive Choice
                       Consultancy. Pannone have also offered to
                               do 3 or 4 free clinics a year
                       Monday 1 October, theme will be transition
                        and implementing recommendations from
                                 the SEN Green Paper
Autumn Conference                                                         JW, AS subgroup to meet to discuss
                       Speakers Pam Davies from CECouncil and
                             Rosa Monkton, SN campaigner
                              Venue Chimney House hotel

    Action Plan                      Not discussed

  Fundraising and
                                     Not discussed
auditing of accounts

    Newsletter                       Not discussed

  Twitter Account                    Not discussed

                        Parent Partnership are looking to have a          NR to suggest activity for sponsorship
                       family info day and invite input from Voice.
                             It will be on a weekday 10-2 for

       AOB                NR informed us that CE Leisure will be
                        running a Paralympics themed fun day on
                        July 7 2012 at Congleton Leisure centre
                        and asked Voice to have a stall there. JW
                        suggested we sponsor an activity and NR
                            agreed this would be a good idea
                          Support and Share website is in the
                        process of being handed to Voice to run,
                         including the transfer of funds to run it    JW and NB to attend training 18 May
                              amounting to approx. £4,500

                        LT told the meeting that Cheshire Carers
                        Centre’s next coffee morning is Mon 14
                               May, Brierely Centre Crewe

                        JWy reported that ChAPS Fun Day is Sun
                       24 June Cuddington and Sandiway Village
                           Hall, CEPCVoice gazebo to be used

                        LW said Parent/carer forums are wed 17
                         May Municipal Buildings Crewe and wed
                       23 May Macclesfield Heritage centre, both
                        10-12.30 and the topic is getting early and
                                       timely help

                          JW reported that we are members of
                          CELink and they have a subgroup for                  JW, NB to attend
                               autism meeting 25 April

                          AS reported that she had been shocked
                         when school tried to reduce support via a
                       first Annual Review and recommended that
                           parents be made aware that they can
                           submit their own notes and have them
                              taken into account alongside the
                          headteacher’s AR5 report. LW said that
                           Parent Partnership are able to provide
                                 notetakers for this purpose.

                        CS informed the group that she had been
                         able to use a One Page Profile during a
                            recent trip to A&E and it was very
                          successful. These are from the Family
                                Footprints training/website

                                                                      Tuesday 8 May, 10-12noon, New Life
Date of next meeting
                                                                               Church, Congleton

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