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					                        Clinical Faculty: A New Practice Role                             1

My goals as a designer of this web course:
 Facilitate teaching and learning
 Encourage interaction between students/students/faculty
 Expose participants to many perspectives
 Utilize technology leveled to most home computers
 Create situations in course that focus on content & cognitive skills rather than the
  design technology
 Create technology applications that says “wow” to participants but is user friendly
 Provide opportunity for immediate (within one week) application of content in the
  clinical setting
 Establish a community of learners
 Provide system of on line mentoring
 Develop sense of accountability among participants
 Promote a positive feeling about ability to teach

Opportunities for Teaching/Learning
Class           Content/Instruction Strategies
Week One        Clinical Orientation
Week Two        Group Learning Opportunities
Week Three      Seizing the Moment/Teachable Moment
Week Four       Taking Care of You
Week Five       Inquiry/Questioning
Week Six        Demonstration
Week Seven      Pre and Post Conferences
Week Eight      Media Based Instruction
Week Nine       Case Studies (practice/problem based learning)
Week Ten        Writing

Week One         Clinical Orientation
Three hours spent with a group of ten students that you will be the clinical faculty for.
As faculty, you will be with the student 16 hours a week while they care for clients.
Content to be included in orientation: touring of facility, reviewing paperwork, becoming
familiar with type of client & disease processes on unit and to be cared for, expectations
of faculty, students, and facility.
Emotional content: Unknown prior to meeting students at this time.

Motivating Students    Ice Breakers
                       a. Something from wallet representing you
                       b. Community building-How student can help peer when the
                           going gets tough……..How can faculty support student???
                       c. Goals for the course from student and faculty perspective???
                           Verbal or written, positive feedback
                       d. Special people- Take picture of student group to post on unit
                       Clinical Faculty: A New Practice Role                          2

                          for staff to see and identify with.
                       e. I take pride in – post picture or representation on oncourse.
Connecting             a. Clinicals are like…….determine and share background
(Sensitive to one         experiences of students prior to coming to you
anothers needs,        b. Tell me how you are feeling - 3X5 card, 2 minutes to draw
positive self concept,    what you are feeling, share with group
respect, trust,        c. Helping me, helping you – Faculty and students share
building community) background information about themselves/family/school for 1
                       minute. After each student finishes, faculty verbalize a
                       commonality they have with student
Creating a                a. Treasure hunt – Traditional treasure hunt finding
framework for                 equipment, code carts, supplies needed while caring for
learning (Active,             client
constructing              b. Abbreviations – Divide into 2 groups, work together to
knowledge)                    determine answers, competing against clock, other group
Creativity                a. Choices - Explain assignments and give students choice
                              of 2 out of 3
                          b. Choices – Instead of writing assignment out, complete
                              verbally with faculty
Critical thinking         a. Discovering relationships – List skills learned in prior
                              courses and apply to these patients (verbal)
                          b. Pruning the tree – Goal – Care for client have baby. How
                              do you do that as nurse?
                          c. K-W-L – Assessment of baby - knows, want to know,
                              what did you learn?
                                  1. Mnemonics – method of learning assessment of
                                  2. Thinking aloud -
                                  3. Cooperative learning – two students assess one
                                       infant at same time
                                  4. Comparing and contrasting – How is this similar
                                       or different than assessing adult?
                                  5. Promoting thinking with questions – Why is this
                                       babies heart beating that fast? (Looking for
Cooperative learning      a. Reciprocal teaching – To prepare for first day on unit, we
                              need to know ……
                          b. Muddiest moment….before leaving for day, identify and
                              clear up the mud.
                          c. Discussion forum – Send home with the task of preparing
                              for first day of clinical care. Group creates list of
                              materials, information needed and gathered. Each
                              member adds to list.
                          d. I like being in this group because…….last thing before

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