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									Title                         Subtitle Edition         Author                    Short       Catalogue Copy
                                                                   Publication Date Description
McQuail's Mass Communication Theory Sixth Edition      Denis McQuail                          Mass successive editions, Denis Mc
                                                                           2010 . McQuail's 'Over Communication Theory has b
Key Concepts in Media and Communications                                   2011 This         'A sprightly, critical and intelligent
                                                       Paul Jones and David Holmes book covers the key concepts central to ug
How to Do Media and Cultural Studies                   Jane
                                           Second Edition Stokes                              edition of this student favourite tak
                                                                        Nov-12 The second The second edition of this student f
Mass Communication                         3rd Edition Ralph E Hanson 2010 . Mass Communicationan effective engaging an
                              Living in a Media World                                        Employing delivers an media litera
Media/Society                              Fourth andDavid
                                                        Audiences          2011 . In a society saturated by
                                                                                             Introducing students to a sociologic
                              Industries, Images,Edition Croteau, William Hoynes and Stefania Milan mass media, from ne
Media & Crime                                          Yvonne Jewkes
                                           Second Edition                                    'Transports and Crime a genuinely
                                                                           2010 . The bestselling Media students toreturns with
Media Regulation                                       Peter Lunt and Sonia Livingstone
                                                                           2011 In Media This book two leading way that reg
                              Governance and the Interests of Citizens and Consumers Regulation , explores thescholars of t
Media and Terrorism                                                        Daya Have the media and Terrorism brings togeth
                              Global Perspectives Des Freedman and 2011 Kishan Thussu contributed to exacerbating th
Media, Culture and Society An Introduction                                                   'In his beautifully balanced, clear an
                                                       Paul Hodkinson 2010 'In his beautifully balanced, clear and broad-ra
Youth and Media               Global Contexts                            Jan-13 Holmes When societies worry about media
                                                       Andy Ruddock and David When societies worry about media effects, wh
Understanding the Media                                Eoin
                                           Second Edition Devereux                           'The strength of Eoin Devereux's te
                                                                           2007 . 'The second edition of Understanding the Me
The Media and Political Process                        Eric
                                           Second Edition Louw                               'An in-depth study of the relationsh
                                                                           2010 How have professional communicators transfo
Media Literacy                                         W.                                    Media Literacy , Sixth Edition offers
                                           Sixth Edition James Potter Apr-12 . The essential guide to decoding messages in a
Issues in Media                            Second Researcher
                              Selections from CQ Edition Researcher                          Can the the reporting gaps caused
                                                                           2011 Can the Internet fill Internet fill the reporting g
Media Ethics at Work                                   Lee Anne Peck inDec-12 PR and
                              True Stories from Young Professionalsand Guy S. Reel Advertising
Media Effects                                                                                Media Effects provides students wi
                                                       W. James Potter Mar-12 Media Effects provides students with an in-dep
                              A Critical Reader Edition ail Dines and Jean2011 Incisive analyses of analyses of mass mediasuch
Gender, Race, and Class in Media           Third       G                    M Humez          Incisive mass media including in
                              Tracking Change          Sanjukta            Dipankar Sinha andcontemporary India, of the side
                                                                                             In Sudeshna Chakravarti
Media, Gender, and Popular Culture in India and Continuity Dasgupta,2011 In contemporary India, as one side as one coin
                                                        and Societies      2010 At present, Understandingthe ethnic media is a
                                                                                              the Sandra of Ethnic Media
Understanding Ethnic Media Producers, Consumers,Matthew D Matsaganis, Vikki S Katz and picture J Ball-Rokeach appro
                              A Critical Look
                                           Second Edition
Children, Adolescents, and Media Violence at the ResearchJ. Kirsh                            Fully updated with the latest resea
                                                                           2011 Fully updated with the latest research, this boo
Strategic Management in the Media to Practice                                                `Provides vital insights into the elem
                                                       Lucy Küng 2008 This book provides vital insights into the eleme
Handbook of Children and the Media                     Dorothy G. Singer and Jerome L. Singer all-inclusive, comprehensiveof
                                           Second Edition                                    This
                                                                           2011 Bringing together an interdisciplinary group an
The Cultural Industries                                D                Nov-12 The first two editions of The Cultural Industries
                                           Third Edition avid Hesmondhalgh                   The first two editions of The Cultur
International Handbook of Children, Media and Culture                      2008 This essential essential volume brings togeth
                                                       Kirsten Drotner and Sonia Livingstone volume brings together the work
The Creative Industries       Culture and Policy       Terry Flew                            This book sets the agenda new thi
                                                                           2011 The rise of creative industries requiresfor deba
                              From                     R                  and Gauti Sigthorsson so much talk about the creati
Introducing the Creative Industries Theory to Practice osamund DaviesJan-13                  With
Understanding the Music Industries                                      Dec-12               Everyone knows music is big busine
Studying Popular Music Culture                         Tim
                                           Second Edition Wall                               Popular music is an important part
                                                                        Dec-12 Popular music is an important part of our ever
Analysing Popular Music       Image, Sound and TextDavid Machin                              'A is far more than just songs we li
                                                                           2010 Popular musicwell-informed and clearly structu
Popular Music                                          Tara Brabazon
                              Topics, Trends & Trajectories                                  This is the first textbook on pop wr
                                                                           2011 This is the first textbook on Pop Music to bemu
Publishing                                                                                    first rate.. Publishing highly-reada
                              Principles and Practice Richard Guthrie 2011 'Absolutely 'An indispensable andis a remarkab
Television Criticism                                   Victoria O'Donnell
                                           Second Edition                                    Television Criticism original an ori
                                                                         Apr-12 Television Criticism presents anpresents treatm
Understanding Digital Culture                          Vincent Miller                        'Vincent Miller's book provides a ve
                                                                           2011 This is more than just another book on Interne
The Network Society                                    Jan
                                           Third Edition van Dijk                            The Network Society is now, more
                                                                         Apr-12 The Network Society is now more than ever th
New Media, Old News                                    Natalie Fenton      2009              Have new communications technol
                              Journalism and Democracy in the Digital Age Have new communications technologies revita
Netnography                                            Robert V Kozinets 2009 With as many asexciting text is the first to expl
                              Doing Ethnographic Research Online                             This 1 billion people now using on
Social Media for Journalists Principles and Practice Clare Cook and Megan Knight             This essential guide to understandi
Understanding New Media                                                                       are media are everywhere, many
                                                       Eugenia Siapera 2011 New media Neweverywhere, yet with so yet wi
Digital Journalism                                                         2011 How can we make sense of the ongoing techno
                                                       Janet Jones and Lee Salter            The most comprehensive book I've
Journalism                                 Second Edition
                              Principles and Practice Tony Harcup                            An holistic assessment of theory an
                                                                           2009 This is the indispensable guide to the what jour
Journalism in Britain                                  M
                              A Historical Introduction artin Conboy                         'To engage contemporary history n
                                                                           2010 'To engage contemporary students in students
Understanding Journalism                               Lynette SheridanNov-12 The new era of Google, Twitter and Twitter and
                                           Second Edition                Burns               The new era of Google, Facebook h
                              A Primer                                     2011 Foundations of Community numerous 'how-to
Foundations of Community Journalism for Research Bill Reader and John A Hatcher              While there are Journalism: A Prim
Television Journalism                                                                          democratic promise of promise of
                                                       Stephen Cushion 2011 Despite theDespite the democratic new media
Magazine Journalism                                                         Nice             This book combats the media form
                                                       Tim Holmes and Liz2011 Magazines are the most successfulassumption
International Journalism                               Kevin Williams                          future the future of corresponden
                                                                           2011 What is theWhat isof the foreign the foreign co
Journalism Next                                          Mark Briggs         2009 Timely, to-the-point, and tested, Journalism Ne
                               A Practical Guide to Digital Reporting and Publishing
Entrepreneurial Journalism How to Build What's Next News Mark Briggs         2011 Launch yourself into the new news economy. T
Practical Newspaper Reporting                            David               2010 Harris       'David Spark's this classic textbook
                                             Fourth Edition Spark and GeoffreyNow in its fourth edition , down-to-earth advic
Producing Online News                                    Ryan Thornburg 2011 The dazzling speed of change in online journali
                               Digital Skills, Stronger Stories                                The dazzling speed of change in on
Broadcast Newswriting                                                        2011 Revised and updated, updated, this handbo
                                                                                               Revised and
                               The RTDNA Reference Guide, A Manual for Professionals, 2nd Edition this tools-basedtools-bas
                               A Professional Handbook
                                              Stronger M
Writing Broadcast News: Shorter, Sharper,Third Edition ervin Block                             The ability to write well is an applic
                                                                             2011 The ability to write well is an applicant's most p
Advancing the Story                          2nd EditionDebora Halpern Wenger andaDeborah Potter
                                                                             2011 It s multimedia world, and world, journalists
                               Broadcast Journalism in a Multimedia World, 2nd edition It's a multimedia today sand today'
Aim for the Heart                                        Al Produce for      2011 'An indispensable guide reminds students an i
                               Write, Shoot, Report and Tompkins TV and Multimedia Al Tompkins to our craft from abou
Introducing Public Relations Theory and Practice Keith Butterick                                Public Relations is your guide to th
                                                                             2011 IntroducingThis volume takes readers from the
Public Relations                                          Critique
                               Concepts, Practice and Jacquie L'Etang                          'An excellent text for the key conce
                                                                             2007 This book introduces students to encouraging s
Public Relations               A Managerial Perspective                      2011 Taking a Taking a managerial perspective on
                                                         Danny Moss and Barbara.DeSanto managerial perspective on the field o
The SAGE Handbook of Public Relations Second Edition     Robert L Heath                        This comprehensive and detailed e
                                                                             2010 The SAGE Handbook of Public Relations offers
Crisis Management                            Second Strategy Rick Crandall, John A. ParnellOffering a strategic to crisis manag
                                                         William                                 and John E. Spillan
                               Leading in the New Edition Landscape Nov-12 Offering a strategic orientation orientation to c
                                             Third Edition Timothy Coombs
Ongoing Crisis CommunicationPlanning, Managing, and Responding                                 This book is the life blood of crisis m
                                                                             2011 Crisis communication emphasizes the role of co
                                             Second to Opportunity Timothy L This book provides the W Seeger
Effective Crisis CommunicationMoving From Crisis Edition Robert Ulmer,                         Providing practical advice on how
                                                                             2011 Sellnow and Matthew reader practical advicet
Advertising Creative                         Second Design
                                                         Tom                 2009 . Written in Written in an accessible style, Adve
                               Strategy, Copy and Edition Altstiel and Jean Grow                an accessible style, Advertising Cre
Ad Critique                                              Nancy R Tag      Feb-12 Ad Critique Critique teaches advertising, an
                               How to Deconstruct Ads in Order to Build Better. Advertising teaches advertising, marketing,ma
                               C             Second Edition
                                                         Marieke de Mooij 2010 The              Edition presents an empirically-bas
Consumer Behavior and Cultureonsequences for Global Marketing and Advertising SecondThe Second Edition presents an em
                               Strategies, Second Edition Applications 2011 The SecondThe Second Edition only book to d
                                                           and                                  Edition Sheehan and Ronald E. on
Using Qualitative Research in Advertising Techniques,Margaret A. Morrison, Eric Haley, Kim Bartel remains theremains the Tay
                               Global Cultures and Contexts Liu, Zala Volcic and Cindyon intercultural communication are rar
Introducing Intercultural Communication                  Shuang                                Books
                                                                             2010 . Books Gallois on intercultural communicat
                               Identities inSeventh Community
                                              a Global Fred
An Introduction to Intercultural Communication Edition E. Jandt                                 thought-provoking examples, phot
                                                                          Apr-12 . Filled withPacked with thought-provoking exa
Intercultural Communication                                                                    Distinguishing itself among introdu
                                                         Kathryn Sorrells Mar-12 . Intercultural Communication: Globalization a
                                             Fifth Edition                                     In this fully updated Fifth Edition, Ja
Intercultural Communication A Contextual ApproachJames W. Neuliep 2011 . In this fully updated Fifth Edition author Jame
Intercultural Communication Building a Global Community                      2011 Competence in communicating across cultures
                                                         Fay Patel, Mingsheng Li and Prahalad Sooknanan in communicating acr
                                             Second Edition Windahl, Benno
                                                         Sven                2008 Using Communication
                                                                                               ' Using Communication Theory in b
Using Communication Theory An Introduction to Planned Communication Signitzer and Jean T Olson Theory was a rarity was
                               A for Professional Life Marianne Dainton and Elaine D Zelley
                                             Second Edition
Applying Communication TheoryPractical Introduction                                            While other communication theory
                                                                             2010 Applying Communication Theory for Profession
Propaganda and Persuasion                                Garth S. Jowett and Victoria O'Donnell and Persuasion, Fifth its kind is th
                                             Fifth Edition                                     This
                                                                             2011 . Propaganda is the only book of Edition to c
Communication                                            John T Warren and 2010 Stressing the interrelatedness of the many face
                               A Critical/Cultural Introduction              Deanna L Fassett This contemporary and decidedly c
Public Communication Campaigns                           Ronald E. Rice and Charles K. Atkin In this new, fully revised and expan
                                             Fourth Edition               May-12 In this new, fully revised and expanded Fourth
The Political Economy of Communication Second Edition    Vincent Mosco                         'A masterpiece. (It) is the thorough
                                                                             2009 'Vincent Mosco's heavily revised and one single
Corporate Communication                      Third EditionPractice                               Edition of this market-leading text
                               A Guide to Theory and Joep Cornelissen 2011 . . The ThirdThe Third Edition of this market-lea
                               KEYS for Workplace Excellence Quintanilla 2011Shawn T Wahl Professional Communication guid
Business and Professional Communication                  Kelly M             and Business and  Business and Professional Commun
The SAGE Handbook of Political Communication                              May-12 This authoritative and comprehensive survey o
                                                         Holli A Semetko and Margaret Scammell authoritative and comprehens
                               Communication Second and Practices
Case Studies in Organizational Ethical PerspectivesEdition May                                 This book integrates ethical theory
                                                                          Mar-12 This book integrates ethical theory and practic
Organizational Communication                             Dennis K. Mumby  Nov-12               The primary purpose of Organizatio
                               A Key to Understanding WorkKeyton
Communication and Organizational Culture                 Joann Experiences2011 A clear and Communication and Organizationa
                                             Second Edition                                    concise introduction to the differen
                                             Second Edition Duck and David T. McMahan aWrittenandalively style and packeda
The Basics of Communication A Relational Perspective     Steve               2011 Written in warm in warm and lively style w
Close Encounters                             Third Editionaura K Guerrero, Peter A Close Encounters: Communication in Relation
                               Communication in Relationships                                  This book A Afifi
                                                                             2011 . Andersen and Walid takes a relational approa
                                             Fourth Edition                  2011 Daly          Fourth Edition of The SAGE Handb
The SAGE Handbook of Interpersonal CommunicationMark L Knapp and John AThe revisedThis clear, comprehensive and exci
Persuasion                                   Second Edition
                                                         Timothy C Brock 2005 `It bodes well Second Edition offers a revised
                               Psychological Insights and Perspectives and Melanie C Green for the teaching and giving away
Persuasion                                   Research Daniel                                    Edition of this important book con
                               Theory and Second Edition J O'Keefe 2002 The SecondIn this thorough and critical treatm
The SAGE Handbook of Persuasion              Second Edition Price Dillard
                               Developments in Theory and Practice Oct-12                      This Handbook takes an interdiscip
Writing Health Communication Evidence-based Guide                            2011 Leaflets, information sheets and sheets mater
                                                         Charles Abraham and Marieke Kools Leaflets, information writtenand wr
                               Theory and
Health Communication Message Design Practice Hyunyi Cho                      2011 This one of a kind text illustrates the importan
Communication and Sport        Surveying the Field                           2011 Communication and Paul D and Sport: Perspec
                                                                                               Communication Turman
                                                         Andrew C. Billings, Michael L Butterworthand Sport: Perspectives and A
                                                                           Jun-12 Mark by leading authorities on nonverbal beh
Nonverbal Communication: Science and Applications David R. Matsumoto and EditedG. Frank book examines the state-of-th
Computer Mediated Communication                                              2004 This and offersbook
                                                                                               This students a students a task-ba
                                                         Crispin Thurlow, Laura Lengel bookAlice Tomic offerstask-based introdu
                               A Multimodal Introduction Machin and Andrea Mayr media textsmedia texts manipulate an
How to Do Critical Discourse Analysis                    David             Mar-12 How do        How do manipulate and persuade
Discourse Studies                           Second Edition A Van
                                                         Teun                                   'Teun is the largest, managed to ed
                               A Multidisciplinary Introduction Dijk 2011 Discourse Studies A Van Dijk has most complete
The SAGE Handbook of Sociolinguistics                                         2010 'A superb volumeEthat weaves together the com
                                                                                                 Paul Kerswill
                                                         Ruth Wodak, Barbara Johnstone andThe Handbook is a work of unprece
                                                         Ruth                 2009 Meyer         Critical Discourse Analysis provide
Methods for Critical Discourse Analysis Second Edition Wodak and MichaelMethods ofThis concise, comprehensible and t
Working with Spoken Discourse                                                                   Working with Spoken Discourse pro
                                                         Deborah Cameron 2001 Working with Spoken Discourse provides a com
Doing Cultural Theory                                                                           'Accessible and insightful througho
                                                         David Walton Mar-12 Doing Cultural Theory teaches more than just t
Representation                              Second Edition Hall, Jessica Evans Since 1997 Representation has been the go-to
                                                         Stuart             Jan-13 and Sean Nixon 1997, Representation has bee
                               Cultural Representations and Signifying Practices                Since
Cultural Studies                             Practice Chris
                               Theory and Fourth Edition Barker                                 'Has been, for many years, one of t
                                                                              2011 . Building upon the scope and authority of prev
What's Become of Cultural Studies?                       Graeme Turner                          'Graeme Turner is one of the most
                                                                              2011 This original, sharp and engaging book draws t
Why Voice Matters                                        Nick Couldry                           'Should be read by everyone most
                               Culture and Politics After Neoliberalism 2010 'Nick Couldry has emerged as one of the conce
Handbook of Material Culture                                                  2006 Susanne Kuechler, Mike Rowlands culture itse
                                                                                                 of material of material and stonkin
                                                         Chris Tilley, Webb Keane,'It is a piece'It is a piece culture itself - a Patrici
Event Management               A Critique                Chris Rojek       Dec-12               Events dominate our screens, our l
Understanding Foucault                      Second Edition                  Jan-12 Michel Foucault is now regarded asintroductio
                               A Critical Introduction Tony Schirato, Geoff Danaher and Jen Webb'An outstandingly good one of the
Understanding Judith Butler                                                   2010 Acknowledged as one of the textbook at the rig
                                                         Anita Brady and Tony Schirato          'A rather perfect most influential th
The Labour of Leisure          The Culture of Free Time  Chris Rojek                             always has always been associated
                                                                              2009 Leisure has Leisure been associated with freedo
                                            Fifth EditionThrough Gannon and Rajnandini Pillai, Understanding Global Cultures ,
                                                                           May-12 In Understanding Global CaliforniaFifth Edition
                                                                                                In Professor, Cultures, State Unive
Understanding Global CulturesMetaphorical Journeys Martin J. 30 Nations, Clusters of Nations, Continents, and Diversity
Cultures and Globalization                               Helmut K Anheier and Yudhishthir new metropolitan age and for the fi
                               Cities, Cultural Policy and Governance Mar-12 Today is aRaj Isaris a significant volume that firm
Cultures and Globalization                               Identity             2011 'This volume Isarvolume is of one of the most c
                               Heritage, Memory and Helmut K Anheier and Yudhishthir Raj of one of the most comprehensiv
Cultures and Globalization                               Helmut K Anheier and 'In the globalization 'game' there are there are
                                                                              2010              In the
                               Cultural Expression, Creativity and InnovationYudhishthir Raj Isar globalization game no absolu
Situating Everyday Life        Practices and Places Sarah Pink                                  The study life is fundamental to ou
                                                                            Apr-12 The study of everydayof everyday life is fundam
The Dynamics of Social Practice                          it Changes        Mika Pantzar and Matt defined is characterised by th
                                                                                                Everyday life
                               Everyday Life and how Elizabeth Shove, May-12 Everyday life is Watson anddefined and charact
Cultures and Societies in a Changing World               Wendy GriswoldMar-12 In today's world, bothworld, both cultures and
                                            Fourth Edition                                      In today's cultures and societies ar
The Social Thought of C. Wright Mills                                                           This book closely examines of wri
                                                         A Javier Trevino 2011 This book closely examines the writingsthe C. W
                                                         Derek Robbins
French Post-War Social TheoryInternational Knowledge Transfer                                   'Derek Robbins has shown, once ag
                                                                              2011 Detailed, timely and original this book explores
Cultures and Crises                                      Richard Fardon Jan-13
                               Understanding Risk and Resolution                                This collection brings together 13 e
A Very Personal Method                                    Drawn Fardon
                               Anthropological Essays RichardFrom Life Jan-13                   Mary Douglas was one of the leadin
                               Published with
                                            Two-Volume Set of Social Jul-12 In two
                                                         Richard                                In two volumes, The SAGE Handboo
The SAGE Handbook of Social Anthropology the Association Fardon Anthropology volumes, The SAGE Handbook of Social
Affect and Emotion                                       Margaret Wetherell
                               A New Social Science Understanding                               In recent has been a has surge hu
                                                                            Feb-12 In recent years there years, therehugebeen aof
Key Thinkers on Space and Place                          Phil                 2010 In this      In this of Key Thinkers on Space an
                                            Second Edition Hubbard and Rob Kitchin new editionnew edition of Key Thinkers
Immaterial Bodies                                        Lisa Blackman Sep-12 How might How might we understand entangl
                               Affect, Embodiment, Mediation                                    we understand entanglements of t
The Body and Social Theory                               C
                                            Third Editionhris Shilling                          Unrivalled and clarity and coverag
                                                                            Sep-12 Unrivalled in its clarityin itscoverage this spark
Key Concepts in Body and Society                         Kate Cregan                            This book provides a clear, focused
                                                                            Sep-12 This book provides a clear, focused road map t
The Politics of Belonging                                Nira                                   In this groundbreaking book, provi
                               Intersectional ContestationsYuval-Davis 2011 In this groundbreaking book, Yuval-DavisNira Y
The SAGE Handbook of Identities                                               2010 Increasingly, identities are
                                                                                                Increasingly, identities for interdisc
                                                         Margaret Wetherell and Chandra Talpade Mohanty the site are the site
                                                         Angela McRobbie 2008 In this trenchant inquiry into the state of femin
The Aftermath of Feminism Gender, Culture and Social Change                                     'McRobbie has written a profound
                               T             Praxis
Handbook of Feminist Researchheory and Second Edition                         2011 The           edition of the presents both a the
                                                         Sharlene Nagy Hesse-Biber second The HandbookHandbook of Femini
The Tourist Gaze 3.0                        Third Edition                     2011 . The        'The original Tourist classic, markin
                                                         John Urry and Jonas Larsen original Tourist Gaze was aGaze was a cla
The SAGE Handbook of Tourism Studies                                  Cloth 2009 ; Paper is
                                                                                    'This 2011 'This is the strongest overview I hav
                                                         Tazim Jamal and Mike Robinson the strongest overview I have encounte
Visual Methodologies                        Third Edition illian Rose
                                                         G                    2011 . . The      'Substantially updated to include a
                               An Introduction to Researching with Visual Materials new edition of Gillian Rose's bestselling
The SAGE Handbook of Visual Research Methods                                  2011 . This       This book captures the state of the
                                                         Eric Margolis and Luc Pauwels book captures the state of the art in visu
Doing Visual Research                                                                           Doing Visual Research offers an inn
                                                         Claudia Mitchell 2011 Doing Visual Research offers an innovative intr
Advances in Visual Methodology                           Sarah Pink                             A stunning collection of cutting-edg
                                                                           May-12 A stunning collection of cutting-edge essays wh
Researching Society and Culture                          C
                                            Third Editionlive Seale                             Clear, and trusted this book is the
                                                                              2011 . . Clear, coherent coherent and trusted, this bo
Media Analysis Techniques                                Arthur Asa Berger 2011 In the Fourth Edition of Media Analysis Techniq
                                            Fourth Edition                                      In the Fourth Edition of Media Ana
Media Research Methods                                   James A Anderson 2011 . More thanMore than a 'how-to' book, thisexp
                               Understanding Metric and Interpretive Approaches                   a 'how-to' book, this textbook tex
                               Paths of
Introducing Communication Research Inquiry                                                       Communication Research is an und
                                                         Donald Treadwell 2010 IntroducingIntroducing Communication Resear
                               An Introduction Edition
                                            Second       Arthur and Quantitative In this new Practical in focus, full of examples a
Media and Communication Research Methods to Qualitative Asa Berger 2011 Approachesedition, Arthur Asa Berger employs
Content Analysis                         Third Editionlaus Krippendorff
                              An Introduction to Its Methodology                          The Third Edition of Content of Con
                                                                      Jun-12 Since the publication of the First Edition Analys
Developing Effective Research Proposals Second Edition F Punch                            Successful research requires effecti
                                                                        2006 Successful research requires effective and thor
                                         Third       T                  2010 While many volumes discuss qualitative qualit
Qualitative Communication Research Methods Editionhomas R Lindlof and Bryan C TaylorWhile many volumes discuss metho
Constructing Grounded Theory                         Kathy                                The Second Edition of Charmaz's g
                                         Second Edition Charmaz Mar-13 This is the second edition of KathyKathy Charm
Critical Ethnography                     Second Edition
                                                     D Soyini Madison 2011 Critical Ethnography, Second Edition presents a
                              Method, Ethics, and Performance                             Critical Ethnography , Second Editio
Communication Theory                                 Peter
                                         Four-Volume Set J Schulz                         The nature of communication has b
                                                                        2010 The nature of communication has been argued
Encyclopedia of Communication Theory Two-Volume Set                     2009 Karen A Foss Providing students and researchers
                                                     Stephen W Littlejohn andThe Encyclopedia of Communication Theory pr
                                         Third Edition
Environmental Communication and the Public SphereRobert Cox                               The only comprehensive introducti
                                                                       Jul-12 The Third Edition of Environmental Communic
Interpersonal Communication                          Mark               2010 Daly         Interpersonal communication is irr
                                         Four-Volume Set L Knapp and John AInterpersonal communication is inexorable, ine
International Communication                          Daya
                                         Four-Volume Set Kishan Thussu                    This four-volume plays a multiface
                                                                      Apr-12 International communicationset brings togethe
Health Communication                                 Gary
                                         Five-Volume Set L Kreps                          Health communication inquiry has
                                                                        2010 Health communication inquiry has developed o
                                         Two-Volume Set
Encyclopedia of Science and Technology Communication                    2010              The Encyclopedia of Science exace
                                                     Susanna Hornig Priest The explosion of scientific information isand Te
Media Audiences                                      Barrie             2009 The relationshipmajor reference collection brin
                                         Four-Volume Set Gunter and David Machin          This between the media and viewe
Encyclopedia of Gender in Media                      Mary Kosut                           The Encyclopedia our everyday no
                                                                       Jul-12 The media strongly influencesof Gender in Med
Popular Music                                        Chris
                                         Four-Volume Set Rojek                            This collection launches from the c
                                                                        2011 This collection focuses on social science perspe
Cultural Theory                                      David
                                         Four-Volume Set Oswell                           This four-volume collection brings t
                                                                        2010 This four volume collection brings together pap
Popular Culture                                      Michael                              Popular debated as it by establish
                                         Four-Volume Set J Pickering2010 Popular culture is asCulture beginsis pervasive.
Encyclopedia of Identity                             Ronald                               No matter whether it is discussio
                                         Two-Volume Set L Jackson II 2010 No matter whether it is a discussionaof nationh
Cross-Cultural Psychology                            Peter              2009 This four-volume set spans all areas of all area
                                         Four-Volume Set B Smith and Deborah L Best This four-volume set spans cross-cu
Encyclopedia of Social Movement Media                                                     This one-volume encyclopedia inclu
                                                     John D H Downing 2010 This one-volume encyclopedia features around
Social and Political Movements                       Cyrus              2011              This collection contains more than
                                         Four-Volume Set Ernesto Zirakzadeh'Social movements' refer to purposeful undert
Encyclopedia of Social Networks                                                           This two-volume encyclopedia prov
                                                     George Barnett 2011 This two-volume encyclopedia provides a thor
Consumption                                          Alan
                                         Four-Volume SetWarde                             Consumption is core disciplines
                                                                        2010 Consumption is a core issueafor all issue for alls
Encyclopedia of Consumer Culture                     Dale Southerton 2011 The three-volume Encyclopedia of Consumer C
                                         Three-Volume Set                                 The three-volume Encyclopedia of
Corpus Linguistics                                   Douglas            2011 Corpus       Corpus a research a research app
                                         Four-Volume Set Biber and Randi Reppenlinguistics islinguistics isapproach to inv
Organizational Discourse Studies                     David              2011 Work Linda L Putnam
                                                                                          Work on organizational discourse m
                                         Three-Volume SetGrant, Cynthia Hardy andon organizational discourse studies has s
Life Story Research                                  Barbara                              Life Story Research gathers togethe
                                         Four-Volume Set Harrison 2009 Life Story Research gathers together articles on
SAGE Visual Methods                                  Jason
                                         Four-Volume Set Hughes                           In contemporary Western societies
                                                                       Jul-12 In contemporary Western societies, the visual
Contents Series        Imprint                  Pages        Category         Cloth ISBN               Cloth Price
                                                632 pages Mass of Mass Media (General),Communication and
                                                                              Cl 978-1-84920-291-6          \ Concepts and Mode
PART ONE: PRELIMINARIES \ Introduction to the Book \ The RiseCommunication \ PART TWO: THEORIES £88.00 Media Studies
             \ Audience \ Broadcasting          272 \ Communication(s) \ Convergence \ Criticism//Critique \ Cultural Form \
                                                                              Cl 978-1-4129-2821-2         £65.00
ArticulationSAGE Key Concepts series \ Capitalism pages Sociology of Culture,Communication and Media Studies (General),C
                                                256 pages Research Methods 978-1-84920-785-0 about Anything? : Aims an
                                                                              Cl for Cultural Anything     £75.00
Preface Introduction \ PART ONE: THINKING, THEORY AND PRACTICE \ How Do We KnowStudies,Communication Research M
                       A CQ TO THE MEDIA \ 696 in a Media World: Levels of Communication Elements of Economics
PART ONE: INTRODUCTION Press Publication Living pages Mass Communication (General),Journalism,MediaMass Communica
                                                416 pages Communication and               Studies of Mass Media Media and Soci
PART ONE: MEDIA//SOCIETY \ Media and the Social World: The Importance of Media The Rise(General),Sociology of Culture,C
            Key Approaches to Criminology       328 pages Criminology & Criminal Justice \ Marxism, Critical Criminology and
                                                                              Cl 978-1-84860-702-6         £75.00
Introduction \ Theorizing Media and Crime \ Media 'Effects' \ Strain Theory and Anomie (General),Culture and Media,Sociolo
                                                232 pages Media Policy,Media Law and and the Role of £65.00
                                                                              Cl 978-0-85702-569-2          the State
Media and Communications Regulation and the Public Interest: Introduction RegulationEthics,Media Economics Regulation,
                                                336 pages Political Communication,Terrorism,Journalism,International Relatio
                                                                              Cl Terrorism \ PART ONE: CONTEXTS \ Lena Jayyus
Des Freedman and Daya Kishan Thussu Introduction: Dynamics of Media and 978-1-4462-0157-2                  £75.00
                                                336 pages Sociology of Culture,Communication Communication Process Tran
                                                                              Cl 978-1-4129-2052-0         £69.00
Introduction: Media, Culture, Society Starting Points: Shaping, Mirroring and Re-Presenting Theand Media Studies (General),C
                                                224 pages                     978-1-84860-091-1            £60.00
Why Youth Media? \ Understanding Media Content: Youth and a Social Approach To Media Effects \ Understanding the Influen
                                                280 pages Mass Communication (General)
                                                                              Cl 978-1-4129-2990-5         £77.00
Understanding the Media \ Media Globalization \ Media Ownership: Concentration and Conglomeration \ Media Production
                                                240 pages Political Communication,Political Communications,Journalism
                                                                              Cl 978-1-84860-446-9         £72.00
Introduction \ Politics: Image versus Substance: What is Politics? Politics: Hype and Substance The Media as a Power Resourc
                                                544 pages Mass in the Message-Saturated World Media Literacy Approach \
Preface Acknowledgments \ PART ONE: INTRODUCTION \ LivingCommunication (General),Culture\and Media
                       A CQ Press Publication 180 pages Communication and Media Studies (General),Mass Communication
PART ONE: FUTURE OF JOURNALISM Can the Internet Fill the Reporting Gaps Caused by the Decline of Newspapers? Are the N
                       A CQ Press Publication 391 pages Media Law and Ethics
                                                400 pages Mass Communication (General)
PART ONE: ORGANIZING THINKING ABOUT MEDIA EFFECTS \ Why Study Media Effects? \ Defining Key Ideas \ What Is a Medi
                                                688 pages MEDIA THEORY \ Cultural Studies, Multiculturalism Ethnicity,Socio
Preface \ PART ONE: A CULTURAL STUDIES APPROACH TOMass Communication (General),Sociology of Race & and Media Cul
                                                232 Change and Asia Studies,CulturePopular Culture and Gender Indian Med
                                                                               in Indian and Media,Sociology of Gender
 Introduction: Media and Mediations: Representingpages South ContinuityCl 978-8-13-210729-3                £35.00
                                                  Are Ethnic Mass Communication (General),Sociology of Race & Ethnicity,Cultu
                                                                              Cl 978-1-4129-5912-4         £51.00
PART ONE: ETHNIC MEDIA IN CONTEXT \ What336 pages Media?: Introduction Defining Ethnic Media The Role of Geographi
                                                408 pages Communication and Media Aggressive Behavior across & Violence
                                                                              Cl 978-1-4129-9643-3         £63.00
PART ONE: UNDERSTANDING AGGRESSION \ Media Violence: History and Key Issues \Studies (General),AggressionDevelopme
                                                  \ Sectors Mass Communication Trends in the Strategic £79.00
                                                                              Cl 978-1-4129-0312-7         Environment Conve
Introduction \ PART ONE: STRATEGIC CONTEXT256 pages of the Media Industry \ (General),Strategic Management and\Plannin
                                                824 pages Mass Media \ Roger Desmond The Role of Reading for Children Me
                                                                              Cl 978-1-4129-8242-9         £81.00
George Comstock The Use of Television and Other Film-Related Communication (General),Child Development,Culture and and
                                                  Edition (2012) \ Preface to the Second Edition (2007) Media and Communicat
                                                                              Cl 978-1-4462-0925-7         £75.00
Boxes, tables and figures \ Preface to the Third352 pages Creative Industries,Cultural Economy,New \ Introduction: Change a
                                                560 pages Communication and of Childhood Patricia Holland The Child in (
                                                                              Cl 978-1-4129-2832-8         £95.00
CONTINUITIES AND CHANGE \ Alan Prout Culture-Nature and the ConstructionMedia Studies\(General),Education,Sociologyth
                                                248 \ International Models of Creative Industries Policy \ Technology,Cultural
                                                                              Cl 978-1-84787-575-4           From
Introduction \ Origins of Creative Industries Policy pages Media Policy,New Media and Communication£65.00Culture Industr
                                                256 \ Brief History of Creative 978-1-84920-572-6
                                                                              Cl Industries in Technology,Media Policy,Cultural
Introduction \ The Creative Economy: Introduction pages New Media and CommunicationWestern Culture \ PART ONE: WOR
                                                256 Song-Writing and Publishing \ Music Contracts \ Copyright \ The Recorded
Introduction \ How to Study the Music Industries \ pages                      978-1-4462-0794-9            £65.00
                                                325 pages                     978-1-4462-0771-0            £70.00
Introduction: Definitions and Approaches \ PART ONE: HISTORIES \ Constructing Histories of Popular Music \ Musical and Cul
                                                240 Iconography: Postures,Cl 978-1-84860-022-5
                                                                                Objects, Settings Visual Composition: Typeface a
Introduction \ Discourses of Popular Music \ Albumpages Communication and Media Studies\(General),Communication Rese
                                                296 pages Sociology MusicCl 978-1-84787-435-1
                                                                               Visualizing Studies (General),Communication and
Introduction: Walking on the Dance Floor \ Approaches: Listening toof Culture,CulturalMusic Dancing to £65.00Thinking about
                                                240 pages Publishing,Media Economics,Publishing (Academic) English Trade 1
                                                                              Cl 978-1-84787-014-8
Introduction \ A History of Books: The First Paradigm: From Vellum Codex to Print Book 1475-1533: The£65.00 Early
                                                256 The Work of the and Radio,Popular Culture Journalistic Television Criticis
Preface \ Introduction \ PART ONE: ORIENTATION \pages Television Critic: The Ends of Criticism(General),Sociology of Culture
                                                264 pages New Media Determinism of Technology Technological Enablemen
                                                                              Cl 978-1-84787-496-2         £65.00
Introduction \ Revolutionary Technologies? : Determinisms The Socialand Communication Technology,Culture and Media,Soc
                                                336 pages Communication and Media Characteristics of£75.00
                                                                              Cl 978-1-4462-4895-9          the Media and Com
Introduction: A New Infrastructure for Society A Second Communications Revolution?Studies (General),NewNew Media Comm
                                                232 pages Journalism,New Media and Communication Technology,Culture an
                                                                              Cl 978-1-84787-573-0         £70.00
PART ONE: INTRODUCTION \ Natalie Fenton Drowning or Waving? New media, Journalism and Democracy \ PART TWO: NEW
                                                232 Culture Online \ Researching Methods (General),Internet Research,Social
                                                                              Cl 978-1-84860-644-9         £76.00
Cultures and Communities Online \ Understanding pages Ethnography,ResearchOnline: Methods \ The Method of Netnograp
                                                284 pages Journalism          Cl 978-1-4462-1112-0         £65.00
Preface \ Introduction: Outline of the Book \ PART ONE: INTRODUCTION \ The Working Journalist \ News in a New Media Eco
                                                288 Introduction - Why Study the New Media? \ Why New Media? : Digital M
                                                                              Cl 978-1-84860-778-1         £65.00
Understanding New Media \ Learning Objectives \ pages New Media and Communication Technology,Mass Communication
                                                208 Economy of Online Journalism \ Digitally (General),New Media and Commu
                                                                               Communication Challenged Business Models \ Tru
Introduction \ Journalism as a Practice \ A Political pages Journalism,MassCl 978-1-4129-2081-0            £65.00
                                                 Introduction to Journalism \ Communication Influences on Journalists \ What I
                                                                                Constraints and (General) £72.00
Who, What, Where, When, Why and How? An 256 pages Journalism,MassCl 978-1-84787-249-4
                                                240 pages of Broadcasting Cl 978-1-84787-494-8
                                                                               Communication (General) £69.00
Journalism and the Coming of Mass Markets \ The Impact Journalism,Massand the Public Sphere \ Patterns of Ownership and
                                                240 pages Journalism          Cl Who Is a Journalist?      £70.00
Preface \ PART ONE: FROM KNOWING HOW TO BEING ABLE \ Introduction \ 978-1-4462-0738-3 \ Journalism as Decision Ma
                                                304 pages Journalism,Communication Research Methods
Bill Reader Community Journalism: A Concept of Connectedness \ Jack Rosenberry Key Works in Community Journalism Rese
            Journalism Studies: Key Texts       240 pages Journalism,MassCl the Twenty-First Century 'Death of TV News… M
                                                                               Communication (General) £65.00
Introduction : Introducing Television Journalism: Sustaining Its Influence into 978-1-4462-0740-6
            A Historical Survey Key Texts       200 pages Journalism,Mass Magazine Workforce
                                                                               Communication (General) £65.00
Magazines: Journalism Studies: \ The Political Economy of Magazines \ The Cl 978-1-84787-029-2\ Skills and Policy Developme
            Journalism Studies: Key Texts       216 pages Journalism,MassCl 978-1-4129-4527-1
                                                                               Communication (General),International Relations
Introduction: The Changing Nature of Foreign Correspondence \ Globalization and International Journalism \ The Colonial Leg
                                     A CQ Press Publication 384 pages Mass Communication (General),Journalism
-point, and tested, Journalism Next updates Mark Briggs popular online guide Journalism 2.0 and explains how to use the latest software
                                     A Ecosystem: How Did 352 pages Journalism
             1. Understand the NewsCQ Press Publication We Get Here? Digital Rewind: The Disruption Begins Flashback: Change Has Hap
                                                               224 pages Journalism        Cl 978-1-84787-896-0          £69.00
             News and How to Find It \ Pursuing News: What Do I Need to Know? \ Interviewing \ Newswriting: What Am I Trying to Say?
                                     A CQ Press Publication Online News is Different
             PART ONE: FOUNDATIONS OF ONLINE NEWS \ 440 pages Journalism \ Online News is Still News \ The Online News Audien
                                     A handbook culls the author's countless 'do's and
vised and updated, this tools-based CQ Press Publication 272 pages Journalism don'ts' and distills them into a handy, topical checklis
                                     A CQ Press Don'ts: Missteps and mistakes that         Cl 978-1-60871-417-9          £28.99
             PART ONE: RULES \ Dozen DeadlyPublication 272 pages Journalism mar scripts \ Venial Sins: More mistakes that hurt copy
                                     A CQ Press Publication 416 3. Multimedia Newsgathering \ 4. Reporting in Depth \ 5. Writing the Stor
             1. The Multimedia Mind-Set \ 2. Finding the Story \pages Journalism
                                     A CQ Press Aim for the 360 of the Story Use Soundbites That Connect to the Viewer's Heart Sounds T
             Aim for the Heart: Finding Focus: Publication Heartpages Journalism
                                                               240 pages Public Relations Cl 978-1-4129-2114-5 The (Practice),Political Comm
                                                                                           Relations in Theory \         £65.00
             PART ONE: PUBLIC RELATIONS IN THEORY \ Introducing the Theory: Public (Analysis),Public Relations Origins of Public Relation
                                                               304 Perspectives Relations (Analysis),Public the Discipline and
                                                                                           Cl 978-1-4129-3047-5          £82.00
             Introduction: Critical Thinking and Interdisciplinary pages Public \ Public Relations: DefiningRelations (Practice)the Practice \ R
                                                               512 pages Public Relations (Practice),Public Management: Building Bridges be
                                                                                           Cl 978-0-7619-4856-8
             PART ONE: FRAMEWORKS AND CONTEXTS \ Barbara DeSanto Public Relations' Journey intoRelations (Analysis)      £90.00
                                                               792 pages Public Relations (Analysis),Public Society \ Strategic Management
                                                                                           Cl 978-1-4129-7780-7          £95.00
              Preface \ PART ONE: MIND, SELF AND SOCIETY \ Public Relations in the Enactment of CivilRelations (Practice),Mass Commu
                                                               336 pages Business & Management (General),Organizational Communication
fering a strategic orientation to crisis management, this book helps readers understand the importance of planning for crises within the w
                                                               Knowledge: Crisis Management Defined The Initial Crisis Management Framew
             Preface \ A Need for More Crisis Management 248 pages Public Relations (Analysis),Public Relations (Practice),Negotiation a
                                                               264 pages Public A Definition of Crisis Communication Working Definition C
             Defining Crisis Communication: Defining Crisis Communication Relations (Analysis),Communication and Media Studies (Gen
                                                               a Creative Advertising (Analysis),Mass The Creative Team Controlling the Cre
             Copy, Design and Creativity: Who Wants to Be 368 pages The Golden Age of CreativityCommunication (General),Advertising &
                                                               216 pages Advertising We Need Constructive Promotion,Brand Management
             PART ONE: THE LANGUAGE OF CRITIQUE \ The Case for Critique: Why(Analysis),Advertising & Criticism to Make Great Ads : B
                                                               424 pages Consumer Global Village? Globalization and Global Consumer Cultu
             Preface \ Consumer Behavior across Cultures: Global Consumers in a Marketing,International Marketing,Advertising (Analysis
                                                               240 the World: Theory and Data Analysis \ Ethnographic Methods for Advertis
             Introduction and Overview \ A Qualitative View of pages Advertising & Promotion,Advertising (Analysis),Marketing Research
                                                               328 pages Intercultural Communication,International Business & and Benefits
                                                                                           Cl to Cultural Diversity      £84.00
             Challenges of Living in a Global Society: Living in a Global Village Contributors978-1-84860-035-5 The Necessity Managemen
                                                               456 pages \ The Dispute over Defining Culture \ Defining Communication as
             PART ONE: CULTURE AS CONTEXT FOR COMMUNICATION Intercultural Communication,International Business & Managemen
                                                               296 pages IN THE GLOBAL CONTEXT \ Opening the Conversation: Studying In
             PART ONE: COMMUNICATION, CULTURE AND DIFFERENCEIntercultural Communication,International Business & Managemen
                                                               488 pages Intercultural Communication,International Business & Managemen
             Preface \ The Necessity of Intercultural Communication \ The Cultural Context \ The Micro-Cultural Context \ The Environmen
                                                               256 pages \ Fay Patel, Mingsheng Li and Communication,International & De
                                                                                           Cl 978-8-13-210634-0          £37.50
              Part 1: CONCEPTS IN INTERCULTURAL COMMUNICATION South Asia Studies,InterculturalPrahalad Sooknanan Building a Glo
                                                               312 Tools The Communication (General),Management Communication,Hea
                                                                                           Cl 978-1-4129-4838-8
             Introduction \ PART ONE: THE BASICS \ Conceptualpages \MassNature of Communication Planning \ Not£75.00      All Problems Are Com
                                                               264 pages Organizational Communication,Speech Communication (General),M
             Introduction to Communication Theory: What Is Communication? Introduction to Communication Competence What Is Theo
                                                               464 pages Political Communication,Persuasion,Political Communications
             Preface to the First Edition Preface to the Second Edition Preface to the Third Edition Preface to the Fourth Edition Preface to
                                                               232 pages Mass Communication (General),Speech Communication (General),M
             PART ONE: THINKING CRITICALLY ABOUT COMMUNICATION IN CULTURE \ Communication: A Cultural Introduction: The Foun
                                                               Atkin, Ronald Rice Theory and Principles of Marketing,Mass Communication
             PART ONE: OVERVIEW AND HISTORY \ Charles 392 pages Public Relations (Practice),SocialPublic Communication Campaigns (\
                                                               280 pages Communication and Media Studies and Characteristics \ What is P
                                                                                           Cl 978-1-4129-4700-8          £75.00
             Overview of the Political Economy of Communication \ What is Political Economy? Definitions(General),Sociology (General),C
                                                               296 pages Public Defining (Practice),Management Communication,Organizat
                                                                                           Cl 978-0-85702-242-4
             PART ONE: INTRODUCTION TO CORPORATE COMMUNICATION \ RelationsCorporate Communication: Introduction Scope and£90.00
                                                               376 pages Speech Communication (General),Management Communication
             Business and Professional Excellence in the Workplace: Business and Professional Excellence in Context KEYS to Communicati
                                                               544 pages Political Communications,Political Communication,Research Metho
                                                                                             of Political Communication in the Era of Continuou
             Holli A. Semetko and Margaret Scammell Introduction: The Expanding FieldCl 978-1-84787-439-9                £95.00
                                                               384 pages \ Alignment \ Communication,Organization Studies (General),Man
             Steve May Introduction: Ethical Perspectives and PracticesOrganizational Katherine Russell, Megan Dortch, Rachel Gordon, an
                                                               416 pages Organizational Communication,Management Communication,Orga
                                                                                            field of organizational      £54.00
e primary purpose of Organizational Communication is to familiarize students with the Cl 978-1-4129-6315-2 communication - historically
                                                               232 pages Organizational Communication,Organizational Culture,Organization
             Positioning Organizational Culture \ Unpacking Organizational Culture \ Lenses for Understanding Organizational Culture \ D
                                                               Relational Interpersonal Communication,Speech Communication (General),No
             Preface \ An Overview of Communication: The 472 pages Perspective and Everyday Communication Features to Guide Your L
                                                               504 pages Interpersonal Communication,Sociology of the Family,Close Relatio
             Conceptualizing Relational Communication: Definitions and Principles \ The Field of Personal Relationships: A Brief History \ R
                                                               800 L. Knapp & John A. Daly Background and Current Trends in the Study of In
                                                                                           Cl 978-1-4129-7474-5          £95.00
             PART ONE: BASIC ISSUES AND APPROACHES \ Markpages Interpersonal Communication,Relationships,Interpersonal Relation
                                                               and Melanie C. Green 1. Domains of Persuasion: An Introduction \ Leandre R.
             Preface \ About the Editors \ Timothy C. Brock 368 pages Social Psychology (General)
                         Current Communication: An Advanced Text Approaches to Attitude \ Belief-Based Models of Attitude \ & Promot
                                                               384 pages Communication and Media Studies (General),Advertising Cognitive
             Preface \ Persuasion, Attitudes and Actions \ FunctionalSeries                Cl 978-0-7619-2200-1          £81.00
                                                               896 pages Persuasion,Social Psychology (General)
                                                                                           Cl 978-1-4129-8313-6          £95.00
             L. J. Shrum Advertising \ James Dillard Affect and Persuasion \ William Crano Anti-Drug Campaigns \ Lijiang Shen Content,
                                                               200 pages Health Writing Effective Educational Specialties
                                                                                           Cl 978-1-84787-185-5          £65.00
             Marieke Kools and Charles Abraham Introduction: Steps Towards Communication,Other Health Text \ James Hartley Designin
                                                               Framing of          Communication Messages \ The Integrated Model of Behav
             Theory-Based Message Design \ Gain and Loss 296 pages Health Communication,Public Health Education & Health Promotio
                                                               344 pages Communication Sport Perspectives and Approaches \ of Sport an
             1: Introduction to Communication & Sport: Introduction Communication &and Media Studies (General),Sociology2: Communi
                                                               328 Non-verbal Behaviour in the Courtroom \ Persuasion, Negotiation, and th
             Understanding Body Language and the Polygraph \ pages Nonverbal Communication,Forensic Science & Investigation (Gener
                                                               272 pages New Media and Communication Technology £78.00
                                                                                           Cl 978-0-7619-4953-4
             Getting into CMC \ Learn: Basic Theory \ Critique: Central Issues \ Apply: Fieldwork \ Explore: Focus Areas \ Resource Materia
                                                 240 pages Mass Language as a Set of Resources \ Analysing Semiotic Choices
                                                                             Cl 978-0-85702-891-4          £65.00
Introduction: How Meaning Is Created \ Making Active Choices: Communication (General),Discourse Analysis,Linguistics (Gen
                                                 432 pages Communication Tsuyoshi Ono and (General),Discourse Grammar
                                                                             Cl 978-1-84860-648-7           Discourse,
Teun A Van Dijk Introduction: The Study of Discourse \ Susanna Cumming, and Media StudiesRitva Laury£80.00 Analysis,Lin
                                                 648 pages Sociology (General),Sociolinguistics,Speech Communication Spolsky
                                                                             Cl 978-1-84787-095-7          £95.00
Ruth Wodak, Barbara Johnstone and Paul Kerswill Introduction \ PART ONE: HISTORY OF SOCIOLINGUISTICS \ Bernard (Gener
             Introducing Qualitative Methods series pages Research Agenda, 978-1-84787-454-2
                                                 216                         Cl for Business & Management (General),Discours
Ruth Wodak and Michael Meyer Critical Discourse Analysis: History,Methods Theory and Methodology \£72.00 Jäger and F
                                                  and Why Rhetoric & Collecting Data: Practical and Ethical Issues Analysis
                                                                             Cl 978-0-7619-5772-0          £77.00
PART ONE: PRELIMINARIES \ What Is Discourse216 pages Analyze It? \Rhetorical Theory,Sociolinguistics,Discourse \ Transcribi
                                                 352 pages Cultural Studies Cl 978-0-85702-484-8
                                                                             the Linguistic Turn: Ferdinand de Saussure \ (Gene
Introducing Cultural Studies: A Brief Contextual History \ Structuralism and(General),Communication and Media Studies Semio
             Culture, Media and Identities Frances Bonner Cultural Studies (General),Communication and Media Studies (Gene
                                                                             Cl 978-1-84920-547-4          £70.00
Stuart Hall The Work of Representation \ series408 pages The Range of Reality: Documentary Film and Television \ Henrietta
                                                 584 pages Cultural to Cultural978-0-85702-479-4 This Book Selectivity The La
                                                                             Cl Studies: Concerning        £75.00
PART ONE: CULTURE AND CULTURAL STUDIES \ 1. An Introduction Studies (General),Sociology of Culture,Communication and
                                                 \ The Achievements of Cultural Studies: The Institution of Cultural Studies and
                                                                             Cl 978-1-84920-583-2          £65.00
Introduction: Practising Cultural Studies Today 200 pages Cultural Studies (General),Sociology of Culture,Communication Cult
                                                 184 pages Communication and Media Studies (General),Culture and Media,Po
                                                                             Cl 978-1-84860-661-6          £63.00
Voice as Value \ The Crisis of Neo-Liberal Economics \ Neo-Liberal Democracy: An Oxymoron \ Media and the Amplification o
                                                 576 pages Marxism \ Robert 978-1-4129-0039-3 and Semiotics \ Julian Hist
                                                                             Cl Layton Structuralism       £95.00
THEORETICAL PERSPECTIVES \ Bill Maurer In the Matter ofCultural Studies (General),Material Culture Studies,Culture andThom
                                                 192 pages                   Cl 978-0-85702-517-3           Why Is
Preface: The Goodwill Newsletter \ What Is Event Management? \ What Are the Main Types of Event? \£65.00 'Moral Regula
             Understanding Contemporary Culture series Cultural Liberalism and Neo-Liberalism \ Subjectivity and Technolo
                                                 208 pages
Questions of Method \ Power and Knowledge \ Governmentality \ Theory,Social Theory
             Understanding \ Subjectivity, Culture and Desire \ Gender \ Queer \ Symbolic Violence \ Ethics \ Glossary \ Biblio
                                                 160 pages                   Cl 978-1-84787-607-2          £63.00
Introduction \ IntroductionContemporary Identity series Cultural Theory,Sociology of Gender,Gender & Sexuality Studies (G
                                                  and Its Consequences Roadblocks to Free Time \ Visionaries and Pragmatists
                                                                             Cl 978-1-4129-4552-3          £70.00
Positioning Leisure \ The Leisure Society Thesis216 pages Sociology of\Sport and Leisure (General),Popular Culture (General),
                                                 672 pages Intercultural Communication,Sociology of Culture,International Bus
Preface: Understanding Cultures in Depth: Acknowledgments \ PART ONE: INTRODUCTION \ Understanding Cultural Metapho
             The Cultures \ Yudhishthir Raj SeriesMichael Hoelscher Studies (General),Urban Geography,Media Economics,Urba
                                                                             Cl 978-1-4462-0122-0          \ PART
Saskia Sassen Foreword and Globalization Isar,472 pages Cultural and Helmut K. Anheier Introduction £90.00 ONE: METRO
              Foreword \ and Globalization Series pages Cultural Studies (General),Communication and ONE: CONFIGURATI
                                                 440                         Cl 978-0-85702-389-6          £90.00
Pierre NoraThe CulturesYudhishthir Raj Isar, Dacia Viejo-Rose and Helmut K. Anheier Introduction \ PART Media Studies (Gene
             The Cultures and Globalization Series pages Cultural Studies (General),Sociology of Culture,Media Economics,G
                                                 488                         Cl 978-1-4129-2085-8          £90.00
Foreword by Stuart Hall \ Yudhishthir Raj Isar and Helmut K Anheier Introduction \ PART ONE: ISSUES AND PATTERNS IN CULT
                                                 and Activism \ Theorizing the Familiar: Practices and Research (General),Huma
                                                                             Cl 978-0-85702-056-7          £65.00
Introduction: (Re)Thinking about Everyday Life 176 pages Social Theory,Cultural Theory,Qualitative Places \ Researching Pract
                                                 208 pages Sociology of Consumption,Cultural Theory,Human Geography (Gen
                                                                             and Resources Sequence and Structure \ Making a
The Dynamics of Social Practice: Introducing Theories of Practice MaterialsCl 978-0-85702-042-0            £65.00
              the CulturalPine Forge Two series 232 pages Sociology Connections: The Studies (General),Area and Ethnic Sum
                        A a New Century Publication
Culture andSociology forDiamond : PressWays of Looking at Culture of Culture,CulturalLinks between Culture and Society Stud
                        A Pine Forge Press Publication
                                                 232 pages Social Theory,Political Theory & Thought (General),Cultural Theory
C. Wright Mills and Postwar America \ A Humanist Concern \ The Social Psychology \ The Stratification Trilogy \ On Latinos an
             Published in association with Theory, Culture & Society
                                                 216 Note Social Theory,Cultural Theory
                                                                             Cl 978-0-7619-4972-5          £60.00
Introduction: Background Complementary Readingpages References \ Raymond Aron (1905-83): Background 1945-1960 1960
                                                 240 pages Cultural Theory,Social Theory,Political Theory & Thought (General)
                                                                             Cl 978-1-4462-5466-0
                                                 240 pages                   978-1-4462-5468-4             £65.00
                                                 868 INTERFACES \ Alessandro Duranti Anthropology and Linguistics \ Christin
                                                                             Cl 978-1-84787-547-1        £275.00
Edited by Cris Shore and Richard Wilson PART ONE:pages Anthropology & Archaeology (General),Sociology (General),Human
                                                 192 pages Social Flows and (General),Social Theory,Cultural Negotiating Affe
                                                                             Cl 978-0-85702-856-3          £75.00
Introducing Affect: Lines of Argument \ Bodying Affect: AffectivePsychology Their Psychobiological Figuring \Theory,Linguistic
                                                 528 pages Human Geography (General),Social Theory,Cultural Theory,Politica\
                                                                             and Rob Kitchin Introduction: Why Key Thinkers?
Phil Hubbard and Rob Kitchin Preface to the Second Edition \ Phil Hubbard Cl 978-1-84920-101-8             £93.00
             Published of Affect : Bodies, Theory, Culture & \ The Problem Cl 978-1-84920-472-9
                                                 240 pages Sociology         Body,Sociology of Health and£70.00
                                                                                                             The Idea of Psychol
Preface \ The Subject in association withProcess, Becoming Society of the of Personality \ Mental Touch:Illness,Socialthe Spir
             Published in association with Theory, Culture & Society of the Cl 978-0-85702-532-6
                                                 328 pages Sociology         Body,Sociology of Health andConstructed Body \ T
                                                                                                            Illness,Social Theory
Preface to the Third Edition \ Introduction \ The Body in Sociology \ The Naturalistic Body \ The Socially £75.00
             Childhood \ Anorexia, Bulimia, Obesitypages Sociology of Beauty978-1-84787-543-3
Ageing and SAGE Key Concepts series                                          Body,Sociology of Health \ Class and
                                                                                                            Illness,Other \ Clot
                                                 224 \ Appearance and the Cl \ Civilizing Processes and£65.00 CasteHealth
                                                 264 pages Citizenship Studies,Nationalism,Gender
                                                                             Cl and Beyond \ The National£75.00
                                                                                                            Question: From the I
Introduction: Framing the Questions \ The Citizenship Question: Of the State 978-1-4129-2129-9 & Sexuality Studies (Genera
                                                 560 pages Social Psychology FRAMEWORKS \ Theory,Social Psychoanalytic P
                                                                             Cl 978-1-4129-3411-4          £95.00
Introduction \ Margaret Wetherell The Field of Identity Studies \ PART ONE:(General),CulturalStephen Frosh Theory
             Culture, Representation Bridget Jones and
                                                 192 pages New Gender Regime \ Feminism Undone? The & Sexuality Studie
                                                                             Cl 978-0-7619-7061-3          £67.00
Post Feminism and Popular Culture; and Identity series theCulture and Gender,Sociology of Gender,Gender Cultural Politics of
                                                 Exploring, Sociology of andCl 978-1-4129-8059-3
                                                                              Transforming the Interconnections of Epistemolog
Sharlene Nagy Hesse-Biber Feminist Research: 792 pages Interrogating Gender,Social Research Methods,Gender & Sexuality S
             Published in Second Edition \ Preface to 3.0 \ Theories Mass Tourism \ Economies \ Working under the Gaze \ C
                                                 296 pages Sociology         Cl 978-1-84920-376-0          £75.00
Preface \ Preface to the association with Theory, Culture & Society\ of Leisure,Tourism Studies,Human Geography (General),H
                                                 736 pages Sociology of Leisure,Hospitality, Travel & Tourism Management,Tou
                                                                             Cl 978-1-4129-2397-2          £95.00
Tazim Jamal and Mike Robinson Introduction: The Evolution and Contemporary Positioning of Tourism as a Focus of Study \ P
                                                 408 pages Research Methods 978-0-85702-887-7with Visual Materials: A Brief
                                                                             Cl for \ Researching          £75.00
Preface: introducing the third edition of this book About the companion websiteCultural Studies,Communication Research M
                                                 776 pages Qualitative Research (General),Social Research Methods,Communic
                                                                             Cl 978-1-84787-556-3          £95.00
Preface: Aims And Organization Of This Handbook \ PART ONE: FRAMING THE FIELD OF VISUAL RESEARCH \ Luc Pauwels An I
                                                 232 the Picture On a Pedagogy of Ethics in Visual Research: Methods,Resea
                                                                             Cl 978-1-4129-4582-0          £70.00
PART ONE: INTRODUCTION \ Introduction: Gettingpages Social\Research Methods,Communication ResearchWho's in the Pic
                                                 Sarah Pink Qualitative Visual Methodology: An Introduction \ Andrew Clark V
                                                                             Cl 978-0-85702-848-8
PART ONE: KEY DEVELOPMENTS AND ISSUES \ 288 pages Advances inResearch (General),Visual Culture £85.00      (General)
                                                 656 pages Sociological Research Methods,Social Introduction to the Philoso
                                                                             Cl OUT \ Miran Epstein        £85.00
Clive Seale Introduction and Guide to Using This Book \ PART ONE: STARTING 978-1-84920-798-0Research Methods,Research
                                                 280 pages Communication Research Methods,Content Analysis,Research Soci
PART ONE: TECHNIQUES OF INTERPRETATION \ Semiotic Analysis: A Brief History of the Subject The Problem of Meaning Met
                                                 464 pages Communication Research Methods
Critical Interpretive Methods: Social Meanings//Media Texts \ PART ONE: OVERVIEW \ Exploring the Mediascape: Chapter Pr
                                                 248 pages Communication Research Methods,Research Methods (General)
Prologue: Welcome to Communication Research: Finding your Path \ Getting Started: Possibilities and Decisions \ First Decis
                                                 360 \ Library Searches \ PART TWO: Methods,Research Methods (General),Re
PART ONE: GETTING STARTED \ What Is Research?pages Communication Research METHODS OF TEXTUAL ANALYSIS \ Semi
                                                           464 pages Content \ History : Some Precursors Quantitative Newspaper Rese
            Introduction \ PART ONE: CONCEPTUALIZING CONTENT ANALYSIS Analysis,Research Methods (General),Communication Anal
                                                           176 pages Social Research Methods,Study Skills (General),Qualitative Method
                                                                                         Cl 978-1-4129-2125-1          £72.00
            Introduction \ Introduction \ The Proposal - Readers, Expectations and Functions \ A General Framework for Developing Prop
                                                           400 pages Communication Research Methods,Communication Study Skills
                                                                                         Cl 978-1-4129-7472-1          £91.00
            Introduction to Qualitative Communication Research: Introduction: Working With (and Studying) Cops Applied Communicati
                        Introducing Qualitative Gathering Rich Data
                                                           224                           978-0-85702-913-3             £75.00
            An Invitation to Grounded Theory \Methods series pages\ Conducting Interviews for Grounded Theory Studies \ Coding in Gro
                                                           304 pages Defining Terms: Research Methods,Qualitative Research (General),
            Introduction to Critical Ethnography: Theory and Method: Communication What Is the Critical in Critical Ethnography Dialogue
                         THE Benchmarks in COMMUNICATION ON THE INTRA-INDIVIDUAL Theory,Communication and \ Herbert Blum
                                                           1712                          Cl 978-1-84860-113-0        £600.00
             VOLUME I: SAGEPROCESSING OF Communication pagesMass Communication LEVEL \ General ApproachesMedia Studies (G
                                                           1192 pagesCommunication and Media Studies (General)
                                                                                         Cl 978-1-4129-5937-7        £240.00
oviding students and researchers with a comprehensive two-volume overview of contemporary communication theory, the Encyclopedia
                                                           400 Communication \ Competing Voices for the Environment \ Social//Symbo
            Introduction \ Study and Practice of Environmental pages Communication and Media Studies (General),Environmental Studie
                          INTRODUCTION, in Communication pagesInterpersonal Communication,Communication and Media Studies (
                                                           1728                          Cl \ Introduction \ Mark L. Knapp and John A. Da
             VOLUME 1:SAGE BenchmarksHISTORY & COMMUNICATOR CHARACTERISTICS978-1-84860-165-9                         £600.00
                        SAGE Benchmarks in COMMUNICATION pagesMass \ Laurie Wilson and Ibrahim Al-Muhanna The Political Econo
                                                           1584                          Cl 978-0-85702-987-4        £600.00
             VOLUME ONE: INTERNATIONAL Communication IN CONTEXTCommunication (General),International Business & Managem
                         HEALTH COMMUNICATION IN THE 2048  DELIVERY OF HEALTH CARE ClBarbara M. Care Management,Public Health Edu
                                                                                         \ 978-1-84787-578-5         £750.00
            VOLUME 1: SAGE Benchmarks in Communication pagesHealth Communication,HealthKorsch and Vida Francis Negrete Doct
                                                           1144 pagesCommunication and Media Studies (General),Public \Archie Carr \
                                                                                         Cl 978-1-4129-5920-9        £230.00
            Peter Sandman \JoAnn Valenti \Rae Tyson \Rae Tyson \Michael Mehta \Bud Ward \Toby Ten Eyck \Archie CarrHealth Educati
                           HISTORY OF AUDIENCE STUDY \ Early pagesCommunication and Media Studies (General),Mass Communication
                                                           1320                          Cl 978-1-84787-579-2
             VOLUME 1:SAGE Benchmarks in Communication Positions \ T. Coffin Television's Impact on Society£600.00    \ B. Berelson The Sta
                                                           488 pages Mass Communication (General),Gender & Sexuality \ Brett Luncef
                                                                                         Cl 978-1-4129-9079-0          £80.00
            Read Schuchardt \Mcluhan, Marshall \Read Schuchardt Pornification of Everyday Life \ Brett Lunceford CyborgStudies (Gener
                           HISTORY AND THEORETICAL TRADITIONS \ Defining the Popular978-1-84920-758-4 Popular \ Robert Briffault
                                                           1400                          Cl \ Raymond Williams       £600.00
             VOLUME 1:Sage Benchmarks in Culture and Society pagesMusic,Popular Culture (General),Communication and Media Studie
                         LEGACIES AND INNOVATIONS \ Society pagesCultural The Uses of Literacy and the
                                                           1648                                                      £600.00
            VOLUME 1: Sage Benchmarks in Culture andBeginnings \ Stuart HallTheory Cl 978-1-84860-705-7Cultural Turn \ Raymond Wil
                        Sage Benchmarks in Culture and Society pagesPopular Culture (General)
                                                           1704                          Cl 978-1-84860-200-7        £600.00
            VOLUME ONE: HISTORICAL PERSPECTIVES ON POPULAR CULTURE \ Popular Culture in History \ Scott Cutler Shershow Punch
                                                           1000 \Annette Holba \Craig Cl 978-1-4129-5153-1
                                                                                         Maier \Janie Fritz \Oyvind Ihlen \Pat Gehrke \Core
            Richard Lanigan \Lawrence Frey, Stephen Konieczka pagesSocial Psychology (General),Cultural Theory,Social Theory
                        SAGE Benchmarks in Psychology 1592 pagesPsychology (General),CulturalR.P. Rohner Toward A Conception of
                                                                                         Cl Method \ Studies         £675.00
            P. Smith and D. Best Introduction \ VOLUME ONE: BASIC ISSUES \ Theory and978-1-84787-954-7(General),Cross Cultural Psyc
                                                            the varied Social & Cultural Cl 978-0-7619-2688-7
                                                                                         Anthropology,Communication and the world in the 20th
is one-volume encyclopedia includes around 250 essays on632 pages experiences of social movement media across£85.00Media Studies
                          THEORIZING ABOUT MOVEMENTS AFTER WORLD WAR II: Editor's Introduction to the Overall
                                                                                         Cl 978-0-85702-091-8        £600.00
             VOLUME 1:SAGE Library of Political Science 1640 pagesPolitics (General),Cultural Politics,Social Theory Handbook Editor's
                                                            \Jennifer Neal \Emanuela Todeva \Emanuela Todeva \Emanuela Todeva \Ema
                                                                                         Cl 978-1-4129-7911-5        £225.00
            Zachary Neal \Zachary Neal \Michelle Shumate1112 pagesSociology (General),Social Psychology (General),Communication an
                         THEORETICAL AND Culture and Society pagesSociology of Consumption,Cultural Theory £600.00
                                                           1808                           \ Ulrich Wyrwa Consumption and Consumer Socie
            VOLUME 1: Sage Benchmarks inHISTORICAL APPROACHES \ Historical RootsCl 978-1-84860-633-3
                                                           1664 pagesCultural around the world, from the Psychology,Consumer Market
                                                                                         Cl 978-0-87289-601-7        £385.00
e three-volume Encyclopedia of Consumer Culture covers consuming societies Studies (General),Consumer Age of Enlightenment to the p
                        SAGE Benchmarks in \ PART ONE: WORD USE \ Stephanie Lindemann and Anne Mauranen(General)
                                                           Linguistics                   Cl 978-0-85702-964-5           'It's Just
             VOLUME ONE: LEXICAL STUDIESLanguage and 1592 pagesLinguistics (General),Speech Communication£600.00 Really Messy
                        SAGE Library in Business and Management
                                                           \ Antecedents \ Stewart R.Cl for Business & Management (General),Commun
                                                                                          Clegg The Language         £450.00
             VOLUME ONE: THEORETICAL DEVELOPMENTS1304 pagesResearch Methods 978-1-84920-736-2of Power and the Power of La
                        SAGE Benchmarks in AcknowledgementspagesCommunication Research Methods,Social Research Methods Live
                                                           1712 \ Barbara Harrison Editor's Introduction: Researching Lives and the
            VOLUME I: Appendix of Sources Social Research Methods                        Cl 978-1-4129-3588-3        £600.00
                        SAGE Library of ISSUES, Methods 1648 pagesQualitative Research (General),Social Research Methods,Communic
                                                                                         Cl 978-1-4462-4102-8        £600.00
                         Paper ISBN
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 izational Communicationa 978-1-4129-9168-1 £31.99
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 n and Media Studies (General),Management Communication
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al Business & Management978-1-4129-9287-9 £39.99
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al Business & Management978-1-4129-2744-4 £46.00
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ement Communication Pa 978-1-4129-6472-2 £55.00

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ion Studies (General),Management Communication

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ional Culture,Organizational Psychology (General)
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mmunication (General),Nonverbal Communication
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of the Family,Close Relationships

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 cation & Health Promotion,Social Marketing
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  Culture,International Business & Management (General)
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ent Analysis,Research Methods for Cultural Studies,Research Methods (General)
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tative Research (General),Research Methods for £27.99 Studies,Ethnography

                       Pa 978-1-4129-9209-1 £35.99
ral),Environmental Studies/Physical Geography (General),Public Policy & Public Administration



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