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									                   Career Services Coordinator

NorthPark Campus has an excellent opportunity for a Career Services Coordinator. This
position’s main responsibility is assisting graduates find training-related employment.
This position provides guidance and assistance by matching employer needs with the
skills and abilities of graduates. In addition, this position ensures that placement
standards set forth by accrediting body for each program are met. Specific
responsibilities include:

   1. Ensures quality control and effective execution of the job responsibilities outline
      for the Career Services Coordinator.

   2. Assists graduates in finding training-related employment opportunities.

   3. Maintains a minimum 70% placement rate for each program offered by the

   4. Develops, sustains and nurtures relationship with employers. Provides
      development training to current and graduating students. Maintains appropriate
      and accurate placement records in accordance with accrediting body standards.

   5. Provides timely and accurate reports in accordance with college, state, federal,
      and accrediting body standards.

   6. Participates in the planning, organization, and facilitation of a minimum of two
      career fairs and advisory board meetings per year.

   7. Ensures that Career Services provides appropriate assistance to students
      looking for non-field related employment while completing their education.

   8. Establishes and maintains an electronic database containing student and
      graduate employment records, as well as, hard-copy records.

   9. Interacts effectively with campus staff and students, attends scheduled
      departmental meetings, and represents the campus in community activities.

   10. Makes appropriate recommendations to the campus management regarding
       process improvement.

   11. Performs/assists with other duties and projects as assigned.

This position requires an Associates Degree and three to five years of experience
working in career counseling or staffing agency area. The position requires personal
computer skills (Microsoft Office, inclusive of Word, Excel, and Outlook). In addition,
excellent presentation and interpersonal skills, plus accurate record keeping skills are a
must. Excellent spelling and grammar skills with the ability to communicate in a
courteous, tactful and concise manner, is essential.
If you are interested in applying for this position and meet qualifications of the position
please forward signed internal application with the most updated resume to Human
Resources. The internal application can be found on

If you know someone who meets these qualifications and may be interested in this
opportunity, please forward the resume to

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