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          Uniting the Flesh with the Word
31st January, 2010             Pastor Don Parnell                           Dayton, Ohio
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This document is a reformatted version of the summary made by Brother Parnell of his
message of Sunday 31st January as it was being played over Paltalk today, Monday 1st
February. [Please note: if you print this message, I suggest you copy it onto a ‘Word’
document, adjusting the margins to 1.8cm top, 1.7cm below, and 2.3cm each side.]

Shalom to all the ministers greeting us from Brother Ephraim's home. Columba told his
students, "There is only one God, if there were any more than that, then we would turn the
God's on one another"
Amen; I now finally have all the details of the trip set. Please pray for me now that the funds
will come in to support the time that is allotted for us in India. I know it will. There are
Pastors from Nepal and Pakistan that Brother Alirio will send invitations to. We are
travelling to India, Andraha Pradesh Province. Between March 9-30 we will be ministering
many places. The India trip is a fulfilment of yet another part of the Visitation of 2002. I've
not tried to go … or pushed the India visitation. It has come at the Lord's time.
‘ON THE WINGS OF A SNOW WHITE DOVE’;                  Shreveport, Louisiana. 28th Nov., 1965.
       55. Though I might smoke a cigarette, I never in my life; but though I would, He
       might forgive me for it; I believe He would. If I took a drink, I never in my life, but I
       believe He'd forgive me for it. And I love Him too much. God, help me; I don't want
       to do anything like that (See?), because I love Him. That stuff is gone from me,
       because when He changed me from a crow to a dove it made a difference; my
       appetite and things left me; then sin is not imputed to me, because I don't aim to do
       it; it's not in me to do it.
Look at that flesh-man; he was changed from a crow to a dove. We are not crows, vultures
or chickens in the flesh-man. We are Hawks, Doves; we are strong, clean, and holy and
hugged up to the Theophany, the Eagle. The Lord has blessed the true believers with
singers that can bring the Holy Spirit on the scene in a moment’s time. His Royal "Word"
now flows through my veins. [Lcf1: The Blood is the Word that flows.]
John Calvin said, "Thank God we came by predestination of God or we would surely mess
up his plan." John Wesley said, "Pray that God's plan be accomplished, not that you could
change it, but we should all feel that we can contribute to it."
‘THE RAPTURE’;                                 Yuma, Arizona. Saturday, 4th December, 1965.
       105. ...... Now, it's the seventh church age that takes the rapture. All of the other six
       died. But Enoch was translated because he was not found; God took him. But
       Enoch raptured, was a type of all of the rest of them dying, but the--the end time
       Bride will be called out of the (the rapturing, without death) --will be called out of the
       seventh church age. Which we are now bearing record of that age.
Did you see what we did! We Raptured without death! We are all Raptured and we didn't
go to the grave! It was Rapturing without death. We have born record of the Seventh Age
and we did just as Enoch - we Raptured out of it without death. We’ve been called out of
the Church Ages and are bearing record that the ages are over. To bear record of
something is to give witness of something that’s happened/finished.

You can only give true testimony to something that you personally witnessed. We are
bearing record of the Rapture because it is behind us. The Ages are over…
       A record is written of us and the great Rapture.
       A record is written of us and the great Resurrection.
       A record is written of us and the Wedding Supper
       A record is written of us and the great Body Change.
       A record is written of us and the great Millennium.
We are bearing record of all that we did. [Lcf1: The Opening of the Seals gave us an
entrance to be caught up to the Third Coming (Full Word).] Everything is in full view now.
We were born for such a time as this. There is no script for Fire and Brimstone to fall from
heaven. Yes, many man-made traditions are out there.
There is fire and brimstone in the Lake of Fire, there is hail and fire mingled on the ground,
there is hail stones, there is torment in the Lake of Fire and Brimstone. The Lake of Fire is
GOD the consuming Fire. Brimstone is an element of cleansing and God cleanses us by
passing us and all things through the Lake of Fire. The elements will be changed by the
Pillar of Fire, the consuming Fire of God. All the Lake of Fire is, is the White Throne of God.
God's pure Word of Authority purging all things; it is THE HOLY GHOST inside us doing
the Work!
Amen; Sis Pam is a wonderful singer in Christ. It's strange that this song, "I Love Him" was
the song that our Prophet used in the book, ‘The Seed is not Heir with the Shuck’. It is a
love story between the Word and the flesh-man. [Lcf1: I love the softness of the Holy Spirit
as It moves through the congregation.]
In this message the Lord allowed me to step out of my flesh-man and stand to the side and
watch the message go forth. We are in such unity that my flesh-man was calling for the
same thing that the Theophany had imprinted into me. The two are walking together,
working in the field, grinding at the mill.
God bless all of you that have sent funds for Haiti. Thank you very much, it is a great help.
We have sent US$800 dollars and we will be sending more. If you want to donate make a
check or money order to Lighthouse Christian Fellowship, send it to this address: 507
Rising Hill Drive, Fairborn, Ohio 45324. Mark in the memo section, "for Haiti".
Works is Faith expressed. Some people try to have supernatural faith. You miss many
blessing in life trying to make it supernatural. You have faith to come to church; you have
faith to walk out in life, to start your car. You have faith! It is common. You have faith that
you will eat dinner, start your car, how does it happen? You cook your dinner; you turn your
ignition over in the car to start it. We are hyssop weed in the flesh-man and God is using
me to spread blood all over his tabernacle. The Priest used hyssop weed to do so.
JAMES 2:14 to 25:     What doth it profit, my brethren, though a man say he hath faith, and
     have not works? can faith save him? If a brother or sister be naked, and destitute of
     daily food, And one of you say unto them, Depart in peace, be ye warmed and filled;
     notwithstanding ye give them not those things which are needful to the body; what
     doth it profit? Even so faith, if it hath not works, is dead, being alone.
     Yea, a man may say, Thou hast faith, and I have works: shew me thy faith without
     thy works Thou believest that there is one God; thou doest well: the devils also
     believe, and tremble. But wilt thou know, O vain man, that faith without works is
     dead? Was not Abraham our father justified by works, when he had offered Isaac
     his son upon the altar? Seest thou how faith wrought with his works, and by works
     was faith made perfect? And the scripture was fulfilled which saith, Abraham
     believed God, and it was imputed unto him for righteousness: and he was called the
     Friend of God., and I will shew thee my faith by my works. Ye see then how that by
     works a man is justified, and not by faith only.

       Likewise also was not Rahab the harlot justified by works, when she had received
       the messengers, and had sent them out another way? For as the body without the
       spirit is dead, so faith without works is dead also. For as the body is dead without
       the spirit so faith without works is dead.
[Lcf1: Uniting our Theophany with our flesh will put the works on display.] My Heavenly
Body just stepped out of me and walked to the side and I stood from this moment on and
AMOS 3:3: Can two walk together, except they be agreed?
Faith is beyond believing. Have you received the Holy Ghost ‘since you believed’! Faith is a
revelation to act out what you believe. [Lcf1: You can have a form of Godliness, but deny
the power thereof.] The Theophany is imprinting you, encrypting the very life in your flesh-
man. Faith and Works agree together. Two walk together and agree.
MATTHEW 24:28:            For wheresoever the carcase is, there will the eagles be gathered
The carcase and the Eagle = the two walking together in agreement. [Lcf1: Jesus said: "If
you draw nigh unto me, I'll draw nigh unto thee." Draw nigh unto the Sixth dimension, and
it will draw nigh unto you.] The Carcase becomes the Word made flesh. The Hawk soars
high, the flesh transformed into the companion to the Eagle. Eagle/Hawk = flip sides to the
coin. The flesh can be influenced, but the Theophany can not. The flesh can be
transformed into a vulture, a chicken, a crow, if we let it happen.
The Prophet is showing us the two promises, one to the Heavenly Body and one to the
earthly body. The two walking together produces Christ again. Where the Word is in the
flesh = the Eagle is gathered there from the Cloud.
        24:40: Then shall two be in the field; the one shall be taken, and the other left.
Working one with the other … the two working in the field, in the EARTH. One leaves and
the other goes back to the earth. While they are together we are working and enjoying this
life together. We are now moving to a point of "Agreement": not a bill of divorcement in the
        24:41: Two women shall be grinding at the mill; the one shall be taken, and the
        other left.
MARK 10:9: What therefore God hath joined together, let not man put asunder.
At your natural birth your heavenly body and your earthly body were joined together. Let
not man separate you from your Theophany. Your Heavenly Body and your Earthly body
will not separate until death they do part.
                                               Jeffersonville, Indiana. 18th February, 1965.
       128. Neither will a Christian eat on that dead a carrions from old denominational
       doctrines and things. They want the Word of God, fresh, the promise of the hour.
       God promised rabbits in the days of Luther. He promised other things in the days of
       others. But now He promised us a full square Meal, the full seven course Menu, for
       all the Seven Seals are opened, and everything is ready for the Word of God, to
       those who can receive!
The Eagle works and digs and hunts for new fresh manna all the time. When the Eagle
and Hawk are working together they find meat everywhere. [Lcf1: Dead carrion - things
that man gathers from a day gone by and tries to bring over into a new day.] Now we are
the FULL WORD; the Word and the manifestation. We have had a body change, a Rapture
and a resurrection. Our diet has changed us.
Your body changes when you eat the Word. You become strong and fly high into the blue.
[Lcf1: Our menu is the Third Coming. It's full of good protein.] They want to come and
preach the Second Coming. It is a waste of time to try and convince us to go backwards.

        130. She is now a dry shuck. It's passed; The Spirit of God passed through her, is
        true. And will not, she will not be heir with the a vindicated Seed Word. She sure will
        not be. She'll not be in the Rapture.
The flesh has pushed all of its strength into the Theophany manifestation. We are stepping
into the day of "Controlling the Elements". The flesh cannot go into Eternity. However, it
can go up to the dimensional things and let the Theophany flow through it. We are not
beyond mistakes, but we are willing to correct the mistake. Keep serving the Lord and
correct your mistake.
       132. The revival will be so small they'll never know it ever happened.
Only those to whom the Angel shook their world even knows that it is happening. [Lcf1:
Amen. A humble message; He hides it from the wise and the prudent.]
       133. Pentecostals said, "Oh, there is going to be a great thing happen.“ It's
       happening, and they don't know it. See, that's it. See? Yes, sir. "For where the
       Carcass is, there the eagles will be gathered," just as sure as the world.
We got Pentecostal clergy in the Mess-age, always looking way out in the future. Get your
binoculars off and you'll see the Word all around you. See? That's what It said. What is
the Carcass? The Word. He is the Word, the Carcass, Christ! "Christ in you," the same
yesterday, today, and forever. How true It is! The carcase is the flesh-man and he becomes
the Word.
       134. …Now He's moved right out of the Pentecostals, into the Seed.
He's moved right out of the flesh and given all the strength to the Theophany now.
       135. Because, it has to be the Seed. You can't beat nature. There is no, nothing
       else there for it to happen but the Seed, so the Seed will produce Itself. He's the
       same yesterday, today, and forever; the same Pillar of Fire, showing the same
       signs, the same Power, the same God, the same miracles, the same thing,
       vindicated the Word and the Bible, just exactly. He's the same yesterday, today, and
       forever. He's leading, tonight. God help us to see It and believe It! Sure!
Jesus wore shuck too. The flesh-man could do nothing until the Theophany showed Him
what to do. The Theophany imprinted into Jesus' flesh. He does the same for you. “The
Son can do nothing ‘til the Father shows him.”
      149. Notice, there will be no more carrier, mother churches, denominations, after
      this carrier shuck.
We have been birthed and are now growing into maturity. This is the age of "Maturity" …
the Angel visitation 2003, March - In the time of Maturity.
      150. Because, after the shuck, there is no more, nothing left by then but just the
      Grain. Is that right? It's got to be the Grain. It's got to be the same kind that went into
      the ground, Jesus Christ the same yesterday, today, and forever, a Spirit come
      upon the Bride to do the same things that He did. See? It's the reproducing again of
      the Grain.
The Prophet took us back to the Spoken Word Body of Jesus; it is reproducing again today.
        151. The Word, yet young, spake for Itself, "And know not that I must be about My
        Father's business?" Huh!
        152. There is the secret of the Message now, just exactly, "the Father's business."
        What is the Father's business? Could you think of what the Father's business was,
        in Him? To fulfil what Isaiah said, "A virgin shall conceive." …
The Mmessage was young then, that was the secret of the Message in 1965. He knew the
WORD had to grow up, "Mature".
        … Fulfil what Isaiah, said again, "The lame shall leap like a hart," and all these thing
        would take place. Like Moses said, "The Lord your God shall raise up a Prophet,
        among you, liken unto me." It was the Father's business, to fulfil that Word.
[LC1: Amen. We are about the Father's business in the Third Coming.] The business of the
Pillar of Fire (Father) is to fulfil the Word in the Flesh-man.

        152. Well, if that come down through them stalks, of them natural women; what
        about these stalks of these spiritual, church women? Churches means women,
        women means "churches," rather. Is that right? Then what is it now? "We must be
        about the Father's business," the Wheat would cry back, the Grain. Yes, sir. What
        must it do? Vindicate Malachi 4, vindicate Luke 17:30, vindicate Hebrews 13:8,
        vindicate Saint John 14:12, vindicate all of His Word. Vindicate Revelations, the
        10th chapter, of the opening of the Seven Seals, and the mysteries of God; even to
        serpent's seed, and all, would be manifested; marriage and divorce and all these
        other mysteries that's been hid under the pillars for all these years
[Lcf1: Vindicating the Word for Your day - "Works is Faith Expressed" - (Perfect Faith.)] We
have polly parrots saying it but don't want to go into action.
      158. What are you eating on? Where you getting your daily diet? Where are you
      feeding, from the Word of God or some old a carrion that's been used back yonder,
      years and years ago? Is your experience, even tonight, with something you've
      picked up many years ago; or is it fresh and new tonight, new Manna that's just fell
      from Heaven, and you're feeding your soul on It, looking tomorrow for something
      good and better?
Amen, that is my spirit as a Hawk. I'm looking all the time and I know that my Eagle is even
sharper than I.
       169. Remember, I'm giving you the Food of the eagle, the promise of God. He calls
       His Prophets, "eagles." He calls Himself "a Eagle," He is Jehovah Eagle.
"Eat and make your body".
‘LAMB AND DOVE’:                                       Yakima, Washington. 5th August, 1960.
       E-14. The dove, he is a very unusual bird. A dove is the only bird that we know of,
       that doesn't have a gall. A dove has no gall at all. All the other birds have gall. But
       he has no gall, so in the dove, is no bitterness. And in God is no bitterness, or in the
       one that the dove lives in, and leads, there's no bitterness. Now, the dove, the
       reason he's made like that, it's because of his diet. Now, he could not eat the things
       that a vulture eats, because it would kill him right away. …
[Lcf1: When we don't listen, then we don't move.] Look at this beautiful Bird. It is the flesh-
man with a Born-again experience. We have been changed into his likeness, changed our
diet. The dove doesn't need a gall to eat filthy things of the world. The dove’s diet is the
reason the dove was created. The two walk together, the dove and its diet. [Lcf1: We have
a Theophany on the inside of us to make us (flesh) Christ-like.]
        … And another thing, I'd like to speak about the dove, right here, is that a dove is
        one of the most cleanest birds there is that flies the heavens. There's nothing as
        clean as a dove, and he doesn't have to watch about it. His body puts out a oil that
        goes to his feathers and constantly keeps him clean. Oh, what a symbol, that the
        believer has got a oil of the Spirit that lives in him. Keeps his feathers clean, the
        dust and things doesn't bother a dove. …
The dove body is the flesh-man in Christ. The oil is the Holy Spirit keeping him clean from
the inside out.
        … His little body is oily, and it keeps the dust and things away. It just constantly
        flows, and as he flies, the dust flies away from him. It cannot stick on him, because
        this certain oil comes from him for that purpose, and dirt cannot stick on him. What a
Glory; my little body is oily, full of the Holy Ghost and it is keeping the dust off of me. Glory,
dirt can not stick on him.
‘THE ANOINTED ONES AT THE END TIME’;                   Jeffersonville, Indiana. 25th July, 1965.
      249. "Now, you called them 'vultures,'" you say, "Brother Branham." That's right.
      But, remember, a vulture is a bird. He is anointed to fly, also. "The two spirits be so
      close it'd deceive the Elected..." A vulture is as big as an eagle.

      He could fly like that eagle; and is anointed to fly, or to preach, or to prophesy,
      notice, as same as the eagle. But he can't follow the eagle in height. No, no. If he
      tries to follow the eagle, his follies will be made manifest. Yes, sir. He can't follow
      the eagle. Oh, he can say, "I believe in Jesus Christ being the Son of God. I believe
      God the Father, Almighty, Creator of heavens and earth; Jesus Christ His Son, and
      so forth." Oh, sure, they can do that. But what about Him being the same yesterday,
      today, and forever?
When the flesh-man transforms himself into a lazy Laodicean vulture he can not go into the
spheres with the Eagle. Don't be a vulture in the flesh; transform into the Hawk.
        250. An eagle is a special-built bird. There is nothing like him, on the earth. See? If
        a buzzard try to follow him, or any other bird, he would disintegrate. His follies would
        be made manifest, sure enough. He would blow up when he'd try to put the new
        Wine in an old bottle. See, he would blow up. He would disintegrate. His body isn't
        put together with the structure to hold him up there. When he gets in them great
        spheres up yonder, if he wasn't made, ordained, predestinated, born eagle, he'll
        bust to pieces. See? The feathers would fly out of his wings, and he'd fall to the
        earth. Sure. He can't follow the eagle, in height. If he tries to, his folly will be made
        manifest. That's right. You can't.
I watched Brother Alirio blow up a vulture’s body today on Facebook. That vulture couldn't
follow him.
       251. Why? He can't see like the eagle. What good does it do to try to jump real high,
       and can't see where you're at when you're up there? And if he should try, even try to
       impersonate this eagle, in heights, he becomes so blind he don't know what he's
       worked up to. That's right. He is screaming and shouting, and carrying on; but just
       speak the Word to him, boy, there his folly is made known. Talk to him about the
       baptism in the Name of Jesus Christ, or, Him being the same yesterday, today, and
       ever, all like that, and tell him.
       "Why, oh, now wait just a minute!" See? Oh, yeah, there his feathers are dropping.
       See, he's all jumped up, and prophesy, and casting out devils, and speaking in
       tongues, and shouting, and carrying on, running up-and-down the floor. But don't try
       to follow up There; why, he'll sure be made known. Yet, he's ordained. He's
       anointed. He can fly. He can balance hisself, get up there, but not... just so far. See,
       he can eat a carrion, but he can't eat the fresh Meat that comes from the Throne. He
       is blind. He is all worked up, but he don't know what he's worked up about.
See, that same Spirit that fell upon him, like the rain, isto make him a wheat; he's not a
wheat to begin with. He blows up. "Oh, I can't go for some... Oh, no, sir! I know Doctor
Jones said..." All right, go ahead. See? Go ahead, if you want to.
       252. No, notice, he (vulture) is not born, or built, or predestinated, to be that kind of
       a bird (Eagle). He might be a lemon growing on an orange tree, but he never come
       from the roots. He's been added. And when they get so high in their denominations
       that they can't see the predestinated Word of God vindicated, then their folly is
       made known. "Oh, that stuff, Halo over head, and all, oh, It's nonsense." See? Made
The lemon added on was the flesh-man. Adam was Theophany and the flesh was added
onto him.
       253. He is not built to see that far. He can only see as far as his denominational
       glasses will let him look. But, after that, he's as blind as a bat. It's then his folly is
       made known. See? That's where the true eagle sets down to eat. Yes, sir. That's
       where the true, elected eagles sees what he is. When he can't take that Word, they
       know right then he's a denominational vulture. He is not built to see that far. He can
       only see as far as his denominational glasses will let him look. But, after that, he's
       as blind as a bat. It's then his folly is made known.

       See? That's where the true eagle sets down to eat. Yes, sir. That's where the true,
       elected eagles sees what he is. When he can't take that Word, they know right then
       he's a denominational vulture.
       254. Why, can't he fly? Cause, look what he's been eating on. He's been eating on
       rotten denominational carrion. That won't spiritualize his body, won't put him in
       spiritual fitness, in other words, to carry him up above the denominational
       differences. See? See, he's just fed on rotten stuff; his body is made out of that. He
       can't go up there where that fresh Meat carries that eagle. He just can't do it. See?
        255. That fulfils Matthew 24:24. He's flying, jumping up in the air, flopping his wings,
        but he just can't get high enough. See? That's right. See, he can't go, he can't reach
        high enough to get that fresh Manna. He can eat the old manna that's down here on
        the ground, He can eat that, and just gloat over it, and squawk and holler, and carry
        on, jump up and fly like another eagle. He's anointed, like another bird. And he is a
        type of an eagle, a buzzard is. We know that. He sure is, but he can't follow that
        genuine eagle. See? He just can't do it. No, sir. His body isn't built; he's been eating
        on different carrion, see, and it won't be the fresh Meat, the fresh Manna …
I went to Adams County, Ohio, to a little cabin and stayed there praying to God for our
direction. The flesh-man united with the Word of God.
I wanted to write each of you on our email list at Lighthouse Christian Fellowship. My
purpose is to discuss our direction for the Assembly. I want to review where we are going
and what is influencing us in our journey. Our journey is complete when we cross over from
this realm. First I want to say that everyone is welcome to our Assembly and always will be.
I've often said, "Come as you are, it doesn't matter". Well, in one sense of the word that is
right for a new comer; but even a new comer will be corrected if they are offensive or
For instance, a man came into our Assembly not long ago and had a ball-cap on during the
service. One of our deacons went to him and told him to remove his hat in respect for God,
the ministry, and the Assembly. That new comer hasn't been back and that doesn't bother
me. The person obviously had no respect for God or man or he would have taken the
correction and continued to come. If you can't show respect then you do not belong in the
presence of God. I remove my hat when I pray, I remove my hat in the presence of being
introduced to a lady, I remove my hat when I enter into an assembly dedicated to God, and
that is just respect that we all should have for God and one another.
There is a Scripture that I want to place in this letter before going further. Solomon spoke it
and it is so true in this day. It is as follows:
SONG OF SOLOMON 2:15: Take us the foxes, the little foxes, that spoil the vines: for our
        vines have tender grapes.
Solomon is saying that it is the "small things" that we can't seem to understand and we try
to logically get around them. Jesus made a plain statement concerning this scripture when
he said, "You strain at a Nat and swallow a camel". You can take the great big mysteries
and revelations and just get so excited and swallow them whole, yet it is the small things
that we strain and complain and make excuses about continually. We step over them.
This is what Captain Naaman did when Elisha didn't come out of his tent to address the
Captain. Elisha told him to go to the Jordan River and dip himself seven times and he
would be made clean. It was too simple. Captain Naaman said, "I'll go home to Damascus.
Our rivers are cleaner than Jordan"? A little servant said, "If he would have asked you to do
a great thing would you not have done it? He's asked you to do a small thing. Why can't
you go and dip into the Jordan River like he has asked?"
The Prophet said to us in his way of putting it, and I think it is very wise;
      "Some guy got after me the other day and said, "Why don't you leave them people
      alone. The People think you're a Prophet.

       Why don't you teach them how to see visions and walk before God and teach them
       how to use gifts in the church?" I said, "If they don't know their ABC's, how am I
       going to teach them algebra?
[LCF1: We need to be sincere.] Step up to the fundamentals of the flesh-man and it will
lead you into the supernatural things like controlling elements and creation.
       "Some guy got after me the other day and said, "Why don't you leave them people
       alone. The People think you're a Prophet. Why don't you teach them how to see
       visions and walk before God and teach them how to use gifts in the church?" I said,
       "If they don't know their ABC's, how am I going to teach them algebra? If they don't
       know kindergarten, don't know how to behave themselves, don't know how to look,
       and act, and dress, and be decent, how you going to teach them Prophetic things?"
Jesus said, "If you don't believe the earthly things, how you going to believe if I tell you
heavenly things?"
Having said these things I want to be clear concerning my message. I believe the
fundamentals of this Message were put into position for our foundation. They were laid
securely and understandably by the Prophet William Branham. If I have a different view
than him on the foundational things I drop my view. Remove the golden wedge and the
Babylonian garment from your tent.
I adapt to his view because He taught us how to come to spiritual things. William Branham
taught us that accepting the path of our ABC's will lead us into the supernatural. You can't
find the answer to any math problem, no matter what type, without applying the simple
foundational math processes. We can't have the complete leading of God for ourselves, or
an Assembly, unless we are willing to apply the general mathematics of William Branham's
Message to our life and our Assembly. I've dropped my views on several things to come to
this point in my spiritual walk. It has drawn me into the supernatural and pulled a people of
God out of the past and into the present. I know it was the right decision.
Another clear position by our Prophet has helped me so much. He said;
        "Every little jot, you must be faithful in everything. It's always the little fox that spoils
        the vine. It's not the big things you do; it's the little things you leave undone.
        Remember, a chain is only its strongest at its weakest link. "Blessed are they that
        do all the commandments of God, that they might have a right to enter in."
Do all God said, and He said for women to have long hair. A man told me not long ago,
said, "I don't preach a clothes-line religion." I said, "Then you're not preaching the Gospel."
God laid it out there, He said what to do. And you should do it. That's your natural,
reasonable service for God. What are the little things, what little insignificant things?
Jesus said, "Blessed are they that would take all the little things and do them." Such as a
woman to let her hair grow, leave it alone". That's just something she can do in service for
God, and she won't even do that. She puts on pants and paints herself up and then says
she doesn't have a Jezebel spirit when that is what's on her. It's the simple things and she
won't even do that. And then say to me, "Oh, teach us the great things." "How can I teach
the great things, when you won't do the simple, common things? Because, you see, your
motive and your objective are wrong."
As your pastor, I'm looking at your motives and objectives. I believe everything that I've
written in this letter. I believe we had a Prophet that taught us correctly in these
fundamental things. I believe we have a Prophetic ministry to take us further today. When
we walk over top of what we've been taught, by revelation through a Prophet, then our
motives are not right in the concepts of our ABC's. Let me make it clear for each one of us.
I stand in the fundamentals as our Prophet stood and that is the only place I know to stand.
These things keep us safe from the storm that is raging in the world! “On Christ the solid
rock I stand and all other ground is sinking sand.” Let me teach you the ABC's of my

I saw the notes of all the ministers at the Anniversary of King Theophany Church; excellent
messages. The Capping by Brother Winston was beautiful - God is keeping us in the third
coming and protecting us. Men should live holy and pure and not be in the world
performing the filth of the age. Men’s habits should be clean, holy and pure. Men shouldn't
be putting on women's clothing of any kind. Men shouldn't be wearing ear rings, necklaces,
bracelets. Men shouldn't be showing their bodies in public and should be wearing clothing
that are modest and not tight, pegged or no sleeves.
Our communication should be clean and not foul-mouthed. Or at least, if a man can't seem
to find victory in these things, he understands that they are wrong, based on the preaching
of the ministry at our Assembly.
Women should dress modest, holy, pure, and not show their bodies in public. Tight
dresses, short dresses, men’s clothing such as pants, should not be worn by the sisters.
These actions clearly show the form of a woman’s figure and display a spirit of lust. Therein
is the wrong objective and motive in the heart. The Prophet said she is guilty of committing
adultery when she does these things. Who am I to overturn the Prophet's interpretation on
these things? I've never found where "progression" in the revelation removed any of these
fundamentals taught us. The hair is a woman's glory; the natural look is a woman's beauty,
[Brother and Sister Bosch were shouting on the phone-line.] and the modesty is a woman's
chastity and respect in life. To walk over top of these things, and try to make yourself
something else, is to say that God didn't make you right. Therefore, you want to create
something else besides what he made you. It is a spirit of rebellion.
These things are not a law to go by or an order to keep. These principles are the Life of
Christ in the Character of the believers in this third coming. If a man or women doesn't want
to enjoy these privileges of being free from sin and condemnation then I don't condemn
them for that. As Jesus said, "They are already condemned." It is my duty to preach the
gospel and try to bring them out from under that condemnation. And be assured, I will
preach the Gospel concerning these things.
I am like Paul, "If anyone is contentious", or if anyone wants to argue, be disrespectful,
stand in rebellion, or otherwise in these matters, then I have no such custom in the church.
If you choose not to come to this revelation I will not argue with you. These things that I
have spoken are not a custom, a law or an order. What I am speaking about is a "Nature of
God", a way of life that is enjoyable. If that is not what it is to you then you should check
your experience closely and determine if you really believe my Gospel that God has given
to me.
"Come as you are" is not a Scripture to be found anywhere in the Bible. And it was not a
belief of the Prophet William Branham. However, I have said, "Come as you are and you
are welcome in the Assembly." I meant it too! But after you sit through months and months
of ministry, preaching, and proofs of the Scripture concerning these things, …‘Come as you
are’ is the charismatic movement … I expect you to be convicted of the Holy Spirit and
change. That word "Come as you are" is to new comers, those who do not know any
better. It is not to those who know better and just want to remain in that spirit of the World.
Entering into the Presence of God with a willing spirit of rebellion is as dangerous a position
as that of Cain's human spirit.
I hope that I have made myself clear enough for you to know that I am not making a
church-order or a law or a ritual out of these things. However, I want the believers of the
Assembly to be able to come to church and worship God without having to look at form
tight cloths, exposed bodies, and bare flesh. We should not have to fight Worldly spirits in a
place that is supposed to be a safe haven; a place of God's Presence.
Let's respect one another and keep the house of God holy. After all, we dedicated it to him.
I love you all and I pray that what I have said has not offended any of you. If what I have
said has offended you then check your spirit because these things are just the ABC's of my
My flesh-man is so in tune with God's Spirit and His movement that it was my flesh-man
that spoke all this. My Theophany stood off to the side and watched the whole thing. I just
walked back into my body in this service. Listen to Him talk.
The Theophany is now telling us what we are moving into. Let's be sincere!!! WE HAVE
THE FULL WORD NOW. LET'S BE SINCERE WITH IT NOW! Let's humble ourselves to
the move of the Holy Spirit because the move into further things is going to happen.

Next, we move further into the message ‘THIS DAY, THIS SCRIPTURE IS FULFILLED’
Feb, 65, Park Auditorium. We can fulfil our Scripture when we unite the shuck and the
Seed, the Eagle/Hawk together. I heard a cry from the very throne of God, said come up
higher and leave this World behind, you’re a part of me says the Father, the reflection of
myself says you are mine. Such a cry made as the eagle screams, come up higher and
leave this World behind, no longer, in the barnyard, you’re an eagle you can soar into the
blue. It's a great time and God has given us His mysteries. Now He is pulling us up into the
Rock away from the World to protect us from the Judgments

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