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					What Women Wants?

[unedited] [anyone with an idea can supplement or argue] This is only the ‘Tip of the Iceberg.’

Are there guys out there seeking for an answer on how to deal with women? Could be wife or
girlfriend. I have the same question too! Many ups and downs, every single day they change like
a stock market. You can’t predict if they show you the same behavior or they’re playing. Now,
as a man I tend to be sensitive in a way to look for things you think she’ll be in a good mood or
not. She can be in a minute be thoughtful and caring and the next thing you know something
trigger her anger and you don’t know where it came from! The result? It’s the start of arguments
between you two and started to escalates don’t know where or when it will end. So here are some
of the common behaviors that you should check before danger comes:

1. She can be quite when she wakes up in the morning.

2. Sometimes she’s doing something and it seems she can’t figure it out how.

3. “kamikaze” behavior, she just blurted out coming from nowhere and don’t know what it

4. Something you said during the conversation, and she just explode!

5. It could be “Anger Management” issues, past behavior with family issues triggered her
tendency to be violent. This is a different scenario.

6. Started a conversation where she disagrees’ with you because she thinks you’re stupid, even
she can’t spell it out the word “stupid!”

7 . If you call or email her without any answer and you decided to email many times, wandering
why you think she don’t love you anymore and you want to move on…then she started emailing
you back and sad with so much frustration…and the email goes on and on without stopping.

There are lots of reasons out there why women act so strange and can’t figure it out, why? It can
be a lot of factors; it maybe culture. Some Asian countries tend to be more reserve, very
emotional and sensitive. In other words they’re not open to their problems and if you try to ask
them what’s wrong they just say, “I am ok.” There are people coming from Europe, America and
in South America they’re very “vocal” and doesn’t care. It could be a lot of reasons out there.
But here are some of the tips that might help to have a better relationships with someone. And by
the way this is just only some of the common ways to do it.
1. Try to have an atmosphere of “love early in the morning.” What does it mean? Try to cook
something. Don’t open your mouth early in the morning with problems and blaming each other
what happen yesterday. And be the “Captain” of the relationship even at the start of the day. You
don’t have to be strong in nature, but with mellow voice and with love, it makes a big

2. Try to offer yourself if she’s doing something and tell her “It’s ok I can do this, dear.” And if
you have conversation try to let her talk before you talk. If you can try, let her express her
feelings although her ideas are wrong, but try to approach the situation with your “voice down”
and tell her “I think you are right but maybe how about…” never start to argue until she
understands your point of view in non-violent way. If there is some ‘Anger Management’ issues
between the two of you then try to get a Professional to help you out otherwise marriage or
relationships of any sort is at stake. The hardest part is when somebody doesn’t want to talk.
Never learn and never will. It could be she had issues and doesn’t want to bother you, or the girl
said,” not sure we can be together so why bother”, or you let her upset…so on and so forth.
Conversation is a big deal! No other way but to talk. It could be breaking up the only way but to
have have peace of mind is big difference….

3. It’s not what you think it is guys, not suggesting we will be submissive all the time to the
ladies no, and it is not healthy, is having control of the situation and have a better relationships.

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