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					                                      100                WAYS TO WORK

                                             YOUR BUSINESS!!

                                                Thanks Jill Myhre

1. Invest in a Mary Kay        2. Place current and          3. Send a catalog to a co-4. Ask your hairdresser to
     WebSite. Then          prospective clients on the        worker that as moved.     place your business cards
Advertise it!! Click here    company PCP program.                                             at her station.
                             6. Post a catalog in the      7. Hold an open house. Click 8. Have a get to know
5.       Post a catalog in    employee lunch room.                     here                you party with your
 the teacher's lounge at                                                                       neighbor's.
your child's school click
   9. Advertise in your      10. Give a catalog to the     11. Include a Business Card 12. Place ad's in the local
    alumni newsletter      receptionist at your doctor's      or flyer with your bill  high schools newsletters
and/or local newspaper.         or dentist's office.                payments.          giving specials for prom,
       Guidelines                                                                           winter ball, etc
       General Ads                                                                     makeovers. Click here for
        Color Ad's                                                                               flyer
 13. Put current catalog     14. Ask friends to have a     15. Advertise in your church 16. Contact local school
   or business cards in               show.                         bulletin.             cheerleading squad
 your neighbor's door.                                                                         coaches.
    Include a coupon.

                            18. Host a show before or         19. Mail out samples,         20. Advertise at pre-
                             during a PTA meeting.           catalogs and a wish list.    schools for the working
   17.           Host an                                                                           mom.
 office party or brunch.
    21. Get a list from   22. Set up a display at a craft 23. Have your husband or           24. When sending
Welcome Wagon. New                    fair.               significant order promote at    emails have your website
 people may be looking                                               work.                 within your signature.
for a consultant or a new
     job in this area.
 25. Hold a Christmas 26. Offer a Christmas wish 27. Set up a display at a mall.           28. Have an answering
Shopping Show for men list to your guest and then                                         machine and have it state
  (or for Mother's Day)    call the gift giver and tell                                        your business.
                           him or her what the guest
   29. Wear your Mary 30. Use Mary Kay checks on 31. Ask past hostesses at                32. When visiting out of
         Kay pin.           your personnel account.      shows to talk about their free   town family bring Mary
                                                                    products.                Kay samples and
33. Encourage frequent     34. Encourage relatives to      35. Build a before & after
customers to regularly     book a show. Click here                 Portfolio
     plan shows.                                                                             36.           When
                                                                                          flying place brochures in
                                                                                          the pocket seat with your
                                                                                             phone number only.
 37. Conduct Skin Care 38. Start an E-mail address
 Surveys click here for book of customers who want
       survey cards        to know what the monthly         39.          Contact local      40.         If taking the
                           specials are, don't forget to     church youth groups to       train leave brochures with
                          mention the hostess specials.   contact girl nights (churches      your phone number.
                                                         usually buy gifts up front for
                                                           girls attending i.e. wrapped
                                                             nail polish & lip gloss)
    41. Give out your     42. Give products as gifts or                                   44. Have a display at job
business card to anyone             donations.                                                     fairs.
     that helps you.                                         43.           Go to local
                                                             dance schools to set up
                                                              displays or advertise.
                                                            47. If you live near where     48. Go to motivational
  45.             Contact
                                                         the Airlines Headquarters are     seminars and network.
 schools and see if they     46.          Leave your
                                                            contact them in regards to
have advertising within business cards on bulletin
                                                          doing glamour training with
their parent newsletters boards or in local businesses
      to off set cost.
   49. Always have           50. Have you and your        51. Go to health spas (most        52. Go to hotels and
baggies with samples to family members wear MK T- have vendors come in once a               offer the staff a quick
Pass out (don't forget to     shirts or sweatshirts.             month to set up)         make-over on their breaks
 include your business                                                                     (the mgr could offer as
           card)                                                                                appreciation)

      click here
    53. Leave your         54. Join your Chamber of      55. Display at health fairs   56. Do a Fragrance
 brochures in doctor ,            Commerce.                  connected within         Survey click here for
dentist, beauty salons.                                 corporations, this is a great     survey cards
                                                       way to show skin care and sun
 57. Do a silent hostess    58. Host your own show.     59. Contact your local Girl 60. Birthday Leads click
program with an out of     Could even be a fundraiser             Scouts.                     here
town friend or relative.    for your favorite charity.

61. Call local hospitals     62. Take a Satin Hands         63. Go to bridal fairs.       64. Get brides out of the
    and offer to do         recipe to every potluck.                                            newspaper.
pampering sessions in
the break room during
  nurse appreciation
65. Give a client, friend 66. Call past hostesses and     67. Do appreciation days at
or relative 10 brochures   ask for referrals give an         places of businesses.
  to pass on to others.           incentive.                                                 68.           New Mom's
   69. Set up display   70. Have a booth at a school 71. Contact local businesses                  72. Ladies Clubs
tables with drawings in             fair.             to be the vendor to supply
     clothing stores.                                  gifts to their best clients.
    73. Do fragrance     74. Send a catalog to your                                           76. Girl Parties Click
         surveys.         Tupperware, Discovery                                                     here
                        Toys, etc. reps or exchange 75.          Bring flyers with
                                  shows.             gift ideas to local firehouses
 77. Follow through on 78. Go to local hospitals and                79.
  every booking lead. give out samples to Nurses.
                                                                                            80.      Professional
                                                                 Bring goodie bags to         Women Click here
                                                                  bank tellers.
                                                             83. Place up flyers in         84. Have a Referral Club
                                                           apartment laundry rooms.
  81.        Call your
                          82.      Do a Web Class.            click here for flyer                   click here
      Realtor with
suggestion of Mary Kay            click here
     new home gift
 85. Random mailings.                                    87. Ask friends, family or           88. Set up in a Bridal
Open a phone book and                                 clients to place your brochures                 Shop
   randomly choose        86.         Do a fishbowl      within their break rooms.
businesses or residences drawing in local businesses:                                                click here
      in the area.                  How To
                                     Entry Form

89. Put an ask me about    90. Leave your business         91. Remember the 3ft rule,        92. Play Tic-Tac-Toe
 Mary Kay button on       card with your tip for the     hand your business card out to
  your purse or coat.              waiter.               anyone that is in 3 feet of you.
                                                                                            Click here
 93. Have you and your     94. Offer a bridal registry    95. Do a join open house          96. Referral by Friend
 family members wear                                     with other in home business.
     MK T-shirts or                                                                                  Click here

 97. Put the Mary Kay    98. Do Lipstick Surveys     99. Ask you manicurist if 100. Brochures placed in
   logo on your car.  click here for supporting doc you can place business cards    Bridal Shops.
                                                           at her station.
                                                                                     Click here

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