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									Phoenix Orthodontist, Dr. Matthew Dunn, Provides Invisalign Technology
For Adults And Teens

Phoenix, AZ, 20-JUL-2012 - Phoenix Orthodontist, Dr. Matthew Dunn offers
adults and teens the most advanced technology and methods to achieve
straight and beautiful teeth. The doctor offers solutions that include
Invisalign technology that eliminates the need for unsightly, metal
appliances and gives patients the results they seek effectively and

When interviewed recently Dr. Dunn stated, "Many adults and teens want
straight, beautiful teeth but find that metal appliances do not allow
them the flexibility that is needed for their active lifestyles. In
addition, many people do not want to wear unsightly metal appliances for
the length of time required to achieve results. I have included
Invisalign technology in my practice so that these individuals have a
viable option that will give them the beautiful, straight teeth they want
and the ability to maintain their normal eating habits. I work very
closely with my patients to make sure that they receive all of the care,
information and training they need to achieve and maintain their
beautiful smiles indefinitely."

When preparing an individual for Invisalign technology, the doctor will
perform an examination and use 3-D computer technology to create
customized aligners. Aligners gradually move the teeth until your teeth
reach the position that is desired. These aligners are clear and there
are no metal brackets or wires that hold them in place. They are easily
removed when you eat, drink, brush or floss your teeth.

The doctor will normally recommend Invisalign aligners for individuals
who have issues with crowded or crooked teeth, gaps, over-bites, deep-
bites and/or buck-teeth. They are also very effective when a relapse of
previous orthodontic work has occurred. During the initial consultation,
Dr. Dunn will discuss the type of positions that will be required and the
estimated length of time required to achieve the results that are

To get more information about how Phoenix Orthodontist, Dr. Matthew Dunn
can help adults and teens achieve beautiful smiles using the latest
Invisalign technology visit today.
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