Big Meeting Minutes January Grayshott by jennyyingdi


									  Minutes of the BIG General Meeting Business Meeting held on Tuesday 24th January
                             2012 at the Fox & Pelican

                                       Meeting commenced 6.17pm
Peter & Vivien Harrison (Grayshott Concerts), Brian Archer (Absolute Power Electrical Services), Clive Slaughter
(Grayshott Parish Council), Kim Bibby (Fox & Pelican), Gillian Rawcliffe (Columbine B+B & FROGS), Graham Page
(Golden Valley Poultry, Log Station & new website Co-Guru), Gordon Sanderson (Scouts & St Luke’s Church), Ann
Myers (Parish Council), Pete Hatch (, Social Club & & new website Co-Guru ), Lynda & Robin Davies
(Blaze House Art & Hampshire Chimney Services), Caroline & Kevin Kaighin (Kaighin & Daughter), Jason Powell
(The Bath Room), Debbie Norman (Grayshott Care & Grayshott Parish Council), Myles Hill (Coop), Andrew
Broxholme (Waveplus Systems Ltd), Phil Bates (Grayshott Society & Archive Group), Glen Myers (Grayshott Pottery),
Ken Williams (Grayshott Cricket Club), Peter Budd (Grayshott Stagers), Lynn Gale (Undershaw Preservation Trust),
Sudha Rai (Gurkha Durbar Restaurant), Marek Ujma (Beta I.T. Services & new website Co-Guru), David Phillips (PiG),
Myles Hill ((Co-Operative Group), Julia Stevens (Grayshott Books), Sue Hinchcliffe ((Pilgrims), Adrian Blyth (Adrian
Blyth Specialist Cars), Kevin & Caroline Kaighin (Kaighin & Daughters Ltd), Vivian & Peter Harrison (Grayshott
Concerts), Lorraine Vidgen (Magical Rooms), Phil O’Connor (Sportive Photo), Michelle Reidy ((Post Office &
Grayshott Galette), Liam Duncan (Workmates), Charlotte Moss (Flower Vogue), Lucy King (Paws For Success),
Rachael Mulraney & Olivia Noorani (Amelie), Bishnu Kharel (Bay Leaf restaurant), Doug Holman (New Direction
Enterprises). Apologies for any omissions; this was lifted from the sign-in register.

Sarah Evans, Francis Gottesman, Bernard Rigg, Barbie McSean and Ruth Greenfield

Marek Ujma and Lorraine Vigden introduced themselves as new members of BiG.

Grayshott in Bloom
It was unanimously agreed that BiG should be adorned again this summer with a floral display but it was
reported that a new trailer for the water bowser was needed. The cost of replacement was estimated at £2,000
(£2,500 - £3,000 for a new trailer and bowser) and a discussion ensued surrounding how this could be
financed. The conclusions were;

      That Sudha Rai will speak to the Chair of “Liphook in Bloom” to find out how they manage/fund their
       floral display. She will also discuss the possibility of some sort of joint venture.
      BiG will investigate the possibility of a campaign to encourage members of the public to contribute
       rather than individual business having to carry the burden.
      A request to “Hidden Gardens” for a contribution will be considered.
      Adrian Banwell will investigate the likelihood of obtaining corporate sponsorship.
      The viability of hiring the equipment, rather than purchasing it, will also be looked in to. The
       publication of “South East Farmer” and a company called Rafferty Newman were cited as possible

The possibility of those traders with hanging baskets outside their premises being held responsible for their
maintenance was mooted and, while the principle seemed logical, it was broadly agreed that this probably
wouldn’t work in practice.

Proposed removal of bus service
It was agreed that a protest should be lodged against the proposed removal of the bus service running through
Grayshott. While individuals were encouraged to make individual representation to District/County
Councillors, local MP etc, it was agreed that Adrian Banwell will also represent BiG’s view to Ferris Cowper.

Beyond that, there were suggestions of additional action such as petitions and marches but no firm actions
were agreed.
Herald Campaign
This discussion soon expanded to incorporate the promotion of Grayshott businesses in general and specific
ideas to encourage people to spend their money here. These included pre-printed shopping lists as a prompt
for potential customers to use the local shops, an “Eat in Grayshott Week,” promotional offers/coupons in any
future Herald advertising and raffle tickets to be gained on a points basis depending how much money was
spent in participating businesses. All of this would be designed to not only encourage people to Buy in
Grayshott but also to measure participation and effectiveness. The main driver behind this discussion was
Graham Page and his contribution was warmly recognised by the meeting.

Later in the meeting Phil Bates raised the need for working groups to be formed in order to see through any
initiatives agreed with firm action and this is a good example of that.

Best dressed shop awards
The general view is that these should continue because they’re fun and generate good publicity. However, it
was also agreed that a re-design was needed to incorporate customer feedback and all types of businesses. A
working party including Marek Ujma, Rachael Mulraney and Peter Harrison will form to look at how this can be
achieved in 2013 but for 2012 it will continue in its current format. Adrian Banwell will address this immediately.

Peter Hatch outlined the work which is proceeding to build the capacity of This will include
new content embracing the attractions of Grayshott and its surrounding areas and, of course, extolling the
benefits of visiting and spending in Grayshott. The tag line of Visit, Shop, Enjoy is the theme designed to
appeal not only to local people but also those within a wider geographical area. The working group is moving
this project along and expects to have the new site running by the time of the next BiG meeting.

Caroline Kaighin reported the following;

                         Buy in Grayshott Accounts

                        Balance B/F                 in                Out                Balance
     Golf Day                                                                            £171.32

    Lights fund           £898.61                                 £1,185.00              -£286.39

    G in Bloom           -£534.33                £90.00                                  -£444.83

   General Fund          £1,613.51             £1,788.25           £310.00              £2,801.76
   BIG Directory

  Gold Members                                  £150.00             £80.00               £557.50

     Calendars                                 £1,176.95          £1,500.00              -£323.05

    Deposit a/c           £148.53                 £0.03                                  £148.56

   Total funding                                                                        £2,624.87
Peter Harrison reflected on the quality of the productions Grayshott Concerts has staged and went on to give
further details on the preparations for their 10th anniversary celebrations in 2014. Chief among them will be
the performance of a specially commissioned work by their patron, Karl Jenkins. This will receive its world
premier in St Luke’s Church in October 2014. The cost of the endeavour is estimated to be £60,000 and Peter
Harrison was pleased to report that approximately half of that sum has been raised already.

The meeting was pleased to hear that this exciting project also represents – as does all of Grayshott Concerts’
activities – a superb opportunity for people to Visit, Shop, Enjoy in Grayshott and a plea went out for ideas on
how this can be leveraged to the maximum.

David Phillips reported that there will be no Summer event in 2012 but that Ann Myers is leading a group to
plan events for the Queen’s Diamond Jubilee. David also stated that the accounts for PiG are currently in
preparation and will be posted on in approximately 2 weeks time.

Marek Ujma reported that four Sunday lunches in the Square were planned for 2012 one/some of which will
tie in with the Jubilee celebrations and possibly form a three/four day ongoing event. April and September
(Harvest Festival) have been earmarked with two others to be advised. Again, a plea went out for ideas.

Gordon Sanderson reported that the search for a new Scout Leader was continuing and appealed for anyone to
come forward – either themselves or to make a referral of someone suitable.

On February 11th there will be a quiz night in aid of the Scouts and a music event at St Luke’s Church on
February 24th – ticket price £10.

The litter pick will take place on Saturday February 11th at 10.00 am. Assemble in the car park adjacent to
Peter Leete. We need 4-6 volunteers and it would be handy if people could state their intention to take part
beforehand via either or

Graham Page raised the matter of the vacant retail premises next door to the soon-to-be Sainsbury’s location.
His understanding is that the annual rent is £95,000 which would make it prohibitive to all but a large retailer.
In the absence of such a tenant Graham is aware of an Arts & Crafts consortium comprising 30 concession
holders operating out of comparable premises in Tongham and he merely posed the question as to whether
something of a similar nature could be achieved in this instance. No action was agreed.

The meeting finished at 7.25pm and I forgot to thank Kim & Mark for the use of the Fox & Pelican restaurant
so apologies for that and, of course, many thanks!

                             Next meeting will be
                 6.00pm Tuesday 24th April in the Fox & Pelican

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