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									  Minutes of the BIG General Meeting held on Tuesday April 24th at the Fox & Pelican

                                       Meeting commenced 6.00pm
Clive Slaughter (Grayshott Parish Council), Kim Bibby (Fox & Pelican), Gillian Rawcliffe (Columbine B+B &
FROGS), Gordon Sanderson (Scouts & St Luke’s Church), Ann Myers (Grayshott Parish Council), Peter Hatch
( & Social Club), Lynda & Robin Davies (D & G Pets & Hampshire Chimney Services), Caroline &
Kevin Kaighin (Kaighin & Daughter), Phil Bates (Grayshott Society & Archive Group), Peter Budd (Grayshott Stagers),
Sudha Rai (Gurkha Durbar Restaurant), Marek Ujma (Beta I.T. Services & Events in the Square), David Phillips (PiG),
Myles Hill (Co-Operative Group), Julie Stevens (Grayshott Books), Doug Holman (Business Game Ltd), Paul Agate
(Sainsbury’s), Carol Poirier (Sainsbury’s), Jack Hill (Grayshott Cricket Club), Judith Murray (The Guide Magazines),
Chris Boardman (MDO Studio), Rachel Coates (PK pre-school & Grayshott Children’s Theatre), Angela Church
(Burley & Geach), Catherine Casey (Market Inroads).

Sarah Evans, Francis Gottesman, Barbie McSean, Peter & Vivien Harrison, Lewis Wheeler, Peter Budd, Gill Keith, Ken
& Janis Davey, Charlotte Moss, Glen Myers, Graham Page, Will Benson, Derek Vigden, Andrew Broxholme, Andy

New Members
Paul Agate and Carol Poirier introduced themselves as the management team for the new Sainsbury’s store.
Judith Murray from The Guide Magazines also attended.

Sainsbury’s update
Paul Agate confirmed the opening date of Friday May 4th and stated that he will be in post for a matter of
weeks and then hand over to the permanent Manager, Carol Poirier, who is a Grayshott resident. Paul also
announced that the good cause Sainsbury’s had chosen to support in Grayshott is Arthritis Care.

Proposed removal of bus service
Adrian Banwell reported that, because the service is part-funded by Surrey County Council, negotiations have
continued between them and Stagecoach regarding this subsidy. These negotiations will conclude by the end
of April. A decision has to be made by June so if no positive result emerges there is over a month to assemble
alternative solutions. Among others Ferris Cowper is working hard on this and the relevant thread on gives more information.

Grayshott in Bloom
Negotiations with suppliers of a bowser/trailer as well as the actual hanging baskets will be concluded within
a week.

Christmas Lights
Action is being taken to investigate and rectify the problem which caused the lights on the village green not to
work last Christmas. Their possible use during the Jubilee Celebrations was discussed with no firm
conclusions reached.

BiG Directory
Contrary to Adrian Banwell’s previous understanding attendees informed him that the Directory was only
produced every other year so given that there was one in 2011 doubt was cast – from some quarters – over
whether there was an appetite for a 2012 edition. This needs to be established by canvassing the views of the
whole of the Grayshott business community. Caroline Kaighin made the crucial point that if there was no
Directory this year the negative effect on the BiG coffers would be profound and impact on such initiatives as
Grayshott in Bloom and the Christmas lights.

Alternatives were discussed such as an insert for the existing Directory giving up-to-date information on
businesses which have come to Grayshott since the last publication as well as providing an opportunity for
those who wish to advertise generally.

The need to increase the overall breadth and depth of BiG’s income generating activities became very

The idea of a quarterly Newsletter was also raised.

Caroline Kaighin reported the following;

                         Buy in Grayshott Accounts

                         Balance B/F            in             Out               Balance
     Golf Day             £171.32                                                £171.32

    Lights fund           -£286.39                                              -£286.39

    G in Bloom            -£444.83           £125.00                            -£319.83

  General Fund           £2,801.76                                              £2,801.76
  BIG Directory

  Gold Members            £557.50           £300.00                              £857.50

    Calendars             -£323.05          £127.40                             -£195.55

   Deposit a/c            £148.53                                                £148.56

  Total funding                                                                 £3,177.37
In the absence of Peter & Vivien Harrison Adrian Banwell reported on their behalf that preparations for the
10th anniversary celebrations in 2014 were making excellent progress. Chief among them is THE HEALER –
A MASS FOR ST LUKE – which is a specially commissioned work by Karl Jenkins and will be performed
on Thursday October 16th 2014. There will be a second performance the following day.

Peter and Vivien have met with Karl and agreed the outline shape of the work with Karl’s wife, Carol Barratt,
agreeing to write some of the text.

The cost of the endeavour is estimated to be £60,000 with almost two thirds of that figure having already been
pledged for payment over the next two years. Friends of Grayshott Concerts were updated at the last AGM
and to achieve the outstanding £20,000 they have been invited to sponsor individual parts of the music, the
players in the orchestra as well as the soloists and singers in the choir.

If anyone is interested in progressing ideas for this or interested in advertising in the concert programmes for
the remaining productions in 2012, please contact Peter or Vivien on 01428 606666.

There are three more concerts planned for 2012 – The Tallis Scholars in May (Karl Jenkins new work), The
Peacemakers in September (yet to have its UK premier) and pianist Howard Shelley performing Greig’s piano
concerto in November. Tickets are practically sold out for all of them.

Following on from his presentation at the last general meeting where he outlined the work being done to build
the capacity of, Peter Hatch reiterated the need for the content to be fully up-to-date and well
presented. Specifically he referred to individual businesses ensuring that they make the most of their own
section. This is very important because once we start promoting to the wider world via the use of social media
and links from other websites to we need to be confident that traffic is directed to an attractive

Anyone needing help in “tidying up” their piece can contact Peter at

David Phillips reported that 70 chairs had been purchased which, when added to those at the village hall,
gives a capacity of 120. This will also reduce the need to keep transferring chairs from the village hall when
events are on.

David also reflected on the success of the last pantomime which the cast will be viewing on DVD. Plans for
next year’s production are already under way.

Ann Myers gave an update on preparations for the Diamond Jubilee celebrations. There will be a variety of
attractions including a Hog Roast & BBQ (courtesy of the Fox & Pelican), Potters Wheel, Sports Challenges,
Children’s Football ‘World Cup’ Tournament and Kings & Queens Fancy Dress Parade.

This will all take place on Monday June 4th between 1pm and 6 pm on Grayshott’s Recreation Ground.

Ann conveyed thanks to Moorlands Lodge for their sponsorship and to Chocolate Frog for their commitment
to pay for 400m of bunting.

The meeting commended the superb design of the poster/leaflet promoting the event.
Marek Ujma reported that the event on Sunday April 29th is sold out. The next one will be on Sunday June 3rd
and an “English” theme has been adopted with Frankies Fish & Chips providing the catering. Then, on July
14th (Bastille Day), there will be a French-themed event, a Harvest Festival supper on September 29th and, of
course, the Christmas Market (precise date and timings to be confirmed).

Gordon Sanderson reported that a new Scout Leader still hadn’t been found and the sad truth was that, after
100 years, it was likely the Grayshott troop may cease.

The date and format of the Boundary Walk has fundamentally changed. It will now take place on May 19th
(rather than in October) and comprise two walks, one of 1.6 miles and the other 2.6 miles although there will
be the option to walk a combined route of just over 4 miles. Participants can start any time between 9 am and
3 pm from St Lukes Church.

There will also be a Jubilee Quiz on November 10th with 15 tables of eight seats available for individuals or
businesses to buy. This is a fund raiser for the church and Gordon emphasised the importance of such events.

The litter pick will take place on Saturday May 5th at 10 am. Assemble in the car park adjacent to Peter Leete.
We need 4-6 volunteers and it would be handy if people could state their intention to take part beforehand via
either or Paul Agate of Sainsbury’s said that some colleagues
from the new store would also attend.

Rachel Coates reported that two sponsors - Tony Purslow Mercedes Benz and Enterprise Rent a Car – will be
sponsoring a road safety campaign for PK Pre School who are very keen to promote the message that drivers
need to slow down for Grayshott children. Rachel showed the meeting an example of the car window sticker
which has been designed by Kerry Whistlecroft of Creative Well and simply says “I am slowing down for a
Grayshott child.” Stickers will be free of charge and given to all parents of children in the village pre-schools
and Grayshott Primary school as well as available free to the public from local outlets. Any business happy to
stock these stickers should contact Rachel at

Rachel also informed the meeting that there will be a fundraising Race Night for PK on May 12th and she gave
her thanks to all those who donated prizes. The last Race Night was a great success raising £3,600.

PK will also be holding a fundraising “Fun Run” in September 2012. This will be open to the general public
with the plans subject to approval from Grayshott Parish Council.

Sincere thanks were conveyed to Phil Bates who has generously donated his collection of old pennies from
1967 – after their last minting – to be presented in a special souvenir mount to all the children of Grayshott in
commemoration of the Queen's Diamond Jubilee. Children attending Grayshott primary school will
automatically receive a coin as will the parents of children under 16 who are not at the primary school or live
outside Grayshott but who play sport in Grayshott or are involved in children's groups. This should total 700
with the potential for 1,000+ more to be sold at a cost of £5 each with the proceeds going to a whole host of
good causes. More information to follow.

Peter Hatch informed the meeting that Phil O’Connor will be taking informal photographs of traders outside
of their businesses to form a record of Grayshott and tie in with the Jubilee celebrations. The last time this
happened was six years ago when Phil gave his services free but now will be sponsoring him.
Phil will contact each business directly over the next two months. Echoing the point made earlier, this is a
good opportunity for business owners to enhance their presence on

Adrian Banwell gave notice that the relevant authorities were turning their attention to the need to comply
with the law as it relates to external advertising in Grayshott and specifically within the Conservation area.

The meeting finished at 7.00pm with thanks to Kim & Mark for the use of the Fox & Pelican restaurant.
           Next meeting will be
6.00pm Tuesday 24th July in the Fox & Pelican

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