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									                        Delphi Connectors

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             Delphi Connection Systems
  A World Leader in Automotive/Transportation Connector Systems
     is Available from the World’s Leading Connector Specialist.
   TTI, Inc. has a strategic business unit that focuses on the global transportation market. Delphi Connection
   Systems has a reputation for producing high quality electrical and electronic connectors that meet and
   exceed customer requirements. Together, these industry leaders provide extensive product inventory
   and superior service from product-knowledgeable experts. TTI and Delphi – now you have a choice!

• Extensive Product Portfolio                                 • World Class Connector Line Card
• Full Service Provider                                       • Product Knowledgeable Experts
•	 Leading Edge Interconnect Technologies                     • Local Sales and Product Support
• Expertise in Multi-industry Connector Applications          • Broad and Deep Inventory Profile
• Integrated Systems Approach                                 • Leading Edge Technology Products & Supplies
• Development of Customer-Focused Solutions                   • Value Added Solutions
• Service that Exceeds Customers’ Expectations                • Full Customized Connector Capability
• Strong Global Presence                                      • Dedicated 200,000 square foot Connector Facility
                                                              • Full Suite of Supply Chain Services
                                                              • Quality and Reliability
                                                              • 98% On-Time Delivery

Delphi’s Headquarters in Troy, Michigan        TTI’s 200,000 square foot Connector Operations Center in Fort Worth, Texas

                                    tti, inc. — never short on solutions
                                                                                                                                  Connection Systems

         ConneCtor Family
Metri-Pack                                            GT                                             RF Coax Cable Assemblies                       Weather Pack
         ConneCtor type
      ■                  150 Series                   ■    150                                       ■ Coaxial Cables                                    ■ Pin and Sleeve
      ■                  280 Series                   ■    280
      ■                  480 Series                   ■    Headers
      ■                  630 Series                   ■    Lever Lock
      ■                  800 Series                   ■    Mixed
      ■                  Headers                      ■    SlimLine
      ■                  Junction
      ■                  Mixed

         Features & BeneFits
      ■ Extended product range offers significant     ■ Tangless terminals for durable design                                                            ■ Sealed system specifically designed
                                                                                                     ■ Flexible manufacturing cells allow high
        design and application versatility            ■ Low engage force for improved reliability                                                          to withstand exposure to extreme
                                                                                                       volume/low mix and low volume/high mix
      ■ Used in high current to low energy circuits     and ergonomics                                                                                     temperatures, chemicals, and fluids
                                                                                                     ■ Extensive experience in transportation E/E
        for electrical versatility                    ■ Pump-handle primary lock for lower                                                               ■ Pin and sleeve configuration to alleviate
                                                                                                       Architecture design and manufacturing
      ■ Strength and stability of terminals help        engage and easy disassembly                                                                        stress relaxation
                                                                                                     ■ Fully-certified testing/validation lab
        assure correct alignment                      ■ Secondary lock, Connector Position                                                               ■ Secondary lock and Connector Position
                                                                                                     ■ Full participation in global standards
      ■ Utilizes internationally standard male          Assurance (CPA) and Terminal Position                                                              Assurance (CPA) for improved system
        blade sizes for design flexibility              Assurance (TPA) capabilities for improved                                                          design
      ■ Connector Position Assurance (CPA) and          system design                                                                                    ■ Dual-locking tangs on terminals help
        Terminal Position Assurance (TPA) for         ■ Mates to ISO, SAE blades for compatibility                                                         prevent backing out
        superior connection reliability               ■ Conforms to USCAR design footprint for                                                           ■ Terminal plugging requires no orientation
      ■ Sealed version for excellent resistance to      broad application flexibility                                                                    ■ Positive locking indexing prevents
        temperatures, chemicals, and abrasion         ■ Cam lever/mechanical assist for hand                                                               mismating of connectors
      ■ Testing to SAEJ2030                             engage/disengage                                                                                 ■ Low energy, low voltage capability for
                                                      ■ Optimized content packaging for electrical                                                         vehicle electronics
                                                        performance equal to less space efficient
                                                      ■ Pre-staged male blade stabilizer for
                                                        superior male blade protection
                                                      ■ Mixed terminal capability for design
                                                      ■ Protected seal interface for superior
                                                        connection reliability

         typiCal markets
      ■ Commercial Vehicles                           ■ Commercial Vehicles                          ■   Agriculture                                     ■ Commercial Vehicles
      ■ Marine                                        ■ Marine                                       ■   Commercial Vehicles                             ■ Marine
                                                                                                     ■   Construction
                                                                                                     ■   Marine
                                                                                                     ■   Motorcycles

         typiCal appliCations
      ■ Flat blade connections for electronic         ■ Ergonomic connections for in-line, device,   ■ Ground position sensors and antenna               ■ Proven harsh environmentally-sealed
        through high current applications               header, and bulkhead applications              applications                                        connections
Photo courtesy SeaRay®

                                                                                                                                                    Photo courtesy SeaRay®
                            Automotive and Transportation

ConneCtor Family
064                                           Micro-Pack                                     Heavy Duty 1.0mm Vane                         Power Pack 2000
ConneCtor type
■   Headers                                   ■ 100 Series (unsealed)                        ■   1.0mm Vane Terminals                      ■ Inline
■   Micro64                                   ■ 100W Series (sealed)                         ■   50-way and 60-way Configurations          ■ Right Angle
■   MicroHVT                                  ■ Headers                                      ■   Female Harness Connector                  ■ Panel Mount Headers
■   MTS                                                                                      ■   Mating Header
■   MTS-B

Features & BeneFits
■ Unlimited number of rows and columns        ■ Low energy (<5 amps), high density           ■ Four contact points supported and           ■ Current carrying capability up to 200
  with 2.54mm centerline spacing to             capabilities allow many electronic signals     protected by an external shield can           amps at 105ºC
  accommodate more terminals in less            to be accommodated in one space-saving       ■ Tin-plated terminal with selective gold     ■ Hand engage/disengage for one-way
  space                                         connector                                      plating at the contact interface              connectors to eliminate tools and save
■ Pin and box tangless female terminal for    ■ Filtered or shielded systems protect         ■ Capable of 7.5 amps at 125ºC                  space and cost
  reliable sealing and easy repair              against electromagnetic interference         ■ Able to withstand vibration requirements    ■ Mates with both a single blade style
■ Robust terminal interface design for          (EMI)                                          of 29.5g RMS                                  terminal and itself for easy application to
  continuous 7A current capability with       ■ 3.0mm to 3.5mm centerlines                   ■ Unique pre-stage feature aids in ensuring     device connectors
  either a square or round pin                  accommodate applications where space           terminals are fully sealed                  ■ Individually-sealed terminal cavities for
■ Non-oriented female terminal to simplify      is limited                                                                                   environmental protection to the terminal
  insertion                                   ■ Mechanical assist and bolt-together                                                          contact areas and arcing protection
■ Sealed and unsealed versions                  designs enable ergonomic assembly/                                                         ■ Silver plating to withstand 155ºC
■ Industry standard design for flexibility      disassembly                                                                                ■ Connector Position Assurance (CPA) and
■ Validated for high density commercial       ■ Improved one-piece (vs. two-piece)                                                           Terminal Position Assurance (TPA) for
  vehicle electronics                           female terminal for sealed applications                                                      superior connection reliability
■ Cam lever/mechanical assist, Connector      ■ Sealed version for excellent resistance                                                    ■ Conforms to USCAR design footprint for
  Position Assurance (CPA), secondary lock,     to temperatures, chemical, and abrasion                                                      broad application flexibility
  and wire dress available for improved         (100W)
  system design                               ■ Connector Position Assurance (CPA) and
■ 360º orientation available                    Terminal Position Assurance (TPA) for
■ Conforms to USCAR design footprint for        superior connection reliability
  broad application flexibility

typiCal markets
■ Commercial Vehicles                         ■ Commercial Vehicles                          ■ Commercial Vehicles                         ■ Commercial Vehicles
■ Marine                                      ■ Marine                                                                                     ■ Hybrid Vehicles
■ Motorcycles                                                                                                                              ■ Industrial Applications

typiCal appliCations
■ High density connections for commercial     ■ 1mm pin connections for low power and        ■ Engine controllers, ABS modules,            ■ High power connection for 0V-600V
  vehicle and transportation electronics        electronic devices                             transmission controllers, and other           AC/DC power systems for commercial
                                                                                               devices requiring large I/O                   on-road and off-road vehicles, hybrid
                                                                                                                                             vehicles, and industrial applications

ConneCtor Family
Data Connectivity                            Modular Electrical Center                      High-Voltage/Hybrid Connections Additional Components
ConneCtor type
■ Ports                                      ■   Micro-relay                                ■ Connections designed for 42V-600V DC         ■   Assembly Coverings and Channels
■ Hubs                                       ■   Mini-relay                                   and AC                                       ■   Brackets, Clamps and Clips
  •	 Auxiliary Jacks                         ■   Maxi-fuse                                  ■ Minimum shielding effectiveness of           ■   Cable Seals
  •	 SD Cards                                ■   Mini-fuse                                    40dB (150kHz to 200MHz) ensures EMI          ■   Fuse Holders and Lamp Sockets
  •	 USB                                                                                      protection                                   ■   Ring and Battery Terminals
  •	 Cables and Connections                                                                 ■ Connection Systems to Handle Wide            ■   Splice Savers
■ USCAR Mini-B Headers                                                                        Current Ranges                               ■   56, 58, and 59 Series Connectors

Features & BeneFits
■ Customer convenience                       ■ Offers the versatility of custom designs,    ■ Shielding connection to control radiated     ■ Durable and proven designs
■ Interface designed for high mate/            with the economics of off-the-shelf            emissions and EMI                            ■ Harness attachment devices designed for
  unmate cycles to provide strong, robust      modules                                      ■ Terminal cavities isolated to protect          automotive and transportation products
  construction and enhanced reliability      ■ All mini- and maxi-fuse centers have           against short circuit between high voltage   ■ Ergonomic and assembly efficient designs
■ Engineered for various data protocols        bussing capability to reduce the number        terminals                                      including orientation features
  •	 1394                                      of leads required                            ■ HVIL (Hazardous Voltage Interlock)           ■ Custom designed solutions for customer
  •	 MOST                                    ■ All mini- and micro-relays are designed        available to protect during service            specific applications
  •	 USB                                       for motor and resistive load applications      operation
■ Designed to meet commercial and              and are a “plug-in” type of relay designed   ■ Systems offering internal and external
  specialty vehicle applications standards     for use in electrical centers                  shielding
                                             ■ All modular electrical centers utilize       ■ Panel mount header with mating harness
                                               secondary lock combs that are custom           connector
                                               designed to match the module                 ■ Custom designed connection systems to
                                                                                              meet customer specifications
                                                                                            ■ Shield interface sealed from environment
                                                                                              (no galvanic degradation)
                                                                                            ■ Leverage product development
                                                                                              expertise to address all on- and off-road

typiCal markets
■   Agriculture                              ■   Agriculture                                ■ Commercial Vehicles                          ■ Automotive
■   Commercial Vehicles                      ■   Buses                                                                                     ■ Commercial Vehicles
■   Construction                             ■   Commercial Vehicles                                                                       ■ Marine
■   Marine                                   ■   Lawn and Garden
■   Motorcycles                              ■   Marine
                                             ■   RVs

typiCal appliCations
■ Applications requiring interface with      ■ Full range of power distribution             ■ High 300V battery pack, inverter modules,    ■ General automotive and transportation
  an array of onboard information and          applications, including stringent              control modules, belt-driven accessories,      electrical distribution attachment needs
  entertainment systems                        underhood environments                         power distribution center, BEC,
                                                                                              transmission, power steering
           1-800-CALL-TTI                             There’s a TTI location near you.
Global Headquarters                     European Headquarters                      Asian Headquarters
   TTI, Inc.                              TTI, Inc.                                  TTI Electronics Asia Pte. Ltd.
   2441 Northeast Parkway                 Ganghoferstr. 34                           10 Changi South Lane
   Fort Worth, Texas 76106                82216 Maisach-Gernlinden                   #02-01 OSSIA Building
     (817) 740-9000                       Germany                                    Singapore 486162
     (817) 740-9898 Fax                     +49 8142 6680-0                             (65) 6788-9200
                                            +49 8142 6680-490 Fax                       (65) 6788-9300 Fax                               

Alabama                                 Missouri                                   Latin America
   Huntsville (256) 721-1597              Saint Louis (314) 878-2228                 Mexico (only) 001-800-225-5884
Arizona                                 New Jersey                                   Puerto Rico 1-800-225-5884
   Tempe (602) 431-1191                   N. Jersey/Morris County (973) 644-9644     U.S. (817) 624-6380
   Tucson (520) 624-6929                  S. Jersey/Philadelphia (856) 234-6400      U.S. Fax (817) 624-6383
California                              New Mexico
   Los Angeles (818) 407-8000             Albuquerque (505) 888-3260               European Sales Locations
   Orange County (714) 505-4857         New York                                     Vienna, Austria
   Sacramento (916) 987-4600              Binghamton (607) 723-9180                  Brno, Czech Republic
   San Diego (858) 748-2025               Buffalo (716) 842-2692                     Copenhagen, Denmark
   San Fernando Valley (818) 407-8000     Long Island/NYC Metro (631) 737-2000       Brive, France
   San Francisco (415) 391-1669           Rochester (585) 232-4470                   Dortmund, Germany
   San Jose (510) 668-0830                Syracuse (315) 426-1228                    Hanover, Germany
   Santa Barbara (805) 963-8857           Upstate NY (203) 949-6262                  Munich, Germany
Colorado                                North Carolina                               Stuttgart, Germany
   Denver (303) 427-0241                  Raleigh (919) 876-8922                     High Wycombe, Great Britain
Connecticut                             Ohio                                         Budapest, Hungary
   Wallingford (203) 949-6262             Cleveland (216) 524-2810                   Ra’anana, Israel
Florida                                   Columbus (614) 848-5770                    Bologna, Italy
   Fort Lauderdale (954) 761-8177         Dayton (937) 885-6270                      Milan, Italy
   Orlando (407) 273-6977               Oregon                                       Padua, Italy
   Tampa/Clearwater (813) 855-6619        Portland (503) 644-4560                    Eindhoven, Netherlands
Illinois                                Pennsylvania                                 Kwidzyn, Poland
   Chicago (847) 884-6500                 Philadelphia (215) 546-4611                Cluj Napoca, Romania
Indiana                                   Pittsburgh (412) 281-4644                  North Lanarkshire, Scotland
   Indianapolis (317) 636-5600          Texas                                        Bratislava, Slovakia
Kansas                                    Austin (512) 478-8612                      Honeydew, South Africa
   Kansas City (913) 789-6427             Fort Worth (972) 594-5900                  Barcelona, Spain
   Wichita (316) 262-7711                 Houston (713) 339-2700                     Bibao, Spain
Massachusetts                           Utah                                         Gothenburg, Sweden
   Boston (978) 851-2000                  Salt Lake City (801) 364-3400              Stockholm, Sweden
Maryland                                Virginia                                     Baar, Switzerland
   Baltimore (410) 995-6627               Richmond (804) 775-2130                    Istanbul, Turkey
   D.C. Area (301) 621-8006             Washington                                   Essex, United Kingdom
Michigan                                  Seattle (425) 882-0291
   Detroit (216) 524-2810               Wisconsin                                  Asian Sales Offices
   Grand Rapids (616) 243-5600            New Berlin (262) 797-9265                  Hong Kong
Minnesota                                                                            Shanghai
   Minneapolis (952) 829-7200           Canada                                       Shenzhen
                                          Montreal (514) 426-1212                    Singapore
                                          Ottawa (613) 567-7122                      Taiwan
                                          Toronto (905) 850-3003                     Thailand
                                          Canada 1-800-225-5884
                                          (For your closest office)

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