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                                     Matthew Engel, CpM, president • Vol XXVI, No. 9 • NoVEMbEr 2010 • NuNzIo dEl grECo rCE, Chief Executive officer

REALTORS®                                 9thAnnuALREALESTATETRADESHOW
OpTimiSTiC                                             HOSTED
Real estate experts were
cautiously optimistic about the
current and future state of the
industry at today’s State of the
Real Estate Industry forum dur-
ing the 2010 REALTORS®
Conference & Expo recently
held in New Orleans, LA. BMAR
leadership and members at-
tended the Conference includ-
ing: Matthew Engel, 2011
President; Matthew Schmelzer,
President-Elect; Susan E. Goldy,
                                     BMAR Leadership and Trade Show Committee members open the 9th Annual Event @ The Bronx Zoo.
BMAR Past President and
NYSAR Secretary-Treasurer;           BMAR’s 9th Annual Real Estate Trade Show was held Wednesday, October 27, 2010 @
Sandra Erickson, BMAR Past           the Bronx Zoo. We had 19 new vendors participating this year and hundreds of real
President; Michael Schmelzer,        estate professionals attended this networking event. They were: Association for Energy
BMAR & NYSAR Past President;         Affordability inc.; Bath Fitters; CS Brown, Inc.; D & D Elevator Maintenance Inc.; Em-
Linda Schmelzer; and Nunzio          power NY; eRealty Solutions; Informa Energy Inc.; Island Chimney Service Inc.; ITech
Del Greco, CEO.                      Security; Land Appliance; Lift-Tech Ltd.; Nationwide Insurance Crane Group Inc.; New
Panelist Margaret Kelly, chief ex-   York Water Management Inc.; SiteCompli; The Water Group/Magic; Vertical Systems
ecutive officer of RE/MAX, said      Analysis; VisiTank; and Wiss & Company.
today’s market shouldn’t be          “The 2010 Trade Show Exclusive
called the new normal because        Sponsor was Goodhart National                                     2010-2011 Edition of the Membership Directory..................7
                                                                                       What’s Inside

the old market was abnormal.         Gorman Agency, Directory Sponsor                                  2011 Leadership................................................................2
“The spike up and down in the        was Webster Lock & Hardware,                                      9th Annual Real Estate Trade Show Photos...........................9
housing market wasn’t normal         Seminar Sponsor was Service                                       Additional MLS Listing Opportunities..................................14
so we shouldn’t be measuring         Directions, Inc., Parking Sponsor was                             Association Mission Statement..........................................11
ourselves against it,” she said.     Community Preservation Corp.,                                     Best NYC Holiday Party Reservation Form ............................8
Kelly said that despite some         Photography Sponsor was Judicial                                  Best NYC Holiday Party @ Marina Del Rey
challenges there are plenty of       Title Insurance Agency LLC, BOG &                                 on the East River ................................................................7

opportunities in the housing         Past President’s Lunch Sponsor was                                Business Networking ........................................................11

market, adding that low mort-        Affiliated Adjustment Group Ltd.;                                 Calendar of Events ..........................................................3-5

gage interest rates, abundant in-    and the Refreshments were                                         CEO Report........................................................................2
ventory and stable prices are        sponsored by Aggressive Energy/                                   Newsletter Product & Service Providers ...............................6
attracting buyers to the market      Bayridge Fuel” stated Nunzio Del                                  President’s Message ..........................................................3
right now.                           Greco Chief Executive Officer.                                    Professional Edge Newsletter ............................................15
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                                                          VIsIt www.bMar.org • rEaltor profEssIoNal EdgE • NoVEMbEr 2010 • pagE 1
                                                                               More Than Ever - BMAR
2011 leadership

                                        CEO REPORT
                                                                               Membership Matters
 Matthew engel, CPM
 Matthew SChMelzer
 President-Elect                                                              I’m sure that I do not have to tell you that the current
 nunzio Del greCo, rCe                                                        real estate market, economy and times are tough.
 Chief Executive Officer                                                      The recent mid-term elections will move our
 ChriStina taylor
 V.P. Bronx Residential Division                     Nunzio Del Greco, RCE country more to the center. However, challenges are
 riCharD guarino                                      Chief Executive Officer still ahead. The incomprehensible size of the Federal
 V.P. Manhattan Residential Division                                          deficit will increase pressure to eliminate the
 Danielle eriCkSon noak
 V.P. Owner-Management Division                      Mortgage Interest Deduction (MID) to fill the void. On a national level, we have
 kathy zaMeChanSky                                   been successful in the past to retain MID.
 V.P. Commercial- Industrial Division
 StePhen wolinetz                                    Being an active BMAR member and supporting RPAC is more important than
                                                     ever. MID is a corner-stone of the American Dream and the residential
 MaXine MearS Clarke
 Secretary                                           housing market. Eliminating the Mortgage Interest Deduction would have a
 eliot J. CherSon, eSq.                              disastrous impact on the real estate industry and the economy.
 Counsel to the Board
 goVErNors                                           Get active on committees and contribute to RPAC. Below is a list of 2010
 Frank BarBieri                                      NAR Legislative & Regulatory Accomplishments. With your support and
 BarBara ann BenSon                                  involvement, we can continue to fight the good fight and protect private
 Shawn Belle
 MiChael Berr                                        property rights, the real estate industry and the economy.
 Peter BourBeau
 VinCent BuCCieri                                    NAR advocates policy initiatives that will result in the return of a fundamentally
 JaMeS k. ColeMan                                    sound and dynamic U.S. real estate market, fostering vibrant communities
 JoSePh w. Colonel                                   in which to live and work. During the 111th Congress, the REALTOR®
 riCharD Conley
 FloyD e. CooPer                                     Legislative and Regulatory Agenda has been focused on efforts to stimulate,
 VaSCo Da SilVa                                      stabilize and strengthen real estate markets across the nation while also
 ellen FelD, gri                                     protecting the business interests of its members. NAR has made significant
 riCharD giliotti
 riCharD gooDMan, CPM
                                                     progress on both fronts. The list below represents a portion of the activity
 anita guPta                                         conducted on behalf of REALTORS® in 2010.
 lewiS B. kaye
 Marilyn h. kaye                                     protectingREALTORS®'businessinterestsandActivities
 JoSh koPPel
 anthony MorMile                                     •   Banks in Real Estate
 eugene reiSMan, eSq.                                •   Wall Street Reform and Consumer Financial Protection
 hale riCkMan, CPM                                   •   Mortgage Reform
 ShiMon Shkury
 ranDolPh J. SiVerStein                              •   Fannie Mae/Freddie Mac--Government–Sponsored Enterprises (GSEs)
 JaMeS Slattery                                      •   RESPA GFE/HUD-1 Disclosures
 Sonny VataJ                                         •   RESPA Guidance
 arnolD walDMan
 earl h. waShington
                                                     •   Short Sales
 JoSh zellner                                        •   Meetings with Large Lenders
 sENIor CouNCIl                                      •   Foreclosure Problems
 george BookiS, gri                                  •   Health Insurance Reform
 Mark F. engel, CPM                                  •   Deductibility of Health Insurance Premiums for Payroll Tax Purposes
 SanDra eriCkSon
 Joel t. FiShMan
 Virginia M. gallagher
 Perry gault
 SuSan e. golDy, CiPS, gri                           •   First-Time Home Buyer Tax Credit
 JaCqueline kyle kall
 JoSePh F. liMongelli
                                                     •   Protecting the Mortgage Interest Deduction
 MiChael SChMelzer, gri                              •   Mortgage Cancelation Relief
 williaM SChur                                       •   Carried Interest
 SanDra SilVerMan
                                                     •   Leasehold Improvements
 eriC a. Sterling, iFa, aSa, gaa
 JoSePh a. Villani
                                                     •   FHA Reform
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pagE 2 • NoVEMbEr 2010 • rEaltor profEssIoNal EdgE • VIsIt www.bMar.org
                 Realtors Support

                                                                                   PREsIdEn’Ts mEssagE
                                                                                                         CalENdar of
Having participated in the National Association of
Realtors’ Annual Conference and Trade Expo in
New Orleans earlier this month reinforces the need
for all real estate licensees to join a Realtor organi-
zation such as BMAR and promote homeownership.              Matthew Engel, CPM
                                                                                                         NoVEMbEr 18, 2010
                                                               2010 President
While many of us have read articles in national                                                          board of governors Meeting
publications questioning the value of homeownership and government                                       BMAR Board Room
support for it, a recent study shows 84 percent of New Yorkers believe                                   9:30-10:30 AM
homeownership is a very significant part of achieving the American Dream.
This was just one of the findings of a far-ranging homeownership study
conducted by the Siena Research Institute in partnership with the New
                                                                                                         dECEMbEr 2, 2010
York State Association of REALTORS® this year. The study found that                                      best NYC Holiday party
nearly all homeowners (97%) are satisfied with owning their own home.                                    Marina del Rey Caterers,
As a REALTOR® for 10 years in New York, I have seen firsthand what New
                                                                                                         on the East River
York’s homeowners overwhelmingly said in the survey: Owning their own                                    5:30 AM-10:00 PM
home makes them proud, was something they always wanted, and their
home is where lasting family memories are made. Although history has                                     dECEMbEr 16, 2010
shown that over the long term homeownership can provide a solid financial                                board of governors Meeting
return, the study shows that owning a home has many other benefits.                                      BMAR Board Room
For many, our home connects us to our community; it is where we build                                    9:30-10:30 AM
our families and is a marking post for personal achievement. Research during
good housing markets and bad continually finds that homeownership                                        JaNuarY 20, 2011
builds stable communities, reduces crime and improves academic achievement                               board of governors Meeting
Here in the New York Metropolitan area, we see these benefits of homeown-                                BMAR Board Room
ership in making our community a great place to live and raise our families.                             9:30-10:30 AM
There are many good reasons to buy a home today, ranging from the financial
(historically low mortgage rates) to the personal (having a place to call                                JaNuarY 31-fEbruarY 3, 2011
your own). More than one in five New Yorkers recognize this and have told                                NYsar business Meeting
us they intend to purchase their first home in the next two years. Another                               The Desmond Hotel, Albany, NY
15 percent of current homeowners intend to buy their next home during
that time, some trading up to meet the needs of a growing family and others
                                                                                                         fEbruarY 15, 2011
downsizing as their children leave the nest.
                                                                                                         New Member welcome seminar &
These future homeowners deserve the continued support historically                                       Code of Ethics training
shown by government through the mortgage interest deduction and
                                                                                                         BMAR Board Room
incentives like the recent tax credit. REALTORS® and homeowners
together must continue to support public policies that promote responsible,
                                                                                                         9:30-1:00 PM
sustainable homeownership to ensure that the residents of New York have
an opportunity to own their piece of the American Dream.                                                 fEbruarY 17, 2011
The housing downturn by itself did not create the troubled economy we
                                                                                                         board of governors Meeting
now face. But a healthy housing market with active buying and selling along                              BMAR Board Room
with responsible lending is a key to economic recovery. Much of the country                              9:30-10:30 AM
is starting to emerge from the “Great Recession,” and the main focus for
our leaders needs to be on job creation. Once we put New Yorkers back to
work, housing and the economy will have meaningful recovery.
Matt Engel, CPM
2011 President
                                                          VIsIt www.bMar.org • rEaltor profEssIoNal EdgE • NoVEMbEr 2010 • pagE 3
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                                         REALTORS® CAuTiOuSLyOpTimiSTiC
 CalENdar of
                                         “To be successful in the current housing market, real estate professionals need
                                         to educate themselves about buying and selling distressed properties and working
                           continued     with investor buyers, who are a significant part of the market,” said Kelly.
                                         “Education is critical. Real estate professionals should be learning how to handle
 MarCH 17, 2011                          short sales, how to market themselves and find buyers, and to really understand
 board of governors Meeting              market conditions,” said Kelly.
 BMAR Board Room                         Kelly said she hopes the government will incentivize businesses to create more
 9:30-10:30 AM                           jobs, which is the only thing that will help the housing market fully recover.
                                         “Consumers want an instant fix but we need to be patient,” she said.
 aprIl 13, 2011                          Panelist Ron Peltier, chairman and CEO of HomeServices of America, Inc., said the
 87th annual banquet                     nation is in the seventh inning of the housing market correction. He noted that
 Marina Del Rey Caterers                 today’s real estate market closely resembles the market in 2000, which many
 On the East River                       people thought was a good year in real estate.
                                         “The rise in sales and prices during the boom was unrealistic and unsustainable,
 aprIl 28, 2011                          and all of that nonsense has been pushed out of the market – today buyers need
 board of governors Meeting              to have jobs and be creditworthy,” said Peltier. “The underlying principles of home
 BMAR Board Room                         ownership are now the same they were 100 years ago; we want a sense of home
                                         and community, we strive for long-term not short-term home ownership, and we
 9:30-10:30 AM                           have sense of pride for owning a home.”
                                         To achieve a full housing recovery, Peltier said that the market must work through
 MaY 9-14, 2011
                                         the foreclosure issue, which is dragging down home sales and prices, consumer
 Nar legislative Meetings                confidence and the health of the housing market and economy.
 Washington, DC
                                         “Stay the course and continue to give great service, and someday we’ll be back
                                         to a normal market with solid footing. We’ll have a much more logical housing
 JuNE 16, 2011                           market moving forward.”
 board of governors Meeting
                                         Panelist Alex Perriello, president and CEO of Realogy Franchise Group, told
 BMAR Board Room                         attendees there are no signs that the housing market will recover in the short
 9:30-10:30 AM                           term and that many agents and offices have had a difficult time adjusting to the
                                         new conditions by “right sizing” their offices with fewer staff and lower budgets.
 General Membership Meeting & Election   Perriello said that now is a great time for brokers to grow their market share
 Of 2012 Officers & New BOG Members      through mergers or acquisitions and that finding good agents, providing quality
 Board of Governors Meeting              education and good market information is key for success.
 BMAR Board Room 10:30 AM                Perriello said agents are working harder than ever for less money and are facing
                                         many challenges, including working with distressed clients who can’t sell their
 JuNE 27, 2011                           homes, are underwater on their mortgage or are facing foreclosure.
 76th annual golf & tennis outing        Matt Vernon, senior vice president for retail sales at Bank of America Home Loans,
 Fresh Meadows Country Club              offered perspective from the lender community. Vernon said short sales were
                                         never designed to be a mass market transaction in the industry and they’ve posed
 Lake Success, NY
                                         many challenges for lenders. He admitted that in the beginning, Bank of America
                                         and other lenders didn’t respond quickly enough to handle the large scale of short
 sEptEMbEr 11-14, 2011                   sale transactions, but hiring more staff, increasing education and developing an
 NYsar business Meetings                 extreme customer focus have helped to shorten and improve the process.
 Turning Stone Resort & Casino           Vernon said his organization is fully committed to pursuing alternatives to
 Verona, NY                              foreclosure for home owners and despite rumors, credit is available to consumers
                                         for mortgages and refinancing.
                                         The National Association of REALTORS®, “The Voice for Real Estate,” is America’s
                                         largest trade association, representing 1.1 million members involved in all aspects
                                         of the residential and commercial real estate industries.

pagE 4 • NoVEMbEr 2010 • rEaltor profEssIoNal EdgE • VIsIt www.bMar.org
JOHN P. POLLIS, II REALTY CORP.                                                    CalENdar of
Commercial Mortgage Brokers

John P. Pollis, II, President 1986 – present
                                                                                   events                  continued
38 West 75th Street, Suite BR
New York, NY 10023                                                                 sEptEMbEr 15, 2011
(212) 873-9380
(845) 876-2050 (fax)
                                                                                   board of governors Meeting
                                                                                   BMAR Board Room
COMMERCIAL MORTGAGES                                                               9:30-10:30 AM
                                                                                   NoVEMbEr 26, 2011
New to market 1 mortgages                                                          10th annual trade show
for purchases of commercial notes,                                                 @ The Bronx Zoo
7.5% interest, 50% of note price,
30 day closing
                                                                                   NoVEMbEr 9-14, 2011
Call John P. Pollis at 917-559-4470 or                                             Nar annual Convention
e-mail jpollis@johnpollisrealty.com                                                Anaheim, CA
Also, apartment buildings, commercial strip malls
and o ces – nancing 3.75% to 4.25%, 85% LTV, 30 day closing.                       NoVEMbEr 15, 2011
                                                                                   New Member welcome seminar &
CALL TODAY!!                                                                       Code of Ethics training
                                                                                   BMAR Board Room
                                                                                   9:30-1:00 PM

                                                                                   NoVEMbEr 17, 2011
                                                                                   board of governors Meeting
                                                                                   BMAR Board Room
                                                                                   9:30-10:30 AM

                                                                                   dECEMbEr 8, 2011
                                                                                   27th annual Holiday party
                                                                                   Marina Del Rey Caterers
                                                                                   On the East River

                                                                                   dECEMbEr 15, 2011
                                                                                   board of governors Meeting
                                                                                   BMAR Board Room
                                                                                   9:30-10:30 AM

                                               VIsIt www.bMar.org • rEaltor profEssIoNal EdgE • NoVEMbEr 2010 • pagE 5
                                                          Continued from page 1

      product & service
                                                      Matthew Engel, 2011 President of the Association added, “Members, exhibitors,
                                                      and guests were invited free with advanced registration. Free parking and free
                                                      admission to the Zoo was extended to vendors and attendees for the 2010 Real
                                                      Estate Trade Show at the Schiff Family Great Hall located at the world famous
                                                      Bronx Zoo. In addition to networking at the Trade Show, members, exhibitors
COmPlIanCE mOnITORIng                                 and guest got a chance to connect with wild nature and experience the wonders
Sitecompli                           (800) 564-1152   of the globe at the world famous Bronx Zoo, explore the island of Madagascar,
                                                      get within a whisker of the world’s biggest cats at Tiger Mountain, go nose to
COPIERs, PRInTERs & FaX maCHInEs                      nose with gorillas at Congo Gorilla Forest, and discover more than 4,000 rare
DEC Copiers                          (845) 942-1400   and amazing animals”.
E l E vaT O R                                         According to Jim Slattery, Trade Show Committee Chairman, “the Annual Trade
D & D Elevator                       (914) 347-4344   Show continues to grow and it is an incredible opportunity to see products or
Ver-Tech Elevator                    (212) 375-1900   services offered by exhibitors and network to expand your business directly
                                                      with professionals active in the real estate industry.” A wide range of product
EnERgY managEmEnT sYsTEms,                            and service providers participated in the 9th Annual Real Estate Trade Show
HEaTIng COnTROls                                      including: Accounting; Appliance Supplies & Parts; Associations; Banking & Fi-
U.S. Energy Group                    (718) 380-1004   nancial Services; Bathroom Remodeling; Boiler Controls; Building Supplies;
                                                      Chimney Services; Commercial Real Estate; Compliance Monitoring; Copiers &
E n E R g Y / n aT U R a l g a s & O I l              Fax Machines; Elevator Consulting; Elevator Services; Energy Services / Natural
Aggressive Energy / Bayridge Fuel    (718) 836-9222   Gas & Oil; Energy Management Systems / Heat Controls; Environmental Serv-
Castle Oil Corp.                     (914) 381-6600   ices; Exterminators; Government Agencies; Hardware Supplies & Services; In-
                                                      dustrial Water Treatment Specialist; Insurance; Laundry Equipment Services;
EnvIROnmEnTal sERvICEs                                Mortgage Financing Services; Multiple Listing Services; Property management;
Jerome Environmental Services, LLC   (718) 220-4200   Publications; Remote Oil Tank Level Monitoring; Security Integrators; Violation
                                                      and Management Solutions; Water Treatment; and Website Design.
E X T E R m I n aT O R                                “I’ve been an exhibitor for my company at various trade shows throughout the
Masters Exterminating &                               New York area and I believe that this show continues to be one of the best and
        Pest Control, Inc.           (888) 421-6055   the most cost effective. I get to see not only my current customers but I always
Metro Pest Control, Inc.             (800) 834-8199   meet contacts for new business,” added Slattery.
H a R d Wa R E s U P P l I E s & s E R v I C E s      Matthew Engel added, “The organization sponsors excellent Programs, Services
Webster Lock & Hardware              (718) 733-2200   and networking opportunities including this Annual Real Estate Trade Show for
                                                      the benefit of companies and professionals active in the industry. Networking
InsURanCE                                             is especially important in the type of real estate market and business climate
CBS Coverage Group Inc.              (516) 938-9000   we are currently experiencing”.
Goodhart National Gorman Agency      (914) 779-0500   Nunzio Del Greco, Chief Executive Officer emphasizes, “Membership in BMAR
                                                      includes all companies directly or indirectly servicing the business community
laUndRY EQUIPmEnT                                     and real estate industry. We have active members throughout the New York
Service Directions Inc.              (914) 966-0677   metropolitan region. Companies do not need their office in Manhattan or the
                                                      Bronx to be active members in the association.” BMAR membership is
mORTgagE FInanCIng sERvICEs
                                                      composed of a broad base of companies and professionals including licensed
Community Preservation Corp.         (718) 601-6600
                                                      real estate brokers and agents; multi-dwelling property owners; building
John Pollis, II Realty Corp          (212) 873-9380
                                                      service vendors and suppliers; unlicensed property managers; attorneys;
mUlTIPlE lIsTIng sERvICEs (mls)                       appraisers; banks; mortgage companies; fuel service and energy companies;
                                                      title and abstract companies; insurance companies and insurance brokers;
Bronx- Manhattan North
                                                      contractors and other companies servicing the real estate industry.
      Association of Realtors        (718) 892-3000
                                                      The next major networking event is the 26th Annual Holiday Party scheduled
vIOlaTIOns alERT                                      for Thursday, December 2, 2010 at the Marina del Rey Caterers. For invitations
Vio-Alert                            (877) 775-0587   or more information contact Janine Schall at (212) 242-4343, (718) 892-3000
                                                      or email: Info@bmar.org.
 pagE 6 • NoVEMbEr 2010 • rEaltor profEssIoNal EdgE • VIsIt www.bMar.org
               bESTnyCHOLiDAypARTy                                                2010-2011 EdItIoN
      December2,2010@marinadelReyCaterers                                     aNNual MEMbErsHIp &
BMAR is hosting “Best Holiday Party Package in NYC for Your Company” on
                                                                                     rEfErral dIrECtorY
Thursday, December 2, 2010 from 6:00 p.m. - 10:30 p.m. at the Marina del Rey         publIsHEd
Caterers on the East River with an extraordinary view of both the Whitestone
and Throgs Neck Bridges in the Bronx.                                                BMAR is pleased to announce that the
Promotion of the 26th Annual Party has begun and now is the best time to make        2010-2011 Annual Membership& Referral
your reservations and take advantage of the early reservation’s discount. “This      Directory has been published and is
Annual Holiday Party is the best event in town where you get 4½ hours of superb      available for purchase. Thepublication is
buffet selections, entertainment and networking at an unbeatable price,” according   a well known business and referral
to Kathy Zamechansky, Holiday Party Chairperson. Last year over 25 companies         tool. With membership throughout the
purchased one or more tables at the Holiday Party and hundreds attended. This        metropolitan region in BMAR growing,
Holiday Party provides an excellent opportunity for members, family, friends,        it makes it even more important to be
employees and clients to network, cultivate business relationships, and party at     listed and utilized by the business
a relaxed setting. Our Holiday Party also provides an excellent setting for old      community and real estate industry. The
business contacts to be renewed and new contacts to be made.
                                                                                     publication is a terrific gift idea you
“Many companies make their company office Holiday Party with this event              deserve not only for yourself but for your
including our company, Langsam Property Services for the past 25 years, stated       business associates, clients and friends.
Matthew Engel, 2011 President of the BMAR.” We provide companies a terrific
opportunity to save a significant amount of money by allowing them to have their     Each annual edition features the General
company office party with the Realtors’ Holiday Party. If they had to host their     Membership Roster printed in alphabetical
party at another restaurant, it would cost more and they would get less. “At the     order and an advertiser’s directory of
BMAR Holiday Party, each reserved table of ten or more will have an individual       product and service providers. Affiliate
company table sign. The printed Seating List also illustrates the name of each       and Institutional members have a
guest makes networking and meeting new contacts very easy, “added Zamechansky.       separate listing according to their
                                                                                     specialty or service. Realtor companies
CHARiTyTOyDRiVEFORAbuSEDORnEgLECTEDCHiLDREn                                   are also listed separately with the names
                                                                                     of licensees affiliated with their firm. All
In keeping with the spirit of charity associated with the Holiday Season, we
are asking guests to bring new unwrapped toys appropriate for a child. These
                                                                                     designated Realtors are recommended to
Christmas and Chanukah gifts will be collected at the beginning of the party and     require membership in this association as
disseminated to charitable organizations in the Bronx and Manhattan. Donations       a condition of affiliation with their office.
are also accepted and will be used to purchase additional toys. We urge all of
                                                                                     Many members have made hundreds
our members to join us in making this special event even more remarkable by
sharing with the children far less fortunate than our own.                           of thousands of dollars through their
                                                                                     membership in BMAR. The value of
                                                                                     business relationships is priceless.
                                                                                     A wide range of programs and services
The Annual Holiday Party also enables companies to sponsor the event
for additional promotion and recognition of their company. There are various
                                                                                     are sponsored by BMAR for the benefit of
sponsorship levels and include prime advertising space, company signage, and         members. Multiple representatives are
may also include complimentary tickets. For more information, on sponsorship         recommended to be active from each
and or reservations, contact Janine Schall at (212) 242-4343, (718) 892-3000 or      company to maximize communication
email:J.Schall@bmar.org today.                                                       between the association and companies
                                                                                     active in the real estate industry.
Since 1924, BMAR has been providing valuable programs, services and networking
opportunities to professionals throughout the Greater New York metropolitan          For more information and Order Request
region uniting both the real estate industry and business community.                 Forms for this valuable publication, call
                                                                                     718-892-3000 or 212-242-4343.

                                                    VIsIt www.bMar.org • rEaltor profEssIoNal EdgE • NoVEMbEr 2010 • pagE 7
pagE 8 • NoVEMbEr 2010 • rEaltor profEssIoNal EdgE • VIsIt www.bMar.org

                                                            (L to R) Billy Schur, 2004-2005 President; Mark F. Engel, 1988, 1990
                                                            President; Perry Gault, 1995 President; Eric Sterling, 1985 President;
                                                             Jacqueline Kall, 1978-1979 President; Matthew Engel, 2010-2011
                                                           President; Susan Goldy, 1996-1997 President; Virginia Gallagher, 1994
                                                           President; Nunzio Del Greco, Chief Executive Officer; Sandra Erickson,
BMAR Leadership and Trade Show Committee members               2005-2007 President; and Matthew Schmelzer, President Elect.
    open the 9th Annual Event @ The Bronx Zoo.

    Trade Show Hall was busy throughout the day                                BMAR Trade Show Booth

                                      Board of Governors Luncheon Meeting

                                              VIsIt www.bMar.org • rEaltor profEssIoNal EdgE • NoVEMbEr 2010 • pagE 9
pagE 10 • NoVEMbEr 2010 • rEaltor profEssIoNal EdgE • VIsIt www.bMar.org
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More Than Ever - BMAR Membership Matters                                            busINEss
     FHA and GSE Loan Limits
     FHA and GSE Condominium Policies
•    Multi-Family Loan Limits                                                       Companies benefit as members to
•    Rural Housing                                                                  generate more business including
SustainingCommercialRealEstateOpportunities                                    referral business from the hundreds of
•    Economic Stimulus                                                              companies throughout the New York
•    Term Asset-Backed Securities Loan Facility (TALF)                              metropolitan region that are active
•    Small Business Lending Fund                                                    members of BMAR. Companies do not
•    Surplus Lines                                                                  need an office in Manhattan or the Bronx
                                                                                    to be active members of the association.
EliminatingbarrierstoCredit                                                     Even one business referral or new
• Determining NAR Credit Policy                                                     business contact more than pays for the
• Flood Insurance                                                                   annual membership dues. The value of
• Energy Efficiency Incentives
                                                                                    the business relationships cultivated
• Home Valuation Code of Conduct (HVCC)
                                                                                    through BMAR membership is priceless.
• Appraisal Reform
• Fannie Mae Appraisal Issues                                                       Membership is even more important in
• FHA Appraisal Issues                                                              this economy and market.
• Valuation Summit                                                                  Founded in 1924, BMAR is the local
• Green Energy Tax Credits                                                          chapter for the New York State Association
• Clean Water Act Expansion                                                         of Realtors and the National Association
• Affordable Property Insurance                                                     of Realtors, Inc. BMAR has a rich history
• Radon in Housing
                                                                                    with an extraordinary culture of
• FHA Flipping Rule
                                                                                    inclusiveness, camaraderie, successful
• FHA Electronic Signatures
• Implementation Delay and Compliance Education for Lead Paint
                                                                                    and dynamic business professionals.
  Renovation Rule                                                                   This fact is very evident since many of
• Foreclosure Prevention and Response Program                                       our members are 3rd or 4th generation
• REALTOR® Neighborhood Stabilization Project                                       of active companies in the organization.
                                                                                    BMAR membership is broad based and
                                                                                    includes both the real estate industry
•    NAR/HUD Webinars
•    VA Tool Kit                                                                    and the business community professionals
•    Talking to Home Owners About Flood Risk and Insurance Flyers                   such as: licensed real estate brokers and
•    Lead Paint Renovation Compliance Guide                                         agents; multi-dwelling property owners;
•    Short Sales Information                                                        building service vendors and suppliers;
                                                                                    unlicensed       property      managers;
The threats to our industry and economy are significant. Your active                attorneys; appraisers; banks; mortgage
membership and support is more important than ever.                                 companies; fuel service and energy
                                                                                    companies; title and abstract companies;

              assoCIatIoN MIssIoN statEMENt                                         insurance companies and insurance
                                                                                    brokers; contractors and other companies
          The Bronx-Manhattan North Association of Realtors enhances                servicing the real estate industry and
    each member’s ability to conduct business in a competent, successful and        business community.
            ethical manner; promotes cooperation among its diverse                  For information on membership or MLS,
        membership; protects the right to use and transfer real property;           contact Grace Rivera at
       serves as the local voice of the real estate industry and educates the       (212) 242-4343; (718) 892-3000 or
                  public regarding the value of using a REALTOR.                    email: G.Rivera@bmar.org.

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                                                  W e b st e r L o c k & H a rd w a re C o m p a n y , In c .
                                                                   F a m ily O w n e d a n d O p e ra te d S in c e 1 9 4 9

                                                  L o c k sm ith * M a ilb o x e s * S a fe s * A u to S e c u rity * D o o rs & F ra m e s H a rd w a re
                                                                          Iron Fabrication *Plumbing & Electrical

                                                    Webster Lock and Hardware is a complete security and security
                                                 related, distributor and manufacturer. More than 25 radio dispatched
                                                                are                                     commercial
                                                      vehicles are serving the needs of residential and commercial
                                                                       through               York metro area.
                                                            customers through out the New York metro area.
                                                          Stocking distributors for all major lines of hardware


      Tell them you
        saw their
      in the BMAR

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drive fuel savings

     reduce fuel use.
Conserve Energy save Money.
savvy building owners and portfolio Managers are
   driving Efficiency with us Energy products:

             SYSTEMS         •   MONITORING              •   A N A LY S I S

Visit our website or call us now for a freee demo.

www.use-group.com (718) 380-1004 info@use-group.com

              NYsar frEE
             lEgal HotlINE

                         Get the most from
                         your membership!

                       AUTHORITATIVE LEGAL ADVICE IS
                       TO YOUR REAL ESTATE PRACTICE.

  Hours of operation:
  9 am to 1 pm
  Monday through Thursday
  “The legal hotline is one of the most valuable offerings NYSAR
  gives to its members. It’s a great way to know you are doing
  the right things and managing risk and liability.”
  J.P. Endres, Broker, NYSAR member since 1996

  I encourage all of my agents to make use of this invaluable and
  FREE legal assistance.”
  Linda J. Page, Broker, NYSAR member since 1988

  Call 518-436-9727 (518-43NYSAR)
  Note: NYSAR’s Legal Hotline does not provide a client-lawyer relationship.
  For confidential legal advice consult an attorney.

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                                                                           Non-member MLS Realtors can
                                                                           submit listings into the system.
                                                                           This is an outstanding opportunity
                                                                           if you are not a member of the MLS
                                                                           but want to get your listings on
                                                                           Realtor.com and additional premium
                                                                           search engines. A processing of
                                                                           $50 per listing charge is required.
                                                                           Appraisers are extended a special
                                                                           introductory membership of
                                                                           $1,200 for the first year. Affiliate
                                                                           membership dues $350 plus a one
                                                                           time application fee is required for
                                                                           processing. For more information call
                                                                           (212) 242-4343, (718) 892-3000
                                                                           or email: info@bmar.org

     Independently Owned & Owner Operated

       e l e VaTo r
       • Preventive maintenance                • Repairs
       • Violation Removals                    • Fully Stocked
       • Tests & Inspections                     Parts Dept.
       • Modernizations                        • 24 hr. Service

      212-375-1900 • 718-850-9111 • 516-239-2205
   quality elevator services and modernization

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    yOuR                                        WithpromptandReliable

  COmpAny                                  ReducedElevatorViolationExposure

     AD                              Choose our Sales Team to Obtain a
  FiTSHERE                               Equipment Evaluation Today
                                             Comprehensive Maintenance Programs
                                                       Violation Removals
For more information Call:           Commercial and Residential Modernizations & Installations
                                                       Tests & Inspections
     718-892-3000                                            Repairs

                                Tel: 914-347-4344 Fax: 914-347-3222 Email: sales@ddelevator.com

                                                          Michael Bonardi
                                             38 Hayes Street, Elmsford, New York 10523


 To reserve space in the
   Publications of the
Bronx- Manhattan North
 Association of Realtors

* DiscountsAvailable*
For more information Call:

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         An Official Publication of the
         Nunzio Del Greco, RCE



December 2, 2010

Use the Reservation Form
        on page 8.


                                                                           Providing on-site and on-line laundry solutions
                                           to reserve space in
                                                                       Service Directions is a leader in the installation and service of
                                            the Publications           multi-housing laundry facilities in the tri-state region. We are
                                                                       dedicated to providing superior service to our clients, and to
                                                   of the              giving back to the communities in which we live and work.

                                                                       Our Cyberserve technology allows customers to refill their smart
                                                  bmAR                 cards online and receive instant refunds. Our new Cyberwatch
                                                                       technology allows customers to check the status of their machines
                                          * Discounts Available *      and monitor their accounts, all from the comfort of home.

                                                                       Caring about laundry is our business.
                                          For more information Call:   Caring about people, our passion.

                                               212-242-4343            sdilaundrysolutions.com (800) 945-WASH

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