SEO Tips For Maximum Exposure by calebmonhart


									                                  SEO Tips For Maximum Exposure
1. Link To High Authority Sites

If your website has a link going to an authority site, you could get higher search engine rankings. Trusted
websites such as Bloomberg, Yahoo Directory, and CNN have tons of traffic everyday because people
have confidence in them and their content. If you link to sites like these, search engines (and people)
will feel like they can trust your site as well. You can also look for sites that end because
they are also considered to be authority sites.

2. Provide Unique Content

Make sure that you post content that belongs to you and is not found anywhere else online. Search
engines like to see unique content, so don't post the same article on different sites. Change it up a bit.
You can always outsource the writing if you want. Just make sure that every piece of content you put on
your site is unique and original.

3. Focus On Social Media

Search engines nowadays place a huge amount of importance to social aspects of a website. Web 2.0
sites have created social connections to just about everything (which could work to your advantage
through viral marketing). Be sure to include social media plug ins on your sites. The more user reviews,
comments, likes, tweets, and sharing of content you have, the more your rankings will go up. Make it
easy for your visitors to share your material on their social networking profiles. This is a great way to
generate backlinks.

4. Use ALT Tags, Meta Tags, And Title Tags

These tags are crawled by the search engines and can be a great help in getting your site indexed and
ranked. An ALT tag is a short description of something on your site. The ALT tag will appear whenever
you hover your mouse over a particular thing on your webpage. It could be an image, logo, etc. Good
meta description tags will bring in more traffic. Google displays meta descriptions on their search results
pages. So make sure yours is relevant to the keywords you are ranking for. Also make sure it is 155
characters or less. The title tag is very important because it is what a person will see and click on when
they view the search results. So make sure it is interesting and catchy so people will be compelled to
click on it. Also, make sure it is no more than 60-70 characters max.

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