4 Important Elements in Writing Articles

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					                           4 Important Elements in Writing Articles
Many people know that articles are very common on the web; however, what many do not realize is the
powerful influence a good piece of article can have. If you are looking for a way to promote your
business online, writing SEO (search engine optimization) articles is a good way to do this. SEO articles
differ from ordinary articles because they are written around keywords and are a certain length (300-
500 words). SEO articles create links to your site in the form of keywords; so if a reader clicked on a
keyword, he or she will be taken to your page.

Here are a few guidelines to keep in mind when writing your articles.

• Keywords
When writing your article, make sure the keywords you use are the most relevant for your business and
to put these words somewhere in your article. Using keywords once in an article is good, but a 2%-3%
keyword density article would be better. For example, you can use a keyword in the title or the
introduction, another in the body, and one in the conclusion.

• Relevant Titles
To catch a reader's interest, your title must be exact and interesting. If not, it won't matter how well
you've written your article or how useful your content is because no one will be interested enough to
read on. For example, my article is about article writing, and my title is, "How to write an article." The
title is clear, but a bit boring. "The 3 Essential Elements in Article Writing" would be better.

• Content
People are always looking for something on the web such as new products or new information. When it
comes to articles, content is the key to get internet users to read yours. You need to write something
people would want to read because it is useful, entertaining, or both. In addition, it should be easy to
read and be relevant to your business.

• Originality
No one wants to read a copycat. Even if the information you are conveying is as common as green grass,
you need to write it in a way that will make it seem fresh. You need to find angles in a topic that have
not been written or have not yet been written in detail. To come up with something original, research is
the key and a little bit of creativity.

Once your article has been written and submitted, all you have to do now is wait for readers to find you.

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