Will Google Plus Review Give Your Social Media Marketing A Boost? by digitalsynergy


									 Will Google Plus
 Review Give Your
   Social Media
Marketing A Boost?
  If you’re wondering if
Google + has the power to
  give your social media
 marketing a boost, the
 answer is a resounding,
  This new platform has
 been designed to make
 online meet-ups as easy
   and as effortless as
     dropping by your
neighborhood coffee shop
  to meet your friends.
Currently, you can only join by
  invitation. Google officially
 does not position itself as a
competitor of Facebook, but it
 may, in fact, give Facebook,
the diva on the social network
     circuit, some serious
    It does this by offering
   numerous features that
stimulate social engagement
 and an intuitive interface to
figure out how to get around
  and connect with people.
What gives Google + an edge
over many sites where people
     can gather and share
information is that it has a lot
 of engaging features like the
  project bar, instant media
   uploads, Sparks, Huddle,
    Circles, and Hangouts.
Project Bar
You’ll find the project bar on the top of
Google products. You can use the bar in a
number of ways:

• Share your thoughts with your friends.
• View notifications about what is
happening in your account.
• Get to your profile easily to use the
Google + features.
• Easily access a number of other Google
Instant Uploads
People love taking photos and
 shooting videos and sharing
  them. Google + makes the
 process of sharing as easy as
 uploading them to a private
   album on their website.
Sparks picks your preferences
 for you on what you like to
 watch or read on the web. It
sends you stuff you can enjoy
when you want to take a break
 Huddle allows you to have a
 group conversation. Suppose
 you and your friends want to
 decide what to do on Friday
  evening—well, you can all
huddle. You can discuss various
         places to go.
 You can talk about where eat,
what bands are playing in town,
   or what movies are worth
    seeing. In a literal sense,
 everyone will get on the same
 In real life, you live in different
social circles. Perhaps, you have
 friends from work, your family,
your bowling club buddies, and
    your classmates from the
      evening classes you’re
Each group has its own “insider
 information” and language. In
the virtual world, Google + lets
  you interact with each group
       This is the place for
  spontaneously mingling and
 shooting the breeze. Just tell
 some of your friends or your
circle when you’re free to hang
   out and they can meet you
Entertaining User
     Google has found an
entertaining way of introducing
new users on how to use their
system: It's the Google + Song.
An attractive young woman in a
    red dress sings about her
   intuitive exploration of the
features of Google +, taking you
  from bewilderment to savvy
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