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									                           Effects of Glaucoma Eye Disease

Glaucoma is one of the worst of all eyes disease in which the optic nerve at the rear of the eye
gets damaged. Someone suffering from this eye disease may completely lose their vision if it is
not treated in a timely manner. Many people don’t even know what is glaucoma? These types of
eye disorders are often caused due to excess intraocular pressure buildup within the eye which
damages the optic nerve. The optic nerve is located at the rear of the eye and is responsible for
carrying visual signals to the brain. Initially it damages the side or peripheral vision but, after
that, a larger portion of the visual field is affected and will ultimately lead to complete blindness if
left untreated. Initially Glaucoma is an eye disease that has no symptoms so it can go
unnoticed until optic nerve damage has already been done. This is why regular eye checkups
are of such paramount importance. There are two main types of this eye disease, i.e. open-
angle glaucoma and closed-angle glaucoma. Open-angle glaucoma is the most common type of
this disease; currently affecting approximately 3 million Americans, which is roughly 1 percent of
the total population.

If you are suffering from this eye disease, at first you won’t realise that you are suffering from it
as your vision will remain normal and it is for this reason that it has been nicknamed the ‘Sneak-
thief of sight’. As glaucoma progresses, and damage to the optic nerve starts to occur, you will
still be able to see things which are directly in front you normally, but you will start to miss things
which are to your side or out on the edges of your peripheral vision. Open-angle glaucoma is
named in this way as the angle remains open and still allows fluid to exhaust out from the
anterior chamber of the eye but is often restricted which causes elevated intraocular pressure
within the eye. The angle is meshwork-like drain designed to allow the fluid within the eye to
come out. When it becomes restricted the increased pressure within the eye causes the eye to
slightly increase in size. If your eye stops controlling intraocular pressure at the front in this way
then optic nerve damage will ensue and will ultimately lead to blindness. Whilst in the case of
closed-angle glaucoma the angle becomes completely blocked and intraocular pressure rises
rapidly. Closed-angle glaucoma is also known as ‘acute’ or ‘narrow-angle’ glaucoma and is a
very severe form of glaucoma. This should be treated as a medical emergency and immediate
medical attention must be sought to prevent blindness.

 There are various different methods available for the Treatment Of Glaucoma and these can
be very helpful at minimising the elevated intraocular pressure within affected eyes. For treating
this eye disease, you have to take different glaucoma drugs or medications, etc. In some cases
surgery is required to rectify the problem. If you are suffering from open-angle glaucoma, you
can usually easily treat it with glaucoma eye drops whereas people suffering from closed-angle
glaucoma need to go for laser peripheral iridotomy (LPI) treatment which is an emergency
operation for treating closed-angle glaucoma.

Thankfully, there are now special glaucoma eye drops which utilise N-Acetyl-Carnosine which
are excellent at reducing elevated intraocular pressure associated with glaucoma whilst also
helping to treat the root causes of the disease. You can find out more about these from;
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Ageless eyes; Ethos Bright Eyes Drops are also an excellent prophylactic and, by simply
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