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If you've been wanting to install solar panels at home, but you found it too expensive, get ready to have your world turned upside down when you learn that you can make your own homemade solar energy panels at home for a fraction of the cost.

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									      Considering A Home Solar Panels Installation?

For most of us, the question that is most asked about solar panels installation is:
“Do they have to go on the rooftop?” The simple answer is no, you can install
them wherever. However, the advantages of choosing any existing structure or
building are numerous.

                                              Is your home suitable for a safe rooftop
                                              solar panel installation? There is an un-
                                              derstandable disadvantage in installing
                                              solar panels on your roof, and not on
                                              the earth. But there are some obvious
                                              plus points, as well.

                                           A rooftop-mounted solar panels in-
                                           stallation will also be exempt from the
                                           interest of many four-legged rodents
and pests that could damage the top of the panels. Be sure that there aren’t any
overhead tree limbs for roosting birds, as bird droppings are capable of doing
substantial harm to the collection plates.

Choose an area on the roof that will be conveniently accessible for easy upkeep
and care. You’ll only need to do this every now and then, as the neat thing of any
solar panels installation is that solar panels contain hardly any moving compo-
nents that can run afoul.

Let’s get this straight right now: there are actually two kinds of fundamental solar
panels and home solar panel installations.

The first, referred to as flat-plate collector, is constructed only to furnish hot
water, which also helps to reduce the household monthly electricity costs. In
places that have a standard amount of daily sunshine, you will need somewhere
between one-half and one square foot of absorber plates to generate one gallon
of hot water per day.

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The other kind of common solar panel is known as the photovoltaic panel. Al-
though photovoltaic cells call for more space, many home roofs will probably
have sufficient space to satisfy the requirements for powering a home.

Are you thinking of installing solar panels to heat up water? Then keep in mind
how high you install the solar panels. You’ll need to leave ample height for gravity
to help the warmed-up water back to a storage reservoir within the roof cavity.

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Since many hot water tanks seem to be
located somewhere near the top of the
house, installing solar panels on the roof will
allow a shorter travel time for the hot wa-
ter, and less insulation will ne needed on the
return piping.

In case you are worried about neighborly
relations, don’t sweat it. A rooftop solar
panel installation won’t affect anyone’s view.
And you don’t have to tackle the building
of any architectural load-bearing system,

The best part out of all of this, obviously,
is that it won’t set you back very much to
build homemade solar panels and set them
up on your own. You’ll likely get your in-                         © jigedine/flickr
vestment back on an impending power bill
from the utility company and you glance at the price and you already see a con-
siderable savings.

Don’t be put off by a flat roof, as it will simply require a framework to be con-

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structed to hold the panels at the needed angle of thirty degrees. In such a case,
the person doing the solar panel installation will need to add insulation at the
rear of the frame to help keep the warmth in, and the cold out of the system.
A normal solar panels installation needs only a few hours (it’s essentially a week-
end job) once you have already attached the solar cells to their panels. So I say
read and learn all you can regarding solar polar, and turn what-ifs into a reality,
and get started saving some cash while experiencing the liberty of no longer be-
ing the electricity company’s slave!

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