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									At-Home Pedicure
                                            See how to give yourself the perfect pedicure

                                            Summer is the time to rock your favorite flip flops, peep
                                            toes, and strappy sandals with abandon. With that in mind, it
                                            is also the time to consider how you will get your feet in
                                            sandal-wearing shape. This post is all about how you can
                                            give yourself a pedicure, on the quick and easy, in the
                                            comfort of your own home.

Step 1: Remove any excess polish
This probably goes without saying, but before you do anything you need to remove whatever remnants
of polish are on your toes to begin with. To achieve this, grab a few cotton balls, and a strong, acetone-
based nail polish remover. While it won't necessarily smell the best, the acetone will ultimately remove
every last trace of old polish.

Step 2: Exfoliate both feet and legs
You can't have pretty toes if you don’t have pretty feet. In order to slough off any dead skin that might
be present on both feet and legs, grab your favorite salt scrub and get to sloughing. For those really
difficult calluses, grab a pumice stone to gently scrape all that dead skin away.

Step 3: Manage the cuticles
Just like with a manicure, proper cuticle management is equally important in the pedicure process. After
soaking feet for about ten minutes in warm water, grab a cuticle trimmer and a trusty orange stick. First,
push cuticles back with the stick, and then use the trimmer to cut away any loose ends or gnarly cuticles.
For those who are worried about cutting the cuticles, pushing them back with the orange stick will

Step 4: Trim/file nails
We are almost there! For toenails that have gotten too long, a toenail clipper will make quick work of
getting those nails back under control. Use a nail file and gently file the nails down to the shape and
length that you want, ensuring that there are no sharp ends anywhere.
Step 5: Polish!
Polish application is a science to be mastered, with many trials and lots of practice and patience. For
those just beginning, go with a light shade (that way, mistakes are easier to cover up). Begin by applying
a base coat to all ten toes. Next, apply a layer of your polish of choice, keeping your orange stick handy
to clean up any mistakes. Allow the first layer of polish to dry a couple of minutes before applying the
second layer. Allow that layer to dry before applying a glossy topcoat.

Go ahead, sit back and admire your handiwork.

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