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for patients, families and visitors
              At Pitt County Memorial Hospital, our staff is committed to serving your needs
              and to making your stay at our hospital the best experience possible. We take
              a team approach in assuring safe, quality healthcare. Recognizing that patients
              and their families are essential members of this team, we encourage you and
              your family members to actively participate in your plan of care. We take our
              responsibility to care for you seriously. Please take a few minutes to read this
              booklet. We hope it answers any questions you have about your stay here. If you
              still have questions, ask any one of our staff members. We are here to help.


              University Health Systems
              Pitt County Memorial Hospital (PCMH) is part of University Health Systems
              of Eastern Carolina, one of the largest health service providers in North
              Carolina. University Health Systems is made up of community hospitals,
              physician practices, home care and other independently operated health
              services throughout the 29 eastern counties. PCMH is one of four academic
              medical centers in North Carolina and serves as the teaching hospital for the
              Brody School of Medicine as well as the schools of Nursing and Allied Health
              at East Carolina University and local community colleges.

              Our Mission
              To enhance the quality of life of the people and communities we serve,
              touch and support

              Our Vision
              Where incredible people provide incredible care … every day

              Our Values
              Excellence … our standard
              Compassion … our distinction
              Teamwork … our advantage
              Education … our investment
              Innovation … our future

                                                                       | 1

 The following is a list of frequently dialed numbers. Remember, if you are dialing a hospital department from
 within the hospital, dial 7 and then the last four digits of the number.
 Hearing and speech impaired individuals can call any of the telephone numbers listed below from within the
 hospital by using the RELAY NC service by first dialing 9 and then 1-800-735-2962. You will need to give the
 RELAY operator the full telephone number, including the 252 area code of the department you wish to contact.
 When calling into PCMH from outside the hospital, use RELAY NC by dialing 711.

 Team Help| 847-2223
 Call this number if you notice serious medical changes in the patient and you are concerned that there is a medical
 emergency that needs immediate attention. Please discuss these concerns with the nurse first.

 Patient Safety | 847-2223
 During the course of your treatment, if you have any safety concerns, please share them first with your nurse or
 nurse manager. If after speaking to the nurse manager or you feel that your safety concern is of an urgent nature,
 please contact Team Help directly at 847-2223.

 Service Quality | 847-8411
 If you have any compliments or complaints, please share these first with your nurse or nurse manager. If you feel that
 after sharing your concerns you still need additional assistance, please contact our Service Quality office at the num-
 ber above and leave a message. Please include your name, date of birth if you are a patient and a number at which
 you may be reached. One of our staff will return your call by the next business day.

 Chaplains | 847-4790
 To request a visit from one of our chaplains or to notify your clergy that you are in the hospital

 Financial counselors | 847- 4472
 To talk with someone about making arrangements to pay your bill

 General information | 847-4100
 To reach the switchboard to find the number for departments within the hospital

 Gift shop | 847-4250
 To order flowers or a gift

 Hospital police | 847-8568
 Lost and found | 847-5000
 To find personal items lost while you were hospitalized

 Parking | 847-5376
 Patient information | 847-4476
 To find the location of a patient once he or she is admitted

2 |
Getting settled                            HOSPITAL PHONES                            MENU SELECTION
                                           For local calls outside the hospital,      You will receive a menu unless you are
                                           dial 9 and then the number. To call a      on a clear liquid, full liquid or renal
While you are in the hospital, it is
                                           number within the hospital, dial 7 and     diet. The menu for the next day’s selec-
important for you and your doctor to
                                           then the last four digits of the number.   tion will be on your lunch tray. Please
talk about your medicines. Inform your
                                           For example, if the hospital number is     hand the menu to the staff member
healthcare team of everything you are
                                           847-1234, you would dial 7-1234.           who takes your tray after you finish
taking including prescription medi-
                                                                                      lunch. If you do not receive a menu,
cines, over-the-counter medicines,         To dial a number at the Brody School
                                                                                      ask a staff member to bring one to
vitamins, herbal products and health       of Medicine, dial 4 plus the last
                                                                                      you. If you are not able to eat the food
food store products.                       four digits of the number. To reach
                                                                                      on the menu, please inform the nurse.
                                           744 -1234, for example, you would
You should give your personal sup-                                                    A representative from Food and Nutri-
                                           dial 4 -1234.
ply of medications to your nurse                                                      tion Services will visit you to help select
until you leave the hospital or give       VALUAbLES                                  food that is permitted on your diet.
them to someone to take home for           If you brought valuables such as
                                                                                      If you are scheduled for a test or pro-
you. Do not take medicines that you        jewelry or cash to the hospital, please
                                                                                      cedure, check with your nurse before
brought to the hospital from home          send them home with a family mem-
                                                                                      you eat or drink.
unless your doctor or someone on           ber or friend. If you must keep valu-
your healthcare team tells you that        ables with you, ask your nurse to lock     CELLULAR PHONES
it is OK.                                  them in the hospital safe. When you        Cell phones can interfere with sensitive
                                           are ready to be discharged, remember       patient care equipment, so please do
Let your doctor and nurse know if you
                                           to ask your nurse to get your valuables.   not use your phones in patient rooms
have any allergies to foods or drugs or
                                           Behavioral Health units may have addi-     or other designated restricted areas.
have ever had a bad reaction to any
                                           tional guidelines regarding valuables.     Cell phones pose no threat when used
drug, food or latex product. Ask your
                                                                                      in a hallway or lobby area, so feel free
nurse about your medicines — what
                                                                                      to make your calls in those areas.
they are, what they look like, what they
do, at what times they are given and
what side effects you should expect
or report. Your nurse will bring you the
medicines ordered by your doctor.
Speak up if your doctor or nurse does
something that doesn’t seem right.
Before you are given any medication
or treatment, you will be asked for your
name and birth date. Make sure the
healthcare provider has identified you
correctly before he or she administers
any medicine or treatment.

                                                                                                   | 3
MAIL, FLOwERS ANd                           TObACCO -FREE POLICY                         Once your video has begun playing
bALLOONS                                    Pitt County Memorial Hospital is a           you may pause or cancel by dialing
In most cases, mail and flowers come        tobacco-free campus, so please do            back into the system, re-entering the
directly to your room. To ensure accu-      not use tobacco products on hospital         phone extension and following the
rate delivery of mail, tell the sender      grounds. This policy applies to all staff,   voice prompts.
to prominently display your name            patients, family members and visitors.       Check with your nurse to see if there
and room number on the envelope.            If you smoke and would like informa-         are special videos that your doctor
Our mailing address is PO Box 6028,         tion on quitting, please let your nurse      would like you to view.
Greenville, NC 27835. For your safety       or doctor know.
and welfare, live plants and flowers are                                                 We also provide the C.A.R.E. (continu-
                                            VIdEO-ON-CALL                                ous ambient relaxation environment)
not allowed in critical care units and in
                                            Video-on-Call service is provided            channel to help patients relax. The
certain other rooms. All patients under
                                            for patient education on your room           music and videos shown are geared
nine years old may not have latex bal-
                                            television. Short educational videos         to the human heartbeat and a star-
loons or inflated latex gloves because
                                            are available to you 24 hours a day. You     field is shown at night. This service is
they are a choking hazard.
                                            can access the available categories and      on channel 6.
CAREPAGES                                   titles by using the telephone. Videos
We invite you to take advantage of          will be played on a channels 62-69.          ELECTRICAL APPLIANCES
CarePages, an Internet-based service                                                     Electrical appliances can sometimes
                                            To access the system:                        cause fires or injuries, so we ask
that allows you to set up a secure, easy
                                            Call extension 7-6700 on the phone in        that you not bring devices such as
and personalized web page on which
                                            your room. Enter 7 then the last 4 dig-      curling irons to the hospital. When
patients, family members or friends
                                            its of your room phone and follow the        approved by your doctor or other
can post condition updates or send
                                            voice prompts and menus. The instruc-        healthcare team members, you may
notes of encouragement and support.
                                            tions will tell you which channel to         bring personal medical equipment
Friends and family can stay up-to-date
                                            turn to and the categories will appear       from home. Please advise your nurse
since they’re automatically e-mailed
                                            in alphabetical order. To access more        before using any electrical appliance
when you post a new update. You may
                                            categories select the number 9 on the        in your room. Behavioral Health units
set up a free CarePage through the
                                            phone until you reach the category           have additional information regard-
hospital’s website at
                                            you are interested in viewing.               ing electrical appliances.
by clicking on the CarePage logo or by
going to
PCMH offers wireless Internet access
throughout the hospital. Feel free to
take advantage of this service to check
your e-mail and keep in touch with
family, friends and work.

4 |
Taking part in                               We ask you or a loved one to:                •	Work	with	your	healthcare	team	to	
                                             •	Check	the	information	on	your	               plan your care.
your care                                      identification band for accuracy.          •	Let	us	help	you	out	of	bed	until	you	
When it comes to safety, patients
                                             •	Clean	your	hands	often	and	                  are able to do this on your own. We
and families play a critical role. The
                                               remind your family and visitors to           do not want you to fall.
staff at our hospital is committed to
                                               do the same.                               •	Speak	up	if	you	have	concerns.
keeping you safe and wants you and
                                             •	Be	a	good	communicator.	Be	clear	          •	Respect	other	patients,	families,	staff	
your family to be partners with your
                                               and accurate about your medical              and hospital policies.
healthcare team.
                                               history, personal habits and medica-
As partners, staff members pledge to                                                      PATIENT SAFETY
                                               tions (prescription, over-the-counter,
always:                                                                                   Your safety is important to us. Your
                                               dietary and herbal supplements).
•	Introduce	themselves	and	always	                                                        nurse and nurse manager are com-
                                             •	Name	a	trusted	family	member	or	
  wear an identification badge.                                                           mitted to providing you or your
                                               friend to be your decision-maker
•	Treat	you	with	respect	and	dignity.                                                     loved one with safe, quality medical
                                               in case there are times that you
                                                                                          care while you are a patient with us.
•	Honor	your	privacy.                          are unable to do this for yourself.
                                                                                          Please feel free to express any com-
•	Clean	their	hands	before	working	            If there is an advanced directive in
                                                                                          pliments or concerns regarding your
  with you.                                    place, the decision-maker should
                                                                                          safety with them first. If you feel your
•	Check	your	identification	before	            be the person designated as the
                                                                                          safety concern is of an urgent nature,
  medications, procedures and                  healthcare power-of-attorney. North
                                                                                          please contact Team Help directly at
  treatments.                                  Carolina law dictates a specific order
•	Explain	your	care	and	treatment.             of decision making if no healthcare
                                               power of attorney is in place and          You may also call the Joint
•	Listen	to	your	thoughts,	questions	
                                               you are unable to make decisions           Commission (TJC) Hotline a 1-800-
  and concerns.
                                               for yourself.                              994-6610, 24 hours a day, 7 days a
•	Work	with	you	to	plan	your	care.                                                        week; however, staff members are
                                             •	Ask	questions.	To	help	you	remem-
•	Ask	you	if	you	have	any	safety	con-                                                     only available to answer calls Monday
                                               ber your questions, it is helpful to
  cerns and take steps to address them.                                                   through Friday from 9:30 am until 6:00
                                               write these down. If you do not have
•	Ask	you	about	your	pain	and	keep	            a notepad at your bedside, ask your        pm (EST). You may leave a message at
  you as comfortable as possible.              nurse for one.                             other times.
•	Welcome	your	feedback.

  At PCMH, we are dedicated to improving the delivery of            or her first of your concern. The nurse will then call on the
  healthcare for our patients. Team Help is a program that          primary medical team.
  includes family members as part of the overall care team.
                                                                    If you are still concerned after speaking with the nurse and
  When activated, Team Help involves the patient’s nurse,
                                                                    your primary medical team, you can reach Team Help at
  primary medical team and specialized medical personnel
                                                                    847-2223. Please remember that Team Help is designed to
  to provide immediate patient care.
                                                                    respond to serious medical changes in patients who need
  When a nurse or family member is concerned about a                immediate attention.
  serious medical change in the patient such as bleeding or
  difficulty breathing or when something just doesn’t seem          We appreciate family participation as we strive to care for
  right, they can call Team Help. Your nurse is the first step in   your loved ones.
  activating this program, and you should always notify him

                                                                                                       | 5
PROTECTION FROM                             You have the right to file a griev-        Family and visitor
INFECTIOUS dISEASE                          ance directly with the North Carolina
                                            Department of Health and Human
Hand washing is the best way to                                                        Patient - and family-centered care is
                                            Services, Division of Health Service
prevent the spread of germs. To                                                        very important at PCMH. Family mem-
                                            Regulation, formerly known as the
prevent the spread of germs among                                                      bers and friends are recognized as a
                                            Department of Facility Services. You
patients and healthcare team mem-                                                      major support system for patients.
                                            may call 1-800-624-3004 or mail your
bers, everyone involved in your care
                                            information to their office at 2711        Family members can be anyone with
will wash their hands often and wear
                                            Mail Services Center, Raleigh, NC          whom you have a genetic, legal or
gloves, gowns and masks as needed.
                                            27699-2711.                                emotional relationship. You decide
We expect you to ask your healthcare
team members if they have washed            If you are a Medicare beneficiary, you     who your family members are and
their hands before they care for you.       have the right to refer a concern about    how you would like them involved in
In certain circumstances, patients may      the quality of your medical care to The    your care. It is our belief that family
be placed on isolation to prevent the       Carolinas Center for Medical Excel-        members are a significant and posi-
spread of germs. If you are on isola-       lence (formerly the N. C. Medicare         tive force in your recovery. We do not
tion, ask your nurse to explain what        Quality Improvement Organization)          consider your family members visitors.
precautions are being taken and why.        at 1-800-722-0468 or 919-380-9860.         According to your preference, family
                                            If you need help with this process, call   members can generally remain with
If your healthcare team members                                                        you during the course of your hospital
                                            Service Quality at 847-8411.
are exposed to your blood or other                                                     stay. If you would like an adult family
body fluid, your blood may need to          An organization may not threaten,          member to remain with you overnight,
be tested for infectious diseases. Your     intimidate, coerce, discriminate           please discuss this with your nurse
cooperation helps us protect other          against or take other retaliatory action   to assure that adequate space and
patients and healthcare workers from        against an individual or others for        accommodations are available.
infectious diseases.                        filing a complaint.
                                                                                       Visitors, other than family members,
COMPLAINT ANd                               YOUR RIGHT TO PRIVACY                      are encouraged to visit during hospi-
GRIEVANCE PROCESS                           You have a right to have your pro-         tal visitation hours. For most patient
We have a complaint and grievance           tected health information kept pri-        care areas, visitor hours are from
process to address any concerns you         vate according to the guidelines of        9:00 am-2:00 pm, 4:00 pm-6:30 pm
may have about the services provided        the Health Insurance Portability and       and 7:30 pm-9:00 pm. Quiet time is
for you. If you have a complaint,           Accountability Act (HIPAA), and you        observed from 2:00 pm-4:00 pm. In
please share it with the nurse and the      have a right to file a complaint if you    an effort to promote the best healing
nurse manager first. If your complaint      believe your health information has        environment, we ask that all visitors
is not resolved to your satisfaction,       been used or disclosed improperly.         allow this time for patients to rest.
please call the Service Quality office      Copies of the complete Notice of
at 847-8411, and they will be happy                                                    Because some patient care areas
                                            Privacy Practices are available at all
to assist you. When calling, please                                                    may have different hours during
                                            registration sites and on our website,
leave a message including your name,                                                   therapies or other designated peri-
date of birth if you are a patient and a                                               ods during the day, family members
number at which you may be reached.                                                    and visitors should coordinate visits
One of our staff will return your call by                                              with you or your decision-maker and
the next business day.                                                                 the nursing staff.

6 |
Over the course of your hospital            •	Please	only	enter	the	patient’s	room	    •	Please	do	not	use	tobacco	products	
stay, there may be fluctuation and            that you are here to visit.                anywhere on the hospital’s campus.
change in the visiting schedule due         •	Please	help	create	a	restful	and	heal-   •	Cellular	phones	may	be	used	only	in	
to changing needs and preferences             ing environment by keeping voices          specific areas of the hospital.
of you and your family. You or your           low and avoiding unnecessary noise.      •	Patients	under	nine	years	old	may	
decision-maker, in conjunction with         •	Children	under	12	should	always	be	        not have latex balloons or inflated
your nurse and healthcare team, may           under the direct supervision of an         latex gloves.
make additional limitations for visi-         adult other than the patient. Children   •	Please	always	wear	shirts	and	shoes.
tors. According to your preference,           should obtain a child’s pass at the      •	No	weapons	are	allowed	in	the	
clergy can visit at any time. Behav-          Information Center in the main visi-       hospital.
ioral Health units have additional            tors’ lobby.
information regarding visitation.                                                      •	Family	and	visitors	may	be	asked	to	
                                            •	Visits	by	children	under	12	should	        leave the premises if they become
For the safety and comfort of you, your       always be coordinated with the             disruptive or interfere with the
loved ones, other patients and staff          patient’s nurse and information and        general comfort and care of other
members, please keep these guide-             access should be developmentally           patients, visitors or staff.
lines in mind:                                appropriate. There are also a variety
                                              of ways other than visiting that chil-   These guidelines promote visits that
•	Check	in	with	the	staff	before	enter-                                                are positive and safe experiences for
  ing the patient care unit.                  dren under 12 can stay in touch with
                                              their loved ones. These include send-    patients, their families, visitors and
•	To	prevent	the	spread	of	infection,	                                                 hospital staff. These guidelines may be
                                              ing notes or letters, poems, artwork,
  wash your hands each time you enter                                                  limited or restricted by the patient, the
                                              tapes of talking, reading or singing,
  and leave the patient room or unit.                                                  patient’s decision-maker, hospital staff
                                              photos and by making phone calls.
•	Do	not	visit	if	you	are	feeling	ill	or	                                              or doctors.
  if you have signs of an infection or
  respiratory illness.
•	Family	and	visitors	should	follow	all	
  isolation precautions as instructed by
  nursing staff.
•	To	help	patients	recover,	visitors	are	
  asked to limit visits to 30 minutes.
•	Visits	should	be	brief,	quiet	and	
  pleasant. Please try not to tire
  the patient.
•	Due	to	space	limitations	in	the	
  patient rooms, the preferred num-
  ber of visitors is no more than two
  at a time.

                                                                                                   | 7
Helpful information                         dINING SERVICES                                            RONALd MCdONALd HOUSE
                                            Family members and visitors may                            The Greenville Ronald McDonald
                                            purchase food and beverages in the                         House is located near the hospital
Attendants in the hospital information
                                            hospital cafeteria or snack bar. The                       and provides temporary housing for
center, located in the main visitors’
                                            hospital cafeteria is open during the                      seriously ill children and their families
lobby, can tell you about nearby motels
                                            following hours:                                           while they receive treatment at the
and hotels that offer reduced rates to
                                                                                                       hospital. Families who wish to stay in
patients’ families. Some also offer spe-    Breakfast  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  . 6:15 am – 10:15 am
                                                                                                       the Ronald McDonald House must be
cial services, such as transportation.      Lunch  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .11:00 am – 2:00 pm
                                                                                                       referred by a social worker. Contact a
                                            Limited service  .  .  .  .2:00 pm – 4:00 pm
bANKING                                                                                                social worker on the patient’s unit for
                                            (Deli, salad bar, snacks and beverages)
An ATM is located in the main visi-                                                                    more information.
                                            Dinner  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .4:00 pm – 8:00 pm
tors’ lobby, and a number of banks are
                                            Late night service  .  . 1:00 am – 3:00 am                 LOST ANd FOUNd
within walking distance of the hospital.
                                            The cafeteria is located off the corridor                  If you lose personal items while you are
bUS SERVICE                                                                                            hospitalized, call the Risk Management
                                            to the North Tower. Take a left around
Greenville Area Transit (GREAT) pro-                                                                   Office at 847-5000 or send an email to
                                            the main entrance elevators and follow
vides regular bus service to the front of                                                    
                                            the signs to the cafeteria.
the hospital. To get information about
                                            Our snack bar, located in the main visi-                   PARKING
bus schedules, call 329-4532 or check
                                            tors’ lobby, is open 24 hours a day. The                   Family members and visitors may park
with the hospital information center
                                            Greenville Service League operates                         in the lot directly in front of the hospi-
in the main visitors’ lobby. Hospital
                                            the snack bar. Proceeds are used to                        tal for a small fee. A 24-hour parking
shuttle buses run to various locations
                                            help support approved hospital equip-                      pass is available at the cashier’s booth
around the campus.
                                            ment and special service needs.                            in the parking lot exit drive. When
CHAPEL                                                                                                 patients are hospitalized for extended
The Memorial Interfaith Chapel is           Another dining option, called The                          stays, family members and visitors can
located just off the main visitors’ lobby   Café, is located on the first floor of the                 purchase a seven-day pass from the
on the first floor. The chapel is open      East Carolina Heart Institute. Hours are                   parking lot cashier.
to everyone for quiet meditation and        6:15 am to 8:00 pm daily.
                                                                                                       Handicapped parking can be found
prayer. Worship services are held each      HOPE LOdGE                                                 in every visitor’s lot. If all handicapped
Sunday at 9:00 am and are broadcast         The American Cancer Society McCon-                         parking spaces are full, please ask a
on channel 3. Services to commemo-          nell-Raab Hope Lodge offers lodging                        parking lot attendant for assistance.
rate special holy days are broadcast as     at no cost for adult cancer patients
well. A selection of religious literature   being treated in the Greenville area.                      SAFETY dRILLS
is available in locations throughout the    Your Greenville-area doctor or health-                     While you are hospitalized, you may
hospital or by calling 847-4790.            care professional must refer you.                          hear an alarm for a fire or disaster
                                            Patients are accepted on a first-come,                     drill. These routine drills are designed
                                            first served basis.                                        to keep you safe. In the event of an
                                                                                                       actual emergency, staff will assist you in
                                                                                                       evacuating the area.

8 |
Patient services                          LANGUAGE SERVICES                        Spanish interpreters
                                          At PCMH we understand the impor-         To assist our Spanish-speaking
                                          tance of communication between           patients and caregivers, hospital
A hospitalist is a doctor specially
                                          the patient and the healthcare team      staff can page the PCMH Spanish
trained in hospital care. Some physi-
                                          in order to provide you with the best    Interpreters at 3140.
cians work with hospitalists to take
                                          possible care. To ensure that our non-
care of their patients when they need                                              Sign language interpreters for the deaf
                                          English speaking patients and their
to be cared for in the hospital. During                                            PCMH contracts with an outside vendor
                                          families can effectively communicate
your stay at PCMH, a hospitalist may                                               to provide deaf patients and caregivers
                                          with staff, we offer a number of lan-
monitor your progress and condition.                                               an on-site sign language interpreter.
                                          guage services to meet your needs.
The hospitalist will consult with your                                             Hospital staff should contact the Staff-
personal doctor to make sure all your     All of these services are available 24   ing Information and Support Office
needs are met.                            hours a day, seven days a week, at       (SISO) at 847-4470 to request an inter-
                                          no charge to the patient. Patients are   preter be sent to your area.
                                          encouraged to use the professional
                                          resources at PCMH rather than family
Family of Care Associates is a group of
                                          members or friends. All interpreters
dedicated patients and families work-
                                          used by PCMH are competent to inter-
ing in partnership with PCMH to pro-
                                          pret in the medical environment, and
mote the highest quality care for our
                                          all interactions between the patient
community. As an associate, you will
                                          and staff are guaranteed to be kept
be given the opportunity to provide
                                          strictly confidential.
input on many aspects of the patient
experience. Our associates help shape
polices and programs, review educa-
tion and hiring practices, advise on
facility design and much more. For
more information, call 847-6836.

                                                                                              | 9
Symbols for visually - or hearing-           You may call 847-4790 to request a          SUPPORT GROUPS
impaired patients                            visit from a chaplain, or you may ask a     Several support groups are avail-
If you have difficulty seeing or hearing     member of the clergy of your choice to      able for patients and families who are
others, please let your nurse know. With     be notified that you are in the hospi-      experiencing various health problems.
your permission, the nurse will place a      tal. Chaplains are available 24 hours a     These groups can offer caring support
card on your door with an eye symbol,        day. Please ask your nurse to page the      during and after your hospital stay.
for patients with difficulty seeing, or an   on-call chaplain if you wish to speak to
                                                                                         For more information about our
ear symbol, for patients with difficulty     a chaplain after normal working hours
                                                                                         support groups, contact one of the
hearing. These symbols will help alert       and on weekends.
all staff to your special needs.
                                             SERVICES FOR PATIENTS                       Cancer Services, 847-7867
Telephonic interpreting services             wITH dISAbILITIES
PCMH also uses a telephone system to         The hospital works hard to make sure        East Carolina Heart Institute, 847-5755
provide interpreting services for over       people with disabilities have access        Regional Rehabilitation Center,
150 spoken languages. There are spe-         to services and facilities. If you are a    847- 4400
cially designed phones located at the        patient with a disability, you have the
nurse’s station on every unit to assist                                                  Women’s Center, 847-8263
                                             right to certain reasonable accommo-
the non-English speaking patient with        dations that will assist you with receiv-   SUbSTANCE AbUSE
their communication needs.                   ing appropriate care at our facility. If    PROGRAM
                                             you have a disability and need help         Patients experiencing problems or
Video interpreting services
                                             while you are in the hospital, or if you    issues with substance abuse during
PCMH also has access to over 150
                                             have questions about our services for       their stay should inform their nurse or
spoken languages (including Spanish)
                                             people with disabilities, ask your nurse    doctor. It is very important that you
in real-time video format through the
                                             or contact the ADA/Section 504 Coor-        provide your doctor with accurate
use of a mobile cart. There are medical
                                             dinator at 847-6029, 8:00 am to 5:00        information regarding your alcohol
situations that require the interpreter
                                             pm, Monday through Friday.                  or substance use. The presence of
be able to see both the patient and
                                                                                         these substances in your body may
staff in order to interpret the message      This hospital supports and complies
                                                                                         affect your medical treatment. If you
accurately. In these instances, having a     with the Americans with Disabilities
                                                                                         wish to speak to someone about your
video interpreter available is the most      Act (ADA) and Section 504 of the 1973
                                                                                         substance abuse, please inform your
effective means of communication.            Rehabilitation Act. If you have ques-
                                                                                         nurse or doctor.
American Sign Language is also avail-        tions or concerns about these par-
able with the video interpreter service.     ticular laws, please contact University
                                             Health Systems’ designated ADA/504
                                             Coordinator at the following address
Hospital chaplains are experienced,
                                             and telephone number:
caring ministers who provide pastoral
services to patients and their families.     ADA/Section 504 Coordinator
Chaplains make regular hospital visits,      Pitt County Memorial Hospital
receive referrals and are available to       P .O . Box 6028
talk about spiritual, religious, ethical     Greenville, NC 27835-6028
                                             252-847-6029 (voice/TDD)
and other life issues while you are in
the hospital. Our hospital chaplains will
also, upon request, perform religious
rites such as baptisms, child dedica-
tions and communion.

10 |
Going home                                 •	Ask	your	doctors	and	nurses	in	        •	Ask	your	nurse	what	time	you	
                                             advance about wound care, diet,          expect to be discharged. Call the
Advances in hospital care and com-
                                             exercise, prescriptions and fol-         person picking you up and ask that
munity support have reduced the
                                             low-up care.                             they arrive 30 minutes prior to your
amount of time patients stay in the
                                           •	Before	you	are	discharged,	ask	          expected discharge.
hospital. Whether you have a planned
or unplanned hospital stay, it is            someone to take home flowers           •	If	you	will	need	help	at	home,	
important that you begin planning            and personal items that you are          arrange to have someone there
for discharge as early as possible so        not using.                               when you arrive.
that you will be ready to return home      dAY OF dISCHARGE                         •	If	you	are	taking	a	child	home,	be	
when that day arrives.                     •	Ask	your	nurse	if	you	have	any	ques-     sure you have a properly installed
                                             tions about your discharge instruc-      car seat that is the right size for the
On the day of your discharge, our goal
                                             tions, the date of your follow-up        child’s age and weight.
is to have you ready to leave the hospi-
                                             appointments or the medications        AFTER dISCHARGE
tal by 11:00 am.
                                             you will be taking at home.            •	To	make	sure	your	transition	to	
bEFORE dISCHARGE                                                                      home goes well, you may receive
•	Be	sure	to	arrange	for	a	ride	home.                                                 a call from one of our nurses after
•	Your	doctors,	nurse	and	other	staff	                                                your discharge.
  members will work with you and your
  family about how to take care of
  yourself at home.
•	Nurse	and	social	work	case	manag-
  ers are available to help you arrange
  for nursing home care or special
  health services in your home. For
  more information, call 847-4490.

                                                                                                | 11
Other information                         FRAUd ANd AbUSE                             dOCTOR FEES
                                          Pitt County Memorial Hospital is com-       Your hospital bill does not cover fees
                                          mitted to doing business in a lawful        charged by doctors who cared for
                                          and ethical manner and is also com-         you or who were consulted about
Patients and families have a right to
                                          mitted to obeying all federal, state and    your care. These doctors will send
expect excellent care, privacy, respect
                                          local rules and regulations to prevent      you bills for their services. If you
and information about their care. After
                                          fraud and abuse. If you are aware of        had surgery and x-rays, you will also
your discharge, you may receive a
                                          any potential fraud or abuse issue,         receive bills from the anesthesiolo-
survey that lets us know how we are
                                          please inform the Compliance Officer        gist and radiologist.
performing. This survey focuses on
                                          at 847-0125 or call our toll-free hotline
your patient care experience at PCMH.                                                 FINANCIAL COUNSELORS
                                          number at 1-888-777-2617. Issues may
We recognize that every point of con-                                                 If you think you may have difficulty
                                          be reported anonymously.
tact at PCMH determines how you feel                                                  paying your bill or if you have ques-
about your experience and we value        YOUR HOSPITAL bILL                          tions after your insurance pays, our
your input. This survey, the Hospital     Your bill is an accounting of the           counselors are available to assist you.
Consumer Assessment of Healthcare         services you receive while you are in       You can talk with financial counselors
Providers Survey (HCAHPS), is used        the hospital. If you do not understand      in your room or in their offices. Please
nationally and allows patients and hos-   the charges, please contact Financial       call customer service Monday through
pitals across the country to compare      Services at 847-4472 to request an          Friday from 8:00 am to 5:00 pm at
patient care experiences. Please take     explanation.                                847-4472 or 1-800-788-4473.
the time to answer these questions.
                                          PAY bILLS ONLINE
Your feedback will help us improve our
                                          You may pay your bills online using
services and maintain our high stan-
                                          MasterCard or Visa credit cards. To
dards for quality of care.
                                          take advantage of the online bill pay-
SUICIdE HOTLINE                           ment feature, go to
A suicide hotline is available by call-
ing 1-800-SUICIDE or 252-758-HELP.
Calls from Pitt County are answered by
a local agency. Anyone who is thinking
about attempting suicide or who is con-
cerned about someone else attempt-
ing suicide may call these numbers 24
hours a day, 7 days a week.

12 |
ORGAN ANd TISSUE                             NONdISCRIMINATION                           •	Obtain	information	about	any	profes-
dONATION                                     POLICY                                        sional relationships among individu-
Many people recognize the impor-             This hospital does not discriminate           als who are treating you.
tance of donation and find comfort           in its activities or programs, or in        •	Consult	with	another	doctor	at	your	
knowing that lives can be saved              admission, access to treatment or             own request and expense. Medical
through these precious gifts of life.        employment, on the basis of race,             or hospital staff will assist in securing
Organ, eye and tissue transplants            gender, color, national origin, religion,     a consultation if requested.
offer patients a new chance at healthy,      disability or age.                          •	Receive	from	your	doctor	informa-
productive and normal lives and                                                            tion necessary to give informed
returns them to their families, friends      Patient rights and                            consent before the start of any pro-
and communities. One organ donor
can save the lives of eight people
                                             responsibilities                              cedure and/or treatment, except in
                                             AS AN AdULT PATIENT, YOU                      emergencies. Such information for
and enhance the lives of as many as                                                        informed consent should include,
                                             HAVE THE RIGHT TO:
fifty through tissue donation. At the                                                      but not necessarily be limited to
                                             •	Considerate	and	respectful	care	in	a	
time of death, legal next of kin will be                                                   the specific procedure or treat-
                                               safe setting.
contacted if there is an opportunity for                                                   ment, the medically significant risks
organ, tissue or eye donation.               •	Treatment	without	discrimination	
                                                                                           involved and the probable duration
                                               based on race, color, religion, sex,
If you have already given consent for                                                      of incapacitation and significant
                                               sexual preference, national origin or
organ and eye donation as designated                                                       medical alternatives.
                                               source of payment.
on your driver’s license/NC DMV                                                          •	Obtain	from	your	doctor	complete,	
                                             •	Quality	care	given	by	competent	
Registry, it is important to let your fam-                                                 current information, in layman’s
                                               personnel and high professional
ily know of your decision. If you have                                                     terms, concerning your diagnosis,
                                               standards that are continually main-
not designated your wishes on your                                                         treatment and prognosis. When it is
                                               tained and reviewed.
driver’s license, your legal next of kin                                                   not medically advisable to give such
                                             •	Expect	that	emergency	procedures	
will be contacted to make the deci-                                                        information to you, the information
                                               will be implemented without unnec-
sion for you. You can state your wish to                                                   will be available to your authorized
                                               essary delay.
become a donor by adding a heart to                                                        legal representative.
your NC driver’s license or by going to      •	Freedom	from	abuse	or	harassment.
                                                                                         •	Comfort,	including	information and designating         •	Know	what	hospital	rules	and	               about pain, and access to staff who
your wishes. For more information,             regulations apply to your conduct           are committed to pain relief. You are
contact Carolina Donor Services at             as a patient.                               entitled to a quick response to your
800-200 -2672 or by visiting their web-      •	At	your	request,	have	a	family	mem-         complaints and to dedicated pain
site at          ber and your doctor notified of your        specialists who can provide state-of-
                                               hospital admission.                         the-art pain control measures.
                                             •	Be	informed	about	the	outcome	            •	Be	free	from	needless	duplication	of	
                                               of your care including unanticipated        medical procedures.
                                               outcomes.                                 •	Refuse	treatment	to	the	extent	
                                             •	Participate	in	your	plan	of	care.           permitted by law and to be
                                             •	Know	the	name	of	the	doctor	                informed of the medical conse-
                                               responsible for coordinating your           quences of your action.
                                               care and the names and functions of
                                               others involved in your care.

                                                                                                     | 13
•	Be	informed	about	potential	partici-      •	Expect	reasonable	continuity	of	care.	     •	Speaking	up	and	asking	questions	if	
  pation in a research study or in an         You have the right to know of your           you do not understand your treat-
  organ or tissue donor program. You          continuing healthcare requirements           ment plan and your role in the plan.
  have the right to refuse participation      following discharge.                       •	Following	the	treatment	plan	rec-
  in such programs and may withdraw         •	Examine	and	receive	an	explanation	          ommended by the doctor primarily
  from them at any time.                      of your bill regardless of source            responsible for your care.
•	Not	be	restrained	or	put	in	seclusion	      of payment.                                •	Making	informed	decisions	about	
  unless necessary for your safety or       •	Information	about	financial	resources	       your care.
  the safety of others.                       that may help you pay for your care.       •	Making	sure	the	hospital	has	a	copy	
•	Personal	and	informational	privacy	       •	Request	assistance	with	ethical	issues	      of your written advance directive if
  in accordance with HIPAA regula-            regarding your care.                         you have one.
  tions and hospital policies related       •	Receive	spiritual	and	emotional	sup-       •	Asking	about	pain	management,	
  to privacy.                                 port and care by a religious official.       including what to expect and options
•	Not	be	awakened	unless	medically	           Your religious practices will be sup-        for pain relief, letting us know if your
  necessary.                                  ported as much as possible.                  pain is not relieved and talking about
•	Every	consideration	of	privacy	about	     •	Make	advance	directives.	The	hospi-          fears and worries related to pain. You
  your own medical care program.              tal staff will comply with these valid       should take an active part in your
  Case discussions, consultations,            advance directives.                          pain management plan and ask for
  examinations and treatments are           •	Assistance	communicating	effectively	        relief when you first feel pain.
  confidential and should be con-             with caregivers.                           •	Making	reasonable	accommodations	
  ducted discreetly. Those not directly                                                    to the needs of the hospital, other
                                            •	Be	told	who	to	contact	to	file	a	
  involved in your care must have your                                                     patients, medical staff and hospital
  permission to be present.                                                                employees.
                                            •	Behavioral	Health	patients	may	
•	Expect	that	all	communications	                                                        •	Providing	necessary	information	for	
                                              have additional rights per North
  and records pertaining to your care                                                      insurance claims and for working
                                              Carolina statutes.
  should be treated as confidential.                                                       with the hospital to make payment
•	Access	to	all	information	in	your	
                                            AS A PATIENT, YOU ARE                          arrangements, when necessary.
                                            RESPONSIbLE FOR:
  medical record. When it is not medi-                                                   •	Recognizing	the	impact	of	your	life-
                                            •	Providing,	to	the	best	of	your	knowl-
  cally advisable to give the informa-                                                     style on your personal health.
                                              edge, accurate and complete infor-
  tion to you, the information will be                                                   •	Keeping	appointments	that	are	
                                              mation about present complaints,
  available to an appropriate person                                                       arranged for your continuing care.
                                              past illnesses, hospitalizations,
  on your behalf.
                                              medications and other matters relat-       •	Accepting	responsibility	for	the	
•	A	complete	explanation	of	the	rea-                                                       medical results if you refuse treat-
                                              ing to your health. Some patients
  sons for a transfer to another facility                                                  ment and do not follow your health
                                              find it helpful to carry a list of their
  and the alternatives. The institution                                                    providers’ instructions.
  to which you are to be transferred
                                            •	Informing	your	caregiver	if	you	           •	Conducting	yourself	in	a	way	that	
  must first accept you.
                                              anticipate problems in following the         respects the rights of other patients,
•	Request	a	transfer	to	another	room	if	                                                   staff members and hospital property.
                                              prescribed treatment.
  another patient or visitors in the room
  are unreasonably disturbing you.

14 |
Rights for children                         •	You	have	the	right	to	know	all	of	the	     •	You	can	wear	your	own	clothing	most	
                                              people who take care of you in the           of the time and keep your special
and teens                                     hospital. You and your family can            things with you.
YOU ANd YOUR FAMILY                           meet with them to plan what is best        •	You	can	talk	or	play	with	people	who	
HAVE A RIGHT TO:                              for you.                                     know how to help when you have
Respect and personal dignity                •	You	have	a	right	to	treatment	without	       questions or problems.
•	You	are	important.	We	want	to	get	to	       discrimination based on race, color,       •	You	can	ask	to	be	moved	to	another	
  know you better.                            religion, sex, sexual preference,            room if you are uncomfortable or
•	We	will	tell	you	who	we	are,	and	we	        national origin or source of payment.        unhappy, and we can try to make this
  will call you by your name. We will
                                            Emotional support                              happen if we can.
  take time to listen to you.
                                            •	When	you	are	in	the	hospital,	you	         Care that respects your need to grow,
•	We	will	honor	your	privacy.                 might feel scared, mad, lonely or          play and learn
Care that supports you and your family        sad. You can let people know how           •	We	will	consider	all	your	interests	
•	You	and	your	family	are	important.	         you feel. It is okay to cry or complain.     and needs, not just those related to
  We will work together to make             •	You	can	have	your	family	with	you	as	        your illness or hospitalization.
  you feel as safe and comfortable            much as possible. When this is not         •	You	have	the	right	to	rest,	to	play	
  as possible.                                possible, the other people caring for        and to learn. We will make sure that
•	All	families	are	different.	We	want	to	     you will explain why.                        you have places and times for the
  learn about what is important to you      •	We	can	help	you	meet	other	children	         things children your age need to
  and your family.                            and families who have had similar            grow and learn.
•	You,	your	family	and	caregivers	will	       experiences to yours.
  plan how the important people in
  your life can visit you.
Information you can understand
•	We	will	explain	things	to	you.	We	will	
  speak in ways that you can under-
  stand. You can ask about what is
  happening to you and why.
•	Someone	who	speaks	your	language	
  will help explain things to you.
•	Someone	from	your	family	can	be	
  with you when people in the hospital
  are explaining things to you.
Quality healthcare
•	You	will	be	taken	care	of	by	doc-
  tors, nurses and other people who
  know how to take care of children
  and teenagers.

                                                                                                   | 15
Make choices and decisions                •	You	should	tell	us	what	you	want	for	     Meet financial obligations
•	Your	ideas	and	feeling	about	             your child.                               •	You	are	responsible	for	your	child’s	
  how you want to be cared for            •	It	is	important	for	you	to	tell	us	         hospital bill. Notify us if you need
  are important.                            how you want to take part in your           financial counseling.
•	You	can	tell	us	how	we	can	help	you	      child’s care.                             Respect and consider the rights of
  feel more comfortable.                  •	You	should	tell	us	if	you	don’t	          others by
•	You	can	tell	us	how	you	want	to	take	     understand something about your           •	Respecting	their	privacy.
  part in your care.                        child’s care.                             •	Keeping	noise	low,	including	voices,	
•	You	can	make	choices	whenever	          •	If	you	are	not	satisfied	with	your	         TV, radio and video games.
  possible.                                 child’s care, please tell us.             •	Not	smoking	on	the	hospital	
                                          Provide appropriate care                      campus.
Family                                    •	You	and	the	other	members	of	the	         •	Not	bringing/using	adult	entertain-
responsibilities                            healthcare team work together to            ment items, such as R-rated movies,
YOU HAVE THE                                plan your child’s care.                     adult magazines or adult websites.
RESPONSIbILITY TO:                        •	You	are	responsible	for	doing	the	
Provide information                         things you agreed to do in this plan
•	You	have	important	information	           of care. If you cannot follow the plan,
  about your child’s health. We need        please tell us.
  to know about symptoms, treatment,
  medicines and other illness.

16 |
          oUr familY. CarinG for YoUrs.
Pitt County Memorial Hospital | 2100 Stantonsburg Road | PO Box 6028 | Greenville, NC 27835- 6028

                                252-847-4100 |

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