; Tips on Securing Facebook Account
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Tips on Securing Facebook Account


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									Tips on Securing Facebook Account.

I have read on news site and social media on how secret information of innocent people on facebook
have been compromised. Part of the problem lies in the fact that people do not even know what and
how to protect their information on facebook. I have detailed a few tips here that I am sure will prove
valuable to any facebook user.

* Don't Share Identifying Information :If you haven't yet, make sure the very next step is to go through
your privacy settings. Facebook has multiple layers of privacy settings. I recommend going through each
and every setting to assure that only people you have accepted as friends are able to see your
* Increase the security of your password. Check these steps:
-Don't use any word that can be found in a regular dictionary.
-Don't use any name that can be found in a dictionary of names.
-If you're allowed to, include at least one special character (like %?!@#)
-Include at least one numeral.
-Include at least one capital letter, preferably not the first letter.
-Don't use any numerals that relate to your birthday or other personal information.
-For ultimate security, use the maximum number of characters allowed.
-Change your password regularly - at least once a month.
Here's an example of a medium security password *&RoBeRt@

* Customize Profile Privacy: Click on Settings > Privacy Settings > Profile. Select which parts of your
profile will be seen by whom. Most of the data hackers get are the ones posted by the facebook owner.
Some people forget to edit their privacy settings after sign up to facebook.
* Be Wary of Messages from Anyone - Friends Included: There are some messages from friends or
people you know that can lead you to pages where malicious software, Trojans can be stored on your
computer. This can give unfettered access to your account.
* Facebook Privacy Level of Photo Albums should be edited. On the Photos tab of your profile page, click
Album Privacy. Here again, you can use your Friend Lists to set the privacy for each photo album.
* Restrict Search Visibility : You can also select what will be visible in the search results. Click Privacy >
Search to set your visibility when someone searches Facebook for people. This is an important way to
safeguard your Facebook privacy e.g my network and friends of friends etc.
* Control Automatic Wall Posts and News Feed Updates: Actions in Facebook such as comments, likes,
appear as highlights on all your friends’ home pages. You cannot use friend lists here, only turn them on
or off.
* Facebook discloses information that it sets as visible to everyone and that you cannot make private.
This information includes sensitive information like your name, profile picture, gender and networks.
When in doubt, use the "Preview my profile" button on any privacy settings page to check how your
information appears to others.

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