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					                           HEARTLAND NEWS
                                          HEARTLAND CHAPTER
November 2004                                                                                 Volume 11, Number 6

 November                                          PRESIDENT’S NOTES
                                                                                            by Phil Dula, CHMM, PG
  Meeting                As I wrap up my term as President of the Heartland CHMM Chapter, I wish to thank the
Date: Nov 16, 2004       many folks that made this an extremely successful year for our Chapter. Let me begin by
                         thanking Ken Grist, Kallie Pazdera, Timberlyn Smith, Mike Kirby, and Laura Splichal for
                         wrapping up the loose ends the week prior to our second annual golf event. From
                         completing the sponsorship signs, arranging for the golf prizes, collecting registrations, and
Location:                coordinating last minute details with Falcon Valley staff, the event could not have been the
                         major success it was without their help. The event surpassed last year’s inaugural golf
Boardroom BBQ
9600 Antioch Road
                         event where we raised $1,675 for the scholarship fund to raising over $2,500 this year.
Overland Park, Kansas
                         We should have the official tally by next month’s meeting. Many thanks to the 19
                         companies that sponsored a hole at this year’s event. Look for a complete write-up about
                         the golf event in this edition of the newsletter. Unfortunately, I missed the event due to a
Cost:                    “health misadventure” and was sitting in a hospital bed the day of the event. Naturally I am
$20.00 per person        planning for next year’s event already as I plan on playing in this one!

Time:                    As I had mentioned in the last issue of the newsletter, our chapter has made many strides
5:00 p.m. board mtg
                         this year for which we should all give ourselves a pat on the back. Membership has
6:00 p.m. meal/mtg
                         increased over the past year by 30% with our membership total approaching 60 paid
                         members or affiliate members. Again, thanks to Kallie Pazdera of PSC for leading the
                         effort as Chair of our Membership Committee. Thanks to Sara Crafton for organizing our
RSVP:                    CHMM representation at the KC Zoo during 2004 Earth Day activities this Spring.
Ben Gudde
816-792-6206 or e-mail   Our chapter’s continued success is directly related to the hard work performed by our
BGUDDE1@Hallmark.com     Chapter’s Officers and Board Members. These individuals certainly made my term as
                         President extremely enjoyable. Please take the time to thank them for their hard work
                         either at the next meeting or by e-mail. Ken Grist- President Elect, Timberlyn Smith-
Speaker:                 Immediate Past President, Ben Gudde- Treasurer, Venessa Pottie- Secretary, Bill
Steve Johnson, Onyx      Conkling, Laura Splichal, Sara Crafton, and Kallie Pazdera – Board Members.

                         Be sure to include your vote for next year’s officer’s and board members by completing
The OnSite Waste
                         and sending in the election ballot included at the end of this newsletter. Election results
Management Program,
                         will be tallied and announced at the November meeting.
“Profitable Waste
                         Please consider greater involvement with your Chapter this year. You will enrich your lives
                         by becoming involved with a great organization, meeting good people, making new friends,
                         and expanding your knowledge!

"It's just a job.
Grass grows,
birds fly, waves
                              AMERICA RECYCLES DAY – NOV 15 2004
pound the sand….
I beat people up."       To learn more about ARD, or for ideas on how to participate, visit their official website at
- Muhammad Ali
                              JACKSON COUNTY RECEIVES AWARD
Fun Fact #1
                       Jackson County recently was selected the 2004 EPA WasteWise Program Champion in
                       the category of local government. It was Jackson County's 18th environmental award and
In 1782, Congress      the second time it has won the WasteWise award since 1995. Since 1995, the county's
selected the           waste reduction program has reportedly saved enough water to fill Arrowhead stadium,
bald eagle as the      recycled enough paper to save 80,000 trees and saved the county about $800,000.
emblem of the          _________________________________________________________________
newly formed
United States,
because it                      ACHMM NATIONAL REVIEW COURSE
courage and might,
                       The ACHMM’s Professional Development Committee will be performing a major overhaul
and because it was
                       of National Overview Course, which includes the course materials commonly used for
indigenous only to     teaching the pre-exam review course. They wish to tap into the wealth of expertise
the United States      available within the local chapters. They are currently putting together teams to review
and to Canada.         each training module and to make necessary changes. Contributing individuals and/or
                       chapters will be acknowledged in the revised version. If interested, please contact Raja
                       Ranade at 509-376-9676, or e-mail, Digambar_G_Raja_Ranade@rl.gov.

                         2004 EMERGENCY RESPONSE GUIDEBOOK
Did You Know?
                       The recently-updated DOT Emergency Response Guidebook (ERG) is now available. The
                       ERG2004 is primarily a guide to aid first responders. It includes emergency response
Ben Franklin           guidelines, HM-215A information, guidelines that apply from Mexico to Canada, updates to
wanted the turkey,     placard tables, protective action distance table changes, a critical term glossary, and more.
not the eagle,         The complete ERG is available on the web by going to the following:
to be the U.S.         http://hazmat.dot.gov/gydebook.htm. A list of State Coordinators is also available.
national symbol.
He considered
the eagle a
"bird of bad
moral character"                                 UPCOMING EVENTS
because it lives
"by sharping and       November 8, 2004 – Hallmark Cards, Crown Center Complex, Kansas City, Missouri
robbing.".             8:30 – 10:30 a.m., EEBN KC Regional Byproducts Synergy Imitative Panel
                       Discussion Sponsored by EEBN and hosted by Hallmark Cards, this panel discussion will
                       augment the Byproducts Beneficial Use Summit. Contact Otavio Silva at BTG at 816-561-
                       1061 ext. 111 or otavio@bridgingthegap.org to register. Space is limited.

                       November 8-9, 2004 – Westin Hotel, Kansas City, Missouri
                       2004 Byproducts Beneficial Use Summit
                       Sponsored by Waste News, in cooperation with EPA Regions 5, 7 & 8, the MDNR, MARC,
                       US Business Council for Sustainable Development, and EEBN. To register, visit the
                       following website: http://www.byproductsummit.com/ or call 330-865-6176.

                       November 9/10/16, 2004 – Overland Park/Mission, Kansas/ Kansas City, Missouri
                       MARC’s “AirQ” Campaign, Regional Emission Reduction Workshop Series
                       Air emissions workshops (printers and parts washers) for small businesses looking to
                       voluntarily reduce VOC emissions. Visit www.marc.org/gti.vocreduction.htm for more
                       information and/or to register, or contact Jennifer Logan at MARC, 816-474-4240. An
                       agenda brochure and registration form is also included as an attachment to this newsletter.

              Page 2
                              2ND ANNUAL HEARTLAND
Ever Wonder Why?
                            CHAPTER GOLF TOURNAMENT
If nothing sticks to
                        The Heartland Chapter Golf Tournament was once again, a huge success. Forty one
Teflon – then how
                        golfers participated this year, raising almost $2,500 for the scholarship fund. Thanks to all
does Teflon stick to
                        who participated, and hearty congratulations to our First Place Team: Ted Faile, John
the pan?
                        Browning, Chris Wallace, and Geoff Smith. Way to go fellas!

speaking, Teflon
will not chemically
bond to anything,
but can be forced
mechanically into
small nooks and
crannies. This
slippery substance
adheres to their
surfaces once
sandblast them
to roughen them,
apply a primer, and
embed the Teflon
into the primer.
DuPont scientist,
Dr. Roy Plunkett,
accidentally            Final Results:
created the recipe
for Teflon in 1938,      PAR        Score      Team   Player 1            Player 2          Player 3               Player 4
                         +1         73         1A     Ken Grist           Ron Gough         Jeremy Lund            Mark Huddleston
while attempting
                         +3         75         1B     Mike Kirby          Dave Hemplemann   Bruce Schlatter        B Koski
to produce a better      -8         64         2      Kevin Keller        Don Girard        Jack Clay              David Eddington
coolant gas.             -6         66         3      Bill Conkling       Brian Spiller     Kelly Hand             Glynn Graham
What Dr. Plunkett        -7         65         4A     Mike Visqueny       Tom Laswell       Randall James
                         -13        59         4B     Ted Faile           Geoff Smith       John Browning          Chris Wallace
discovered was
                         -11        61         5      John Williams       John Gerken       Tracey Cooley          Debbie Ballard
tetrafluoroethylene      +3         75         6      Dave Cochran        Willie Tatum      Duane Accre            Matt Noble
(PTFE), a solid          +2         74         7      Barney Wolters      Robbie Klim       Denis Supper           Jon Rossilioni
version of               -12        60         8      Greg Sharpe         Dennie Haag       Elisabeth Galvin       Mike Clayton
                         -8         64         9      Chris Berning       Andrew Estes
                        PAR = 72
or freon. For
pronunciation's           Category                           Winner                         Prize
sake, name was            1st Place Score = 59               Team 4B                        $65/each Pro Shop Certificates
shortened to              2nd Place Score = 60               Team 8                         $40/ each Pro Shop Certificates
Teflon.                   3rd Place Score = 61               Team 5                         $20/ each Pro Shop Certificates
                          Closest to the Pin                 Chris Berning                  $50 Best Buy Gift Certificate
                          Longest Drive 1st Place            Greg Sharpe                    $50 Best Buy Gift Certificate
                          Longest Drive 2nd Place            Chris Wallace                  $50 Best Buy Gift Certificate
                          Longest Putt                       Debbie Ballard                 $50 Pro Shop Certificate*
                        * Donated by Accutest

                        We especially want to thank our corporate sponsors: Hallmark, Shaw Environmental,
                        Tetra Tech, HydroGeologic, ESC, Onyx, PSC, Clean Harbors, Lockton, CCP, Univar,
                        Arcadis, Pace Labs, AccuTest, SCS, TRC Environmental, Burns & McDonnell, CDM, and
               Page 3
                       More from the 2004 golf tournament photo gallery:
Fun Fact #2

There's enough
energy in ten
minutes of one
hurricane to match
the nuclear
stockpiles of the

Fun Fact #3

history, more ships    2nd place team: Greg Sharpe, Denny Haag, Mike Clayton, and Elisabeth Galvin.
have been sunk by
hurricanes than by

Fun Fact #4

The average
generates energy
roughly equivalent
to 400 20-megaton
bombs exploding
in one day – the
equivalent of all
the electrical
energy used in the
United States for
six months.

                       3rd Place Team: John Williams, Tracey Cooley, John Gerken and Debbie Ballard.

              Page 4
Fun Fact #5

The average
American uses
eight times as
much fuel energy
as an average
person anywhere
else in the world.

                        Chris Berning, winner, “closest to the pin”.

Fun Fact #6

The average
mature oak tree
700,000 leaves in
the fall.

                          Debbie Ballard, winner, “longest putt”.

               Page 5
                           Although the following teams and individual players did not make it to any of the
                           winner brackets, we believe that they all deserve an honorable mention:

                           Team 1-A: Mark Huddleston, Ken Grist, Ron Gough, and Jeremy Lund.

“There's something
therapeutic about
choosing to spend
your time in a wide,
open park-like
setting that non-
golfers can never
truly understand”
- Charles Rosen

                           Team 1-B: Dave Hemplemann, Bruce Schlatter, Mike Kirby, and B. Koski.

                  Page 6
Fun Fact #7

The average pollen
particle is less than
the width of a
human hair.
Pollens can remain
on your skin and
hair for hours after
spending time
outdoors. Pollens
can travel as far as
400 miles and up
to two miles high
in the air.
                          Team 2: Jack Clay, Don Girard, Kevin Keller and Dave Eddington.

“Golf isn't a game,
it's a choice
that one makes
with one's life.”
-Charles Rosen

                          Team 3: Glenn Graham, Brian Spiller, Kelly Hand and Bill Conkling.

                 Page 7
Did You Ever Wonder…..

Why do we have daylight
saving time?

Daylight saving time, the
brainchild of Benjamin
Franklin, seems to
increase the number of
productive daylight
hours we have in the
summer time. It did not,
however, gain immediate
acceptance during
Franklin's time. Instead,
the practice was born of
necessity during World
War I and II. The
practicality of his idea
came into play during
these wars, when              Team 4-A: Mike Visqueny, Randall James and Tom Laswell.
scarcity and rationing
were the operative
words. By following their
normal routines, and by
going to bed hours after
sundown, people relied
upon artificially
generated light, which
depleted the scarce
reserves of fuel in its
generation. Germany
realized that this
precious commodity
could better be used to
serve the war effort, and
instituted the first
daylight saving laws in
1915. England followed
suit in 1916, and, finally,
the United States, in
1918. The United States
reinstated the daylight
saving laws on a national
basis during World War
II. The close of the war
ended the law's
necessity, but the
national habit continued      Team 6: Dave Cochran, Willie Tatum, Duane Accre and Matt Noble.
on a voluntary basis.

                    Page 8
Fun Fact #8

In November,
there is a stretch
of warm dry
weather with a
little wind and
usually a bit of
haze in the air. In
the United States,
it is called “Indian
Summer.” In
England, France,
and Italy, it is
referred to as “St.
Martin’s Summer.”

                          Team 7: Dennis Supper, Barney Wolters, Jon Rossilioni and Robbie Klim.

“If you watch a
game, it's fun.
If you play at it,
it's recreation.
If you work at it,
it's golf.”
-Bob Hope

                          Team 9: Chris Berning and Andrew Estes.

                 Page 9
                                       SEEKING EMPLOYMENT
                        Stephanie Luebbering is currently employed as an environmental consultant in
                        Pennsylvania, but wishes to relocate to this area to be near family. Stephanie has a B.A.
                        in Environmental Science & Biology and a M.S. in Environmental Studies. She has
                        extensive experience in all areas of environmental regulatory compliance requirements,
                        and is also a certified asbestos inspector. If anyone knows of any opportunities, please
                        contact Stephanie by calling 717-764-8614, or e-mail to brownste76@hotmail.com.


                                        INSTRUCTORS NEEDED
                        Midwest Training and Consulting Services, a provider of safety, industrial hygiene and
                        environmental training courses, is currently looking to hire part-time and/or full time
                        instructors. If interested in applying, and want to learn more, you should call Rick Smith,
                        CSP, CHMM at 913-338-0021, or visit their website at http://www.midwest-training.com.
                        You can also find information on the website regarding up-coming courses in the Kansas
                        City metropolitan area, such as an Industrial Noise class being offered November 15-18,
                        and a Spill Prevention class November 16-18.


                               ACHMM 2005 NATIONAL
                            CONFERENCE CALL FOR PAPERS
                        The Academy of Certified Hazardous Materials Managers announces new information
                        about submitting an abstract for the 2005 national conference in St. Louis. First, the
                        deadline for abstract submission has been extended to January 1, 2005. Second, your
                        contact for information regarding the St. Louis call for papers is Pam Hicks with KU
                        Continuing Education: Mail 12600 Quivira Road, Overland Park, Kansas 66213; phone
                        913-897-8522; fax 913-897-8540; e-mail phicks@ku.edu. Finally, to submit an abstract or
                        view the complete call for papers, visit http://www.achmm.ort/stlouis2005. We hope you
                        will consider participating in the conference as a presenter, and we look forward to seeing
                        you in St. Louis September 29, 2005!
Fun Fact #9
It takes about five

                                    EEBN ENVIRONMENTAL
years for an oyster
to produce a
pearl.                            EXCELLANCE AWARDS 2004
                        Bridging The Gap’ Environmental Excellence Business Network held their 2004 awards
                        ceremony on October 15th where they recognized and honored the outstanding
                        achievements and contributions by various local companies and organizations in the areas
                        of waste reduction, environmental stewardship, and community involvement. A complete
                        write-up on this year’s winners will be included in our next (January) newsletter.

              Page 10
                    SEPTEMBER MEETING
S                                   Royal’s Stadium Club
                                    Kansas City, Missouri

H             The September Heartland Chapter ACHMM meeting was jointly held with the local
I             chapters of AIHA and ASSE, at the Royal’s Stadium Club located within the sports
              complex in Kansas City, Missouri. Pictured above is Ken Grist, Heartland
              Chapter President-Elect, presenting an ACHMM travel mug as a token of
-             appreciation to the main speaker, Mr. Chuck Adkins, Director of Region VII
              OSHA. Mr. Adkins spoke to a packed house on a wide range of topics, including
L             the agency’s organizational structure and regional staffing, current programs and
              initiatives, regulatory up-dates, and inspection/enforcement statistics and trends.

I             Mr. Adkins shared several examples of successful collaborations between OSHA
              and industry in efforts to improve worker safety and health. He described a
T             partnership started in 2000 between OSHA and members of Nebraska’s meat
              processing industry in Omaha, Nebraska. Their goal was to address the high

              fatality, injury, and illness rates that have plagued the industry. With the help of
              other safety and health organizations, the initiative has achieved outstanding
              results and noteworthy improvements in an extremely hazardous industry over a

              relatively short period of time.

              Mr. Adkins’ office is located at City Center Square, 1100 Main Street, Suite 800,
              Kansas City, Missouri.

    Page 11
                             SERVING YOU NATIONWIDE 24/7
                            Environmental Remediation/Emergency
                             Response/Waste Management/Tank &
                                Railcar Cleanings/O&M/Facility
                            Closures/Product Transfers/Excavation &
                                 Demolition/Heavy Equipment
                             24/7 Corporate Customer Service Line
                           KC Office Division Manager: Bill Conkling
                                 Cell Phone (816) 305-4017

"True courage is
not the absence of
fear; rather it is
the taking of action
in spite of the

- Anonymous

Visit our website!
Heartland Chapter ACHMM


                 Page 12
                        HEARTLAND CHAPTER ACHMM

BILL CONKLING, CHMM. Bill is a Master Level CHMM and has been a member of the Heartland Chapter since 1993. He
previously served two terms as Treasurer of the Heartland Chapter, and was also Treasurer and Vice President for the Memphis
ACHMM Chapter. Bill received his B.S. in Pharmacy from the University of Missouri-Kansas City in 1984. His experience profile
includes 7 years in the health care industry as well as 17 years in the hazardous materials industry. Bill has been General Manager and
Technical Services Director for a number of West Coast and Midwest operations. He has most recently worked in the remediation and
emergency response fields. He is currently the Manager of Environmental Operations at Hulcher Services, Inc.


VENESSA POTTIE, CHMM. Venessa has been a member of the Heartland Chapter since 1995, and has worked as a consultant to
private industry for the last 16 years. Venessa specializes in environmental regulatory compliance, with particular emphasis on
environmental liabilities assessment/due diligence, and multi-media environmental regulatory issues. Venessa received a B.S. degree
in Biology, Environmental Emphasis, in 1989 from Carroll College in Waukesha, Wisconsin. In addition to currently serving in the
role as Secretary of the Heartland Chapter, she has also participated as an affiliate member of the Midwest Section of Air & Waste
Management Association and on the steering committee of Bridging the Gap’s Environmental Excellence Business Network. Venessa
is a Senior Environmental Scientist at TRC Environmental.


BRIAN DALBY, CHMM. Brian Dalby has been a Master Level CHMM since June of 1994. He has over 18 years of experience in
the hazardous waste fuel industry. Brian works for Ash Grove Cement Company at their corporate headquarters in Overland Park,
Kansas. He holds the position of Senior Waste Fuels Manager and is responsible for the safe and efficient operations at the two Ash
Grove plants that utilize hazardous waste as a substitute for non-renewable fossil fuel in the production of Portland cement. Brian
holds a B.S. in Analytical Management from the United States Naval Academy and an M.S. in Business Administration from Quincy
College. He is a retired Captain in the Naval Reserves. Brian has worked for Ash Grove Cement for the past ten years in their waste
fuel program. Prior to that, he worked for seven years for Continental Cement in Hannibal, Missouri helping to develop their waste
fuel program. Brian has participated in all of the annual CHMM conventions since 1995 and has presented papers on Emergency
Response organization and training.

HEIDI GODKE, CHMM. Heidi is a new member to the Heartland Chapter, receiving her CHMM designation in May, 2004. She
has been employed at the headquarters of Hallmark Cards, Inc since 1985 where she managed the Occupational Health Department for
4 years. Heidi has been on the staff of the Corporate Risk Management Department for last 15 years in various safety, ergonomic,
training and environmental positions. She is currently the Environmental Administrator for the Non-Operating areas at the Hallmark
headquarters facility working with hazardous waste, water, air and recycling issues. She received her Bachelors of Science Degree in
Nursing from the University of Michigan. She volunteers at her local elementary school as the Recycling Awareness Chair for the

FRAN JACKSON, CHMM. Fran is a Senior Environmental Engineer for American Airlines. She has been a member of Heartland
Chapter of CHMM since 1998 and is a Master level CHMM. Fran was President of the Heartland Chapter in 2002, and served on the
Board of Directors in 2000. She has been working in the environmental field since 1992 with emphasis in regulatory compliance and
training. Fran’s main interests are in education and scholarship funding. She was instrumental in establishing the first scholarship
program for the Heartland Chapter.

LAURA SPLICHAL, CHMM. Laura has been a CHMM and a member of the Heartland Chapter since 1995. Laura is a project
manager and quality assurance coordinator at CDM, where she manages environmental site investigations and cleanups for federal
clients including EPA, Air Force and Army bases, and the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers. She has been with CDM in Kansas City for
the past 13 years providing a variety of environmental consulting services to the federal government. Laura has a B.S. in Chemistry
from the University of the South in Sewanee, TN. She specializes in groundwater investigations and cleanups, hazardous waste
management and disposal, quality assurance reviews of reports and field investigations, chemical analysis of soil and water samples,
and evaluation of the resulting data.
                                           2004-2005 BALLOT
                                          Heartland Chapter
                        Academy of Certified Hazardous Materials Managers

The following names have been placed in nomination for President Elect, Treasurer, and Members of the Board
of Directors of the Heartland Chapter of the Academy of Certified Hazardous Materials Managers. All paid-up
members of the Heartland Chapter are eligible to vote. Please vote for the specified number of people in each
position and either e-mail the completed ballot to vpottie@trcsolutions.com by November 15, 2004, or bring
along with you to the November 16 meeting.

If you will not be attending the meeting, and are unable to e-mail in your vote, alternatively, you may also mail
or fax your ballot to Venessa’s attention at TRC, 1600 Genessee Street, Suite 416, Kansas City, Missouri
64102/Fax # 816-474-1853.

PRESIDENT ELECT (Vote for one)

_____ Bill Conkling, CHMM

_____ _______________ (write in)

SECRETARY (Vote for one)

_____ Venessa Pottie, CHMM

_____ _______________ (write in)

BOARD DIRECTORS (Vote for four)

_____ Brian Dalby, CHMM

_____ Heidi Godke, CHMM

_____ Fran Jackson, CHMM

_____ Laura Splichal, CHMM

_____ _______________ (write in)

                                                     Member Signature

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