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									                             NEWSLETTER– JULY 2012

We would like to thank staff, children and parents for making us so welcome during our first
year at Round Diamond. The year has seen a lot of positive changes for the school and we
are proud to be part of the Round Diamond community. We thank you for your support and
look forward to continuing and developing our partnership in the future.

We would like to share the impact of all the hard work and dedication shown by our staff this
year. Well done to all the children who have tried their best and moved their learning forward.
We are pleased and proud of our results and achievements across the whole school, here
are some of the highlights!!

 Key Stage 2 results 2012 (Year 6)
                   English   English   Maths    Maths    En & Ma   En 2 levels   Ma 2 levels
                    L4+        L5       L4+      L5        L4+      progress      progress
 National target    65%                 65%               60%         86%           87%
                                -                  -
 School actual
                    92%       31%       90%      36%      85%         88%           84%
 School actual
                    75%       18%       62%      28%      57%         63%           60%
      We have improved significantly on last years end of Key stage 2 results.

      The highest results for both attainment and achievement in 4 years.

Key Stage 1 results 2012 (Year 2)

               Level 2c+        Level 3    Level 2c+      Level 3       Level 2c+    Level 3
               in reading     in reading   in writing    in writing     in maths    in maths
                 70%                                                      80%
                 89%            37%            80%         23%            90%         35%
 actual 2012
                 94.8%          13.8%          89.7%      10.3%          96.5%       22.4%
 actual 2011

      Sustaining high results in Key stage 1 at level 2.

      Increased the number of level 3 in all areas, showing the improved provision for more
       able learners.

Foundation Stage results 2012 (YR)

                            Entry to Nursery       Entry to Reception       Exit EYFS P 6+
         PSE                     62.7%                    89.8%                  100%
         CLL                     55.9%                    78.0%                  100%
        PSRN                     55.9%                    64.4%                  100%
        KUW                      59.3%                    72.9%                  100%
         PD                      67.8%                    88.1%                  100%
         CD                      66.1%                    81.4%                  100%

      All children have exited the foundation at the expected or higher level, we are
       particularly proud of the children’s writing skills and social development.

      All children have made good progress; these have been the highest results in 4 years.

               Simon Horleston and Zoë Phillips

At the last Coffee Morning, we discussed school uniform in detail. It was very useful to gauge and
gain parents’ views and ideas. Many thanks to all parents who attended and for getting involved.

We have a compulsory school uniform:
   Navy jumper, cardigan or fleece with school logo
   White or navy polo top, shirt or blouse (with school logo if preferred)
   Navy or grey trousers, culottes, skirts, shorts or pinafores (of an appropriate length)
   Blue and white checked summer dresses
   Navy, black, grey or white socks or tights
   Black or navy school shoes or trainers (no open toed sandals)

   All hair (boys and girls) should be tied back at all times if longer than shoulder length
   No jewellery except plain stud metal earrings and watches
   No nail varnish or temporary tattoos on visible parts of the body
   No shaved patterns or symbols on heads

P.E. Kit
   Plain white crew neck t-shirt (with school logo if preferred – no large sports logos)
   Plain black or navy shorts
   Trainers (no plimsolls) and white socks
   Sweatshirt (no cardigans) to wear for outside P.E. lessons (preferably a different jumper)

All garments should be clearly labelled with your child’s name.

We will be holding meetings at the start of the new school year to introduce parents to their child’s new year
group. At the meeting you will be able to meet your child’s class teacher who will give you information about the
term, areas to be covered in Literacy and Numeracy, expectations for homework along with homework ‘hints’ and
general expectations. They will also talk about the International Primary Curriculum (IPC) topic we will be using
as from September which will ensure subject coverage and a clear progression of skills between each year
group. In addition, IPC is a comprehensive and creative curriculum with a clear process of learning that is
matched to specific learning targets. Learning with the IPC takes a global approach by making learning: exciting,
active and meaningful. This highly reputable curriculum, is used in more than 65 countries around the world, but
is also used by many local schools in Hertfordshire too. During a recent Coffee Morning, parents stated that they
would like more information about what their children are learning about in class. Therefore, at the start of each
topic we will send out a curriculum letter so that you can support your child’s learning at home as well as being

At the end of this newsletter is a class list for your information. The parents’ meetings will be held at the following
times and will last approximately 25 minutes:
Wednesday, 5            September
9.00 am   -             Year 1 – Small Hall (Topic – Holidays)
9.40 am   -             Year 2 – Small Hall (Topic - The First Olympians)
10.20 am  -             Year 3 – Small Hall (Topic – Gateways to the World)
Thursday, 6        September
9.00 am        -     Year 6 – Small Hall (Topic – Making the News)
9.40 am        -     Year 5 – Small Hall (Topic – Go With The Flow)
10.20 am       -     Year 4 – Small Hall (Topic – Active Planet)
Tuesday, 25 September
9.05 am    - Nursery/Reception – Main Hall (Phonics information for parents)
             The Nursery and Reception will be covering the topic All About Me

At Round Diamond we are lucky to have a variety of different languages spoken in our school. Do
you speak: Russian, Urdu, Tamil, French, Latvian, Greek, Chinese, Gujarati, Punjabi, Swahili,
Bengali, Lithuanian, Yoruba, Polish, Spanish? If you do and would like to volunteer to support
children with English as an additional language in our school, please contact Liz Evans (Inclusion

Thank you for returning the sponsor forms and sponsor money raised for the school and the British
Heart Foundation. Total money raised was £1178.55, 20% of which will go towards P.E. equipment
for the school.

Thank you to everyone that responded to our Parent Survey – in total we had a 25% return rate. After
analysing the results, we will explore the areas for development in future coffee mornings, as well as
coffee evenings.
                                                                                           Agree +
                                                                              Agree +       ‘don’t
 My child is happy at this school                                             93.7%        93.7%
 My child feels safe at this school                                           89.9%        92.2%
 My child makes good progress at this school                                  91.2%        92.3%
 My child is taught well at this school                                       87.3%        90.7%
 My child receives appropriate homework for their age                         67.1%        71.6%
 This school ensures the pupils are well behaved                              84.8%        85.8%
 This school deals effectively with bullying                                  51.9%         73%
 This school is well led and managed                                          75.9%        83.3%
 This school responds well to any concern I raise                             68.4%        79.4%
 I receive valuable information from the school about my child’s progress     64.6%        64.6%
 I would recommend this school to another parent                              86.1%        86.1%

Areas for development
 Purpose of homework to be shared and discussed.
 Perception of dealing with bullying is lower than expected. Recognition of children feeling safe,
    being happy and well behaved are above 84%. Discussion about how to raise the perception and
    what systems are already in place.
 Communication about children’s progress to be discussed as well as how concerns are
    responded to.

Areas to celebrate (over 75% of those who responded to survey)
Parents believe that children at Round Diamond are: happy, safe, taught well, make good progress
and behave appropriately. In addition, it is believed that the school is well led and managed with
parents happy to recommend Round Diamond to other parents in the community.
From September, the charges for school dinners are increasing to:

£2.00 per day (£10.00 per week)


                        Term ends:
                Friday, 20th July at 2.00 pm

                    New term starts:
            Tuesday, 4th September at 8.55 am


                       Autumn Term
     Tuesday, 4th September - Friday, 21st December 2012
           Half term: 29th October – 2nd November
          SCHOOL CLOSED: Friday, 26 October
         SCHOOL CLOSED: Friday, 30 November

                        Spring Term
       Tuesday, 8th January – Thursday, 28th March 2013
                Half term: 18th – 22nd February

                       Summer Term
       Tuesday, 16th April – Wednesday, 24th July 2013
                 Half term: 27th – 31st May
            May Bank Holiday – Monday 6 May
           SCHOOL CLOSED: Friday, 24th May

I hope you all have a safe and enjoyable summer and I would
like to wish all the children and staff who are leaving us this
term farewell and good luck in the future.

                  Zoë Phillips
                                  TEACHING STAFF 2012 - 2013

                                    Jeannette Wallace
  KLEE               KS2             Janice Gardner                               DT
                               Amanda Felstead, Jen English
                               Sue King, Debbie Lancaster,.

JOHNSTONE                               Ben Hodson                     Maths (Lead), NQT Mentor
                                       Janine Bonner

 MONET              Year 6             Claire Moberly                           Science
                                        Donna Gee

Y6 SETTING                              Paul Steward

 LOWRY                                Stephanie Barrett                          Music
                    Year 5              Fran Landau

  CLIFF                               Richard Pallant                        ICT / e-Safety
                                      Helen Shepherd

 PICASSO                           Laura Kennedy-Weeks                 Community Cohesion / MFL
                    Year 4             /Jakki Thorne
                                         Irene Black

O’KEEFFE                               David Briggs                               NQT
                                      Margaret Phillips

 TURNER                                Hannah Rowe                           P.S.H.E. / SRE
                    Year 3              Kim Cutts

CONSTABLE                              Jancy Overell                              NQT
                                        Kay Fisher

   DALI                                Ruth Cousins                          Literacy (Lead)
                    Year 2              Ruth Lavery

VAN GOGH                                 Laura Ellen                              P.E.
                                         Sally Dove

HOCKNEY                         Hannah Day/Bonnie Goodwin                   Literacy / Maths
                    Year 1            Debbie Herbert

 MATISSE                               Jackie Mulcahy                           Display
                                        Julia Faulkner

 RENOIR                                Emma Hawkins                               R.E.
                  Reception           Claire Shepphard

 MORRIS                               Susanna Funnell                             NQT
                                      Nicola McGregor

                                         Jane Cottle
          NURSERY                                                                 IPC
                              Margaret Jewitt, Nicole Bradshaw,
                                        Wendy Rowe

           INCO                          Liz Evans                      SEN / Gifted & Talented

   ASSISTANT HEAD                       Helen Jewitt                 Behaviour, SEAL, MSA Team,
                                                                    Children’s Council, Safeguarding,
                                                                        Pupil Voice, NQT Mentor
                                                                    Cover Organisation, Assessment,
     DEPUTY HEAD                      Simon Horleston                Training, IPC (Lead), Induction,
                                                                    Parent Voice, Staff Development,
                                                                  Equal Opportunities, CLA, NQT Mentor

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