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									Abuse of Steroids

The use of steroids has grown remarkably in the past few years. They were once
prescription drugs but can be easily bought from any online pharmacy these days.
Anabolic steroids as we all know are responsible for the growth of muscle tissue
and strength. They are primarily used by bodybuilders and sportspersons seeking
these gains from their use. However, they are also employed by people wanting to
improve their looks which include young men, women and even teenagers. It is
imperative to know how to employ these substances as their excessive intake for a
very long period can cause side effects.

 Sometimes these side effects are temporary but if steroids are abused for a
prolonged period then they can lead to irreversible side effects such as injured
ligaments, muscles and tendons, clotting disorders, cardiovascular problems,
toxicity of the liver, Gynecomastia in men, reduced sexual functioning, heart
attacks, impotence, prostate cancer, swelling of feet and ankles, high blood
pressure and shrinking of testicles. Abuse of steroids can also lead to many
psychological side effects such as extreme irritability, delusions and feelings of
invincibility, fatigue, mood swings, restlessness, loss of appetite and depression.

Thus it is important that the user administers these drugs either under the
supervision of an expert or a medical practitioner. The right quantity of the drug,
the time period it should be taken for and the right manner of administering it
should all be known to the person before he starts using the steroid in a steroid
cycle. In case the severity of any above mentioned symptoms are seen, one must
immediately stop taking the drug and seek medical assistance on an urgent basis.


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