Certificate IV - Occupational Health & Safety (OHS) by DylanSmith3


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									Certificate IV - Occupational Health
           & Safety (OHS)

The Certificate IV - Occupational Health and Safety online
eLearning qualification is nationally recognized and reflects
the use of a wide range of OHS, communication and
information. This Occupational Health and Safety will develop
students theoretical knowledge, implementing discretion and
judgment where required.
                Units of Competency
 This course contains total 9 Elective units. In this 6 units are select
 from Group A. And the 3 units can be select from remaining
 Group A or Group B units.
   Group A units
• BSBOHS401B - Contribute to the       • BSBOHS405B - Contribute to the
  implementation of a systematic         implementation of emergency
  approach to managing OHS               procedures
• BSBOHS402B - Contribute to the       • BSBOHS406C - Use equipment
  implementation of the OHS              to      conduct     workplace
  consultation process                   monitoring
• BSBOHS403B - Identify hazards and    • BSBOHS408A - Assist with
  assess OHS risks                       compliance with OHS and other
• BSBOHS404B - Contribute to the         relevant laws
  implementation of strategies to
  control OHS risk
Group B units
• BSBCUS401B         -   Coordinate   • BSBMKG414B - Undertake marketing
  implementation of customer            activities
  service strategies                  • BSBOHS407A - Monitor a safe
• BSBCUS402B - Address customer         workplace
  needs                               • BSBPMG510A - Manage projects
• BSBFIA402A - Report on financial    • BSBREL401A - Establish networks
  activity                            • BSBRES401A - Analyze and present
• BSBADM409A          -  Coordinate     research information
  business resources                  • BSBRSK401A - Identify risk and apply
• BSBINN301A           -   Promote      risk management processes
  innovation in a team environment    • BSBSUS301A - Implement and
• BSBCMM401A           - Make     a     monitor environmentally sustainable
  presentation                          work practices
• BSBITS401B - Maintain business      • BSBWRT401A - Write complex
  technology                            documents
• BSBMKG413A - Promote products
  and services
            Benefits of Training
Australian Management Academy is Registered Training
Organization(RTO) and operates under the Australian
Quality Framework(AQF). This course provides graduates
with a well developed understanding of OHS legislation, risk
identification skills, communication and consultative skills.
The knowledge and skills learnt from this course will enable
graduates to direct and enhance the safety standards of
their workplace.
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