Certificate III - Occupational Health & Safety (OHS) by DylanSmith3


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									Certificate III - Occupational
  Health & Safety (OHS)

The Certificate III - Occupational Health & Safety (OHS)
online eLearning course reflects the use of a wide range of
OHS, communication and information. This course will
develop students theoretical knowledge, implementing
discretion and judgment. This course enable graduates to
contribute to and enhance the health and safety standards
of their workplace.
                 Units of Competency
 This course contains total no. of 12 units. In this 7 are Core units
 and the rest 5 are Elective units.
  Core Units
• BSBOHS301B - Apply knowledge of         • Contribute to OHS issue
  OHS legislation in the workplace          resolution
• BSBOHS302B          -     Participate   • BSBOHS306B - Contribute to
  effectively in OHS communication          implementing          emergency
  and consultative processes                prevention     activities   and
• BSBOHS303B - Contribute to OHS            response procedures
  hazard identification and risk          • BSBOHS307B - Participate in
  assessment                                OHS investigations
• BSBOHS304B - Contribute to OHS
  hazard control
Elective Units
• BSBCUS301B - Deliver and             • BSBCMM301B - Process customer
  monitor a service to customers         complaints
• BSBDIV301A - Work effectively        • BSBITU306A - Design and produce
  with diversity                         business documents
• BSBFIA301A - Maintain financial      • BSBPRO301A         -    Recommend
  records                                products and services
• BSBADM311A - Maintain business       • BSBSUS301A - Implement and
  resources                              monitor environmentally sustainable
• BSBINM301A         -      Organize     work practices
  workplace information                • BSBWOR301B - Organize personal
• BSBINM302A       -     Utilize   a     work priorities and development
  knowledge management system          • BSBWOR401A - Establish effective
• BSBINN201A - Contribute to             workplace relationships
  workplace innovation                 • BSBWRT301A - Write simple
            Benefits of Training
Online courses will builds self knowledge and self confidence
and encourage students to take responsibilities of their
learning.   This   certification   will   provide   graduates   a
comprehensive understanding of OHS legislation, essential
hazard and risk identification skills. The skills learnt
throughout this course will enable graduates to enhance the
safety standards of their workplace.
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