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					                                   July | August 2012
                                Aqua 2012 Preview

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The International magazine for the aquaculture feed industry
                                                                                INDUSTRY	EVENTS:	PREVIEW
                                                                                          INDUSTRY	EVENTS
         he	AQUA	 events	 are	 co-                                                                                                What can participants
         organised	 by	 EAS	 and	                                                                                                 expect to see and do?
         WAS	every	6	years.	AQUA	                                                                                                   This	 is	 the	 biggest	 general	 aqua-
2012	 succeeds	 the	 2006	 event	 in	                                                                                             culture	 event	 so	 participants	 can	
Florence,	Italy	and	the	2000	event	                                                                                               expect	 to	 see	 a	 lot.	There	 will	 be	
held	 in	 Nice,	 France.	The	 event	                                                                                              almost	600	oral	presentations	and	
comprises	 an	 international	 sci-                                                                                                400	 posters	 on	 display	 as	 well	 as	
entific	 conference,	 an	 interna-                                                                                                90	 trade	 booths	 and	 numerous	
tional	 trade	 exhibition,	 work-                                                                                                 workshops.	 	There	will	also	be	the	
shops	 for	 aquaculture	 producers,	                                                                                              opportunity	to	go	on	farm	tours	in	
forums	organised	by	students	and	                                                                                                 the	Czech	Republic.		
by	 the	 European	 Commission	                                                                                                      I’ve	 been	 to	 Prague	 a	 few	 times	
Directorate	General	for	research	                                                                                                 in	the	course	of	organising	AQUA	
and	 many	 other	 workshops	 and	                                                                                                 2012	and	before.	It	really	is	a	beau-
meetings.                                                                                                                         tiful	 city,	 with	 many	 things	 to	 do	
  The	 overall	 theme	 for	 this	 year’s	                                                                                         and	see.	Hotels	and	restaurants	are	
meeting	 is	 ‘Global	 Aquaculture:	                                                                                               plentiful	and	not	expensive.	.	
Securing	our	future’.		
                                                                                                                                  With so many industry

                                            AQUA 2012
  Presentations 	 by	 the	 two	
plenary	 speakers,	 Petter	Arnesen	                                                                                               shows, why should people
and	 Geoff	 Allan,	 will	 provide	                                                                                                attend AQUA 2012?
industry	and	science	perspectives	                                                                                                   There’s	 increasing	 competition	
on	 the	 different	 aspects	 of	 the	                                                                                             between	 industry	 shows	 and	 scien-
theme,	 which	 has	 obvious	 impli-                                                                                               tific	 conferences	 but	AQUA	 2012	
cations	 for	 global	 and	 regional	        Who is the event aimed at?                   of	 the	AQUA	 2012	 theme,	 while	       has	developed	something	different.	 	It	
food	 security	 and	 aquaculture	             AQUA	 2012	 is	 a	 global	 aquac-          Geoff	 Allan,	 of	 the	 Depar tment	     brings	together	both	of	these	elements	
trade.	 It	 also	 refers	 to	 economic	     ulture	 event	 so	 it	 is	 aimed	 at	 the	   of	 Primary	 Industries	 in	Australia	   and	shows	how	aquaculture	is	devel-
and	 environmental	 sustainability	         global	aquaculture	community.	This	          and	who	is	a	past	president	of	the	      oping	across	disciplines,	so	that	people	
and	 the	 image	 of	 aquaculture	           includes	 scientists,	 producers,	 sup-      World	 Aquaculture	 Society,	 will	      working	in	one	research	area	or	sector	
activities.	                                pliers	and	policy	makers	and	legis-          focus	on	the	scientific	perspectives	    can	 listen	 to	 sessions	 on	 other	 disci-
                                            lators	who	want	the	latest	scientific	       of	the	theme.                            plines	and	activities.	 	In	short,	 it	gives	a	
                                            data	and	to	take	part	in	all	of	the	
                                            discussions	 and	 networking	 that	
                                            are	the	‘core’	of	these	events.	We	
                                            expect	around	2,000	participants	
                                            from	60	countries	to	be	with	us	
                                            in	Prague	in	September.	

                                            What are the themes of
                                            AQUA 2012?
                                              There	 are	 different	 ways	 of	                                                                           Visit us at
Alistair Lane, Executive Director,          interpreting	 the	 theme,	‘Global	                                                                           booth 47
European Aquaculture Society,               Aquaculture:	 Secur ing	 our	
explains the history of AQUA events         future’.		
and what’s going on at AQUA 2012              One	 way	 is	 food	 security.	This	
                                            is	 an	 issue	 for	 developing	 coun-
Tell us about AQUA 2012                     tries	 but	 also	 for	 the	 USA	 and	
  The	 European	 Aquaculture	               Europe	because	they	rely	heavily	
Society	 (EAS)	 is	 one	 of	 the	 two	      on	imports.
co-organisers	 of	AQUA	 2012.	 	 It	          The	event	will	also	look	at	the	
incorporates	the	EAS	“Aquaculture	          image	 and	 perception	 of	 aquac-                The best balance
Europe”	 and	 the	 WAS	 “World	             ulture.	 It	is	generally	positive,	 but	
                                                                                              For close to 30 years, we have been striving to bring you the best
Aquaculture”	 events.	 	 In	 addition,	     the	actual	production	activities	of	              balance between dry diets and live food, between market needs
the	University	of	South	Bohemia	is	         the	sector	are	not	generally	well-                and innovation, between consistency and high quality.
                                                                                              It is what makes us unique and your most reliable
our	local	organising	partner.		AQUA	        understood	by	consumers.	                         partner in today’s market.
2012	is	the	third	AQUA	event,	suc-            AQUA	 2012	 will	 also	 address	
ceeding	 meetings	 in	 Florence	 in	        the	 management	 of	 resources	 -	
2006	and	Nice	in	2000.		                    notably	 water	 and	 feeds	 –	 but	
  In	Prague,	we	hope	to	build	on	the	       also	human	and	market	resources	
successes	 of	 previous	 events,	 with	     with	 an	 emphasis	 on	 education	
high	 participation,	 good	 science,	 a	    and	 managing	 knowledge.	 	This	
well-attended	trade	event	and	gen-          brings	us	to	the	plenary	speakers:	
erally	 favourable	 perception	 from	       Petter	Arnesen	of	Marine	Harvest	
attendees.                                  will	 give	 an	 industry	 perspective	                                                       shapingaquaculturetogether

                                                          July-August 2012 | InternAtIonAl AquAFeed | 43
The Future of Feeds
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                                                                                                         really	 help	 solve	 the	    trade	press	that	could	bring	some	of	
                                                                                                         problems	 of	 water,	        or	 good	 news	 to	 the	 general	 public.	
                                                                                                         space	and	GM	asso-           Aquaculture	research	findings	do	not	
                                                                                                         ciated	 with	 using	         generally	 get	 well	 communicated	
                                                                                                         terrestrial	 plants..	   	   outside	of	our	sphere,	so	we	need	to	
                                                                                                         C o n s u m e r s 	 m a y	   do	that	better.	Political	will	to	develop	
                                                                                                         also	have	issues	with	       aquaculture	in	Europe	seems	to	be	at	
                                                                                                         farmed	 fish	 eating	        an	all-time	high,	so	we	should	use	this	
                                                                                                         feeds	 predomi-              opportunity	to	spread	the	knowledge	
                                                                                                         nantly	 made	 from	          we	 are	 generating	 to	 support	 policy	
                                                                                                         ter restr ial	 plants	       and	 develop	 a	 balanced	 (legislative)	
                                                                                                         that	 could	 them-           framework	for	the	sector.	
                                                                                                         selves	 be	 used	 for	
                                                                                                         direct	 consumption.	
                                                                                                         It	 would	 be	 more	
                                                                                                         natural	 for	 farmed	
                                                                                                         aquatic	 animals	 to	
                                                                                                         eat	(farmed)	aquatic	
                                                                                                         plants…			At	AQUA	
                                                                                                         2012	 there	 will	 be	
                                                                                                         several	 sessions	 on	
wider,	 helicopter	view	of	the	develop-     everything	runs	smoothly.	I	will	try	to	                     nutrition,	 looking	 at	
ment	of	aquaculture.                        sit	in	on	a	few	sessions	but,	 I’m	not	      novel	 raw	 materials	 and	 ingredi-
                                            sure	that	I	will	have	the	time.		            ents	in	fish	feeds.	 	                       Plenary speaker Petter Arnesen,
What are you most excited                     One	 of	 things	 that	 interests	 me	                                                   Breeding Director, Marine Harvest
about for AQUA 2012?                        is	 the	 potential	 to	 use	 of	 macro	      How has the event                              I	 have	 been	 working	 in	 aquacul-
  We	 have	 an	 excellent	 manage-          algae	 (seaweeds)	 as	 protein	 and	         changed and developed?                       ture	for	almost	25	years.	 	The	salmon	
ment	 team	 with	 John	 and	 Mary	          lipid	 sources	 in	 feeds.	 Developing	         We	have	lots	of	successful	press	and	     industry	 began	 around	 40	 years	 ago	
Cooksey	 and	 with	 Mario	 Stael,	 and	     algae	 as	 feed	 ingredients	 rather	        media	 partners	 but	 we	 would	 also	       and	has	developed	greatly	over	the	last	
I	work	with	them	to	make	sure	that	         than	 using	 terrestrial	 plants	 could	     like	 to	 develop	 contacts	 with	 non-      20	years.		Now	it	is	relatively	successful	

                                                                                                    by nature
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                   INDUSTRY	EVENTS:	PREVIEW
         in	Scotland	and	Norway	but	there	are	                              However,	 tradition	 fisheries	 are	                                     A	second	Premium	Sponsor	for	EAS
         salmon	 industries	 in	 Chile,	 the	 Faro	                       on	 the	 decline	 so	 there	 is	 a	 gap	

         Islands	and	British	Columbia	amongst	                            between	the	requirement	and	what	                                                     aving	enjoyed	the	support	        EU.	This	 sponsorship	 makes	 clear	
         others.	It	is	still	a	learning	curve	but	we	                     traditional	fisheries	can	produce.	                                                   of	 MSD	 Animal	 Health	          our	 commitment	 and	 we	 look	
         have	come	a	long	way.                                              This	 gap	 has	 to	 be	 covered	 by	                                                as	 its	 only	 Premium	           forward	to	strengthening	our	work	
            As	the	Breeding	Director	at	Marine	                           aquaculture	 and	 as	 a	 result,	 good	                                   sponsor	 for	 some	 years,	 the	              in	 EAS	 through	 this	 agreement”,	
         Harvest	 I	 use	 traditional	 breeding	                          production	sites	are	needed.		This	is	                                    European	 Aquaculture	 Society	               says	Almås.
         methods	 rather	 than	 GM.	 	 The	                               easier	said	than	done.		For	example,	                                     (EAS)	has	announced	that	SINTEF	                The	 EAS	 President	 Elect	
         salmon	industry	is	one	of	the	last	in	                           in	 Norway,	 the	 authorities	 are	 in	                                   Aquaculture	 and	 Fisheries	 is	 its	         (becoming	President	in	September),	
         Europe	 not	 to	 use	 GM	 products	 in	                          charge	of	giving	out	sites	but	there	                                     second	Premium	Sponsor.                       Kjell	Maroni	is	also	pleased	to	have	
         the	fish	or	the	feed.	 	At	the	moment,	                          are	very	few	granted	each	year.                                             While	 EAS	 actively	 targets	              a	 second	 Premium	 Sponsor,	 espe-
         there	is	a	fair	bit	of	opposition	to	GM	                           At	Aqua	2012,	 I	will	be	speaking	                                      sponsors	for	its	annual	Aquaculture	          cially	 one	 from	 Norway.	“It	 is	 very	
         food	 from	 consumers	 and	 retailers	                           about	 the	 challenges	 associated	                                       Europe	 event,	 the	 Premium	                 good	to	have	a	technology	oriented	
         even	 though	 there	 is	 no	 scientific	                         with	 aquaculture	 in	 general	 and	                                      Sponsors	 show	 their	 support	 of	           research	 institute	 as	 SINTEF	 from	
         evidence	 that	 salmon	 is	 affected	 by	                        also	point	out	some	of	the	major	                                         the	society	‘as	a	whole’	–	and	spe-           Norway	 on	 board	 as	 a	 Premium	
         GM.	 	Yet	 for	 the	 feed	 industry,	 it	 is	                    achievements	in	aquaculture	such	                                         cifically	 of	 its	 objectives	 –	 with	 a	   sponsor.	 EAS	 need	 the	 contribu-
         getting	harder	and	more	expensive	to	                            as	feed,	 genetics	and	the	environ-                                       financial	 contribution	 that	 allows	        tion	from	Premium	sponsors	as	an	
         source	GM-free	raw	materials.	                                   ment.                                                                     EAS	 to	 offer	 reduced	 member-              important	 basis	 for	 the	 economy	
            The	 main	 issues	 in	 aquaculture	                             In	 the	 future,	 I	 will	 be	 working	                                 ship	 fees	 for	 young	 persons	 and	         in	 addition	 to	 normal	 members”,	
         today	are	feed	resources	including	                              on	 solving	 the	 challenges	 faced	                                      for	those	working	in	relatively	low	          he	 says.	 “Premium	 sponsors	 are	
         raw	materials	that	go	into	feed	and	                             by	 aquaculture.	 	There	 is	 great	                                      income	countries.                             also	important	to	make	EAS	more	
         the	management	of	farms.		                                       promise	in	breeding	and	genetics.	                                          The	 President	 of	 SINTEF	                 known	 in	 the	 aquaculture	 industry	
            There	 is	 a	 fair	 bit	 of	 aquaculture	                     There	are	new	tolls	coming	along	                                         Fisheries	 and	 Aquaculture,	 Karl	           in	Europe.”
         regulation	the	EU	but	the	main	chal-                             such	 as	 a	 genomics.	 	The	 salmon	                                     Almås,	is	pleased	to	show	SINTEF’s	             As	Premium	sponsors,	SINTEF	
         lenge	 in	 the	 EU	 is	 to	 have	 more	                          genome	 is	 now	 being	 sequenced	                                        support	 for	 EAS.	 “Collaboration	           will	 be	 promoted	 through	 the	
         sites	of	production.		At	the	moment,	                            and	 will	 hopefully	 be	 completed	                                      and	participation	in	EAS	is	impor-            EAS	 web	 site	 and	 its	 publica-
         the	 EU	 imports	 65	 percent	 of	 its	                          in	the	next	year.	This	will	give	us	a	                                    tant	 to	 us	 in	 SINTEF	 as	 it	 is	 an	     tions,	 but	 also	 at	 the	 AQUA	
         seafood.	 	Going	forward,	 the	EU	will	                          new	 tool	 to	 use	 in	 our	 breeding	                                    industrial	 organization	 with	 a	            2012	(September	1-5	in	Prague)	
         have	to	increase	its	production.	                                work.                                                                     strong	research	focus	which	is	vital	         and	 AE2013	 (August	 9-12	 in	
                                                                                                                                                    to	us	and	our	research	partners	in	           Trondheim).
           Come and meet the International Aquafeed team at Aqua 2012 - booth 65

                                                        take a

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