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									SNHU and Manchester Parks Department
      Project Information Packet


Table of Contents

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   Objectives ............................................................................................................................... 4
   Target Audience ...................................................................................................................... 4
   Past PR, Scripts and Spots ...................................................................................................... 5
   Source Branding Material ..................................................................................................... 17
   Parks department major publication “Greening the City” .................................................... 18
   Model Sites ........................................................................................................................... 19
   Expected Deliverables .......................................................................................................... 20
   DNN Traffic Analysis ........................................................................................................... 21
   Google Analytics Data .......................................................................................................... 22
   Parks and Rec Visitor Emails ............................................................................................... 32
   Web System Restrictions ...................................................................................................... 33
   Web System Glossary ........................................................................................................... 34
   Web Module Glossary .......................................................................................................... 35
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Contact List

Parks Department 603-624-6565

Chuck Deprima – Department Head
Contact for questions regarding Parks operations

Edward Wojnilowicz – Manager
Contact for information concerning project objectives

Jamie Chandler – Current Parks Web Content Developer
Rick Riddle – Current Parks Web Content Developer

Information Systems Department 603-624-6577

Jennie Angell – Department Head
Contact for broader overview of web strategy

Michael Emond – Web Administrator
Contact for technical web site related questions

Clearly Creative Marketing Firm: 603-625-1950

Laura McBrien – Marketing and Web Strategy Consultant for Parks
Contact for Marketing Strategy

Manchester Economic Development Office 603-624-6505

Kate Benway – City Economic Development Manager
Contact for questions regarding city branding

     Improve the City’s image
     Make the website more user oriented
     Move the website from an information tool to a marketing tool

Target Audience
     Local Citizen
     Relocating Citizens

Past PR, Scripts and Spots

June 11, 2007

Ed Wojnilowicz                                        Laura McBrien
City of Manchester                             Clearly Creative
603-624-6565 ext. 309                                 603-625-1950     

The Big Drain Scramble II to be Held at the Derryfield Country Club

Manchester, NH – The City of Manchester’s Parks, Recreation & Cemetery Department is
pleased to announce the second annual “Big Drain Scramble II” golf tournament to be held at
Manchester’s very own, Derryfield Country Club. The tournament is set for Friday, June 22nd
with a shotgun start at 9:00 am.

Inclusion in the Big Drain Scramble II is only $500 per foursome and includes green fees, cart, a
pair of golf sunglasses, a delicious lunch provided by the Derryfield Restaurant and an
opportunity to win huge prizes and raffles in a live auction. You don’t have to be a member of
the Derryfield Country Club or an expert golfer to participate. We are looking for teams that
want to support the community but above all have fun. All proceeds from the Big Drain
Scramble II go directly towards drainage improvements at the golf course. Here’s your chance
to participate in a fun event and make a difference.

“The drainage at Derryfield Country Club has been an on-going problem and we are committed
to fix it. Construction on the drainage situation will begin this fall when it is least intrusive to
our members,” stated Charles DePrima, Interim Director of the Parks, Recreation & Cemetery
Department. “We are excited about this tournament – it is an opportunity to showcase The
Derryfield to non-members and to demonstrate the pride we all have in Manchester’s own
municipally-run golf course,” added DePrima.

There will be an opportunity to win three hole in one prizes like a Buick Lacerne, provided by
Dobles Chevrolet. Golf isn’t the only excitement of the day – once again WGIR’s own Charlie
Sherman will be emceeing the live auction with prizes like sports memorabilia, an autographed
Monarchs game jersey, there is even an opportunity to win a season pass to McIntyre Ski Area or
a one year membership to the Derryfield Country Club.

Participation in the golf tournament is limited to the first 36 teams to sign up, for more
information or registration forms visit or call 603-624-6565 ext. 330.
The Big Drain Scramble is presented by Derryfield Restaurant.

About Derryfield Country Club
Derryfield Country Club is an eighteen-hole regulation public golf course located in the heart of
Manchester, NH. Established in 1932, Derryfield is one of only three municipally-owned golf
courses in the state of New Hampshire. At Derryfield Country Club, you will find the Derryfield
Golf Shop, a fully stocked golf shop, as well as the Derryfield Restaurant & Lounge, a full
service restaurant and bar. Recent Improvements at the Derryfield Country Club include:
8th Hole Reconstructed (2001)
12th Hole Reconstructed (2001)
7th Hole, Greens Complex Reconstructed (2001)
Irrigation Improvements (2001)
2nd Tee Redone with Retaining Wall (2002)
5th Tee Redone with Retaining Wall (2002)
18th Tee Redone (2002)
New Maintenance Facility (2003)
New Clubhouse and parking lot (2005)
Drainage Repairs (Scheduled to Commence October 2007)

July 24, 2008

Ed Wojnilowicz                                       Laura McBrien
City of Manchester                            Clearly Creative
603-624-6565 ext. 309                                603-625-1950    


Big Drain Scramble III to be Held at the Derryfield Country Club

Manchester, NH – The City of Manchester’s Parks, Recreation & Cemetery Department is
pleased to announce the third annual “Big Drain Scramble III” golf tournament to be held at the
Derryfield Country Club, Friday, October 17th with a shotgun start at 9:00 am. Inclusion in the
Big Drain Scramble III is only $400 per foursome (Derryfield Country Club members pay only
$300 per foursome) if registering prior to September 1, 2008. Registrations after September 1st
are $500 per foursome. The cost includes green fees, cart, an event day hat or visor, a delicious
lunch provided by the Derryfield Restaurant and an opportunity to win huge prizes and raffles in
a silent auction AM 610’s very own Charlie Sherman will be the emcee of the event. There will
be an opportunity to win three hole in one prizes like provided by Naults Honda Powerhouse.
You don’t have to be members of the Derryfield Country Club to participate you just have to
love the game of golf. All proceeds from the Big Drain Scramble III go directly towards
drainage improvements at the golf course. Here’s your chance to participate in a fun event and
make a difference. Participation in the golf tournament is limited to the first 36 teams to sign up,
for more information or registration forms visit or call 603-624-6565
ext. 330. The Big Drain Scramble is presented by Derryfield Restaurant, Rock 101 and AM 610.


June 4, 2008

Ed Wojnilowicz                                      Laura McBrien
City of Manchester, Parks & Recreation              Media Director, Clearly Creative
624-6565 ext. 309                                   603.625.1950                 

Manchester’s Independence Day Celebration to be Held
Saturday, July 3, 2008

Manchester, NH – The City of Manchester, NH will conduct its 2008 Independence Day
Celebration at Arms Park on Thursday, July 3, 2008. The park will close for vehicular traffic at
6:00 PM. A rain date (Fireworks only) will be Saturday, July 5, 2008.

Entertainment will be provided by the 39th Army Band beginning at 7:30 PM and playing into
the beginning of the fireworks. The fireworks display, provided by Atlas Advanced
Pyrotechnics, will begin at dusk (approximately 9:30 PM).

Food and beverage vendors will be available on site or bring your own. No alcoholic beverages
will be allowed. Admission is free.

The east bound span of the Notre Dame (Bridge Street) Bridge will be closed to all traffic at 8:00
AM. The west bound span will close at 6:00 PM.

June 25, 2008

Ed Wojnilowicz                                     Laura McBrien
City of Manchester                          Clearly Creative
603-624-6565 ext. 309                              603-625-1950  

Drainage Improvements at Derryfield Country Club Has Major Impact

Manchester, NH – The City of Manchester has made major improvements to the eighteen-hole
municipal golf course located in the heart of the City. The Derryfield Country Club underwent
extensive drainage work last fall that was completed in June of this year and has had a major
effect on the playing condition of the golf course.

The drainage and course improvements totaled over a half a million dollars which came from a
bond that was secured through the Parks Enterprise Division, private donations as well as the
proceeds from two golf tournaments, the Big Drain I held in October 2006 and the Big Drain II
held in June of 2007. The third Big Drain Scramble is set for October 17, 2008 and once again
100% of the proceeds of that event will go exclusively
towards improvements at the Derryfield Country Club. “The flooding we experienced in

May 2007 only worsened the drainage problems at the Derryfield Country Club. We were
committed to fix this on-going problem,” stated Michael Worsley, Chairman of the Commission
for the Parks, Recreation and Cemetery Department. “You couldn’t even get golf carts through
the front nine – the water was so high,” stated Charles Deprima, Acting Director of the Parks,
Recreation and Cemetery Department. “In my twelve years as golf pro at the Derryfield Country
Club I have never seen the course in this good of a condition,” stated Mike Ryan, Golf Pro at the
Derryfield Country Club. “Regardless of inclement weather we can send them out to golf the
front nine with carts – you couldn’t say that a year ago,” added Ryan.

Drainage improvements were made to all low-lying areas on the west side of Mammoth Road
and to the 1st and 18th fairways. Former Derryfield Country Club member, Hank Simpson,
account executive at WGIR AM & FM said, “The work that was done is very impressive, my
shoes were usually wet by the second hole – you had to play another sixteen holes with wet
feet.” “I cannot believe the difference – the area on the 11th fairway is usually damp and
swamp-like, now it is dry,” added Simpson.

Visit the Derryfield Country Club today and enjoy a day of serious golf and serious fun right
here in Manchester. Participation in the Big Drain III golf tournament is limited to the first 36
teams to sign up, for more information or registration forms visit or call

Andy Vachon at 603-624-6565 ext. 330. The Big Drain Scramble is presented by Derryfield
About Derryfield Country Club
Derryfield Country Club is an eighteen-hole regulation public golf course located in the heart of
Manchester, NH. Established in 1932, Derryfield is one of only three

municipally-owned golf courses in the state of New Hampshire. At Derryfield Country Club, you
will find the Derryfield Golf Shop, a fully stocked golf shop, as well as the Derryfield Restaurant
& Lounge, a full service restaurant and bar with a deck overlooking the beautiful 6th fairway. In
addition to drainage work recent Improvements at the Derryfield Country Club include:
New Clubhouse and parking lot (2005)
New Clubhouse and parking lot (2005)
New Maintenance Facility (2003)
2nd Tee Redone with Retaining Wall (2002)
5th Tee Redone with Retaining Wall (2002)
18th Tee Redone (2002)
8th Hole Reconstructed (2001)
12th Hole Reconstructed (2001)
7th Hole, Greens Complex Reconstructed (2001)
Irrigation Improvements (2001)

Radio Spot Announcement

Golf and giving at the same time!

The Derryfield Country Club in Manchester is hosting The Big Drain Scramble on October 6th.

It’s a morning filled with fun hosted by WGIR’S Charlie Sherman.

All proceeds go directly to improving the drainage on the golf course.

Call Derryfield Country Club today at 624-6565 ext. 330 to reserve your group in Manchester’s
important city event.

The Big Drain Challenge presented by Derryfield Restaurant.

Date: November 19, 2007
Client: City Of Manchester
Title: McIntyre Mountain
Job#: COM-1022
Medium: Radio

Length: 60
Game show type ad-

Game show Announcer- (clapping noises like they are on a TV set) Welcome back to …. Do you
know what city? ….

Game Show Announcer: The next question is for Laura…now Laura Name the city that is
home to a ski area where most kids learn to ski and snowboard….. you got that what city do
most kids in southern new Hampshire learn to ski and snowboard???…..

Laura: (buzzer sound) I know, I know…. McIntyre Ski Area in Manchester, New Hampshire.

Game show Announcer: You are correct…it’s the closest ski area to Manchester… in fact it is
right here in the Queen City.

Announcer- Save gas ski McIntyre ……right in Manchester, New Hampshire…. McIntyre is
Manchester’s own ski area offering skiing, snow boarding, tubing, and the best learn to ski or
snowboard programs close to home.

Get your start at McIntyre Ski Area and with and enjoy the fine art of winter sports in your own
backyard, at McIntyre Ski Area. .

McIntyre Ski Area …the mountain that is close to home.
Kennard Road, Manchester, NH or online at

Date: March 17, 2008
Client: City Of Manchester
Title: Golf at Derryfield Country Club
Job#: COM-1026
Medium: Radio
Length: 60

Man #1: (sounding completely puzzled) Are you going golfing? How can you afford it?

Man #2:   What do you mean?

Man #1: All the fancy clubs have huge dues and fees and then you have to spend a
minimum amount of money at the restaurant. There is a reason the food isn’t open to
the public you know!!!

Man #2: I don’t know where you golf at, but I play at Derryfield Country Club. The greens,
the Derryfield Restaurant and the pro shop are all OPEN to the public. And as far as the
fees go…. I don’t have to spend a dime at the Derryfield Restaurant; I eat there because
I want to. The food is amazing, from prime rib, lobster ravioli to sandwiches. And the
atmosphere is great. That’s where I met Nancy.

Man #1: Your fiancée????

Man #2: Yeah! We are even getting married at the banquet room at the Derryfield next

Man #1: Okay you sold me on it, but I am going to need to take some lessons and brush up
on my game. Let me guess – they do that too?

Man #2: Absolutely, I took some lessons with Mike Ryan, the Pro at Derryfield Country
Club and he’s a PGA Professional. He’s the one who corrected my bad swing. They have
lessons for juniors, groups you name it.

Female Announcer: The Derryfield Country Club, Mammoth Road Manchester. Sign up for
your membership today – Manchester residents, 65 and older pay only $512 annually.

So what are you waiting for?

Source Branding Material
Digital formats available upon request.

Manchester Icon/ Logo with tag line.

Manchester City Seal.

Example of web site header.

Web site font is Arial x-small, color black.
Web colors are:
Page Background #C1C26E RGB: 193 194 110
Quick links Background #78781D RGB: 120 120 29
Site Navigation Background #E6E6E6
Register/ Login Font Color #725412
Module Border Color #7994CB
Links #0000FF RGB: 0 0 255

Parks department major publication “Greening the City”

Model Sites

Parks sites that were found to be easy to navigate and use.

The Parks websites of St. Cloud, Minnesota; Lansing, Michigan and Ann Arbor, Michigan were found to
be to be user friendly. Conversely, navigating Madison, Wisconsin was not.

Expected Deliverables

An actionable plan for developing the Parks web site
A wireframe for how the site should be laid out

DNN Traffic Analysis 6/23/2008 – 7/23/2008
These numbers are from the DNN Site Log and count all hits, visitors, WCD’s, crawlers, etc. Updated
numbers and reports can be supplied upon request.

Page                                             Hits
Leisure and Entertainment (shared page)          6350
Recreational Calendar (shared page)              2384
Swimming                                         1964
Parks Home                                       845
Points of Interest (shared page)                 786
Youth Programs                                   572
JFK Coliseum                                     429
Activities                                       372
Parks Rec and Cemetery FAQ                       361
Parks                                            328
West Side Arena                                  283
Veterans Park                                    262
Parks Rec and Cemetery Calendar                  159
Contact Parks Rec. and Cemetery                  124
Gill Stadium                                     103
Derryfield Country Club                          91
McIntyre Ski Area                                84
Skateboard Park                                  79
Pine Grove Cemetery                              78
Adult Programs                                   73

Google Analytics Data June 22 2008 through July 22 2008

Parks and Rec Visitor Emails
How can the largest city in New Hampshire have absolutely no recreational events? I think you
should hire or assign someone this task, towns as small as New Boston have something!!
Manchester.. absolutely nothing.

Hello, I am a long-time resident on Precourt Street & every year the Fun "N" the Sun kids walk by
several times a day. Each year you can hear them a block away & the staff is constantly
reminding them to "Stay of the grass". This year is very different. No yelling or screaming and you
never know they are going by. The chatter of the kids was never a problem. But the concern of
the flowers being trampled was. I would like to donate something out of appreciation.
Appreciation of the staff ability to control the kids and the kids being respectful. Please let me
know if a sports item, craft idea, food or drinks. Thank you and your staff. Cynthia Kellner

I'm trying to find out who to call if I wanted to volunteer to clean up Livingston park thank you in

I am looking for volunteer work for my 15 year old son this summer. Do you accept teen
volunteers? My cell number is 785-1535. Thank you, Susan Paris

I have been looking for a map of the new bike paths that has been done in Manhester. Do you
know where I could get one?

How do I find out if the pools are closed without going there. Went Mon. PM for lap swim at
Livingstone and found it closed. No sign. i wasn't the only one there confused. Thank you

At what age is a child allowed to go to a city pool without having to be accompanied by an adult?

You have a lot of Trees that have over grown over time and no one wants to take responsiblity so
I would like to see you guys out there before there is an accident. The Place I am talkign about is
Island Pond Road between Green Acres Dr. and Lynnwood Lane. Thanks Chris

i have been a residident of manchester my whole life and i am highly interested in working in the
cemetery located on beech st in manchester. (pine grove cemetary). i see that there has been
some major damage to some trees, and stones, i would like to help clean it up, now what should i
do to apply, or how should i apply? please notify me as soon as possible because i am
unemployed. thanks and take care! Rick Thorgerson

I am wondering if pets are permitted in Veteran's Park during the "Theatre in the Park" venues.
Could you please advise me regarding this, as I am interested in attending tonight's production
and would like to bring my dog. Thank you very much for your time.

Several law firms in town are interested in scheduling a softball game at a field somewhere in
Manchester. Would it be possible to reserve a field for a game in August starting at 5:30 or so?
Thanks in advance for your help.

Web System Restrictions

The Manchester City web site is operated by a web content management system called DotNetNuke . Please review their web site if you have any specific questions regarding its

Manchester’s utilization of this product has certain restrictions in place that may affect your project.
   1. Only certain individuals have access to update certain content, some of these individuals are in
      the parks department.
   2. Sharing information within the site as well as with end users via RSS or other means is possible.
      Inquire if with use case if this is a desired feature.
   3. Web pages are fixed in terms of layout. Site navigation is always on the left. Quick links and
      breadcrumbs are fixed below the header and city logo is fixed. Altering the header image is
      available. Other alterations can be considered. Content area of page can be one or two columns.
      Modules within columns can be arranged as desired.
   4. 3 party applications are often not desired for added maintenance reasons. If one like Google
      Maps API is recommended we would need to review in more detail.

Web System Glossary

Module: A web application built for a specific purpose that interfaces with the DotNetNuke framework.
This includes not only the database reference but also the installation procedure and other framework
restrictions. Modules are integrated with the core once installed and available to administrators through a
module library for insertion into pages of the site.

Instance: Refers to the placement of a module on a web page. Even though a module has been installed
on the framework, it takes a separate action to take that module from the library, or toolkit, and place it on
a page. Most modules have no limit to the instances that can be created throughout a site.

DNN: DotNetNuke – The application controlling the database, content (files, code, etc.), security, and
output (website). Otherwise known as a WCMS.

WCMS: Web Content Management System

WCD’s: Web Content Developers - A group of around 30 city employees that maintain content on city
web pages. Each city department is required to have at least one.

Administrators: All modules have a set of menus only available to administrators so that they may
change the module characteristics. There are about 6 administrators for the city including 2 overarching
“host’s”. Administrators assist WCD’s in performing higher level tasks.

Host: Hosts are responsible for all web tasks including site development. New modules primarily.

Core: Refers to the main body of code and database structure that DNN is built around. We do not
currently make changes to the core functionality.

Framework: This refers primarily to the workflow process and structure that DNN utilizes.

Web Module Glossary

Account Login
We do not use this module – replaced by Easy Ad

This module allows for easy posting of announcements and alerts. We use this module primarily with the
rss setting turned on. Therefore, departments may post their important, time sensitive announcements in
an instance of this module on their site and an rss aggregator will post these notifications on the home
page as well.

Announcements are beneficial because they allow easy posting for our web content developers. They
also allow automatic expiration of content and publication of content. Meaning you can set a date for
actions to take place. Information can also be logged regarding visitors use of the announcement (times
link is clicked, etc.)

We do not use this module – interferes with site skin.

The blog module operates as you would expect. A master blog controls child blogs. Blogs are restricted to
one user account per child blog. Most other modules are restricted by security role. This makes blogs less
attractive for use on the Manchester site.

BTB Yahoo Weather
Weather Bug used on home page for local weather. Simple module, use is limited. Can show extended
forecast information.

This is a simple Chat module allowing quick one on one communication. Module is in its early stages of
release and at this point is very limited in its use. In the future this may be a viable support tool giving
users instant feedback.

This module is used widely throughout the site as an easy way to display multiple files on a web page.
Uploading and linking to the files is simplified and placed in a clear format. Information is also easy for the
visitor to download. Tracking clicks and other info is also available with this module.

Easy AD
This module is used to interface with the Manchester Active Directory. Used as a login portal, Manchester
employees with network accounts on the Active Directory for the city network are able to login to the
Manchester web site using the same credentials. This reduces account maintenance as both security
areas are run from the same database.

Effority User Directory
This module is not currently used. Access to individual employees contact information has been
restricted. If used, this module would search the registered users table of the web site and display
possible matches. This module does not search employees on the active directory who have not logged
into the web site.

Effority Workflow HTML
This is the primary module used on Manchester’s web site. This module is used to house text content on
the web pages. One important addition is the workflow or version control offered that permits the saving

of previous versions and the ‘rough draft’ phase of new changes to a content area. This module offers
standard text editing options like you would see on a forum or other application. Advanced users may
also easily access the HTML or other code for the content. Note: code found within the module instance
is only related to that content and not the page or site as a whole. However, bad or incompatible code will
produce a module error and may produce a page error. In extreme cases a site wide error could be
produced by custom code.

This is the calendar module for DNN. This can be displayed in month, week, day or list views. Separate
instances of the Event module can also be shared among one another in a child/ parent fashion. Events
module is used extensively throughout Functionality mimics that of MS Outlook
allowing reminders, downloading of events, re-occurrence, etc.

Expandable Text/ HTML
This is a custom module developed to convert long content pages to a short list of topic headings that,
when clicked, expand out to show the underlying content. Similar in function to the FAQ module but
without the numbering format. Topics are able to be sorted in limited ways. Works much like the FAQ or
Announcements module.

This module is meant to display a list of FAQ’s that when clicked, expands to reveal that faq. FAQ’s are
numbered and displayed based on a template the administrator is able to alter. Roll out of the faq can use
AJAX for quicker response time. List can be sorted in some limited ways. Adding an FAQ is a simple
process. Display formatting is somewhat limited.

Feed Explorer
We do not employ this module – NukeFeeds and Venexus have replaced this.

This module is not currently used by but is a very capable communications tool
allowing the back and forth discussion many find helpful. Comments posted are logged on the page
giving a running list of what has been covered. We currently do not require this level of customer support.

The forum operates similarly to other web forums and offers a very competitive list of features. Security
controls are extensive as are notifications and displays. Forums were attempted as a means of
supporting the public on the new web site but the need to register with the site in order to post made the
module less attractive to visitors and its use was abandoned. Other communication avenues were
preferable to visitors.

Google Adsense
We do not use this module. We do not allow advertising (for generating revenue from the site).

The help module allows for the organization, searching and production of help tutorials. WCD’s can
organize categories that visitors can sort through easily to narrow their help results.

Module allowing the viewing of another web site through the iframe window. This generally functions
similar to your standard iframe. We use this for some web applications requiring special circumstances.

This is a companion module to Janet.Marquee and not available on its own. Allows the marquee to select
colors from a palette.


Module that automates the creation of scrolling messages one can post on the site. This module is meant
to display alert messages (storm warnings, etc.) on the home page. Messages can scroll vertically or
horizontally. Several messages can be entered, as well as one rss feed. Module was taken off line for
testing as some errors have resulted in its use. Inquire as to it’s current availability if desired.

A simple wizard that simplifies the listing of standard web links. Links can be internal or external to the
site. Files, images, web pages and so forth can be linked with some added functionality. Lists can be
displayed in a full list format or in a dropdown menu. Currently not used by as it lacks
some flexibility in its display formatting.

Manchester Dynamic File Uploader
This is a custom module that allows the quick and easy uploading of files to pre-determined folders on the
web server. This is the only module we use that is a stand alone application. All others are accessed
through the web site. This application allows for the selection of a destination folder, creation of an upload
queue, upload status reporting, file renaming (files on the web server), and file deletion (files on the web
server). This module provides essentially a restricted version of ftp service for WCD’s and others that do
not have full access to the web server. The application will also attempt to re-format the file name so that
it will conform to a standardized naming convention that will allow better organization and improved listing

Manchester Formatted List
This is a sister application to the File Uploader and automates the listing of all files within pre-defined
folders on the web server. This automates the task of listing links to files within a folder. By selecting the
folder, the module then creates a viewable list of each of the files as well as linking to each one. The list is
sortable by year should one be available.

The map module is in early development and interfaces with the Google maps API. Basic functionality is
available at this time including the marking of different locations with pop up bubble windows for
information. Companion products are the GIS system and a library of pdf static maps.

The DotNetNuke MarketShare affiliate program provides you with the ability to generate 10% commission
on gross product sales through direct referrals to the DotNetNuke Marketplace. DNN Marketplace is an
online store where modules like the ones listed here can be bought and sold. We do not use this module.

News Feeds (RSS)
We do not use this module as it is only able to use one rss feed per instance. Aggregators like
NukeFeeds and Venexus provide better functionality.

This is a DNN bulk email module that allows emailing based on security roles. We do not use this module
as Opt-In provides better functionality.

Opt In Advanced Email Suite
This is a set of modules that perform subscription to and creation of bulk emails. Advanced email options
are available as well as the ability to distribute authorization and fragment email groups among city
departments. Tracking, sending and customization of emails is also available.

Another bulk email module. Abandoned due to Opt In’s greater functionality.

This module is common on as it allows us to better route emails to their final
destination without revealing the recipient’s email address. Feedback provides a web form for the visitor

that requires a subject be selected that they are emailing in reference to. That subject is tied to the
appropriate recipient.

This is an RSS aggregator that allows multiple rss feeds to be plugged into one instance of the module
that then get combined into a date driven display. This module is being phased out due to its reliance on
a scheduling performance issue. Venexus is the planned replacement.

Simple page counter that can be viewed by the public. We do not use this as it isn’t worth the
performance overhead. Page activity can be reviewed through the admin logs or through google

The Reports Module allows users to quickly display data retrieved from many data sources. An extensible
architecture allows the use of custom Data Sources and Visualization systems to display data from any
tabular data source, in many ways. We do not currently use this module as the Admin Log seemed

A file/object repository module that includes skinning and community features like comments and user
ratings. We do not currently use this module as we have not yet found a beneficial use for it.

Repository Dashboard
A Dashboard companion module for the Repository Module. Lists categories and top n lists such as most
downloaded, latest files, etc. Again, not currently used on

Search Input
This is a search window that allows the searching of the site’s database. This search module is also
available in a skin object that can be imbedded in the design of a site. We do not use this module as it
does not allow searching of pdf and word documents which we require.

Search Results
As you would expect, companion module to Search Input. As above, this was replaced by Venexus

Custom reporting tool that is similar in function to the admin site log. Its advantage is that it can be placed
outside the admin menu, allowing non admins to use the reporting tool.

Allows the use of simple surveys. Creation of the surveys is limited and does not allow any advanced
logic. However it is easy to use and provides graph chart based results. Visitors can be allowed to see

Text/ HTML
This module renders a block of HTML or Text content. The Html/Text module allows authorized users to
edit the content either inline or in a separate administration page. The content is stored in the database.
According to module settings, tokens can be used, that get replaced during display. Where quick editing
is required this module is very helpful but in most cases Effority Workflow has replaced this module on

User Account
Allows users to register with the site and manage their account. Security groups can be set up with ‘rsvp’
codes. If a user knows this code, they can add themselves to this security group through this module.
Users are also able to change and add to their information as well as manage their password.

User Defined Table
User Defined Table module allows editors to create a custom data table for managing tabular information
with individually defined fields (columns). Users can be allowed (by security roles) to add, edit or delete
own or all users data. Besides default grid rendering, data display can be optionally formatted using XSL
style sheets. We do not currently use this module.

Users Online
Users Online allows you to see who is online, and see membership counts. This module was taken off as it’s information value was less than its overall performance cost to the site.
Scheduled tasks needed to constantly monitor the status of all current users online made performance
poor. It is unlikely that we will be making this module available again in the near future.

Venexus Application Suite
This group of modules manages indexing everything in the database including word and pdf files,
categorizing them, providing advanced control over that process, and allowing the searching of and
display of that information. Other than performing site searching, this module suite is reserved for
administrator use primarily due to its complexity.

WC-User Import
This module automates the importing of large user lists. Was used to import lists into bulk email
subscriptions from the old site but could be used again for future lists if needed.

What’s New?
This module allows users to view a list of the most recently added or updated content. Administrators can
control the maximum (and minimum) number of items to display as well as the date range to search. We
generally don’t use this as its not really that helpful. It will display every calendar entry and other little bit
of info making it rather cluttered on a site as busy as ours.

This is a basic wiki module. It does not offer some of the more advanced features of stand alone wikis but
the basic premise is there. We have had trouble implementing this module as adoption of this technology
has been slow. Currently there is no driving reason why this module is needed over the ones currently
being implemented on

This module queries XML Data from a file or an http request, transforms the XML data using an XSL
transformation and returns the result back to the user. We do not currently allow users to use this more
advanced module.

This is a module used to create other modules. Currently the only modules that have been created are
web forms and email alerts.

XMod Form View
A module used to display web forms created using XMod.

Mapping Tools


This is the City’s primary mapping tool. Layers can be overlaid on a base map to show different details.
Layers are selected from a drop down list. ArcGIS is web based.

Google Maps Module

DotNetNuke offers a module previously mentioned, which offers basic mapping functionality. The main
purpose for this mapping tool is to provide directions service from locations outside Manchester. GIS
does not offer this functionality. The Google module also does not yet offer this functionality but in time is
expected to cover this need. Use of a separate google maps api is not being considered at this time due
to its added maintenance requirements.

Pdf Maps

Pdf maps are not desired for the web site, however, they contain often very useful information not
included on other mapping tools. For that reason we continue to keep a library of static maps.


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