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									                                 Benefits of Flat Screen Monitors
Flat screen monitors – may it be the one using liquid crystal display (or LCD) technology, or the other
one which is light emitting diode (or LED) technology – offer a wide range of benefits as compared to its
predecessor, the cathode ray tube (CRT) monitor. LED is actually a type of LCD. The only difference is
that the former uses light emitting diodes instead of the more common fluorescent lamps as a light
source, providing you a more constant viewing at any angle!

The following are the five major benefits of a flat screen monitor.

BENEFIT # 1: Clearer and life-like accurate images

It provides a clearer, sharper, and more premium display and resolution. The colors also appear more
realistic and brighter because of its anti-glare properties. And because of the fact that the screen is flat,
there is no distortion of images.

BENEFIT # 2: Energy-saving and eye-friendly

In terms of production of heat and consumption of energy, a it generates less heat and actually requires
less power. For instance, an average 19-inch LCD only uses 45 Watts of electricity, while a CRT of the
same size uses 100 watts. Also, it is fitting to note that there is no radiation emitted from this type of
monitor. So as compared to its predecessor which uses cathode ray tubes (or CRTs), this type of monitor
is friendlier to the users’ eyes (or in other words, less eye fatigue).

BENEFIT # 3: Space-saving and a wide variety of options

Monitors of this type are space-saving. They do not take much area for these monitors are smaller,
thinner and weigh half as much as its predecessor. You are also usually given the option to place them
on stands or to just mount them on the walls. Many flat screen models nowadays offer landscape and
portrait orientation, depending on what suits your need best.

BENEFIT # 4: High adjustability and high accuracy

Nowadays, the brightness of monitors can be adjusted or made brighter by increasing the brightness of
the backlight. In the case of its predecessor, CRT, an increase in brightness also affects its image quality.
The beam spot size also increases which lowers the resolution, thus giving you a blurry image.

BENEFIT # 5: Longer lifespan

This type of monitors lasts longer. Its life actually depends on the life of the backlight. The most common
backlight life is approximately 100,000 or 100k hours. In the case of a CRT, it is stated to be about 20,000
(20k) to 40,000 (40k) hours.

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