UC4 Integrate Justification Letter by 2sGRZLZ


									This is meant to be a cost justification letter to provide to your supervisor for budget approval. It can
either be printed or copied electronically into an email. Please be sure to fill in details where necessary
and we hope to see you at UC4 Integrate 2010!


Dear [Name],
I would like to attend the 9 annual UC4 Integrate User Conference being held October 3-7, 2010 in
Austin, Texas. I have reviewed the agenda and believe the value far exceeds the cost, particularly
because many of the training sessions align with our current IT priorities. In 4 ½ days time I will have
access to:

     -    Over 32 hours of hands-on product training from UC4’s senior consultants and developers
     -    Networking with the UC4 executive management team and over 100 other customers to share
          best practices
     -    Insight from industry experts on new technologies such as cloud computing, virtualization, and
          complex event processing
     -    Option to become a UC4 Certified Professional

Some of the agenda highlights include [insert applicable sessions to your organization here]. I would
welcome the opportunity to share the knowledge I learn at this event with our team upon my return. That
said, I am asking for approval for the full registration fee and travel expenditures. The standard
registration fee is $1,750 (increases to $2,000 on September 4). Here is a breakdown of the conference
costs and estimated expenses:

                          Airfare:                             $

                          Transportation:                      $

                          Hotel:                               $159 per night (plus tax)

                          Meals:                               $

                                                               Note: Breakfasts, lunches, and snacks are
                                                               included Mon-Thurs. Dinner will be provided 3
                                                               of the 5 nights.

                          Registration fee:                    $1,750 (ends September 3)

                                                               $2,000 (starts September 4)

                          Optional Certification:              $125

                          Total:                               $
The agenda and more information can be found on the conference website at www.uc4.com/integrate
for your reference. Please don’t hesitate to contact me with questions or you can email the conference
organizers directly at integrate@uc4.com.

Thank you for considering me for this opportunity.

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