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									Timetalk to Offer Unhappy Talktalk Customers a Cheaper Alternative

UK Internet service provider TimeTalk introduces a new low cost broadband
package that will allow unhappy TalkTalk customers a great chance to
switch their broadband service to TimeTalk for free.

Burnley, UK, July 20, 2012 -- TimeTalk Broadband recently introduced its
three new internet packages, which are touted as the best new deals in
the UK. The three new broadband packages allow customers to choose from
different usage limits and corresponding prices according to their
Internet usage and budget.

This move is intended to vigorously compete with other Internet service
providers such as TalkTalk, Sky, AOL, Orange, Plusnet and BT who have
recently increased their broadband package prices and have allegedly been
recently reported in the press to have fairly poor customer care levels
and support. TimeTalk hopes their new low cost broadband packages will
help ease the pain for the rise in cost of living due to the recent hikes
in internet prices and also the effect of the recent UK budget problems.

With this new rollout, TimeTalk Internet also introduced the cheapest
broadband service ever to be made available in the UK. The new package is
called TimeTalk Weekend. It is the perfect package for customers who have
minimal Internet usage requirements. Those who use the Internet to browse
sites like BBC news, EBay, Dailymail online, Facebook and send occasional
e-mails will find TimeTalk Weekend broadband package perfect for them and
their wallet. The internet package, which has a moderate 2GB flexible
download limit and download speeds of up to 24Mbps, will cost consumers
only £2.79 per month for as long as they are in contract.

All in all, TimeTalk Broadband estimates that customers can save as much
as £130 when they subscribe to the new broadband package. Aside from
offering a surprisingly cheap price, TimeTalk also waives the set up fee,
as well as the reconnection fee for all Talk Talk phone line and
broadband customers. The package also comes with a free wireless router
with optional upgrades to a high quality wireless-n broadband 300Mb
router. However, subscription is subject to line rental from a price of
£9.99 per month, but TimeTalk Internet makes sure that customers get to
enjoy the best stable and ultra fast internet technology around by using
the official BT Network platform. As a bonus, TimeTalk Weekend also comes
with free weekend calls to 01, 02 and 03 UK landline numbers.

Aside from its cheapest TimeTalk Light package, TimeTalk offers two more
broadband deal offerings, namely TimeTalk Weekend and Evening and
TimeTalk Unlimited. These are designed for moderate and heavy Internet

TimeTalk Weekend and Evening is ideal for multimedia-savvy customers who
use the Internet for music downloads (Apple iTunes, Amazon), regular e-
mails with attachments, social networking (Facebook, Pinterest, and
Twitter), instant messaging (Facebook chat, MSN Messenger), and online
shopping (Amazon, EBay). It has a huge 10GB usage limit, comes with free
evening and weekend calls, free wireless n router (R.R.P £69.45) and
costs only £6.49 per month.
TimeTalk Unlimited is designed for those who like to play online games
(Call of Duty Black Ops 2, FIFA13, and Battlefield 3), stream HD videos
(BBC iPlayer, YouTube, Netflix), and use video chat (Apple FaceTime,
Skype Video) thanks to its unlimited bandwidth usage limit. It also comes
with unlimited calls to UK landlines with 01, 02 and 03 numbers. The
package is available for only £9.99 per month and comes with a free
wireless n router (300N with USB ports) that is designed to increase your
speed and quality of wireless connection by up to 50%.

Both packages are subject to competitive line rental fees and come with
the same perks as the TimeTalk Light package such as the free router,
free setup, and free reconnection from TalkTalk, Tiscali, Orange, AOL,
BT, Plusnet, or Sky internet providers.

TimeTalk Weekend, the cheapest broadband package, is getting especially
good TimeTalk reviews from its new happy customers. With their new
offers, TimeTalk aims to further provide customers with affordable,
practical broadband services suitable for their needs. “Choosing the
right products for current needs and future flexibility and expansion can
sometimes be confusing; but TimeTalk can help you get it right first
time,” Steven Johns, Marketing Manager of TimeTalk, said.

TimeTalk are also keen to point out that their customer care call centre
is based in the UK and their customer care agents are specially trained
to offer the best advice depending on the technical ability of the
customer. “Due to the recent press regarding poor customer service levels
amongst our competitors we are highly confident that our experienced UK
customer care department will offer the highest level of service.

“We are pleased to offer unhappy TalkTalk, Tiscali, AOL, Orange or Sky
customers a chance to move away from what looks like an over-subscribed
internet service to a new fresh UK internet service provider such as
TimeTalk for free. We are also going to make the switch over as painless
as possible by paying all re-connection fees and assigning new customers
an account manager who will personally handle the process.” Johns

For interested customers who want to change their ISP, call 0800 138 1912
from Monday to Friday, 10am to 8pm for expert advise of how to change
your broadband provider for free. Alternatively you can visit
http://www.timetalk.co.uk for more detailed information on their
broadband packages and fill in a simple web enquiry form for free expert
advice from experienced UK based sales agents.

About TimeTalk:
TimeTalk Ltd founded in 1996 is a fast-growing ISP in the UK. It has one
of UK’s most extensive broadband offerings as well as cutting-edge
services such as Fibre Optic broadband, anti-virus systems, internet
boosters and a selection of cutting edge wireless broadband routers.
TimeTalk Internet offers all of its services at reasonable prices backed
by experienced UK customer care and technical support agents.
As an ethical ISP (Internet Service Provider), TimeTalk aims to empower
consumers and contribute to the industry through its achievements in
broadband Internet technology.

Steven Johns
Total Care Support Centre
Time Technology Park
Burnley, Lancashire
BB12 7TW, England
+44 0 800 138 1912

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