COMMUNITY CONNECTION FOR CHILD CARE

                 Minutes of the CCCC Foundation Board of Directors Meeting

The meeting of the Community Connection for Child Care Foundation Board of Directors, a
California nonprofit corporation, was held on July 17, 2006 beginning at 12:00 p.m., at 2000
24th Street, Bakersfield, California 93301.

1.     Attendance and Quorum. The following directors, constituting a quorum of the Board,
       were present at the meeting.

       Tom Valos, Tasha Clayton, Colleen Bauer, Debbie Welch, Karen Goh, Kathy Philley,
       Lauraine Cook, Nancy Clark, , and Wendy Wayne

       Secretary: Lorena Berumen

       Treasurer: Tracy Alkhalayleh

       CCCC Staff: Brooke Antonioni, Kerri Jones and Steve Sanders

       Tom Valos served as chairperson and Lorena Berumen served as secretary of the

2.     Notice: The chairperson called the meeting to order at 12:10 p.m. and stated that notice
       of the meeting was served and posted as required by the bylaws.

4.     Minutes of Last Meeting: Kathy Philley made a motion and Nancy Clark seconded the
       motion to approve the minutes of the May 15, 2006 meeting. Motion approved.

5.     Approve May - June 2006 Financial Reports: Tracy Al-Khalayleh reviewed the
       Foundation Board Financial Reports for the period ending June 2006. There was no
       significant activity to report.

       Colleen Bauer made a motion and Lauraine Cook seconded the motion to approve the
       financial report ending June, 2006. Motion approved.

8.     Update on Policy Issues: This will be a standing agenda item.

       Trustline: Still waiting on word regarding Laird bill. If lgislation is not passed the
       Governor’s office will most likely implenet new regulations.

       The state budget was signed and child care funding is essentially stagnant. We continue
       to see declining caseloads in the CalWORKs program, however new Regional Market
       Rates will help expend our child care dollars.
9.    CCCC Highlight – 2006 KC Network for Children Report Card: Steve Sanders
      introduced Tom Corson and Cheryl Holsonbake with the KC Network for Children. The
      KCNC publishes an annual report card of child statistics with baseline indicators for
      various issues. Tom and Cheryl did a great presentation about the Report Card and how
      the KCNC uses data to help shape policy.

10.   CCCC Program/Project Update: Brooke Antonioni


               Castle & Cooke: 2007 Literacy Calendars: Our re-application for funds from
               Castle & Cooke to support the production of the 2007 version of the Literacy
               Calendar was approved. We hope to find a sponsor for the Spanish Version.

               The Kern Community Foundation & Junior League of Bakersfield: Both of our
               applications to the Kern Community Foundation and Junior League of Bakersfield
               for $1,100 to support of the purchase of books to distribute at storytime and play
               day events were approved. These books will be distributed to children during
               CCCC’s Story Time and Play Days in the Park events.

               Quality Child Care Training Project: The United Way site visit on May 24, 2006
               went well and we are still awaiting word of continued funding. We feel confident
               that funding will continue.

               Get Ready, Get Set . . .Get Fit for Life: Kaiser Permanente: This project is in the
               final evaluation phase. Results will be posted on the web page
      This has been a wonderful project and some very
               useful tools will be developed as a result.

               American Dental Association (ADA) – Harris Fund: CCCC and the Kern County
               Children’s Dental Health Network have teamed up to produce 2 PSA’s in English
               and Spanish focusing on the promotion of fluoride. Two half-day production
               shoots were held in April and May, 2006 with editing taking place during the
               month of June and the release of the PSA’s in August.

      CCCC Fundraisers

               Cartridges for Kids: This fundraiser is slow and steady and in a “holding
               pattern”. CCCC staff provides mailings to the business contacts that replenish the
               shipping supplies for partners every three months. This process is working very

               Target Golf Tournament: Lauraine Cook reported that the planning is going very
               well for the upcoming golf tournament. She encouraged Board members to help
               provide sponsorships and to volunteer the day of the event. This event will be
               held on August 21, 2006.

               ChildSpree 2006: Brooke reported that Mervyn’s and CCCC will again team up
               to do a ChildSpree in December. We will provide $2,500 in matching funds and
               will serve 50 children.
             Brooke also provided an update regarding the Resource & Referral and Library.

12.   Adjournment: There being no further business, a motion duly made, seconded and
      carried, the meeting was adjourned. The next meeting will be September 25, 2006 at the
      Community Connection building.

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