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					                    ANKENEY CHOIR HANDBOOK 2011-2012

Dear Students and Parents,

Welcome to the Ankeney Middle School Choral Department!

   This handbook will serve as a guide for you while you are a member of the Ankeney
Choral Department. I expect that both parents and students will take the time to read
this handbook as it outlines my policies in choir as well as those within the Beavercreek
City School System. If you have a question, refer to this book first.

   I’m very excited about this years’ group as we have expanded in numbers and will be
able to perform some wonderful music! I have some great music and trips planned for
the year and invite you to share your ideas about music or programming at any point in
the year!

   I expect all members to work hard and your hard work will pay off in the end! The
best part of performing an outstanding show is the blood, sweat and tears that go into
the rehearsal. The successes we’ve experienced in the past are attributed to the
dedication of the performers and parents. You make the Choral Program what it is and
can be!

If you have any questions, feel free to contact me. My email is: My phone number at school is 429-7567~Ext. #2650.

Mrs. Smith, AMS Choral Director
Webpage address:

          Accompanists: Carla Grossman-6TH Grade Choir
          (Needed: Accompanist for 7/8 Grade Choir for OMEA Large Group Contest in May ~ Position pays :$150.00 )

           Handbook information includes: Concert Dates & Events, Classroom Rules, Concert Dress Code Requirements,
           Private music lessons information, Concert Attendance Policy & last 2 pages to return with signatures.
Choral Handbook Index

Page 1………………….Introduction

Page 2 & 3…………………About the Choirs

Page 4………….Choir Classroom Rules & materials (to be brought in by students)
Page 5……………………..Behavior Expectations/Consequences

Page 6…………………….Vocal Solos and Choir Awards

Page 7…………………..Grading Policy

Page 8…………………..Choir fund raiser(s)

Page 9 & 10 ………….Concert Dates/Events

Page 11………………..Concert Dress Code & Concert Etiquette

Page 12…………………Concert Attendance

Page 13………………Concert Credit Report

Page 14…………………Literature Selection Policy

Page 15………………….Private Lessons/Information

Page 16………………..Trip Release, Waiver & Indemnity Agreement

Page 17………………….Alternate Transportation Request Form

Page 18………Parent Contact/Volunteer/Information Sheet (to be filled out,
signed & returned) NOTE: Keep this copy in your handbook~Additional copy has been given to students to return with

Page 19……………Emergency Medical Authorization Form (to be filled out,
signed & returned) NOTE: Keep this copy in your handbook~Additional copy has been given to students to return with
                            About the Choirs
The 7th & 8th Grade Choir
The 7th & 8th Grade Choir is an un-auditioned mixed voiced choir (male and female)
representing grades 7 and 8. The 7/8th Grade Choir performs some challenging literature
from the choral repertoire text books as well as arrangements written by some of the top
arrangers in the world. This choir has consistently scored ratings of “I” (outstanding) or
"II" (excellent" at OMEA Large Group contest in Class "A" or "B" which is held every
year in May. The Choir performs regularly throughout the school year. Throughout the
year, 7/8th Grade Choir members focus on sight-reading skills and developing
solid vocal technique.
The Choir meets during regular class time five days a week. The students perform a
variety of literature ranging from Ethnic, Pop, Broadway and Classical music throughout
the school year. They also perform music sung in languages other than English.
March/ April/May are contest months, with the choir participating in the
OMEA Contest, namely 'Solo & Ensemble' (optional contest) & 'Large Group
Contest' (mandatory contest). May features the final Spring Concert with all choirs
receiving awards for their participation in choir and ‘special recognition’ awards for
outstanding achievement.
In addition to the traditional concerts, the 7th & 8th Grade Choir is invited 2X a year to
sing at the Trinity Community Retirement Village((Pending administrative approval). In any given
year, the 7th & 8th Grade Choir may perform additional concerts by invitation.

The 6th Grade Choir

The 6th Grade Choir is an un-auditioned mixed voiced choir (male and female) for
6th Grade students. The 6th Grade Choir performs literature from the choral
repertoire text book as well as modern arrangements. They perform beginner to
intermediate literature ranging from Ethnic, Pop, Broadway,and Classical music
throughout the school year.
In 6th Grade Choir, members focus on sight-reading skills and developing solid
vocal technique using their adopted textbook approved by the Board of Education.
In addition to the traditional concerts, the 6th Grade Choir is invited 2X a year to sing at
the Trinity Community Retirement Village. (Pending administrative approval)
The 6th Grade Choir competes in OMEA Large Group Contest in May and for two
years in a row, have received an overall rating of a SUPERIOR RATING ! May also
features the final Spring Concert with all choirs receiving awards for their participation
as well as ‘special recognition’ awards for outstanding achievements.

Ankeney Select Vocal Ensemble

The Select Vocal Ensemble is an audition based performance group whose prerequisite is to
demonstrate keen sense of A cappella singing during vocal tests and outstanding sight reading
skills. During the 4th quarter of the previous school year, students who receive a high score on
their sight reading test along with the rhythm test are invited to participate as a member of this
group. The cost to be in this group is: $12.00 (t-shirts)
*Members meet in the morning hour (7:30am) before school starts on Mondays (girls) & after
school (4:00pm -5:pm) on Mondays (boys). Thursdays are for either boys or girls or both depending
on the need (either before OR after school) Rehearsals are during 1 semester only. They sing some
cappella arrangements, pop songs, and vocal jazz standards. The music chosen must be suitable
for the vocal ranges of the singers within group. (Either SAB, SSA, TB, or SATB) The group is
made up of students who are members of the 7th & 8th Grade Choir. Students in this group serve as
“choir ambassadors”, symbolizing literally, ‘the voice’ of AMS Choral Dept. The group
performs for publicity purposes for special occasions throughout the district and at our annual
concerts at B.H.S. auditorium in promoting the Ankeney Choral program. Some of their
performances may appear on Youtube to help to further promote Ankeney’s Choral Department.

Ankeney 'Connection Show Choir'
The Connection Show Choir is an audition based group for both male and female students
representing grades 6, 7, & 8. The group auditions in the (May) Spring of the 'previous
year'. They perform a 20 minute show at 5 major competitions plus all of the AMS Choir
Concerts throughout the school year. The group learns choreography at a summer camp in
August before school starts. They rehearse after school hours throughout the school year
at Ankeney in the choir room on Tuesday afternoons and some Saturday rehearsals at
Main Elementary School.
The group has matching outfits and host several fund raisers throughout the school year to
help afford their outfits, charter busses and contest music and fees. This group is a highly
motivated. They are a successful organization that has brought home several 1st Place
trophies throughout the school year. Their tradition of excellence continues year after
year. For more information about getting involved in this group, contact: Jason Enneking
(Ankeney Middle School teacher) at :

Girls’ and Boys’ Vocal OMEA Ensembles

Students in 7th & 8th Grade have the option to voluntarily participate with the OMEA Girls’ or
Boys’ ensembles that compete at the OMEA Contest in March or April. These groups sign up to
participate and learn the music during class time. The Ensembles perform at the Choir concert in
March as well as the OMEA Solo & Ensemble Contest in the Spring. These groups have
successfully brought home Superior Ratings at contest and have earned 'certificates and pins' for
receiving a Superior or an Excellent rating. The music for these groups is selected from the
OMEA suggested list for OMEA contest for SA, SSA, TB, or TTB voicing. There is no cost to be
in an OMEA ensemble.

      Ankeney Choir Classroom Rules
                 “No one person shall interfere with another person’s “right to learn.”(Lee Cantor)

Please read the following rules carefully so there is a clear understanding of the students’ expectations as a
member of the Ankeney Choral Music Program. When you return the acknowledgment sheet in your choir
handbook, you are also confirming acknowledgment of the choir concert dates, class rules, and other
policies regarding absence.
                                          Classroom Rules
        1. (L) Come to class on time & have a 'pass' if you are late. Do not leave the room
        without asking permission and fill out the proper forms/passes.
        2. (T) No talking will be permitted during attendance, warm ups, announcements,
        choir rehearsal or classroom instruction. Stay focused & pay attention!
        3. (M) Students are to be prepared for the day’s activities with their choir materials.
        Put materials away at the end of the period. Points are lost for failure to comply. (Check the
        weekly schedule on the wall near the folder cabinet to see what materials are required for that particular day)
        4. (G) NO GUM permitted in the choir/band wing.
        5. (C) Be trustworthy, respectful, responsible, fair, & caring of others. Students also
        need to be faithful in representation of Citizenship. Keep the Character Pillars in mind
        at all times.

                                                 Classroom Materials
          Please preserve the choir departments equipment and music by being careful. Some music is permanently
                       out of print and cannot be replaced and equipment replacement is very costly.

        1. Student must provide two #2 pencils and one heavy duty vinyl folder with 2 pockets
        (any color other than black) (*5 Star Vinyl 2 pocket vinyl folder). (this counts for 3 points toward your grade for
        Quarter #1)

        2. Music is provided for each student and is to remain in the choir room in the students'
        slot. Other members of the choir may share the same folder or book.
        3. Materials provided by school: Music, sight singing books & a vocal music
        repertoire text book.
        4. Students may go online to the AMS website/Mrs. Smith’s teacher webpage & click on
        Mp3 downloads to practice at home! (a loaner folder can be supplied upon request)

         *The cost to replace damaged music, book, folder or sight reading booklets are as follows: Costs are: folder (.3.50)
        Music (price depends on the song/medley) Book ($25.00), Sight reading book ($25.00), small sight reading books $6.50.
        Students are held accountable to keep their folder and book in tact without tears or writing on the book, music or
        folder. Please preserve the choir departments equipment and music by being careful. Some music is permanently out
        of print and cannot be replaced and equipment replacement is very costly.

        Permissible: Students may bring a water bottle to class on a daily basis in a clear container with your name written on
        the bottle in permanent marker so as not to confuse with another students. (keep in your locker and fill up at the
        fountain and bring with you to choir!) No eating in the classroom unless the class has special permission as an entire

                      BEHAVIOR CONSEQUENCES
(Parents &students can track weekly conduct by going to the grading program and checking the students’ Participation grade’
                                            for that week (one point per day)

          Grade Choir

          Student                 week    week
          ID #'s      week one    2       3
                                                                            LUNCH DETENTION’S will be issued for
                                                                            receiving 3 marks in the same category throughout
                                                                            the quarter. These marks are tracked daily in the
                                                                            attendance book and each students’ grade is recorded
                                                                            weekly (ex. 5 days = 5 points (or 1 point daily)
                                                                            Students get one detention for receiving 3 marks
                                                                            in the same category.
 1234567     m,L,G
 1234572     L,m, G
 1234574     t,m,m

Categories for marks are as follows:
(L) –This stands for arriving late to class without a pass.(Students have 4 minutes in between
class) (Three L’s = a lunch detention.)
 (T) This stands for talking during attendance, warm ups, instruction or rehearsal~(Three T’s = a
lunch detention)
(M) This stands for failure to have classroom materials, leaving your materials out in the
classroom, or putting your folder/book in the wrong slot. (Three M’s = a lunch detention)
(G) This stands for chewing Gum (the choir/band area is a NO GUM ZONE) Eating in class is
also not permitted~(3 G’s = detention) Water bottles are permitted in choir.
(C) This stands for failure to comply with one of the character pillars

     Failure to comply with following rules or following basic classroom directions will result in the
following consequences:

    1.     Student receives their FIRST MARK: This will result in one point deducted from their daily
           participation score. Student earn one point daily. If the student receives two marks in the same
           class, they are informed verbally. Points lost are tracked daily in attendance book and recorded
           under Participation grade weekly.

    2.     When a student receives 3 marks within the same category (ex. Three L’s for LATE) they will
           receive a lunch detention. (DT-"L" means student received a detention for getting 3 marks in the
           'late' category.)

After a student is issued a detention in that category, we begin counting from ONE again within that
category. Each student begins each quarter with a clean slate.

* Demerits will be issued for all other offenses like: disregard of rules during emergency evacuation drills,
insubordination, disrespecting another person or property, cursing or inappropriate dialog, leaving the classroom
without asking for permission or without a hall pass, destruction of school property, playing around with another
student in an extreme manner, not reporting to designated rehearsal/concert area as directed, not following
performance etiquette during a concert, not performing as requested during rehearsal, demonstrating unruly and
uncooperative behavior during rehearsal, or misbehavior for a sub when the Director is absent (automatic 3

                      Sight Singing scores determine Vocal Solos!
           Choir students who score high on their vocal sight singing tests per quarter will be
           ‘eligible’ to audition for a vocal solo in the choir. In order to score high on your
           sight singing tests, students’ are strongly suggested to take their sight singing
           sheets home to practice that they receive each quarter. Their assignment is to write
           solfege syllables underneath each note and turn in for a grade. When they get it
          back, they can take them home to practice prior to the test (usually 2 weeks before the end of
          each quarter). *Students are then graded individually in a sound proof practice room
          each quarter.
          ♫ Students who scored high (Usually scores of 38/40 or higher) are then asked to audition during
          class in front of their peers for any song that requires a solo and are rated using a
          vocal test rubrics sheet. (Students may see their score after the audition is over in an effort for ‘self-
          improvement’). Students should consider their scores to determine what area of
          improvement they need to focus on in order to strive for improvement throughout
          the year.
          The ‘rubric sheet’ used in scoring students can be seen on my teacher webpage
          listed under ‘Choir assignments’ and then ‘Sight Singing test sheet’.

                      Students’ Earn Points for Choir Awards!
          On my teacher webpage, students can see how awards are determined by clicking
          on the link at the left side of the page that says, “Want to see how awards are chosen?”
          Students earn points throughout the year for things like: Selling quota of 15 items in Cookie Dough
          sale, Selling quota of 3 booklets for Community Days sale, chosen for Star Spangled Banner Solo
          for concerts & basketball games, participation in Show Choir, participation in Select Vocal
          Ensemble, Participant in Talent Show, etc. (every grade level choir is different because they have different activities).

                                                   CHOIR AWARDS

          Choir Star Character Award: This award is given out to students who have received no
          more than 2 marks per quarter & received no detentions and no demerits in choir,
          volunteered to help out during lunch, before, during or after school with extra choir
          events, fund raiser sales, or classroom organization, etc.
          Most Valuable Vocalist: This Acrylic award is given out to students who have earned
          the most points throughout the school year (see excel sheet on teacher webpage under:
          ‘Want to see how awards are chosen?” You can enter your points to see how many points
          you’ve earned online!
          Outstanding Vocal Soloist: This exclusive award is given out to one student per grade
          level who has sang the most number of vocal solos throughout the year. (This includes
          Select Vocal Ensemble, OMEA Solos, Show Choir, Talent Show, Trinity Community
          voluntary soloist, Fine Arts Night, Star Spangled Banner, etc.
          Select Jazz Vocal Ensemble: Students will receive a ‘Music Trophy’ for being in this
          group for the school year and representing the AMS Choral Dept. as an ‘ambassador’ of
          the Choir program. These students encourage participation of others into the program and
          are a ‘good’ mentor for all grade levels. They perform with the group at extra concert
          events and are generally a dedicated and loyal choir member.

                                      POSITIVE REINFORCEMENTS
*Each choir can receive class rewards. This is determined based upon their progress & conduct as an entire class. Choir
Rewards to be earned: Karaoke Sing-a-long(end of quarter); a Reward Movie; Any Choir who receives straight
superior ratings at OMEA contest will receive a pizza party ~ (Courtesy of Mrs. Smith.)

*Students may receive individual incentive rewards in recognition of their participation and volunteerism. Individual
rewards to be earned: Student listed as Choir Student of the Month on Mrs. Smith’s webpage; A positive email sent to
parents’ email address; A Pizza party for selling 15 tubs of cookie dough; Certificate, pin, and/or an award presented to
those individual who participate in OMEA Solo & Ensemble contest and earn a Superior or Excellent rating; The ‘Star
Character Award’ for your contributions to the activities and events before, after or during summer break and not getting
more than 2 marks per quarter.


6th/7th/8th Grade Choir grades are distributed into ‘weighted categories’. Every assignment falls into one of the following
weighted categories. All assignments and events will be put into one of the weighted categories. These category
percentages will fluctuate from quarter to quarter, depending on the groups’ activities.

Vocabulary sheets/Worksheets and/or puzzles                             10%
Participation (2 points daily)                                                   20%
    Choir Concert(s) or contests                                                 25% or 30%
                   *NOTE: Concert grade will include: (80% Attendance & participation / 20% Dress code)
    Sight Singing or Vocal Test (students may request to be tested privately)    20% or 25%
    Extra Concerts/events (Dress Rehearsals/Retirement Villages/Assisted living) 10%(during school/ required)
    Tests/Quizzes (Vocabulary or Circle of 5th’s)                                15%

                                 Communication between Student, Director, and Parent

      *Students & parents should stay informed weekly by checking Mrs. Smith’s teacher webpage on the
     Ankeney website at:
     On my teacher webpage, announcements are made weekly on the home page. Also under Calendar events ,
     you will find a monthly calendar listing all concerts and events for the year.
     It is ultimately the students responsibility to use this website in communicating and keeping others
     informed~namely: Parents, teachers, coaches, other students so there are no miscommunications. Check
     weekly for updates, changes and additions throughout the school year. You also have the Ankeney Choral
     Handbook with concert events and dates listed chronologically. Please mark your calendars carefully so as
     to avoid conflicts.
     Students and parents can find the AMS Choir dates and events from the following locations: Your Choir
     Handbook, On the AMS school website on the AMS Calendar, on Mrs. Smith’s teacher webpage, on the
     grading programs listed under ‘Concert’ or Event” and finally, they are given out to individual students in
     the form of a ‘MEMO’ no less than 5 days prior to a concert event. There should be no excuse for being
     unaware of concert dates & events. Feel free to contact me anytime for questions regarding the concerts or
     events. My number is: Mrs. Smith at: 429-7567 Ext. #2650.
         *It is ultimately the students responsibility to ask for homework assignments in advance when they are
     planning to be absent from choir class. Failure to do so will result in penalty late points for that assignment.
     It is required to email or write a note explaining your absence at least 5 days before the absence.
     *Students who cannot attend a concert: Students/parents must notify the director at least 5 days prior to
     concert in writing and request to be granted an excused absence. ONLY those excused will be eligible to
     complete a concert credit report to compensate for that portion of their grade. ( See the portion on Concert
     Absences and/or excused absence in your Choral Handbook. )This report will take the place of the grade
     for the concert missed. It is crucial that you follow the criteria set forth on the criteria sheet.
     * When attending an in school field trip, rehearsal or performance, it is the students responsibility to ask
     teachers for homework assignments at least 3 days in advance and make arrangements with the teacher to
     turn in work missed. (see portion of handbook on concert attendance).
     In School performances count toward the students’ grade. It is crucial that students’ attend all in
     school dress rehearsals in preparation for a concert. Dress Rehearsals are important to achieve balance
     and blend within the choir.

                                           Ankeney Middle School Choir Fund Raiser
                                   Event Info:
                                             (Stay updated weekly by using the site above)
               THE ANNUAL CHORAL FUND RAISER …………..AUGUST 30TH                                          Sept 15th…

               The choir & band department will be selling frozen cookie dough again this year in Aug/September. It was a huge
success last year, as we increased in our profit margin in comparison to former years. Our goal this year is to improve on the
percentage of student participants in the fund raiser. We will earn 40% for each tub of cookie dough that is sold ($6.00)
                    Purpose of fund raiser:
                    *This fund raiser is a group effort in which students will be taking part in the selling, delivering, and collecting of frozen cookie dough
                    from the company Otis Spunkmeyer. By participating, we are promoting the program and helping to maintain the longevity of the
                    choir department.
                      Purpose: To pay for items necessary for budget spending: Awards, Music, Busses for trips, Departmental equipment like: storage
                    cabinets, risers, New music arrangements, Contest fees, Piano accompanists for contest, Class rewards (ex. pizza parties), Sound
                    system rental, etc.
                    *Last year, we purchased some new equipment (new boom box, a small SD recorder/camera, SD cards for contest, new music
                    arrangements, awards for choir members, plus we went on many bus trips during school and outside school. This year, we need to
                    replenish our funds to be able to afford our budget for the year. We plan on having a busy year and need your support! With all Ohio
                    schools (including Beavercreek) getting less federal funding, we need your support more than ever this year! The choral music
                    department budget money for this year is $0.00 ~ therefore, we need your help to fund all of our activities, field trips, contest fees,
                    awards, and other extra expenses throughout the year. Our fund raiser is EXTREMELY important to balance the budget so we don’t
                    have to cut activities and expenses.
                      The AMS Choir budget for this year is planned at: $14,250.00. To afford this years' budget, we need to sell 2,375 tubs of cookie
                    dough to afford the year. That's roughly 19 tubs per student (estimating the number of choir students @130 students total).

                        Considering our budget, Our goal this year will be: 20 tubs per student. Students will be taking orders for 2 weeks and
                    turning in their order forms to Mrs. Smith by the designated due date. Those students who do not sell can collect ‘donations’ to
                    compensate. A donation of $100.00 will make them eligible for the reward pizza party. *Note: All students can accept cash donations
                    on behalf of the choir dept. in additional or in lieu of the fund raiser. Donations help to defray the costs of prizes and extra items that
                    must be sold at full price or at cost in order to break even. In addition, donations are 100% profit!!!!

                    PRIZES awarded to all who participate!
                    Students can receive wonderful prizes, depending on how many items they end up selling and collect for. (Check the
                    Prize chart in fund raiser packet)
                    *Incentives for participating in the fund raiser:
                    1. If you meet your goal of 20 tubs, you will be eligible for the reward pizza party during Advisory Class after the sale is over.
                    2. You will be eligible to choose from a variety of nice prizes depending on how much money or how many tubs you sell (see prize
                    3. For every 5 tubs sold, students get their name in a drawing for fifteen (15) $10.00 ‘GREENE’ GIFT CARDS, plus a GRAND PRIZE
                    gift of choice. The grand prize gift is valued somewhere between: $200-$300.
                    4. The top seller will receive a ‘Top Seller plaque’ that will be presented at the first concert.
                    5. Turning in a donation of $100.00 will earn you eligibility for the 'reward pizza party'.

                    IMPORTANT! Cookie dough will be frozen and needs to be kept in the FREEZER (can be kept out of freezer no longer than 4-6
                    hours) (*Unfrozen products cannot be sold or returned)
                    Delivery should be made as soon as possible....if you cannot deliver right away, keep product in the freezer~
                    Money needs to be collected when you take the customers’ order. Turn in money when you turn in your order form(s) ~ Checks
                    payable: Beavercreek City Schools/AMS Choir.

                    Taking Orders: *NOTE: Collect the money when you take orders. Checks payable to: Beavercreek City Schools/Ankeney Choir .
                    Write legibly on the order forms. Turn in all money with order forms in an envelope with the students’ name, grade level on the outside
                    of the envelope. You will be notified immediately if there are errors.

                        Product delivery: The week of: October 17th…(subject to change)… I will be at school until 7:00pm on the day of deliver to
                    allow parents to pick up cookie dough after work hours. Just drive behind the building and come to DOOR 12S-the choir room)
                    *NOTE: please keep in mind the importance of picking up orders on delivery date due & putting the items in the freezer at home; the
                    products must be kept frozen within a 4-6 hour window…

                    The other ‘quick’ fund raiser is called: Choir Concerts for 2011-2012
                                                             COMMUNITY DAYS ~Students sell coupon books for $5.00 & the buyer
                    shops on Nov. 14th at any ElderBeerman Store using the booklet coupons. See website here~
                                            = Manditory Concert will be asked to sell 3 booklets grade!
           *All students that counts toward you each ($15.00) (Turn money in
                                        Please mark on the spot!) 20%of each NOW to avoid conflicts later!
                    with order form & receive bookletthese on your calendar book sold goes to the Greene Ct. Animal Shelter!

   Mon., Nov. 14th, 2011 Workshop at BHS in the Auditorium- groups involved: AMS Choirs (grades 6-7-8 &
Ferguson Middle School Choirs, Acappella Choir. Workshop conducted by: Mrs. Sharon Busch, H.S. Choir Dir.
Times for field trip: Leave Ankeney at: 9:40a.m. – Workshop is from 10:10am-11:05am~Return time: 11:25

    Tues., Nov. 29th, 2011 “A Christmas Carol” (the musical) AMS 6th Grade Choir field trip to Victoria Theatre~ This will be a
    ‘matinee’ performance during school for the first 50 students/parents to turn in ticket orders with their reservation fee. We will meet in
    the AMS IMC @ 8:25am.~leave @ 8:30am~show starts at 9:30am~returning back to Ankeney by 1:30p.m. Student/Chaperone ticket
    cost is: $9.00. Checks will be payable to: Ankeney P.T.O./CHOIR Please bring $5.00 for lunch at McDonald's/Arby’s for after the
    show. More information will follow in the Fall! Dress code: Regular school attire. (Students will be singing excerpts from this show!)
    (Pending administrative approval)
    This will be an ‘evening show’ and we will be getting home somewhat LATE. The choirs will be singing portions of music from 'Les
    Miserables' in March, 2011. AMS choir students have the opportunity to attend the performance of: "Les Miserables", a musical based
    on the book by the same name by Victor Hugo. Ticket information will be given
              Dec. 1st, 2011 Ankeney Choir/ShowChoir Winter Concert- (2nd quarter~30% of grade) to be held at the
              auditorium. Begins at 7:00 p.m. – 9:30 p.m.. Performing groups will be Ankeney Connection Show Choir, Select Vocal
              Ensemble, AMS 6th Grade choir, & AMS 7th/8th Grade Choir . Dress Code~Concert Semi-formal (20% of grade)
                *The Ankeney 7th/8th grade Choir will be in charge of set up and tear down for this concert and must meet in the
              auditorium at 6:25 p.m. All students are to arrive for sign in at @ 6:30p.m., sign your name on sign in sheets which
              will near the entrance of the auditorium inside the commons/café. Sit with parents during the concert until called to the
              stage for your performance.
              Dec. 15th, 2011 H.S./MS Choral Winter Concert- (2nd quarter~25% of grade) To be held at B.H.S. in the
              auditorium. Begins at 6:30 p.m. .Performing groups: Ferguson 8th choir, Ankeney 7th/8th Grade Choir, A Cappella &
              Friends Show choir. Members! Please meet in the auditorium for attendance at 6:00 p.m. The concert usually
              begins early with a run through on stage of the combined number @6:30pm. PARENTS! Please sit with students
              in our reserved section in the back of auditorium on the southeast side. Follow Concert Dress Code~Concert
              Semi-Formal!(20% of grade)
              Friday, December 16th, 2011~ AMS Holiday In School Assemblies @AMS New Gym~Dress Code: Regular
              School Attire*(10-15 % of students grade)
              Assemblies: Period 1 (6th Choir); Periods 2+3 (7/8th Choir & Select Ensemble) (8:45am - 11:43am)
              Groups involved: AMS 6-7-8 Choirs + AMS Bands

              Thurs. Jan. 19th 2012…….Beavercreek High School Choir Auditions ~
              *Auditions will take place during school, Periods 6 or 7 in room #146 (choir room) with B.H.S. Choir Director, Sharon
              Busch. If a student is absent, email or call Mrs. Busch to reschedule @:
              *A sign-up sheet will be posted on the AMS choir door within a week of the auditions.
              Audition requirements for Current Choir students: Sing your part on “Winter Storm” in a trio (SAB) Students will be
              put in trios & practice during choir class. Also: Sight Sing using our sight singing booklet using Solfege Syllables.
              Audition requirements for Non Choir students: Be prepared in advance to sing a song of your choice. You may either
              bring an accompaniment on CD/Cassette, sheet music, OR it is possible, but not suggested that you can sing a cappella.
              You will also be asked to demonstrate your ability to Sight- Sing.

              Tues. , March 13th, 2012 AMS Choir/Show Choir Concert - (3rd quarter~30 % of final grade)
              To be held at B.H.S. auditorium starting at 7:00 p.m. Choir members need to be there at 6:30p.m. to sign in.
              Performing groups are: Ankeney 6th Choir, Ankeney 7/8th Grade Choir, & Ankeney Connection Show Choir.
              Dress Code: Concert Semi-Formal (20% of grade)

                          Tues., April 17th, 2012 “West Side Story” AMS Choir field trip to the Ohio Theatre in
                          Columbus, Ohio.
                          This will be an evening performance for the first 50 students or parents to turn in ticket orders
                          with their money.
                          Meet in the AMS lobby @ 5:45pm; Leave Ankeney at 6:00pm~show begins 8pm~Return back
                          to AMS by 12:00am. Student/Chaperone ticket cost is: $37.00. Checks will be payable to:
                          Ankeney P.T.O./CHOIR
                          *You might want to bring $10.00 for a beverage at the theatre. Reservation form will be
              Monday, March 5h, out in the Fall! Talent Show Try-outs….Ankeney Choir Room
                          given 2012…..Ankeney
              4:00pm- 6:30pm (orcode: ‘Smart Casual’ (see dress code section of handbook) (this field trip is pending
                           Dress whenever finished)
                             administrative approval)
              Monday, March 19st, 2012…Ankeney Talent Show Dress Rehearsal…Ankeney New Gym
              4:00pm -6:30pm

              Tuesday, April 3rd, 2012 Ankeney Talent Show…Ankeney New Gym @7pm
              *Donations accepted at the door ($3.00 per person) all proceeds go to the Ankeney PTO General fund.
         Wed., April 4th, 2012….In School Talent Show Assemblies~Periods 1,2,& 3 (Grade level assemblies)

▲Sat. April 21st, 2012 O.M.E.A. Solo & Ensemble Contest (Optional) Brookville H.S/Middle School is the potential
contest site. Additional contest details to follow!
*Note: The conflict date for this contest is April 14 ☼~Please keep this in mind when choosing this event.
Anyone in 7th or 8th Grade choir can participate in this event. If you take private voice/piano lessons, your instructor can
choose your piece or song (there is a ‘suggested’ list on the webpage under shared docs). Entry fee is required and cost is
$15.00 for each solo entry. Due dates to turn in entry fees & registration form must be adhered to in order to meet the
contest registration deadline date. Participants will be taking a school bus to the contest site & leave EARLY on 4/21.
Students may wish to provide their own transportation. (Alt. Transportation request forms must be filled out~available in
this packet, from the office, & on my teacher webpage) Ensemble members do not have to pay entry fees. Dress
Code: Concert Semi-Formal

*Ankeney Connection Show choir auditions will be held Mid-May……….t.b.a. Contact Jason Enneking for
more information……
(You must be a member of Band or Choir to be a performer for the Showchoir)
*Requirements: Perform with a CD accompaniment a fast tempo Disney or Broadway song and provide
movement with your audition.

Saturday, May 19th, 2012~O.M.E.A. District XII Large Group Contest (4th Quarter~30 % of grade)
Contest site is Beavercreek High School auditorium. This contest will involve the Ankeney 6th Grade Choir
& the Ankeney 7th & 8th Grade Choir. We will meet in the commons 45 minutes prior to performance time
for sign in. (Performance times t.b.a) Parent may come watch/listen. Students will need to be picked up
from BHS Commons after their performance. Requested performance times will be EARLY. Choir
members need to follow dress code: Concert Semi-Formal(20% of grade). Two chaperones per grade level will
be needed per group to help with attendance in the commons & to keep the group together prior to warm up
times. *NOTE: After the performance, students & parents can purchase food & beverages in the commons while
waiting for their ratings after the performance.

Thursday, May 24th, 2012 Ankeney Spring Choir Concert-                      (4th Quarter~25% of grade)

To be held at the B.H.S. Auditorium starting at 7:00 pm - 9:30p.m.
Follow dress code (Concert Semi-Formal) and members need to be there at 6:30 p.m. to sign-in.. Performing groups
are: Ankeney 6th Grade Choir, Ankeney & the AMS 7/8th Grade Choir. AMS Connection Show Choir will not
be performing at this concert. (they have a Finale Concert in May)
The following awards will be given out : Participation pins, medals with neck ribbons, Acrylic awards for Most Valuable
Vocalist, Microphone trophies for Outstanding Vocalist per grade level, “Star Character Awards”, Certificates & pins for those
choir students who received Superior or Excellent ratings at OMEA Competitions, and Music trophies for Select Jazz Vocal
Ensemble members. *7th & 8th Grade Choir Students need to turn in $1.00 for the tribute at the end of the concert.
                                                     DRESS CODE
PARENTS: Dress code counts for 20% of the students’ concert grade. Please check
your childs’ outfit in advance for school appropriate clothing before they leave the house!
Things to consider for Concert Semi-Formal Attire:
Dress length, ( should be mid-thigh ~finger tips or lower), Shoulder straps (straps must be 2 fingers thick
on the shoulder), Suit Jacket and/or Tie. Check each Concert event for specifications on
what the dress code is for that event! You need to adhere to the school dress code when
choosing your outfits.~ If your teacher would not approve, then don’t wear it. (teachers to consider
for approval: Mrs. Downing, Mrs. Brown, Mrs. Smith, Mrs. Back, Mrs. Ritzi, Mrs. Canfield, Mrs. Brod, or
Mr. Busch)

                             CONCERT DRESS CODE -Semi-Formal
Boys: Dress pants (no jeans) dress shirt (long sleeved/button down), Suit Jacket and/or tie
and dress shoes (no tennis shoes). There is no color preference.
Girls: Dress, skirt or dress pants (no denim material or capri’s), dress shirt, dress shoes (no
tennis shoes). (Please follow school dress code when choosing length & straps.) There is no color preference.
HAIR: Groomed-There are no requirements as to specific hair style.

SHOWCHOIR members will be wearing their show choir outfits during all concerts
when their group is also performing at that concert. The exception for this is a concert in
December with Ferguson & the High School Choirs, the last concert in May and OMEA
Large Group Contest ~ all of which the show choir is not performing.

 Dress code: ‘Smart Casual’~ (For Theatre Field trips ) For boys: This attire consists of
dress trousers or chinos ~ a longs sleeve dress Shirt, leather loafers or dressy slip ons,
dress socks and optional sport coat.
For girls: it consists of slacks or a skirt (long or short), a blouse or turtleneck, or a
sweater coordinated to the outfit, hosiery or socks with boots, flats (leather, suede, or
fabric) or mid-heel shoes.
                                                  Concert Etiquette
1. For all choir concerts, students should arrive on time, usually 30 minutes prior to concert start time. If you arrive late, do not
enter the performance area until the performer is finished with that particular song.
2. During concerts, please turn off any electronic devices that may cause a distraction to the performers during the concert. It is
a rule for OMEA contests/events that there is to be no recording devices during the performances. Participating groups can be
disqualified from the event for failure to comply.
3. Students are expected to warm up their voices on their way to the concert or at home before leaving for the concert. Students
will be taught in class how to conduct their own Warm Ups.
4. All choir students need to sit with their parents, guardian or an adult during the concert in the auditorium. There will not be
a reserved section in the auditorium for choir members. An emcee will call each group to the stage when it is time for them to
perform. One of the veteran choir students will lead the group to the back of the stage and back to the auditorium before/after
their performance.
5. Students need to SIGN-IN when they arrive. Parent volunteers will be monitoring the sign in sheets at a table, near the
entrance of the auditorium inside the commons/café. Sheets are pulled 5 minutes prior to start time. *There will be a 2 point
deduction for failure to sign in. Notify Mrs. Smith in advance if you are going to be late, then, only One point is deducted for
an ‘informed tardiness’.
6. Please stay for the entire concert in support of all performing groups. It is disheartening to see your audience walking out
before the performance is over, or before you’ve had a chance to hear all the groups perform. Most AMS concerts usually last
1 ½ hours. (If there is a “special” circumstance requiring the student/parent to leave early, then don’t leave until after a group
has finished their performance.)
                                              CONCERT ATTENDANCE

A Quarterly Concert is either 25% or 30% of the student’s quarter grade. There is at least one
concert for each quarter in the grading period. Concerts are like the final exam in a math or
science class. They are what we are preparing for and work so hard for during our rehearsals in
class. Some groups rehearse before and after school for these performances. *Please make every
effort to work out any conflicts with other activities, knowing that this is a ‘team effort’ and
individually, concerts/events do count toward their grades.
Excused absences are:
Illness, a wedding, family loss or some other unforeseen emergency in which the student has
missed 1 or more day’s from school before the concert date, on the day of the concert, and/or
after the concert. A school sponsored Sport team game in which the student is needed to complete
the team for that game is considered excused. *If the student obtains an excused absence, we will
be able to work out an alternate assignment for them to prepare and turn in for credit.

Unexcused absences are:
*Any school sponsored extra-curricular conflicts such as sport practices or dance team rehearsals,
auditions or evening appointments. *Any non-school sponsored sport game or practice will be
unexcused. (considered recreational league type activities) *Private music lessons are unexcused
absences. *Transportation conflicts need to be communicated and worked out in advance. “Having no
ride” is not an excuse to miss a mandatory concert or event. *If the student decides to attend Any extra-
curricular performance with another performing group is considered unexcused, however, the student
may prepare a concert credit report and receive ½ credit for missing the concert.

Obtaining an excused absence:
In order to obtain an excuse from a concert, student & Parent/guardian must notify the director by
submitting a letter or email that includes an explanation as to why they need to miss a concert at least
one week before the concert event. The director will notify the student & parent/guardian as to
whether to not the student was granted an excused absence within 1 or 2 days. Failure to notify the
director in advance as required will result in partial credit if the student receives an ‘excused absence’.
* Mark your calendars NOW in order to avoid any potential future conflict. If a student is
granted an excused absence from a major concert event, they will be required to prepare a
'Concert Credit Report' (see director for report topic and criteria sheet) and turn in the report
before the designated due date. (Usually 5 school days after issued)
*Conflicts with other activities need to be worked out for mandatory concerts/events that count
toward the students’ grade.
For any bus trips the choir takes, ****ALTERNATE TRANSPORTATION REQUEST FORMS
are available in this packet & from the office for students who will be picked up from the
performance site, or will not be riding the bus to/from the event. The form MUST be filled out &
signed at least 5 days in ADVANCE by parent/guardian, & then turned into the office to be given
to the principal or assistant principal for signature. They will then give the form back to the
For any bus trips the choir takes, ****FIELD TRIP RELEASE WAIVER & INDEMNITY
FORM must be filled out for those students who need to ride with another parent and student to or
from that field trip.
For any In School Performances students are expected to perform with the attending group and represent
themselves as an individual, their school, and their director. They will count toward their grade. Students
are expected to act responsibly in adhering to school rules during the trip. Students are also told and are to
be held accountable to ask for their assignments from their teachers at least 3 days in advance, and make
arrangement with them to turn work or make up any tests/quizzes. Failure to perform your responsibilities
could result in repercussions set forth by that individual teacher.
                    Concert Credit Report~ (For excused absence only.)

Student Name_________________Date/Event missed: ________________
Parent/Guardian Signature                      (Note:   Return this signed sheet with the report….5 points)

Reason for missing the event/concert:

*Report Topic________________________
Details about the report:
DUE DATE: _______________________
*This sheet must be returned with parent/guardian signature along with your report . (5 points)

    1.     400-500 words (dates & #’s do not count)
    2.      Hand written ONLY ….Write legibly & check for grammatical errors.
    3.    Rewrite the information in your own words (do not copy verbatim from your
         references. (This is considered plagiarism and the penalty for that is a “0” first first offenders)
    4.    One sided only (do not write on the back of your papers)
    5.    Use 8 1/2 X 11 sheet of white lined paper . (10 points)
    6.   Use paragraph form(+4) and make sure the information is in chronological
    7.    Use black or blue ink (no pencil or different colored pen)
    8.    References: Websites, books, magazines, internet, etc.
    9.    Include a bibliography page(this is a listing of all references and or websites
         on a separate sheet of paper (10 points) use the AMS English dept. guidelines
         for preparing a bibliography (all students receive these from their English

For questions regarding this assignment, contact Mrs. Smith @

Literature Selection Policy
As a choral musician, it is necessary to be tolerant of other religions and to treat
the singing of religious music as a performance. The art of singing in four-part harmony and even
our system of writing music was developed by the Roman Catholic Church and is a tradition of
Western Civilization. So while it is historically true that the Christian religion has been a major
source of inspiration for much of the world’s great music, religious differences can become points
of understanding between people.

Jewish Synagogue canting became Gregorian chants of the early Christian Church, and Hebrew
folksongs are some of the most beautiful melodies ever sung. George Frederick Handel, the court
composer of King George I of England and composer of The Messiah (considered one of the
greatest choral works ever written), also wrote an oratorio called 'Judas Macabeus' which is
based on the Old Testament ~hero of the Hebrew people.

There is often controversy over singing choral music due to the text, and while
some would wish to censor what the choir sings, the Music Department in conjunction with the
Beavercreek School District and community leaders has adopted a very clear policy concerning
the choral curriculum. In keeping with that policy, Beavercreek Vocal Music Program will always
include a variety of musical subject matter including some pieces which have been religiously
inspired. Music is selected on the basis of the highest standards for teaching musical
independence (reading) and choral performance, and is programmed with the audience in mind.
Much of the literature is chosen directly from the Ohio Music Education Association (OMEA)’s
contest lists. This list has grown to include multicultural pieces by non-American composers.
Others are from standard or “classic” choral repertoire heard at performances and educational
conference or by community or student suggestion.

Much attention is given to singing American choral literature including African American
spirituals, jazz, and tunes of the American Musical Theatre. While every person is entitled to his
or her opinion, discussion of personal preferences or religious beliefs has no real place in the
choral classroom. It is the responsibility of the choir director to select music that is appropriate for
the students’ academic needs, understanding, and musical ability. It is the duty of the choral
performer to learn that music to the best of his or her ability and to perform it for the benefit of an

Because so much choral music is religious and there is dominance of religious music in serious
choral music, the choirs will include both sacred and secular music throughout the year. In order
to avoid First Amendment violations, the choirs will attempt to not sing only religious music and
will not focus on a particular holiday or denomination within a concert. We will strive to
encourage all members to participate with the choir in singing a vast variety of music from many
different walks of life and cultures.

                                 PRIVATE INSTRUCTORS & STUDIOS

Ankeney Middle School Choral Department is providing the following list of private instructors,
studios and others for you to choose from for private study on any instrument (the voice is
     considered an instrument and should be treated as such.) This list is added to periodically
     throughout the school year.
     *It is recommended that students should make every effort to learn how to play an instrument in
     addition to learning how to sing. It will only improve your musicianship. Private teachers charge
     between $12-$50 per half hour lesson, depending on the instructor and the studio. If you are
     currently taking lessons from someone that would like to be on this list, please have them contact
     me either by phone (937) 429-7567 (Ex. #2650) or email.
     An individual listing of private teachers in the Beavercreek Piano Teachers Association.
     Cheri Warner is President. They have an 'Allegro Jr. Music Club' coordinated by Angie

     The Piano Preparatory School……(937)426-6920; 3899 Indian Ripple Rd. in Beavercreek;
     45430. Jennifer Shoup, owner & instructor. Summer Music Programs available in
     addition to private lessons on piano, voice, Guitar & Flute. Beginning Piano Program
     (ages 5-8), Adult Group Piano Class & Contemporary Piano Class. Teachers: Jennifer
     Shoup (piano), Stephanie Lytle (voice), Danny Voris(guitar), etc

     McCutcheon Music Studio.....(937) 435-9877.....42 Marco Lane in Centerville;...Owner:
     Jim McCutcheon-guitarist. Mr. McCutcheon is an instructor & owner. They have recitals
     at the Dayton Arts Institute.

     Wasson Music Center......(937) 436-5800; 35 Marco Lane in Centerville......Owner: Carol
     Wasson; They sell sheet music, methods books for almost all series, accompaniment
     tracks and music gifts. If they don't have it, they can order it. They have recitals in
     their recital hall at the store.

     Wright State University...(937) 775-2787....Victoria Chadbourne (community music
     division coordinator) Students have the opportunity to study with university faculty or
     advanced students within the facilities on campus. $24.00- $48.00 dollars per hour
     lesson; $12-$24 per half hour lesson for voice (depending on the instructor)
     MAPP (Musical Theatre/Acting Preparatory Program) Ages 13-18 call (937) 775-3501; or
                                       Private Vocal Teachers (updated Aug. 2010)
     Darin Jolliffe-Haas- Home phone # 937-643-3468 ~ cell # 937-305-6872
     Joan Reynolds……(937) 312-0483; Kettering, Ohio ….teaches private voice lessons~
      Holly Smith……..937-259-0605 ~< plays guitar)
     Karen Kelley……937-433-1100 ..Teaches private voice lessons…Synergy Music Studio

                                   Private piano teachers in the area
                                   (updated 6/2011)
Cheri Warner – 320-1716 (President of BPTA)
Angie Wickizer – 426-6567(currently accepting)          Nancy Kuehn -426-2058-(currently accepting)
Debbie Yanney – 429-1587 (currently accepting)
                                                        Judy Bede – 848-8045 (currently accepting)
Sarah Woolum- 718-3322(currently accepting)                               Jeannie Kallenberg – ? 299-4983 (left message)
                              TRIP RELEASE, WAIVER AND INDEMNITY – 431-0570 (currently accepting)
                                                        Angie Vaubel AGREEMENT
Mrs.This form is for students whoEx. #2510
    Voris- (Barb Voris’ Mom)429-7567 wish to                            Carla Grossman -
                                                             ride with another students’ parent)
Ruth Nahhas – 426-3454 (currently accepting) parent and/or natural or legal guardian of _____________________________, a
   I, _______________________________________,
   minor child (hereinafter referred to as “Parent” and “Child”, respectively), on behalf of myself and on behalf of said Child, our heirs,
Grace Kwak – 426-0236 (currently full)
executors or administrators, and assisgns, for and in consideration of permitting said Child to participate in the activities described in
Paragraph (1) below, which consideration I accept as valuable consideration, and hereby acknowledge and accept as adequate, hereby
agree as follows:

1.   That     said Child is to be permitted to participate in the ___________________________________ in
            ___________________________, on_________________, 200__ (hereinafter referred to as “Trip”), as a member of the
            __________________________________________________                                                           at
            ________________________________________________________, and as part of the total education program offered
            through the Beavercreek City Schools, during the _________ school year.

2. That I fully acknowledge that participating in such Trip exposes said Child to potential hazards, may be dangerous and that as a result
            of said Child’s participation in the aforesaid Trip, the possibility exists that said Child may incur physical injury or injuries
            as a result of his/her own action, non-action or negligence, and/or the action, non-action or negligence of another person or
            persons, and/or the action, or non/action or negligence of an entity or entities.

3. That in consideration for said Child being allowed to participate in the aforesaid Trip, I, as Parent, hereby agree to release, discharge,
            indemnify and hold harmless the Board of Education of the Beavercreek City School District, Beavercreek, Ohio, its Board
            Members, administrators, teachers, chaperones, employees, volunteers, persons providing the motor vehicles on such trip,
            motor vehicles operators, and co-participants in the Trip, students and representatives of the Board of Education of the
            Beavercreek City School District, and any other person, persons or entity having anything to do with organizing, directing,
            or assisting in carrying out any activities associated with the Trip, including transportation to and from Beavercreek, Ohio,
            and during the trip, whether such person or entity is or is not an employee or agent of the Beavercreek City School District
            (hereinafter collectively referred to as Released Parties) from any and all rights, claims, and/or causes of action I may have
            or which may arise, in my own right, or on behalf of said Child, as a result of said Child’s participation in the aforesaid Trip,
            including, but not limited to, any physical injury which may occur to said Child as a result of his/her participating in said
            Trip and/or arising out of any motor vehicle accident while on said Trip.

Also, I fully recognize that the Beavercreek City School District is not providing any transportation for this Trip and that all
transportation to, from and during the trip will be provided by the following parents of students at Beavercreek High School who are
driving the vehicles indicated below, which vehicles are owned by the indicated individuals. I further acknowledge and agree that the
Beavercreek City School District and/or its administrators, employees and agents have no control over the situation of the mode of
transportation for this Trip, the selection of the vehicles and/or drivers used, and that the control of each such vehicle is the sole
responsibility of its owner or the person driving the vehicle. I hereby consent to having my child ride in one or more of the following
vehicles during this trip:
2340 F6 February, 1999 …….

Vehicle Owner Driver

4. That I, as Parent, further agree to indemnify and hold harmless the aforementioned Released Parties of and from any and all claims,
            causes of action or expenses arising because of any claim which may hereafter be presented by anyone, or loss, damage or
            personal injury as a result of the aforesaid Child’s participation in the aforesaid Trip, including, but not limited to medical
            and/or hospital expenses.

5. That I, as Parent, further waive any right, claim and/or cause of action I may have or which may arise, in my own right, or on behalf
            of said Child, as a result of said Child’s participation in the aforesaid Trip, including, but not limited to, asserting a claim as
            a third party beneficiary of any insurance policy which may be owned, possessed, or in effect at the time of the aforesaid
            Trip and insuring the aforesaid Released Parties.

6. This Release, Waiver, and Indemnity Agreement shall be interpreted under the laws of the State of Ohio and is being executed in
           Ohio to be deemed valid in all states where any of the activities in connection with the Trip are conducted or engaged in.

I have read this Trip Release, Waiver and Indemnity Agreement and fully understand the terms and conditions thereof, and I voluntarily
sign the same of my own free will and accord.
WITNESS my hand this ___________ day of __________________, ________.


                    Alternate Transportation Request Form
                            Ankeney Middle School
                                             4085 Shakertown Road
                                             Beavercreek, OH 45431

Date of Activity:_______________

Event/Concert Title:_______________________________________________________

Activity Location:____________________________________________________________

To Principal/Choir Director:
As Parents/Guardian of the student: ______________________________________________
it is understood that the usual school policy regarding school sponsored student trips is that
students leaving school by bus must also return by bus.
Unusual circumstances have arisen, as described below, that requires our son/daughter to
return home with us (the parent or guardian) rather than the above mentioned school bus.
We, therefore, give our complete approval and assume responsibility for the safety and well-
being of said student immediately upon detachment from the school choral event.
**Notice: It is understood that the request must be an unusual circumstance and may not be
approved after the proper form has been submitted.
Reason for Request

______________________________                              ______________
Parent/Guardian                                             Signature Date

Student Signature
Choir Director’s Signature
Principal/or Assistant Principal Signature

This Form is to be returned to the Choir Director upon completion.
August, 2011
                                         Acknowledgment Sheet
*Return this page to Mrs. Smith before Friday, September 2nd, 2011 (This sheet counts as 3 point toward students’ grade)
Parent/Guardian’s Signature                  Student name

*This signature verifies the acknowledgement of the contents in this packet, including concert/event dates, grading
policy including excused absences and Concert Credit Report, and Dress Code requirements for all concerts, and
private lessons information. You may access this packet and all its contents on Mrs. Smith’s school webpage listed
under, Choir Handbook.

                                                       Contact Section
               (This section must be filled out for contact purposes & to set up a distribution list with the information)

Students Name_____________________ Class Period (Circle) 4…..6…7; Grade Level (Circle) 6th…..7th…..8th

_______________________                                              ___________________________
Parent/Guardian #1 (Name)                                          Parent/Guardian #2 (Name)
______________________                                           ___________________________
Parent #1 Cell Phone #                                           Parent/Guardian #2 Cell phone #

__________________________________________ ________________________
Parent/Guardian Email address (please print legibly) Home Phone #

                    Volunteer Section ~(Each parent is asked to volunteer for at least 1 item below)
Our program depends on parent volunteers to participate in choral activities. Please read the following list of volunteer duties. You
can volunteer to sign up for one or more of those listed by circling the duties you would be interested in helping out with. You will
then be contacted by the director to help out by email or phone. Once the spot is filled, it will be posted online. Here is a list of the
volunteer duties:

 1. Pass out concert programs at concerts near the entrance to the high school auditorium . (arrival time at H.S. -6:25 p.m.)
 2. Monitor sign in sheets at Concerts (table set up outside the high school auditorium (Arrival time at H.S. -6:25p.m.)
3. Assist with lining up choir students backstage before they perform at Concerts (you can sit in audience during their
performance! )
4. Helping out with the annual fund raiser (cookie dough) This is both during & after school hours. (Details:
Helping with order forms/counting the number of cookie dough orders per student to turn in to the company,
Distributing fund raiser COOKIE DOUGH products when they come in, Counting money to verify deposit amounts, etc
5. Helping out with the Ankeney Talent Show (helping with dress rehearsal giving tips, auditions, collecting money at
the door, etc.).
6. Chaperoning any of the field trips: (*all field trips are pending administrative approval) All of these involve riding the bus
with students)
*Field Trips: OMEA Solo & Ensemble/ OMEA Large Group Competition in May 2012/ Recruit Performance during
school day/Potential Field trips to see West Side Story & The Christmas Carol (there is a cost per ticket involved) /
Field trips to Trinity community/ etc ….
7. OTHER (Please write below this page any other way that you would like to volunteer your services to assist this year
to make your childs musical experience the best possible.)
Circle volunteer duties you would be interested in helping out with:

1            2           3           4          5           6           7
                                      CHOIR EMERGENCY MEDICAL AUTHORIZATION FORM

    (This sheet must be returned to Mrs. Smith with parent/guardian signature by Fri., Sept 2nd)((Counts 3 points toward students’ grade)
STUDENT NAME:_____________________________________
Choir Grade Level:_________________________________
Purpose: To enable parents/guardians to authorize the provision of emergency treatment for children who become ill or injured while
under school authority, when parents/guardians cannot be reached.

Residential Parent/Guardian:
Mother’s Name:_____________________________________
Home phone:______________________________
Work phone:_______________________________

Father’s Name:_____________________________________
Home phone:_______________________________
Work phone:________________________________

Home phone:________________________________
Work phone:_________________________________

I hereby give consent for the following medical care providers and local hospital to be called:

Physician:__________________________________ Phone:______________________________________

Dentist:____________________________________ Phone:______________________________________

Local Hospital:______________________________ Phone:______________________________________

In the event reasonable attempts to contact me have been unsuccessful, I hereby give my consent for:
      1) the administration of any treatment deemed necessary by above named doctors, or, in the event the designated preferred
           practioner is not available, by another licensed physician or dentist; and
      2) the transfer of the child to any hospital reasonably accessible.

This authorization does not cover major surgery unless the medical opinions of two other licensed physicians or dentists, concurring
in the necessity for such surgery, are obtained prior to the performance of such surgery.

Facts concerning the child’s medical history, including allergies, medications being taken, and any physical impairment to which a
physician should be alerted:

Date:___________________ignature of Parent/Guardian:___________________________________________________________

I do not give my consent for emergency medical treatment of my child. In the event of illness or injury requiring emergency treatment,
I wish the school authorities to take the following actions:

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